PuniTy a terrifying Unity-Based recreation of the PT hallway, complete with stunning visuals, sinister sounds and heart stopping scares.

The gameplay is a little different and PuniTy is a little shorter than PT, but it still feels exactly like PT did – complete with dread filled atmosphere and terrifying scares.  Silent Hills may be dead, but the legacy of PT is still very much alive.  Highly recommended.

Play The Full Game, Free (Win, Mac & Linux)

Pregnancy in a patriarchy.
  • Person:Do you know what you're having?
  • Me:It's a boy.
  • Person:Oh, great! Boys are so much better / easier / less hormonal / [other cliché bullshit trashing female human beings]

So lookie here! It’s been almost a week and I have a little over 100 followers. I made this blog a bit on a whim, asking people over on a different blog if I should do this and lo and behold– here I am. I was a little hesitant at first, but I’m very happy to announce that this was one of the most welcoming fandoms I’ve had the courtesy of joining. I love you all so much and I’m honestly very happy to have made this blog and very thankful to the friends I have made.


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Once again, thank you all so much for this, I’m simply amazed by all the fantastic people on my dash and I really hope I’m just as fantastic to you as I think you are. I hope to stick around for a long time!

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New in the Birdcage Bottom Books shop:

“Dailies 1″ anthology

Dailies 1: an anthology of daily musings from Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.    

Contributors Include : Simon Hanselmann, Michael Hawkins, Tom O’Hern, Jo Waite, Lucy Berglund, Ted McKinley, Cougar Flashy, Anthony Lister, GhostPatrol, Twoone, Baby Guerilla, Athonk, Ben Hutchings, Glenn Smith, Dan Sibley, Psalm, Mitten Fortress, Tim Sterling, Phoenix, Michael Meneghetti, Benard Caleo, Hamishi, Ed Wakeham, Alec Morten, Lwnski, Heesco, Clayton Noone, Indira Neville, Ero, Toni Dowd, Dan Fikaris, Jase Harper, James James, Carol Wood, Lachlan Conn, Kieran Mangan, Tim Danko, M. P. Fikaris, Tom Civil, Aaron O’Donnell, Tim Molloy, Georg, Marc Pearson, Ha-Ha, Picnick, Shida, Nelio, James Bonnici, Anthony Woodward, Texta Queen, Jerome Bihan, Adi Firth, Rachel Torbett, Dan Reed, Pip Stafford, Mel Roswell, Sam Wallman, Clint Cure, Karl Wills, Rena Littleson, Leigh Rigozzi, The Pox Girls and Mandy Ord

Published by Silent Army Comic Art Collective 

11.5″ x 8″, 64 pages. $5
Full-color cover with b&w interior (8 pages of color!)
Folded tabloid paper

- See more at: