Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 5 : Future Bot Zoltron

Storyline: Steven tells people’s fortunes at Funland.

Casts: Matthew Moy, Estelle, Kate Micucci, Grace Rolek, Zach Callison, Michaela Dietz, Deedee Magno


160827 ..Taekook waiting at the airport..  (/^-^(^ ^*)

Thank you

Aw shucks you guys– thank you so much for your words of support and comfort in regards to the last anon ask I replied to. :’)))

Don’t worry – I ranted out my anger and irritation through that post, and I’m fine haha. I’m actually a really tough cookie, so things like this usually don’t bother me or affect me for long; they tend to just bounce off me and I usually ignore their existence entirely or I have a chuckle/eye-roll at how ridiculous they’re being. Seriously, I am very aware that they’re not worth the time or energy.

It’s just that anon managed to sound so obnoxious that I just saw red. Like a lot of people said in response to that post: demanding art from someone who does fanart for free and is supposed to do it for fun is just plain rude (the artist is NOT just a tool/means for you to look at pretty things; the most you can respectably do is ask). For people who are committed to do fan-comics especially–they feel pressured enough to update regularly, already well aware that people are waiting, and they don’t need other people trying to put more pressure on them and even worse, trying to guilt-trip them. That’s just not on. They are doing this completely for free and for their own enjoyment and are not supposed to feel like they’re being forced to draw when they don’t want to. We are doing the best we can for you because we love doing it and we love YOU. The anon needs to learn some gratitude and respect.

(Also, in hindsight, the thing that actually triggered me is that they mentioned SUBMISSIONS. I love getting submissions and I appreciate the people so much, and I just got all protective mamabear on them jhghfcjh It’s not even a question that they’re worth giving attention to, so cmon Anon, plz, what were you expecting?)

But yeah, just letting you all know that I super appreciate all your kind words; I am very aware that the vast majority are unlike that anon, and I’m very, very lucky that my followers are actually really, really nice people. I don’t have to deal with ignorance and rudeness as much as I know some friends do, so I’m lucky! <3

I will respond to direct messages tomorrow though– it’s really late (or early depending on how you see 5am BWAHAHAHA). I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that that anon is completely off my mind now, I’m all good, and I’ve moved on with my life. I was actually just working on a comic to be hopefully submitted later on today HEHEHEHE B))) So don’t worry, I’m all gee, and thank you again! You’re all very sweet :’) Love you all and sorry for the unpleasantness :‘DDD