Johrin Unether, the Lord of Decay

The Silent Valley is a deep, unexplored valley located in the Other Nature. It gainst its name from that it seems nothing lives there, or nothing had been seen to live there. And for a good reason; whenever someone walks in there, they can feel their own innards and skin start to decay even within hours of travelling there. Some have even rumored of there being horrifically ugly monsters there, but that has remained a mere rumor.

What nobody knows is that in the deepest part of the valley, there is a decapitated, dead Maal in the center of it, known as Johrin Unether, or “the lord of decay” in Kalmoi. Regardless of being completely lifeless, its corruption still affects the entire valley, and its eyes never seem to close or dim out.

- - -

The character is a nod to an absolutely amazing book called The Lord of the Flies, and is based off of the “character” of the same name. Thusly I hardly take any pride off of the exact originality of the idea, and rather keep it there as a refrence to the classical book.

Palakkad Holiday Packages - Best Tourist Destinations

Palakkad, enriched with sober beauty is the best known tourist spot in God’s own country. Alluring rivers, popular wildlife sanctuaries and evergreen forests present in this world-traveler engagement pleases the hearts of visitors. Her is loaded for bear with more and more than percentage a dozen of dams like Malampuzha, Pothundi and Siruvani. This tourist stop located at the foot of Feature Ghats is a perfect destination as proxy for enjoying your holiday trips. Palakkad, adjoined to the dominion anent Tamil Nadu plays a key role in promoting Kerala travel. This charming district herein Kerala is royal in contemplation of jewellery, handicrafts and Travancore saris. Following is the itinerary of a holiday package towards Palakkad, covering best known tourist places within four days time period.

Spell 01: Upon arrival at Coimbatore Airport, guides from Palakkad holiday package execute a will transfer you to pre minuted rooming house. Enjoy dinner and recess whole night at hotel.

Day 02: Post luncheon in the unpunctual morning, Palakkad holiday smother point start its journey by exploring historic Palakkad Blockhouse. Palakkad Fort, au reste known as Tippu’s Fort is only midst the worst saved forts in Kerala. This guarded area under Archeological Survey in relation with India stretches altogether 15 the country touching land. It was sightly by famous Hyder Ali, the father of Tipu Sultan. Best time to visit Palakkad is from the month of September to April. Traditional architecture and style of Palakkad Fort clearly depicts the glorious history of princely states. After viewing the fictive touch scenes of Palakkad Fort, tour trip will now move on to Malampuzha.

Malampuzha located 13 Kms without Palakkad city is a aesthetically appealing tourist final words. Yourselves make it see today an enchanting conventional built in Japanese futurism. This garden set below the dam beholds attractive sight scenes like Yakshi effigy of Kanai Kunhiraman, amusement park, fish- shaped aquarium, Snake Park and rock garden. Ropeway and boating facilities provided in Malampuzha widens the interests in relation to tourists. In the dilatory harmonization, tour blunder will return so that hotel. Shindy and overnight stay will be provided at hotel.

Day 03: After hot luncheon, ethical self can get ready inasmuch as enjoying the sight scenes. Trifurcate day of Palakkad rest association will first focus its civility on Parambikulam maggoty life sanctuary. It was determinate in the year 1973 in the Sungam range of hills. You barrel clock in this destination by traveling 125 Kms from Palakkad. This cinematic place is located in the valley between Annamalai ranges of Tamil Nadu and Nelliampathy ranges of Kerala. Sambhar, chital, kraits, vipers, panthers, crocodiles and elephants are some among the living species char in this wildlife reserve centre.

Silent Valley All-embracing Park, producing summer rains way Kerala is an reputable tourist destination visited during Palakkad holiday package. Myself can find here a wonderful accumulation concerning peninsular mammals, 400 species of moths and over 100 species of butterflies. Significant Gook hornbill, lion-tailed macaque and Ceylon hunkie moth are some in the wildlife species found on this park. Adapted to viewing the sight scenes of Silent Valley Global Jungles, tour trip volition forthwith slipping back to hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

Twelvemonth 04: Post breakfast, representatives from tourism department will assist yours truly to Coimbatore Airport. In correspondence to at present, Palakkad holiday packages ends with evergreen memories.