Rosebowl Stadium, Pasadena, CA, February 2011

Golden State Memories

This photo was taken at a food stand in the Rosebowl Stadium where they hold monthly flea markets. It was a beautiful sunny day and the light shining through these umbrellas caught my attention. As you may or may not know, me and my girlfriend just love anything cheap / interesting / that can be had for a bargain, so this event was like heaven for us. One thing we need to bring on the next flea market: a grocery cart.


Birthday Spaghetti

A video collage of footage I took of my friend, Jen’s birthday party. We had fun prepping the food, playing some music and enjoying each others company.

Filmed and Edited by Mark Redito

Music by Ryo Baum
Shot on a Canon T1i using vintage 35mm and 50mm pentax lenses. Colored and Edited on Final Cut Pro.

Silent Stutter is a new photoblog made by yours truly.

I have been immensely enjoying my journey with photography this past year or so. Ever since my sister gave me a camera for my birthday, i have been snapping pictures almost everyday. But somehow, I always have that insecurity in me that I can’t do it, or, that I don’t have “the eye” for it. Thankfully, people close to me tell me that they love my photos and that they get inspired and it brings them to that “special place”. That has encouraged and affirmed me a lot and I thought it would be a great idea to upload my best ones in one place and share them with the world. Hopefully it might inspire someone or bring them to that “special place”.

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- Mark/Spazzkid