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Zoo Episode 1 : The Day of the Beast 
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Zoo Episode 6 : Sex, Lies and Jellyfish 
Zoo Episode 7 : Jamie’s Got a Gun 

The Conjuring 2 (2016)



Lorraine and Ed Warren travel to north London to help a single mother raising four children alone in a house plagued by malicious spirits.

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This is just an honest question, not trying to argue: but why do you think Misha is not straight if there is no specific evidence (like from vickis book)? I am new the fandom and am just wondering :)

it’s past my bedtime so i’m not gonna put any links in this post, so if anyone wants to add links to the things i’m talking about please feel free. 

  1. okay so there’s not anything specific in vicki’s book that we can definitively point to and say “misha is for sure bi” (which is what ppl on this website love to do for some reason), but the fact that vicki is openly bi and that she and misha have been in (at least one) serious polyamorous relationship before and that they engage in threesomes regularly enough for her to write a book about it - we can assume that they aren’t exactly traditional. whether that means misha is Not Straight is still debatable.
  2. …..the strongest “evidence” in regards to vicki’s book is that larry king asked misha who he and his wife have threesomes with and misha refused to answer. he said something like “with other individuals” and he wouldn’t specify a gender. it’s definitely not the only time he’s been vague about gender. 
  3. misha has a lifelong friend named darius, and they have both said questionably gay things about each other. darius claims that he and misha went on a date when they were like 12 years old, and i’m pretty sure he’s talked about blow jobs with misha. misha has talked about sleeping in a hotel room with darius and how the noises darius makes while sleeping turned misha on. (that last bit is actually cited in the infamous cockles break-up theory.)
  4. one time misha was on a podcast and hit on the male host and the dude got all flustered and was like, “my wife is over there!” and misha responded, “that doesn’t make you straight.”
  5. misha hits on his male and female costars pretty evenly. he fakes making out with kim rhodes and rob benedict equally. well. except that he’s legitimately kissed rob on the mouth in public on more than one occasion so like.
  6. he gets really choked up when talking about LGBT issues. he cares a whole hell of a lot about the LGBT community even though he never says that he’s a part of it himself. 
  7. honestly i think the strongest evidence was nerd hq. why the fuck would jensen laugh so hard at someone asking about misha “playing straight” if misha was actually straight. it’s not funny to call a straight person straight. calling someone straight is only funny if they’re…..not straight.
  8. misha has a huge crush on jensen.
  9. idk man my gaydar goes off whenever misha does anything.

twelve & two. | part two
[bts x got7 x reader]
genre: sibling!au / angst

one | two

part two: a boyfriend who’s too busy and a brother who’ll bend over backwards for you.

authors note: meow this is long overdue. CUE THE ANGSTY. all my love xo. [also pls leave me feedback bc otherwise i dont get the motivation to write the next parts.. i know this is a slow beginning and i promise it’ll pickup and get more exciting.. so yes, feedback is appreciated so i can stay motivated. thx xo]

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I want a fic where Anders gets captured by slavers – drugged, knocked out, chained up, and dragged off to their hideout

…upon reaching which he stands up, glowing blue, snaps the chain apart with a casual twist of his wrists, proceeds to kill all the slave traders and free all the slaves.

Because it’s just a lot easier to find their hideouts when they do all the work of bringing you there, you see.

(Justice doesn’t approve of the deception, but he can see that it gets results, so he’ll go along with it.)

(Fenris approves.)