Vague Cripplehood

You cannot eat anything.
Each spoonful fades before you swallow,
the fruit on the vine is rotted at your harvest.
You are always nauseous, you forget how to vomit.
The air smells of butter and salt and popped kernels
and you gag between breathing.

The light is on when you are in pain;
the light is almost always on.
Do not speak, do not look,
do not show anyone.
It flickers off when you want others to know
You are hurting and never in the dark.

When you find your cane,
you will walk for decades.
There’s a mirage twenty miles away, always twenty miles;
the wheelchair turns solid if you can get there.
When you find your wheelchair, there will be no ramps,
they will vanish or sprout and grow into a single staircase
and you’ll be abandoned in the street with the other ferals.

You cannot remember names.
You stay silent after stuttered and vague syllables fall flat.
You cannot remember how it felt,
your heart, your legs, your senses,
before they started the quake;
the seismic change of body.
You are tectonic and you’ll forget the fault lines
had not been there before.

Trae Leigh

anonymous asked:

Precious young blueberry Kageyama realizes he has a crush on Yachi! And at the end of a heated match he kisses her in the heat of the moment! SUrprsing everyone, even Yachi herself! Bonus brownie points if she kisses him back or he confesses to her soon after -Trash Anon

The stadium was silent as the ball stuttered to a stop on the opponent’s side of the court. Then, all at once, everyone was in an uproar. The opponents wilted in defeat as Karasuno celebrated in victory. 

Kageyama and Hinata looked at each other in euphoric awe, eyes wide and mouths agape in open grins. 

“YEAHHH!” they yelled simultaneously as they exchanged double high-fives. Kageyama turned around as his upperclassmen charged towards him while shouting, “KAGEYAMAAAA.” He charged right back, lifting his hands to give them all high-fives all the while roaring at the top of his lungs, too happy to care about how awkward his high-fives were and how funny his face must have looked, too happy to care about how he might regret his actions later as he ran towards Yachi with his hands raised and gave her a high-five and then yelled with her for a moment before taking her shoulders and catapulting his lips right onto hers.

All of Karasuno fell dead silent. Kageyama all but flew backwards once he realized what he’d done, gibberish tumbling out of his mouth as he tried to explain to everyone—and himself, for that matter—his life choices.

Tanaka and Nishinoya were the first to recover. “Nice going! Who woulda thought!” they boomed, slapping his back so hard that he almost fell onto Yachi—who had ascended into another dimension ever since the kiss. Somewhere in the background, Hinata was screeching, “How dare you lay your mangy hands on our innocent manager!

Sugawara’s eyebrows had disappeared into his hairline. “K-Kageyama, you should ask her out while you’re at it.”

The second-years took his advice to heart and began chanting to Kageyama, “Ask her out! Ask her out!” They didn’t notice that the boy was dead inside.

“Um,” Kageyama choked out. “Y-Yachi-san, um—”

“Sure!” she hurriedly squeaked, finally snapping back into reality. She and Kageyama shared the same sentiment: get this over with, go home, and never come out of their respective houses.

Tanaka and Nishinoya grinned and pushed the two first-years together, urging them outside along with the rest of Karasuno.

“Ya better sit next to each other on the bus!” they crowed. 

Use me / Leave me

A recurring set. I see an unusual amount of abandoned grocery carts living in Alhambra. So much so that there’s actually a service that picks up the stray carts and delivers them back to their respective locations. This is my own study in geometry and an exploration in the feelings of being used, abandoned, and isolated through the carts as a metaphor.

Rosebowl Stadium, Pasadena, CA, February 2011

Golden State Memories

This photo was taken at a food stand in the Rosebowl Stadium where they hold monthly flea markets. It was a beautiful sunny day and the light shining through these umbrellas caught my attention. As you may or may not know, me and my girlfriend just love anything cheap / interesting / that can be had for a bargain, so this event was like heaven for us. One thing we need to bring on the next flea market: a grocery cart.

Los Angeles, March 2011

These following weeks I am going to be busy moving my stuff to an old place far from the city. It is bittersweet. I am going to miss walking around the city and taking snapshots of people, like this one above. On the flipside, the place I’m moving in offers a different set of visual elements to capture. I hope all goes well.

Golden State Memories