silently hoping they'll actually be into it

Ylvis drinking game (yes i did the thing)
  • <b> Vegard does some science:</b> 1 shot<p><b>Bård shows his middle finger:</b> 1 shot<p><b>Vegard winks:</b> 1 shot<p><b>Bård is being a little shit:</b> 2 shots<p><b>Vegard clicks his tongue:</b> 1 shot<p><b>Bård interrupts Vegard:</b> 2 shots<p><b>Vegard talks about planes:</b> 2 shots<p><b>Bård says something about Vegard being darker:</b> 2 shots<p><b>They mention how short they are:</b> 2 shots<p><b>They say something about when they were in Africa:</b> 3 shots<p><b>They mirror each other:</b> 3 shots<p><b>Silent communication with each other:</b> 3 shots<p><b>Harmonize in an improv song:</b> 3 shots<p><b>Bård's voice cracks when he sings:</b> 2 shots<p><b>Vegard looks unimpressed:</b> 2 shots<p><b>Both embarrass their guests:</b> 3 shots<p><b>Bård says "ayayayayayayay":</b> 2 shots<p><b>Vegard says "oyoyoyoyoyoy":</b> 2 shots<p>