silently leaving the room

Parent Teacher Conferences- Aaron Burr X Reader

day 1 of the write-a-thon: imagine your favorite characters and actors in whatever universe you like and write about it

au chosen: teacher au

context: theodosia is in ninth grade and parent teacher conferences come around.


“Theodosia! It’s nice to see you and you are?” I asked the man who was standing closely to her. He extended his hand.

“Aaron Burr- her father. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Miss. L/N. Theodosia writes about you a lot, I am glad to finally meet you.” I smiled and he looked at Theodosia, who was now blushing slightly.

“This is her?” Aaron asked and I glanced at Theodosia, slightly confused. He looked back at me and upon noticing my confusion, his face softened a bit. “Theo, do you want to go wait outside?” He asked her and she nodded silently before proceeding to leave the room. “She has talked a lot about you. She says that you helped her a lot with her mothers death.” He said, looking older than he did before and I frowned before nodding a bit.

“I just wanted to show her that writing can help you in ways that talking to people can’t.”

“I agree. The writings that’s she’s allowed me to read are just amazing. Things she maybe only admits to Philip Hamilton.”

“He has been a rock for Theodosia as well. Those two are practically inseparable.”

“I’m glad to hear it. Her mother always wanted them to end up dating.”

“May I ask what Theodosia has really told you about me?”

“She says you remind her of her mother and she thinks that we should- what do the kids call it? ‘Hook up’.” He said and I felt my cheeks grow red.

“From what I’ve read, Theodosia thinks very highly of her mother so I don’t think that I-”

“From what she’s told me and from meeting you so far, I would say that she was right.”

“Thank you, Mr. Burr.”

“Now I gotta go- I have something to discuss with Alexander Hamilton- he is an econ and government teacher as well as head of the debate club.”

“Alex is very nice so I wouldn’t see you having any trouble with him.”

“Me and Alexander we go way back and he is quite… hotheaded sometimes.”

“You can say that again.” I joked and he smiled slightly, opening his mouth to say something before closing it.

“It was nice meeting you.”

“You too.” He said before picking up his bag and walking out of the door but not before checking over his shoulder and smiling at me. I saw a stray piece of paper on the floor and I picked it up and looked at it in curiousity.

On a small scrap of paper in small, neat letters and numbers, Aaron Burr had written his number and name and had dropped it on my floor.

I smiled at the piece of paper and tucked it in to my coat pocket.
Theodosia peeked in the room and when she saw me smiling, her own smile widened.

“Theodosia, can you please send in George Eacker and his parents? Thank you.” I asked her.

“Did you like him?” Theodosia asked me and I looked at her.

“Your father seems like a very nice man.”

“I can tell that he likes you as well.” She grinned slowly.

“You’re one of my students Theodosia, I don’t think we should be discussing my love life.”

“Whatever you say Miss. L/N. I’ll get Eacker.” She said before backing out of the room.

“Aaron, what are you doing here?” I asked, looking up from my computer monitor and he smiled widely.

“I just got transferred to this school. I am going to be teaching history.”

“It’s good to see you and it’s going to be great having another friend in the building.”

“This is only going to bring back Theo’s theory that we are meant to be together.” He joked and I laughed.

“So I’m guessing she hasn’t showed you that story that she wrote several days ago?” I asked and I bit back a laugh when I saw Aaron’s reaction.

“She wrote something about us? I am so sorry, truly.” He apologized and I brushed it off.

“It makes grading papers more interesting. She has quite the imagination and I am surprised she hasn’t shown you yet.”

“I am surprised as well but I have to ask, would it be so bad if we did decide to try and go on a date?” He asked cautiously and I stopped typing and I stared at my computer monitor for a second. “I mean I-”

“No. I don’t think that it would be so bad.” I said and he smiled at his feet and started to walk away.

“And Aaron?”


“If that was you asking me out, the answers yes. Just text me when and where.”

“Good- that’s great. And I will.”

Silently Leaving the Room
Carissa's Wierd
Silently Leaving the Room

silently leaving the room
gathering your thoughts from the floor
hopefully no one will hear you
silently closing the door
down the long stairs to the hall
out to the streets where you’ll find
rumored accounts and hearsay
was it me who acted that way
is it you who should stay
I don’t recall ever acting that way
was it you who should’ve stayed
the truth was deceiving  
when the hosts of the evening found the ghost that was bleeding drops of blood from the ceiling someone was laughing,
we all prayed for a favor that the ghost would entertain us with some songs and some notes
but by the ? blood covered all the wood floors opened all of the windows and all of the doors
broke all of the bottles on streets down below
some blood was frozen blessed by wounded love
when the ice skates came on the girls finally sang songs to the tunes of the laughter
while silently leaving the room

Broken Hearted

Bones x Reader
Words: 491
Warning: ANGST

A/N: I don’t know where this came from but it flowed from my fingers and now I’m crying…

“This isn’t goin’ to work, darlin’. I’m sorry. I can’t do this anymore.” Even Leonard McCoy’s soft southern accent can’t soften the blow as he turns to leave. Silent tears fall from your eyes as you watch him leave exam room three. Laying on the bio bed, you look up at the ceiling because there’s simply no place else to look. You beg the ceiling for answers, but it has none. You let the tears fall.

For the past two years, you and Leonard have been together. Living together, working together. Side by side. In love, you thought. But today, something has changed.

“Y/N?” Kirk’s voice breaks into your despair from the door. “What’s going on? I just passed Bones in the hall and he looked like you had died.”

“Jim,” you sob, still laying on the bio bed because now you can’t imagine having the strength to get up. “It’s over. He said he was done.”

“What? No! I’ll talk to him, Y/N.”

“No, Jim, don’t. He’s made his decision and I will eventually learn to live with it.” You lied. How could you ever learn to live without him? It would be easier to live without air.

The rest of the day is a blur. You leave the Medbay and go to your quarters to rest. Christine said that she would check on you after her shift. You try to eat but nothing will go down. You sit on your couch in shock until it’s time to go to bed, so you lay on your bed. The smell of him on your pillow drives you to sobbing. You bury your head in the pillow, trying to get every last vestige of his scent. You don’t hear a knock at your door but you hear it open. You mind just barely registers a dip in your bed and strong arms coming around you, pulling you against a chest you know so well.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I can’t… I can’t be without you. I love you. Please forgive me. Please.” his tears wet your hair as he cries with you. You smell bourbon on his breath. You turn in his arms and cry into his shoulder. He holds you close and cries with you.

“Please, Y/N. Please say you’ll forgive me and take me back. I love you so much. Please.” He’s begging you. You try to calm your breathing down enough to speak.

“Leonard, you’re an idiot,” you hiccup. “But I can’t live without you either. I love you so much!”

He holds you close and presses his lips to yours, tears mingling as you both continue to cry. You reach down and pull the blanket up. Your heart still hurts, but his arms holding you close are mending it. Hours later, you wake and make love. Entwining your bodies and your hearts together, creating a bond stronger than anything you have ever experienced before.

The Misfits

Prompt: Six students, of different stereotypes, are sentenced to Saturday detention which happens to land on a very important day for each of them. While their reasons for being there are up in the air, and they might start off on the wrong foot, they all eventually find out there’s more to each person than they thought.

A/N: So I wrote this chapter twice, and I’ve decided on my pairings, but I’m going to let you guys figure them out by reading (they’re pretty easy to determine). Also, Maya’s situation with her dad is different in this installment, and her character is a slightly darker due to that, but not too much. 

I’m also going to create a tag list, let me know if you want to be added!

Word Count: 2,661

Other Parts: Part 1

Part 2- The Essay

The heater that was running shut off completely leaving the whole room silent. It was the deafening silence that Maya Hart couldn’t stand. She needed something. A constant sound to keep her from going insane. Her eyes kept darting back and forth between the art literature book she had been reading and her best friend. She really did screw up this time. Her actions got them here, and Riley was just witness, who got caught in the middle of it all.

Why did Maya act the way she did? She never had done anything that stupid before. Maybe it was a cry for help, or just a cry out to her absent dad, who had just decided to leave her and her mom recently. That was an unspoken subject the blonde buried deep into her dungeon of sadness. It still effected her greatly, and it’s hard to talk about it, especially to the people who are close to you. Because the ones who care about you in such a way, like Riley did, only lent out sympathy, something Maya didn’t want. But she loved her best friend anyway, because she did care so much.

Maya didn’t understand why Riley did care so much. Sure they were best friends and they had been since a very young age, but even she had to admit, they are two very different people now. Riley knew exactly who she wanted to be. A professional musician, and had been working her whole life around the violin. Not to mention she was very classy and up with her studies, in order to get the scholarship she wanted. Maya was good with art, but she slacked in school. She could draw and paint, and she wanted to do something with that, but what kind of job could you get, when you’re a graffiti artist, who has a hard time paying attention in class, and is sort of addicted to nicotine?

Yeah, smoking. Something she had picked up at the start of all her daddy issues a year ago. And she hated to admit it, but sometimes cigarettes weren’t the only thing she smoked. To her, it was a way to tone her quick temper, and a distraction from life. It wasn’t always the most appealing thing, and she wasn’t a complete pot head, but she did it enough that she maybe had a slight addiction to it. Cigarettes that is. Her best friend didn’t necessarily approve of her antics, and she might have mentioned it to her several times, but she did nothing to stop her. Sometimes Maya thought that Riley was attempting reverse psychology on her.

She was taken out of her trance by the clicking of the pen. Anything but that. That sound was worse than the silence. Piercing the air, and as the sound became faster and faster, the blonde’s nerves were ticking. Her eyes lightly flickered to the boys sitting towards the back and then looked forward again. Of course it had to be him.

After listening to it for two minutes straight, she smacked her hands on the table. “Stop with the clicking, Friar!” Her head snapped back to him and he raised his eyebrows, knowingly. But he didn’t stop, instead he kept going, and she clenched her teeth so hard her lips pursed together. He was doing it intentionally to annoy her and she was about to explode. His green eyes tested her patients, daring her to do something about it. And she did. Up on her feet in less than two seconds, and she was over where Lucas was, ripping the pen out of his hand and breaking it in half with all the strength she could muster and throwing it back at him, ink going everywhere. His expression was shocked, and Zay’s was amused.

Maya, who felt satisfied walked back over to her chair and sat down once again. Not long after, she heard his footsteps and a figure appeared right in front of her desk, but he wasn’t facing her. He no longer had his letterman jacket on, so he sported a white t-shirt with the front covered in blue ink. She hated that she even considered him as very attractive right now. Not just his body, but his face too, even with the pissed off look. “You just had to break it, didn’t you?” He asked.

Shaking her previous thoughts away, she couldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that he had somewhat of an affect on her, even if it was just in his physical appearances alone. He didn’t have a great personality, or that she knew of. Then again, she didn’t really know him. All she could see and hear was his over obsessed addiction to baseball, and his growing ego. He really did think he was the best, didn’t he?

“You should learn not to piss people off,” she stated.

Tongue in cheek, he shook his head, glancing down at the liquid that would most likely stain the shirt forever. “Damn my mom is gonna kill me,” he muttered under his breath. Maya smirked, but tried not to laugh. He caught her gaze again, and she gave him a full smile. He rolled his eyes, walking off towards the counter where a coffee pot sat, and a tiny sink. He wiped his arms down with a paper towel.

Maya looked at Riley, then down at her book. “Riles,” her voice called out softly, and she wasn’t sure if the brunette would be responsive, but she could slightly hear the “hmm?” come from beside her and thought that was progress. So maybe she she try a calm route for this conversation. “I’m sorry,” nope, she already said that before, and Riley hadn’t even acknowledged the plea. “I’m sorry I got you into this mess,” she turned in her seat hiking her right leg up so she could wrap her arm around her thigh and ankle, placing her chin on her knee. “Can we talk about this?”

“What’s there to talk about, Maya?” Her tone serious and sharp.

The blonde didn’t like the way she said her name. She tapped her hand several times on the desk. “No no. Don’t Maya me, please,” she pouted. “I don’t like it when you Maya me.” It was normally “Peaches.” That was her name for Riley. “How can I fix this?”

The brunette stopped reading and looked at the person sitting next to her. “I don’t know, how can you? We’re here in detention, on a Saturday. Out of all the Saturdays in the entire year, it had to be this one.”

Maya narrowed her eyebrows in confusion. This Saturday? Why was this one important? The blonde blinked. “What—what are you talking about?” That was apparently the wrong question to ask, because Riley no longer looked annoyed, she just looked down right hurt, and that made the blonde feel even more worse about herself than she did before. What was she forgetting?

Her best friend looked away from her, and Maya’s heart dropped. “Nothing. Forget about it.”

“No. Riley, I made you upset and I want to fix it. Please le—” the door opened and out came Mrs. Knows. Perfect timing, said no one ever. The hag of an old woman disgusted the young girl. She smelt like rotten cheese and bitter perfume so strong, Maya felt the need to go bathe.

“Do I hear talking?” The Librarian asked hesitantly. When nobody spoke, she crossed her arms. “Because I definitely heard talking.” Of course she did. Or maybe she was just saying that to say it. Maya really wished she’d go back to watching her tapped recordings of Saturday Night Live.

Farkle coughed. “Yeah, I was just asking,” his head turned slightly towards one of the girls sitting behind him, “Maya for a pen.”

She shrugged, giving him a sad smile. “Sorry Dude, you’re out of luck.”

Riley reached into her bag. “I’ve got one,” she stated, and she handed him one, giving him a silent thank you in her expression, although Maya had absolutely no idea why the genius would have taken the blame for the girls.

Mrs. Knows nodded. “Okay, so since some of you are twiddling your thumbs, I’ve decided to give you all an assignment.” The scoffs could be heard around the room. “You’re each going to write me an essay,” and the groans, “describing to me who you think you are. No less than a thousand words. Maybe in this assignment, you’ll learn something, and never put yourselves into a position to be here again. It’s due by the end of the day. Yes, Miss Smackle?”

“For the people who have been productive, like me, Riley and,” her head turned slightly toward Farkle making a gagging noise, “eeck. Do we have to do the assignment?”

“Everyone is doing the assignment, Isadora. No excuses.” She moved back towards her door, but before she walked completely away, she turned to face the students, giving them a mischievous smirk. “Oh, and by the way, if I forgot to mention this to you all earlier, no leaving the building.” Her emphasis on the last word confused the group of students. Those were pointless words. “Essays due by the end of the day!” And she closed the door behind her.


Riley was not only pissed now, but emotional. How could Maya have possibly forgotten? The brunette only talked about the concert several times to her. It was the event she couldn’t stop thinking about for the last two months. She tried not to get worked up about it, but that was definitely one hard pill to swallow.

Now they were demanded to do this stupid essay. A dumb essay to tell the Librarian who they think they are. How was it possible to know who they are, only being sixteen years old, with a lot of life left before them? They weren’t even out of high school yet, much less holding jobs. Riley might know who she wants to be, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to be that.

Maya slumped in her seat. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” She slung her head back. “Nice job Friar, Babineaux. Because of you bozo’s, we’re stuck writing an essay.”

“Hey!” Lucas retorted. “How is this our fault?”

Maya pointed to the open, probably unread book in front of her. “You’re supposed to look productive in order to not get more homework. Duh.” Lucas stood up from his seat and walked over to sit on top of Maya’s side of the desk. “You need something Ranger Rick?”

“You know, you’re starting to annoy me,” Lucas stated. “With your, ‘you think you’re funny nicknames,’ and smart ass comments. It’s no wonder you’re sitting in detention right now.” Riley almost said something but Maya beat her to it. She always did.

“You don’t know me, and you don’t have any business as to know why I’m here today,” she leaned her chair back. “As for me being annoying. You’re new to the city. You’re away from all of the hoedowns and cow pageants.” Maya animated her last words with a fake southern accent and swinging arms. “You’re also fun to tease.”

Riley didn’t think she she should have said that, and she believed Maya realized that too when her eyes closed and her face slightly cringed. Lucas smirked and the brunette guessed that he was going to have some conceded comment fly off the tip of his tongue. “Tease, you say? Is that your way of saying you like me?”

She rolled her eyes. “We’re not five, and I don’t like you Sundance, so you can get that off your mind right now.”

Riley started giggling, and the boy sitting in front of her turned in his seat and his small, amused gleam in his eyes met her own. He seemed to be enjoying the small banter between Maya and Lucas.

“I’m not convinced,” Lucas said. “Why else would you tease me?”

Farkle scoffed. “Maya teases everyone.” That was true. “If not teasing, she makes sarcastic comments that come off as insults, even when she doesn’t mean to. Sorry to burst your bubble there if you thought you were the only one special enough to receive the many nicknames and comments made by Maya Hart.”

“She has a nickname for you, doesn’t she?” The baseball player said, and Farkle said nothing. Riley smiled and giggled, remembering the name she had given him back in early middle school when he had come to school dressed up in his halloween costume. “You,” Lucas pointed to her, “what’s the nickname?”

“Dr. Farklestien,” she said in mid-giggle.

Farkle sighed harshly. “Riley’s is Goodie-Two-Shoes-Matthews.” Riley’s mouth dropped and she gave Farkle the evil eye. She hated that nickname. Despised it. It made her seem weak when she didn’t want to be.

“Goodie-Two-Shoes-Matthews?” Lucas said, eyeing her who had looked away from him. “If you’re a goodie, then what brings you to a detention hall? Especially Saturday detention?” Yes, because they all know Saturday detentions are equivalent to one day in school suspension.

Riley averted the gaze by looking around the room. She noticed that Zay had taken a seat closer to everyone, and Smackle had stopped writing, but she hadn’t taken her eyes away from the book. The brunette wasn’t going to say anything until Maya was, and she didn’t think the blonde would talk.

“So really,” Zay asked, “none of y’all are going to tell everyone why you’re in here?”

Farkle licked his lips. “Why do you care what we did to get in here? We’re not asking you what your reason is. Just leave them alone, we all have a paper to write.” She was unsure as to why he was trying to redirect the subject matter. It’s not like he actually cared, right?

Zay glanced back and forth between him and the girls. “Why did you take the blame for them?” Farkle looked at him, as if to tell him to elaborate.

Lucas agreed raising his eyebrows. “Yeah Genius, why didn’t you let them get in trouble for talking?” Riley really wished they would all stop talking.

He shrugged. “I figured if we didn’t have a good excuse, and if one person got in trouble, we all would. You never know with this Mrs. Knows.” He had point, but Riley didn’t believe him.

The kid with the dark skin leaned forward. “Are you sure that’s the only reason?”

Riley looked up and instantly met with Farkle’s eyes and they held each others stare for a moment before he said, “One hundred percent positive.”

Lucas let out a sigh and looked up, as if he was thinking about something. “You know what, I’m going to the gym.” He hopped of the desk, and began walking towards the door. Riley thought he was stupid. He was a stupid guy.

“Why? We can’t leave the library,” she said.

He smiled. “Ah, but we can. As long as we are following the rules, she doesn’t care. And her rule was, don’t leave the building. The whole entire school is a building. We can leave the library, but we can’t walk outside.” Riley couldn’t believe that he had actually stated something that was considered to be a smart idea. Why, oh why was the universe messing with her? “So, if I am to write an essay describing who I am, why not do it in my element? Come on, Zay.” He walked out of the Library.

Zay was hesitant, but next, and then Farkle disappeared too. Riley gave it a thought and knew exactly where she was supposed to go. She rose out of her seat and walked, but before she left, she looked at Maya, and almost said something, but closed her mouth, slightly shaking her head. Now wasn’t the time. She could solve this after she found a spare violin.

Preview to next chapter:

“How did you know to find me in here?” She asked, before she realized that was a stupid question.

He placed his hand on the smooth black surface. “Just because we’re not close friends anymore, doesn’t mean I don’t know who you are, Riley.” He motioned to the open spot next to her. “Mind if I sit?

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isaac lahey imagine | he comforts you

Originally posted by dylpicklesprays

warnings: none

words: 700

In which Isaac comforts you before flirting and asking you out.

“We have to fight them,” Derek says, referring to the newest supernatural threat in Beacon Hills. “There’s no other option. They’re too dangerous.”
The rest of the group nod reluctantly and you sigh, feeling tired just at the idea of fighting again. You had barely had time to rest after the last time. You leave the room silently, glad when nobody asks why; you can already feel the lump in your throat when you shut the kitchen door behind you and lean against the counter-top. It seems as though lately it’s the only thing that can hold you up and keep you from falling.
You didn’t even realise that Isaac had followed you in until you hear his voice from behind you. “Are you alright?”
“Fine,” you lie, blinking away your tears. You were clutching onto the counter so hard that you could feel it digging into your palms. “I’m fine. I was just thirsty.”
“You shouldn’t do that,” he says, and you feel his warmth beside you as you pour yourself a drink at the sink.
“Lie.” You can hear the smirk in his voice but you can’t bear to look at him in case he sees your tear-filled eyes. “You’re not very good at it. Talk to me.”
He pulls the glass from your hands and places it down on the side before tilting your head up so you’re forced to look at him. Instead of obeying, you look outside the window behind him, trying to distract yourself. It doesn’t work. You can feel his blue eyes burning into you.
“Please, [Y/N]. What’s going on? I’m worried.”
“You shouldn’t be. I’m fine.” You pull away from him again and sip your water. “I’m just tired, that’s all.”
“Are you not sleeping well?”
You sigh. “I don’t mean it like that. I mean I’m tired. I’m tired of fighting all the time. Maybe I just want one normal day, where I don’t have to worry about defending myself against the supernatural. I miss my old life. I miss going to school without having to worry about other stuff. I miss hanging out with friends just to have fun rather than plan out how we’re going to handle whatever it is that’s trying to kill us next.” Your voice is thick with tears. You had been holding this in for weeks, months even, and now it was bursting out of you without your permission. Even as you said it, though, you could feel the weight lifting off your chest ever so slightly.
Now it was Isaac’s turn to sigh, and you suddenly felt guilty. He didn’t seem mad, though, just upset. “I didn’t know you felt that way.”
“I didn’t…before. But with everything that’s happened recently, I guess I’m just overwhelmed. I don’t know how much longer I can balance this and school without failing something. Without failing myself.”
“This will pass.” He laces his fingers with yours almost instinctively. “We’ll get back to normal again, or at least, semi-normal. We always do. You’re strong enough to do this.”
“What if I’m not?” You bite your lip to keep it from wobbling, knowing even as you say it that you sound pathetic.
“I know that you are.” Slowly, he tucks a stand of hair behind your ear so that he can look at you properly. “You’re the strongest person I know. I wish you could see that for yourself.”
One corner of your mouth curls into a small smile and you nod.
“And,” he continues, “when all of this is over, I know a restaurant you’ll love. Maybe we can even see a movie beforehand, y'know, like normal people do. We don’t even have to talk about supernatural stuff trying to kill us.”
You raise an eyebrow and roll your eyes, but he’s already walking away, a slink in his step as though he’s trying to act cool.
“Are you asking me on a date?” You question before he disappears.
He turns around, grinning innocently. “No. Just plans between two people who are undeniably attracted to each other.”
“Speak for yourself, Lahey.” You walk past him, nudging him slightly with your shoulder though he’s much taller than you and can’t be budged so easily. “I’m not into wolves.”
“Good thing I’m a werewolf then. Different thing,” he calls as you walk back down the hall, and this time, you can’t help but smile, knowing that things might be looking up after all.


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*tackles Dark Prince back into the room* Where do you think you're going, Golden Boy? *gulps silently and stands ready to fight* I'm not letting you leave this room. - Andy the Anon isn't going down without a fight.

Pushes Andy off of him* you have fight in you that fun *gins* but I’m leaving and you can’t stop me *runs to andy and pushes them into the wall knocking them out* it been fun but my favorite toy is waiting for me

How they make you upset and then make it better - The vampire diaries + Lucien

Klaus ~ He accidentally hits you then he apologize.

It was a really bad day for him. Since he got up that morning everything went downhill, until you came along and made him smile. One of his hybrids came in with bad new, Klaus yelling at him making him feel really bad. And you being yourself didn’t want to see Klaus be like this, so you told him to calm down. First off he didn’t care and kept on yelling, but when you repeated it five minutes later his hand smacked your cheek. Leaving everyone in the room silent. The tears filled you eyes. The one thing you knew he’d never do and never wanted to do.. He did that, just that. 

It had been a week avoiding his calls, texts and staying inside your house, barely eating. Then Elijah, came in. Elijah being Klaus’s brother and your best friend didn’t want to see the two of you this way so he brought Klaus along with him. As the original hybrid walked in, his head was hanging. The great lion bowed as he walked towards you, he couldn’t bare looking at you red eyes. He apologized and you told him it was okay, but that it would take time for you to actually trust him to never hurt you again. 

Damon ~ He helps Elena instead of you, then suggest to move away.

You were in danger. Somehow Stefan, Elena and Damon had flipped out the originals, again. Stefan were supposed to take care of Elena, but during the attack he had run to Caroline, making sure she was safe. Damon, being Damon was still in love with Elena an therefore he ran to her leaving you alone. Elena was a vampire, she could take care of herself, you on the other hand was still human, and you intended to be. 

You got to your house and locked yourself in where no of the originals could reach you, when Damon appeared behind you. He hugged you tight form behind. “I was worried.” He whispered to you hair. “Why, you ran to Elena. You don’t care about my safety as you do with her.” He sighed and pulled you into his again. “I do and therefore I want to move out of here, with you, so I din’t get tempted to go back to her.” You shook your head. “No, I’m not moving, so it’ll get easier for you. You need to realize that you can run from your problems. 

Lucien ~ He somewhat insult you, and apologizes. 

You walked into the room, ready for your date with Lucien. You were wearing a red slim fit dress, which you thought you looked good on you, but as you walked down the stair to where Lucien waited, he didn’t look amazed. Which you hoped he would be. “You’re wearing that?” He said a bit skeptic. “Yeah..Why?” You started to feel bad about this. “It’s not.. It doesn’t suit you.. r figure.” 

“I-uh..” you closed your eyes. “I’ll go up to change.” A little whisper before you ran upstairs and locked yourself into the bathroom. A soft knock on the door followed by his angelic voice saying your name. “Come out, sweetheart.” Like a sirens call you obeyed. “I shouldn’t have said that, baby. You look amazing in everything, I just… I’m sorry.” 

Kol ~ He kiss another girl and then telling you that she forced herself on him 

You walked into school knowing your boyfriend of a month would wait for you in the cafeteria. Halfway down the hall you saw him standing, with a girl from the freshman class, making out with her. It hurt you. How could he? You walked pass them and into the girl’s bathroom. 

You got several text from your friends and Kol telling you to come out and asking if you were okay. Your eyes was red and watery, your chest hurt, it was painful to breath and you head felt dizzy. You just saw the love of your life kiss another girl. You were devastated, you felt betrayed. You needed to get home, you couldn’t stay at the girl’s bathroom all day. Therefore you wiped your tears, splashed some water in your face and walk out like nothing happened. 

On the outside Kol waited and as you got out so the excuses did. You kept walking, not bothering to listen to them. As you got to your car he stopped you by turning you to him. “Listen to me. She got over and asked if I wanted to hang out later, and I said no.” You crossed your arms over your chest looking at him. “Relax Kol. It’s not the end of the world, for you.” You turned to get into your car, but he stopped you again. “I didn’t do anything. I promise. You have my word!” He pleaded. “You are not forgiven, but I will give you another chance.” 

Jeremy ~ He smokes weed again, admit that he needs help.

The days had been rough, his grades had go straight downhill. He became more distant and it took days until you walked passed the old junkie place where all the smokers hung out. you saw him with a joint and felt so betrayed. You knew of his old habits, but you thought he was over that. He noticed you and immediately threw it away while running towards you. You turned your back to him and walked, even when he reached you you kept on walking. 

You had ignored every called, every text and every knock on your door. Later that night you walked down to eat with your mother and then you saw Jeremy sitting there. His eyes lit up a bit when he saw you. “I’m not hungry.” you said and started walking upstairs again. “Y/n, sweetheart. Hear him out.” You stopped, placed your arms over your chest and turned to him. It hurt you to see him this way. “Talk.” You said sharply. He started explaining his situation and how he didn’t want it to happen, but it did and how much he regretted his actions. “I need you help to get my shit together. Can you help me?” 

Matt ~ He works too much and making it up with telling you why. 

Matt had taken som extra shifts at the grill, which annoyed you to the poin where you got angry. He was never around anymore and didn’t telling you why he took extra shifts. You told him you needed to rethink of your relationship and you left him alone. 

Later the same day he knocked on your door, tears filling his eyes and roses in his arms. A huge boquet. He tried to talk, but the tears stopped him and left him sobbing. You walked up to him and hugged him. He whispered in your ear: “The reason for my late shit’s and extra shifts is because I wanted to save up some money to give you this.” He pulled out of the hug and reached into his pocket to pull out a small box. He gave it to you. “I should have said something, but I wanted it to be a secret.” You opened it and found a bracelet made of pure silver with beautiful diamonds adorned all over. 

Elijah ~ During a ball he introduce you as “a friend” when the two of you have been dating for a year, he arranges a ball to announce his proposal.

Some of Elijah’s oldest friends showed up for dinner and of course they had to ask who you were. Elijah answered that you were “just a friend”. Just a friend you had been dating for a year. You couldn’t believe his words. You excused yourself and didn’t come back. 

You got a text later from Elijah telling you to meet him at his house the day after. He also told you to wear the dress you didn’t get to wear last week when a ball got canceled. You didn’t answer but showed up anyways. As you arrived Elijah presented you for everyone as he led you into a huge hall filled with his friends and family. “Everyone. May I ask for your attention?” He yelled out and as soon as the words slipped out of his mouth, they turned quiet. Elijah started telling everyone how you act and how much he cared about you, right before he got down on one knee and proposed. 

Stefan ~ He scare you with his ripper behavior, have Elijah compel him to never do it again. 

Klaus had come along and made Stefan do horrible things, but somehow he didn’t hurt you, but he scared you once. You were walking in on him feeding, not knowing what he did, so you walked up to him to ask him something. He wheezed at you before realizing what he did. You just walked away awkwardly. 

The next day Elijah approached you and told you what Stefan had made him do. It was hard, but it had to be done. Elijah’s attention turned to someone behind you and you saw Stefan. You ran up to him and gave him the biggest hug ever. “I love you..” he whispered. 

Enzo ~ being captured by the Augustines and promises you to never leave you alone again. 

You were young and in love with this British man. you discovered the truth about his a year after you started dating. He told you and asked you if he could turn you, because he always walked around fearing for your life even when he was there. You said you would and so you was turned. You fled to the states where you lived happily until he one day didn’t come home. A day turned to a week and a week too months and months to years.

Today was the “anniversary” for his disappearance. It had been 60 years since he was gone. you cursed yourself for wanting him to turn you, but you were young and in love with someone who didn’t have the guts to face you when he wanted to break up. You were walking down the streets when you saw someone following you. At first you didn’t think much of it, but when he followed you into a back alley you tricked him as he was searching for you, and showed up behind him. “Why are you following me?” Said you calmly. He turned. enzo, your long lost love, eyed you and ran forward to embrace you. “Mi bella!” He yelled. 

“No, you’re supposed to be dead. You left me for 60 years ago. You can’t just show up here and..” He buried his head in you hair and smell it. How he had missed you. The rest of the day you were on guard as he told you why he had left. He told you that he was captured and that he would never leave you again. 

Twice Reaction: You fangirl over GOT7



*stays silent*

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*leaves the room until you’re done fangirling*

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“You’re saying it wrong. It’s not GOT7 it’s Twice.”

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“No Y/N fangirl over me! I have better aegyo”

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“Ok I get that GOT7 is great and all but what about Twice”

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*acts interested in what your saying*

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*bursts out laughing cause your trying to get her to introduce you to them* “No I think you might actually die if I do that”

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*does not understand a single word coming out of your mouth*

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>Just smile Tzuyu, it’ll be over soon<

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When Another Member sees You Naked (BTS)


*Angrily swats the other member with newspaper in his head* 

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*Silently waiting for you to leave the room so he can terrorize the other member* 

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^ idk why this gif makes me laugh so much ^


*emotionally unstable and ready to swing*

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“And this is my problem, how?”

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“Okay but did he see everything?” “yes” “Even that one mole you have there

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*leans in real close* “do it again you little prick and I will destroy you where you stand”

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*Tries to avoid the problem as much as humanly possible and doesn’t want to deal with the awkwardness*

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~Admin F

I Don’t Do Tequila - Part Five

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

Summary: You make decisions about how to bring up your child, and Sam goes to Mothercare.

Words: 1,005

Sam x Reader

Warnings: None

Your name: submit What is this?

“We’ll talk about this when I’m back,” Sam told you, getting up and leaving your room, earning a silent telling off from his brother.

“Okay,” Dean sighed, walking over to your bed and sitting back down beside you, “Wanna tell me what that was about?”

You sighed, “He wants our baby to learn to hunt, to shoot.”

Dean nodded, slowly, “And you don’t?”

You shrugged, “I don’t know. What do you think?”

“Honestly?” he asked, and you nodded, “I think… now don’t be mad… but I think he’s right. I think you should teach him to protect himself. Knowing how to hunt won’t make him a hunter.”

“Or her,” you mumbled.

“Or her,” he agreed, “Either way, your kid should be protected. Sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear.”

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T’Challa can’t stand to see Bucky in cryro all alone. In the day, scientists fill the room, keeping it noisy and bright. But at night, the scientists leave, the lights are dimmed, the room silent.

And Bucky is all alone.

T’Challa can’t stand it. Because they aren’t HYDRA. Bucky wants this, whether T’Challa personally agrees with his decision or not. It wasn’t T’Challa’s to make. But T’Challa could make it a little better for Bucky, just maybe.

He begins to talk. Every evening as the lights darken and the scientists go away, in T’Challa goes. He grabs a chair and pulls it up close, eyeing Bucky’s face through the glass. It’s eerie really; like a cold Sleeping Beauty, suspended in ice.

Bucky looks calm in sleep. More comfortable than T’Challa had ever seen him in life. While awkward at first, it made him want to speak.

So he did.

T’Challa regaled Bucky with stories from his past. A jumbled mix of memories fell from his lips, as the days passed. This wasn’t a diary, chronological order far from his mind. He told Bucky what needed to be told, what T’Challa needed to say.

He played music. T’Challa had no idea what Bucky liked, so he just played music from his phone, telling Bucky what those songs made him think about.

T’Challa told Wakandan fairy tales. Stories of brave warriors, men and women. Giving up everything to save their kingdom.

“They’re brave, Bucky,” he said. “Just like you.”

Sometimes, Steve or Sam would give T’Challa a call. They were good people, able to make T’Challa smile a bit thousands of miles away. He placed the phone on speaker so Bucky could soak up the voices of his friends.

With Bucky, T’Challa felt compelled to talk about his parents; the mother that died before he knew her, and his father. On those days, the room seemed the most quiet, as if Bucky was listening closely.

“I miss him,” he confessed. “I’m never going to be as good of a king as him. Never.”

Those evenings, T’Challa went to bed alone, with a heavy heart.

“Sometimes it just really sucks to be alone,” he told Bucky one day, with a self-deprecating laugh.

This pattern continued for weeks and weeks. Weirdly enough, it was one of the best parts of T’Challa’s day.

One day, a guard knocked on the door to T’Challa’s quarters. It was the middle of the night.
“They’re waking him up.”

Instantly, T’Challa becomes more aware, tense enough that even his guard notices, and she smiles softly up at him.

“They’ve found a cure,” she implores.

By the time he makes it to the chamber, Bucky is just beginning to open his eyes. Big, blue. Wonderfully confused. T’Challa is reminded of one of those Disney princesses Americans like so much.

He looks around at the people in the room almost frantically. Voices unfamiliar now, Bucky looks uncomfortable wth the strangers. T’Challa steps forward quickly, before anything can go too wrong.

Bucky locks eyes with him, striding toward him quickly. T’Challa’s guards move in his direction but he stops and silences them with a hand. He lets Bucky approach him, and is very surprised to get an armful of dripping wet supersoldier. His head rests on T’Challa’s shoulder.

“You are as good as him,” Bucky says first, voice cracking from disuse. “You’re a great King.”

“How would you know? You’ve been asleep.”

Bucky holds tightly enough with just one arm, and T’Challa squeezes back just as hard.

He pulls away briefly to look T’Challa in the eyes, so much blue.

“Because you told me.”

T’Challa breathes in the smell of Bucky - clean, a little chemical. Damp. He imagines Bucky smelling like him, and decides that’s his next order of business.

anonymous asked:

my friend is dating this guy i absolutely HATE and ever since theyve started seeing each other shes been ignoring me bc i kinda clung onto her because i have no friends and today hes here during his lunch period and its probably been over for 15 minutes so i basically asked when he was going to leave and the room got really silent and i feel bad for being a bitch but also reveling in the attention of being a bitch. i hate bpd.

ProfError-[EdgyShadowChan26]-Last Sunday at 10:23 PM

SHIT MAN I AM THE BEST AROUND look at me when I walk into the room people go silent and uncomfortable and they LEAVE jesustapdancingchristonarug this is just my LIFE IN A NUTSHELL

Oh no- there they go too- EVERYONES LEAVIN ME

Ruen | Dr. Fallen [Wildpaw]-Last Sunday at 10:24 PM

She follows Whip, grinning.

ProfError-[EdgyShadowChan26]-Last Sunday at 10:24 PM

this is what I get for being the worst person in existence, fuckn yay me I hope I got a goddamn blue stupid fckn ribbon for trying

HEY LOOK AT ME, my life is terrible and im dyin alone but at least I have a cheap ribbon reminding me I tried and fckn failed

oh god.

Am I alone.

what a stupid question, HELL YES I AM FOREVER AND EVER

I scared them off. Man where is my fckn blue ribbon I EXPECT ONE NOW

Holy shit worst person ever award I think I deserve a misery sandwich made of my own tears and my destroyed liver from years of alchohol abuse and regret

wait I dont have a liver.

I’m a skeleton.



Genius over here

oh wait I know

its because of the vodka. Killed half my braincells like a BOSS

thats how you fckn do it, damnit I deserve to lose every single one of those damn assholes WHAT HAVE BRAINCELLS EVER DONE FOR ME

wait I’m a skeleton





oh god

And all my stupid fckn new friends left me

(HEy THATS OK I know he’s insane and fun to watch!)


I mean actually

they should be goddamn happy because holy shit I CANT EVEN STAND MYSELF

thats literally the best goddamn thing to do for them is to get as far as hell away from them and like fckn bury myself in the sand

wait theres a fckn graveyard oh HELL YES

OH HELL YES move over other stupid fckn skeletons I’m crawlin into a grave and burying myself



oh god this whole stupid fckn thing makes no sense, I make no sense

I’m gonna go back to drinking and like, pretend everything is okay. Which its not. Because I’m still me.


We’re all stupid and awful OH I SEE HOW IT IS

He takes another swig from his flask


I dont even know what I’m doing anymore

I mean I cant see straight, which is probably fine

because I think i’m super fuckn gay

maybe, I dunno

oh wait hell yes I am I forgot



Thank god I’m fittin all these stupid error fckn character tropes

who the hell would I be if I WASNT

okay wait

I have a great fckn idea

I say, to no one around me

because I’m alone. And no one likes me.


I’m so horrible the food venders left their fckn posts


I’m going to eat every single thing

and feel fat and be disgusted with myself as I do on a daily basis

oh god what, why am I so awful

thats my entire personality

like WHAT ELSE EVEN AM I BUT A SELF LOATHIN PIECE OF- you know what who gives a shit I want some free tacos



man its my only dream in life comin true

stealing tacos from an empty food court

because my life is a lie and everyone hates me

except you, tacos

you like me

Tacos would you like to be my friend? Hell yes you fckn do

but tacos you did not take this into account


OH HELL YES BYE TACO! He eats one taco

he then, lifts up the second taco, and does voice acting “OH HOLY SHIT YOU ATE MY MOM”



“AHAHAHAH GUESS WHOS NEXT?!” he eats a second taco


“Your brother was a bit too SPICY FOR MY TASTE BUT I ATE HIM JUST FOR YOU”



“eh heheheheehheheh. Oh shit. You know what, I do still have your FATHER HERE WHO NEEDS TO GET EATEN.”


“Oh hell yes I’m going to eat your pop pop and not in the fckn fun way”

“IM EATING HIM TO LIKE FCKN KILL HIM this is fckn hannibal lecter town population YOU AND FCKN ME and your dad”



“Oh god what are you like sexually turned on by like, being treated like garbage?”



“WELL YOU KNOW WHAT TACO-CHAN!?” Proferror chooses to consume taco-dad


Proferror now decides to laugh maniacally, while climbing up on top of one of the food court stands “THATS IT!” The taco screamed “I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!”

“ ‘Wait Taco-chan! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!’ The Professor replied in horror. 'WAIT COME BACK!’ 'NO NEVER!’ Screamed Taco-chan!” The professor held the Taco out as far as possible over the ledge. “ 'I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE, YOU MURDERED MY FAMILY BY EATING THEM LIKE A FCKN STUPID PIECE OF ASSHOLE SHIT’ 'WOAH LANGUAGE!’ ”



The professor drops the Taco about ten feet. It breaks. Poor taco organs- such as lettuce, meat, cheese, or whatever. Spills onto the ground


Welp okay Taco-chan is dead

and my dream of eating four tacos in a row is also dead

alas once again my life is awful and gross and full of horrendousness

thats ok Taco-chan had it coming

their father ran a horrible organization which survived off of child labor

so, half the fckn world, essentially

Walmart, thats it



Lets play

a game of

jump off the roof and see what bones I break

I am literally made of bones and only bones so I’ll def know which ones break

Proferror leaps off the building. He hits the ground “ OW oh hell yes, ouch.”

He sits up, examining himself. His bones are fine. He’s in perfect physical condition. Mentally he probably needs a lot of fckn medication



I wanted to be physically unhurt


maybe I should just do it myself

wait not that’ll hurt



Taco didn’t know it yet, but we were gonna be bffs

I mean thats somethin Errors do, murder your family and kidnap you until you love them


I should start kidnapping family members

and maybe not doing like cannibalism

just kill em outright and steal some poor soul

and like use that good ol stockholm to get them to love me

though, I mean, I dont even love me.

I fckn hate me god I’m a horrible piece of terrible trash


((im still goin I apologize)

Like man you know what I need

somone to shove me down and like remind me what shit I am


especially if I fckn cried at the end

like man that would be fckn sweet

but I havent cried since the great war of 82

a war of which I WAS NOT IN


probably, I cant remember what I ACTUALLY DID


and became this sexy as shit nightmare

man tho poor Taco-chan

I still wanted to kill them with my mouth


Im going to eat Taco-chan

(I think anoter error is gonna show up  )

(I mean maybe who knows)

Error walks over to Taco-chan. Their body is a sad heap on the ground

Aww poor Taco-chan, I always FCKN HATED YOU

He sits down, and picks up the pieces, shoving them in his mouth “EVEN MGGFFF IN DEAFF- YOU CANNOT ESCAPEE ME”

Well ok thats done- wow p sure that was dirt

yeah no that was lots of dirt

mostly dirt, even


and you know what

its like true fckn cannibalism

because Im dirt





E R R 0 R - Ninjatore-Last Sunday at 10:58 PM

he enters the food court and glances at the prof doing weird shit …
he tilts his head confused …

ProfError-[EdgyShadowChan26]-Last Sunday at 10:58 PM

and with that, Proferror starts shoving dirt in his mouth. Holy hell, thinks the audience. What a smart guy. He’s so great and smart, eating dirt like that to defy an awful classist elitest social system- THATLL SHOW THE WORLD WHOS FCKN BOSS

Prof stops, glancing over to Error “….” He has a handful of dirt shoved in his mouth

E R R 0 R - Ninjatore-Last Sunday at 10:59 PM

… …

wh-what t-th-the fu-fuck ar-are yo-you do-doi-doing . ..

ProfError-[EdgyShadowChan26]-Last Sunday at 10:59 PM

He spits it out. The dirt falls on the ground “….I’m roleplaying.”

Father!Kylo x pregnancy

• Kylo getting really silent when you tell him you’re pregnant. He leaves the room for about an hour, but then comes back and kisses you on the forehead.

• He gets really protective of you and the baby, even force choking a trooper if they get too close.

• Makes arrangements for the delivery, making sure you have the best room and even sends in for a speciality doctor.

• Sends for your mother so she can stay with you throughout the whole pregnancy because he know he can’t completely help.

• Helps you handpick your mid-wife and nurses.

• When you bring up what you want to name the baby, he smiles softly (like his grandfather did!!!!) and pulls you against his chest.

• Holds back your hair when you throw up, but only if he’s not working on the floor.

• You wear maternity gowns that he had specially tailored for you. Lots of velvet in the winter, lots of silk in the summer, depending on the seasons and whatever planet you happen to stop at.

• When you go into labor he is out on the field, and he receives a message from a trooper during battle.

• “The Lady of Ren has gone into labor, commander. She requests your presence.”

• Kylo having to exit the battlefield and rush to the Finalizer.

• Kylo entering the delivery room, out of breath.

• He made sure the delivery room was carefully secured with particularly picked nurses, droids, and doctors so he can take off his helmet for the delivery.

• Uses the Force to help calm labor. It works a bit and helps numb your spine.

• Has a fear you will die in childbirth like his grandmother.

• Kylo gasping with relief when the baby begins to cry.

• Tightening his arm around your shoulder as you press your daughter/son against your chest.

• Tells everyone in the delivery room to leave the three of you.

• Kneels at your side and begins sobbing when you’re alone.

Chapter 3: Misfortune

Mafia!AU featuring Kim Hanbin /Angst/


Originally posted by hhanbinn

’Well, well, she spotted my little brother.’ 

You are shocked by his statement, they don’t even look alike. You feel more and more nervous with every second that passes by, the whole room is silent, but then Hanbin leaves his seat and just walks past you. You are taken back to your room after you are told you’ll spend the night with Jase, the blonde guy, Hanbin’s brother. The girls are trying to convince you that this situaton is the best option that could happen, and you manage to get yourself to believe them because of the impression you have of Jase.
You hear the door open later that night and you already know they are here to take you to Jase. They lead you to a room and you slowly open the door. You see him sitting there, watching TV with an uninterested expression. He turns to your direction as he hears the door open.
’Oh, hey, come in.’ He says with a joyful tone, but you can see that he is almost as nervous as you.
He stands up and comes to you since you don’t go too close.
’Alright, ______, don’t be afraid. You don’t have to be afraid of me. But you know we have to…’ You nod your head a little, you’re struggling with your words. He talks in a soft voice and gets closer and closer to you.
’I’m going to kiss you.’ He says as he leans closer to you.
You turn your head and rest on his chest. You weren’t feeling brave enough.
’Please, don’t make this hard for either of us. I’ll be gentle.’ You keep eye contact with him, and this time you just let him slowly kiss your lips and take control over you.
The next morning you wake up Jase isn’t in the room. You get back to your room and the girls immediately rush to you and start nagging you  to tell them everything. You blush and feel emberassed, although it was not as bad as you thought it would turn out to be since you were against it in the first place. Jase was good to you, so you start answering the questions they have for you.
’Honestly, you were lucky. He is not like the others yet.’ Grace says as she pats your hand.
’He will be, just wait.’ Says the other.
Your conversation is interrupted by a man who arrives to take you to the same room you had been in yesterday. You walk in, and the same sight welcomes you, Hanbin and the others sitting around a table.
’Did you sleep well?’ Hanbin asks with a smirk on his face.
You roll your eyes and turn away your head from him.
’So we talked about your previous night…’ Did they really just discuss it? It’s degrading to think about it.
’My brother told us you’re not good enough.’
Your eyes widen and you feel shocked and extremely emberassed at the same time. You try to look at Jase but he avoids your gaze.
’So…who do you want to practice with?’
Practice? You stand there literally in disbelief and just can’t manage to get over this whole situation you got into.
’Don’t make me choose!’
You look at Hanbin with scornful eyes and you again, point at Jase. Hanbin shakes his head and stands up.
’No no no.’ He says with an evil smile on his face. ’Not him again.’
’Do I have to go through the whole damn gang?’ You say out of anger.
Hanbin gives you an interesting look which makes it impossible for you to read what he thinks.
’I can practice with her.’ Jase says suddenly, and everyone looks at him. ’I could prove myself guys.’
’What, prove that you can fuck her right?’ Says one of them and the whole team bursts into laughter.
’They are right, this is not how you’re gonna prove yourself.’ Says Hanbin with a serious tone.
You take a look at all of them again, but still can’t bring yourself to choose any of them, they gross you out with just the way they look. Hanbin still has his eyes on you and scan your face with that serious look. You watch him for a few seconds and it’s hard to make eye contact, he makes you feel weak.
’Then you.’ You say all of a sudden and point at Hanbin.
You see how your answer surprised him but then a smug smile appears on his face.
’Alright.’ He nods and comes to right next to you and starts walking you out.
’You won’t regret it.’ He whispers in your ear so close you feel shivers all over your body.

The afternoon comes to it’s end quickly and you find yourself walking with a man by your side to Hanbin. They lead you in to a room again, and you feel your nerves having a breakdown. As soon as you go in the room you see no one. You are surprised and just sit down on the bed. This time the time passes by deadly slowly, you don’t know why he isn’t coming, but you don’t try to leave the room, at least you are having some rest alone. You try to collect your thoughts and think about a plan how to get away from here. You need to call your mom somehow, they said your father owns money, so they should let you go once they get the money, right? The room seems darker and darker as it gets later. At last you just lay down on the bed and fall asleep.

You wake up the next morning and realize you’re still in the same room as the one you fell asleep yesterday. At least they didn’t bother you and you could relax by yourself. You sit up and freeze immediately when you see someone laying next to you. You almost scream as you see him. It was Hanbin sleeping just a little bit further from you, without a t-shirt on. You try not to move, really not wanting to wake him up. You are watching him, thinking hard what to do, when you see his phone next to him on the nightstand. You wait a little, his breathing doesn’t change, he seems to be in a deep sleep, so you slowly reach out your hand to take his phone. You bite your lip, you don’t even breath for a minute, then slowly get off the bed and go to the other side of the room. He still doesn’t move, so you turn your back to him, and unlock his phone. It doesn’t ask for a password, so you feel a bit of relief. If he doesn’t wake up you can just call your mom really quietly and tell her to get in contact with your father. That’s all, you should easily succeed in this without him waking up. You are about to type in the number when the phone is taken out of your hand from behind you. Your heart starts pounding so hard, you turn around and Hanbin stares at you with an annoyed look. He then pushes you to the table behind you and weighs down your waist so you are trapped under him. He is so close to you, you feel the heat of his revieled upper body. You turn your head away, you can’t look in his eyes, you are afraid of his acts.
’You really want to get in trouble, huh?’ He whispers and grabs your chin to make you look at him. You feel like you can’t breathe properly and he is so close to you, it makes it harder to think. He is staring in your eyes and you clearly see that he is having fun doing this to you. The tension between you can be felt, you try to move and get out of his hold, but he grips your waist and pushes you to the table even more, not braking the eye contact you are having. A grin appears on his face, but then you hear someone pounding on the door.
’Hanbin, Frank is here.’ 

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were you scared?

summary: lonely summer nights, rooftops, and nosy cats. a perfect brew for disaster.

pairings: going full marichat on this one guys. lets see how this goes, i need to practice characterization dynamics for them anyways.

sidenotes: *cracks knuckles* i have no idea what im doing


The air was warm and dry up against her cheeks. It had spent a day warmly baking in the sun, like the bread from the bakery, rising and falling with the temperature and crisping up right when the timer went off.

Great. Marinette knew when she’d been spending too much time in the bakery. Comparing the air to bread? She mentally smacked herself in the head and finally dragged the rest of her tired body up onto the roof.

She clicked the trap door behind her silently, feeling only a tiny bit guilty for leaving Tikki locked in her room. She just needed some alone time.

Marinette cringed at the thought. Really, what time hadn’t she spent alone this summer?

She was supposed to have the time of her life, she was planning to do so much with Alya, and she desperately wanted to have time to bond with Adrien, of course, but the lack of school meant lack of interaction, and lord knew if she had the guts to actually call him up and ask him on a date.

Not to mention the mere fact that Alya had gone away to stay with her grandparents for two whole months. Two thirds of summer.

It was only the beginning of July, and Marinette already felt like she’d spent a lifetime in wait.

Working at the bakery. Babysitting Mamon. Ladybug (although her appearances as Ladybug had been somewhat sparse since the summer arrived – perhaps even Hawkmoth had more stuff to do than her over the summer).

She craved company more than her life. So why did she leave Tikki back in her room?

Marinette had only one answer – she wanted company of her own age.

She stared out at the city below emotionlessly, glowing cars passing by, their lives infinitely more important and busy than her own.

Right. Marinette ghosted a smile and pulled herself up on the ledge of the building, edging closer to the cliff point, separating her and what very well could be an extremely gruesome death.

That’s probably why she did so well to keep her little pastime a secret.

No one would suspect sweet, innocent little Marinette to be a fan of heights. No one would expect her to hold her arms out and feel the soft breeze course through her light layers of clothing. No one would understand why she loved the feeling of closing her eyes and not knowing which way was up or down.

Marinette stood on the ledge, testing the limits of her balance by leaning back and forth, each time gaining a better view of the street below. She tipped back and forth like a human rocking chair, enjoying the feel of air rushing through her hair, long since released from their normal pigtails.

She reached her hand out tentatively, grasping at the air like it was solid, like maybe if she moved fast enough, she’d be able to catch some in her hand, capture it in a jar, and hold onto it until it disappeared.

She shifted her leg to the side, gaining better traction and balance as she reached her hands up towards the night sky, fingers dancing among the stars.

Sometimes, if she thought about it really hard, she could swear that if she really tried, she’d be able to fly, just like those glittering stars.

She retracts her arms in embarrassment. If anyone saw her like this, free and exposed in only her night shorts and a loose tank top, reaching for the moon like a crazed idiot, she’d certainly never hear the end of it.

She turned sharply and held her arms out to her sides, balancing diligently, and began to walk the outline of the roof. It came easily to her, like brushing her hair, she’d done it so many times, it just…flowed.

The roof was her sanctuary. A place where she could be by herself…and yet, she never felt alone. Not once.

She stopped moving at the shifting of shadows by her balcony. Probably just her imagination running wild, but it still caught her eye, like the flash of metal in the sun.

She didn’t hop off of the rooftop ledge, she preferred to stay as close to the edge as she could. She only lazily scanned the other rooftops, double-checking to make sure her mind was playing tricks on her.

Only this time, it wasn’t.

Chat Noir, perched up on the cell phone tower only about twenty feet away from her, was just sitting there. Watching. His eyes glowed green, maybe out of curiosity. Her hands slapped down to her sides and she tilted her head at him, letting him know that she had recognized his presence.

It took him a few moments to actually approach her, but whe he did, it came slow like dripping syrup. He seemed cautious, like he was afraid if he moved too fast, he’d startle her.

Marinette almost blanched when she realized what that meant.

“I’m not going to jump,” she called to him. The night snatched her words and carried them to his ears. He held his hands up in the air, as if surrendering to her sentence without putting up a fight.

This was strange. Chat Noir had yet to say anything, he was usually bursting to talk to her, whether it be as Ladybug, or marinette. That boy just loved the sound of his own voice. But now, he fell as silent as the keys of a muted piano, he only communicated in stares and glances, with the occasional step forward.

“What are you doing here?” She asked him, still not letting down from her position of power up on the ledge. He stood below her now, looking up at her as if she were something to behold. With her hair out of its normal pigtails, and her oversized white t-shirt blowing in the wind, she felt like somewhat of an angel, staring down at Chat Noir to offer him repentance.

“You look like you could use some company.” He avoided the question, as usual. He never answered anything that didn’t benefit him. Typical cat.

She hesitated, actually considering his offer. Company would be nice.

“Come down,” he said, soft and gentle, like he was coaxing her out of making a terrible decision. She cracked  a half smile and set one fist on her hip rebelliously.

“Or what? What’s the matter, you scared of heights? I thought cats always landed on their feet…or was that just a rumor?” She asked him playfully, turning away from him to admire the roaring city below, bustling with nighttime activity.

He made a small laughing sound, like she had just told him a joke that only them two would understand, before sobering up at the sound of her feet shuffling closer to the ledge.

“Marinette…why are you doing this?” He asked her, voice full of an indiscernible emotion she never thought Chat Noir of all people would be capable of. She figured his only emotions were vanity, dry-wit, and the occasional heroicness that would surface whenever he was feeling particularly generous.

There was also something odd about the way he said her name. Marinette. Not Princess, or little lady. Just her name, plain, simple, and dangerous.

“I like the feeling of being high up. It feels like no one can touch you.” She finally answered, nostalgically closing her eyes and breathing in the scent of the sky.

“…I think you should come down now.” He told her motionlessly. There was a certain hardness in his voice, like he was trying to contain something.

“Chat Noir, I’m fine.” She said, even though just as she said it, she began to feel a sense of dizziness overcome her. Had the roof always been this far away from the ground? She could count the cars, one, two, three, four-

She didn’t feel herself slip until the very last moment. She was just about to climb down, unfortunately for her, bad luck was somewhat of a constant in her life. Only this time, it would end up costing her her life.

Her eyes widened in the split second it took for her to slip. She made momentary eye contact with Chat Noir, and she knew – she knew that his face would be burned in her mind forever, she’d never be able to forget that seizing look of terror in his eyes before he inevitably dove after her.

Her stomach flipped as she felt the wind she always loved feeling between her fingertips surge past her in tidal waves, the ground drawing closer like the night chasing the sunset.

She gasped when he latched her arm around her stomach, roughly yanking her upwards and away from her nearing doom.

Her sleep shirt was tangled in his hands and she didn’t really care. Desperate to confirm that she hadn’t just become a Marinette pancake, she grasped his sturdy arm that was positioned slightly above her ribcage, squeezing it tightly like a teddy bear in the dead of night.

She didn’t have the courage to look up at him. She was mostly ashamed – she’d been on the roof hundreds of times, and yet the one time she had an audience, she managed to screw it up so royally she almost died.

He let go of his baton, which had been pulling them back up the roof to safety for a good while. She breathed out when his tight grip finally relinquished from around her waist. The air tasted sweet, like scented roses and raindrops. Chat Noir was so blaringly silent she almost felt the urge to scream at him.

“I…I…didn’t mean to.” She told him hurriedly. He looked down, eyes glued to the stony ground of the rooftop.

“Don’t.” he stopped her sharply. She flinched noticeably and he tore his eyes up from the ground. She looked at him and his eyes were wide – almost bloodshot. She had scared him.

“I’m sorry,” she said quickly, but he cut her off again, more abrasively.

“Just don’t. Ever.” He warned her, suddenly grabbing her hand and pulling it to his chest. She was confused at first, until she finally realized what he was trying to convey. His heartbeat thumped rapidly, like the incessant clicking of a pen.

“I’m…usually a lot less clumsy.” She said suddenly, before immediately pulling back and gawking at herself. Since when did she become awkward dorky Marinette around Chat Noir, of all people?

“You don’t say,” he chastised her. She shot him a glare and he held up his hands defensively, yet again.

“Hey. Watch it, cat. For all you know, I could have a spray bottle in my room.” She sniffed at him. He cracked a smile, thankful that she wasn’t showing any signs of returning to the ledge.

“A true princess would never harm her knight. That’s not how it works.” He reminded her wit a tut-tut-tut that annoyed her to know end. He sure knew how to press every single one of her buttons.

“A true knight would never let his princess fall off of a roof.” Marinette said, with a hint of satisfaction. His eyes, which had been closed, widened like emerald fireworks.

“That’s…completely…you…I mean, I…” He sputtered to find a proper comeback while she turned around and laughed at her own resolve.

While he struggled to find an answer, Marinette tilted her head and remembered that he never really had answered her question. What was he doing here?

“Chat Noir…why did you come here? For real, this time.” She asked him, looking up pleadingly. He looked down at her with a sort of soft look, a look she wasn’t all that unfamiliar with.

“You know something, Marinette.” He said conversationally, tilting his head until his flat mouth twisted into a smug smile. ‘You have the most memorable eyes I’ve ever seen in my life.”

She blinked. He had a sultry, knowing look on his face that put her extremely on edge. “I’m…sure I don’t know what you mean-“

“I’ll see you tomorrow then, my lady.” He told her, stepping up onto the ledge she had fallen off of not even ten minutes ago. He winked and then fell backwards – but she knew him well enough to know that he’d be ok.

Then, it hit her like an ice cream truck.


Her eyes widened like saucers, and she threw herself at the window ledge, desperate for a glance of Chat.


She could almost swear she could hear his laughter as she stood there on the roof, wondering exactly how interesting her next night patrol with him would be.

“Oh my god.” She spoke dryly. “I’m so screwed.”




hereby supports the headcanon that adrien figures it out b4 marinette

also im so sorry for this literally didn’t edit and only put an hours worth of time into it srry

Joe Hockey bid farewell to politics with a final speech to parliament.

“I did my best to do all I could, with passion and to the best of my ability,” he said with a tear in his eyes as he announced his final words. Turnbull stood up and the rest of his party followed, applauding Joe as he waved at them all.

“You’ve done so much, and we’re so very proud of you Joe,” Turnbull said to the crowded room. “But that’s just the pleasantry we’re obliged to say to people who are leaving. A more accurate way to put it would be: we’re really disappointed in you. You really fucked up. You were terrible. That’s why you have to leave.”

The room went silent. Everyone glared at Hockey, their sympathy drained from their faces.

“Well… come on… exit’s that way.” Turnbull pointed. “Your replacement can show you out. Can’t you, Morrison?”

Scott Morrison shook uncomfortably in place. “Y-yes… I can do my job. I can do it. Please don’t replace me.” He whimpered.