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i wish i could contribute to this but ive never been high in my life. i kinda just assume whatever weird shit any high person would say would be something akin to every word that comes out of my one friend’s mouth. a good example being

and this is michael maybe

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i just don't get why people believe they are animals/ plants, objects or even SPACE. could you explain? i don't want drama, i just simply don't understand

Hey, that’s okay. We know that the concept can appear pretty strange to people who have no experience with anything similar.

Let’s take the spiritual side of things as an example first, especially because there’s certain beliefs that are extremely prevalent in the community. Many otherkin with spiritual beliefs believe in reincarnation, the idea that a soul, or the essence of a person’s being, cannot truly die and therefore it passes from one body to the next, forever, like any natural cycle. Sometimes people believe there is an end goal to these reincarnations, sometimes they believe it is just recycling. But they also don’t believe that souls are limited to humans, and that all living beings have souls that can enter into this cycle as well. With things like objects, plants, or space, belief in animism can come into play here, which is defined as “the attribution of a soul to plants, inanimate objects, and natural phenomena.”

Now, how does someone go from these kinds of beliefs to believing they apply to their present state? Many people say that they experience memories from those past lives, and that because of what their soul has been in the past, its past experiences still have some bearing on who they are now. How do they know these memories aren’t just imagination? Honestly, it’s impossible to know for sure. Spiritual beliefs are based in faith. They have experienced something, and their interpretation of what they have experienced makes their belief. It doesn’t matter whether you believe what they do, and science and faith are at an impasse most of the time because these are personal, often abstract experiences involving abstract concepts which cannot be documented and tested reliably. However, people in the community are more than willing to accept a potential where if science proves some belief wrong, they will have to find another way of explaining the experiences that have happened to them. Stuff like reincarnation isn’t the only spiritual belief present in the community, but I think it’s the best suited to try and help you understand what’s going on spiritually for many people.

Spirituality is also not the only way people try and make sense of their experiences. Another is through psychology. For otherkin who base their explanations in psychology, they may not have spiritual beliefs at all, or even if spiritual do not believe their nonhuman experiences are due to a spiritual cause. Like spiritual otherkin, though, they have experienced something and are trying to interpret it. They use what we know of psychology and apply it to their experiences. Ideas out there include discrepancy between the mental body image and the physical body (which may lead to phenomena such as supernumerary phantom limbs).

How do people with either of these explanations know they aren’t just experiencing normal human psychological things? Honestly, we don’t. There is a level of faith and interpretation in everything. We do not choose to have these experiences, no, but we can only try and make sense of them in the ways available to us. Many people have a combination of spiritual and psychological beliefs, or sometimes do not have a full explanation but simply say “well, this is what I feel and experience. who knows why.” We’re not sure. We can’t be sure. But life is a journey to try and understand.


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Congradulations Slient, I'm so happy for you. Your fans and I have been waiting a long time for this.~ I hope you have a happy life from here on out. Oh right, I have something for ya as wedding gift, I wanted to give something nice for your family to play together. *gives him a beautiful grand piano all ready to place anywhere in Sin's house* It's not much but I hope you and your family likes it.

“…” He stares at the piano in amazement.

“Thank you…it’s beautiful…” He signed.