McCree @overwatch-reader-imagines  ((…i kinda did it?))

McCree never missed, his eye twinkling with death at all those in front of him. A deadly aura radiated from hm as he raised his gun, ready to shoot at everyone. Your back was turned, face hidden. He didn’t know it was you. That was a problem.

Because McCree never missed.

The shot hit you in the middle-left side of your back, and for two seconds, you felt nothing but the force of the shot propelling you foreword. Then the excruciating pain swallowed you whole. Your head tilted back, mouth open in a silent scream of pain, your hands flying to the wound. It took what felt like decades for you to fall on your knees, but all you could focus on was the sharp sting that was gliding through your abdomen. 

The sound of battle meant nothing to you, knowing that you had finished any enemy around you. Slumping to the ground, your arms the only thing stopping your face from colliding with the floor, you finally jump out of your haze, grunting as you stood, palms of your hands going to the bullet holes. You turn slowly, knowing the shot came from behind you, and you face the shooter. 

Only to come face to face with McCree. 

You gasp as your eyes meet, and you move your lips to say something, to tell him it’s fine, to go get help, but before you can help it, your legs fall out from underneath you, the last thing you see is McCree’s face in tears before you black out.  


He was used to being alone, unused to sharing his space. He wasn’t sure how to think about it, you take up so much space than what he knew what to do with. So he lashed out, making you nibble on your lip as you held back tears. He immediately regretted it when you left, his heart aching.

He knew it was a stupid reason to get angry at you. To anyone else it wouldn’t have mattered, but after yet another day of missions beside his brother whom he was confused about, another sequence of sneers from people who hated him for his clan’s actions, he was frustrated to say the least. However, it was no reason to tell you that he regretted you moving in.

His first reaction after the words fell out of his mouth was regret, not the hollow kind he felt with others, but the heart stretching, gut twisting kind of remorse that made him want to turn around and apologize. But you were already gone, the door slamming, and like always, Hanzo was too late.  

I CAN’T DRAW but y'all know that meme where Character A swears and Character B starts screaming and drags the sweet and innocent Character C away only for Character C to repeat the swear and Character B screams and murders Character A?

That meme, except Nursey says a very moderate curse word (eg. “damn”) and Bitty screams and drags his sweet baby Chowder away only for Chowder to later drop a sentence containing approximately five (5) curse words - all much “worse” than the curse word Nursey used.

Instead of screaming, Bitty silently lies face down on the ground as it finally sinks in that CHRISTOPHER FRANKLIN CHOW IS A FULLY GROWN COLLEGE ATHLETE AND NOT A SMALL CHILD.

if you draw this I’ll love you forever


Some tododekus from @pitviperofdoom‘s Summer Stars fic! Aka the fic that has been killing me with every update  _(:‘3」z)_

No matter how long it’s been or how many times I’ve watched it, Will saying the words ‘Did you just smell me?’ in that sort of teasing disbelief that Doctor Lecter just-fucking-sniffed-him plus Hannibal’s genuine awkwardness as he tries in vain to excuse himself, will always make the clouds part, the sun come out, flowers bloom, and put a big goofy grin on my face.


Silent Scream (1990) Full movie on Youtube


Prom hasn’t been feeling very well but he’s not willing to skip on his training, not least of all because it’s time he gets to spend with Noct. He takes a hit and it’s not very hard but Prompto doubles over, mouth open in a silent scream as the colour drains from his face. 

Noctis of course assumes he’s done something to cause this, not making the connection that Prompto’s self proclaimed ‘it’s just a cold’ might have been something more.

Something like maybe appendicitis. He tries to get back to his feet because Noct is panicking thinking that he’s somehow caused this. But prompto doesnt even get half way to standing before he’s collapsing and Noctis drops down after him.

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The Development of Anti

We had this last October

Obviously we knew Anti was on his way and this picture was quite a cool way to confirm that something big was coming. 

We saw flashes of Anti reaching towards the camera and clawing at his neck and hair, screaming silently and all round losing his mind, desperate to get out and harm Jack throughout the FNAF: Sister Location as well as eventuall ‘leaking’ into other videos including ones that weren’t neccessarily Horror games.

He showed his impatience. His eagerness to emerge was evident all through October, using cryptic meassages in descriptions and changing the bio on tumblr and twitter frequently until the infamous day when he showed himself.


Fast forward to this

Quite a difference to the Anti from October. The recent flashes of Anti showed him still looking directly at the camera but he’s no longer tearing at his hair or shouting at us from within Jack. He knows how much power he has and he can afford to wait, using the audience to fuel him. He doesn’t have to put a lot of effort into making us talk. One word is all he needs to send us into a frenzy.

This is why I think it says “REBORN” in this picture:

This “new” Anti is a patient tactition. He’s learnt a lot since October, about Jack and ESPECIALLY about us. He’s still unpredictable, scattered and unhinged but now he knows how much he can make us lose our minds and is taking his time in doing so……

The Silent Scream

I tried to think of something witty to say,
But it wouldn’t come out.
Stunned as usual, when I’m around you.
The tip of the tongue becomes
the trip of the tongue.
Brain freeze from you, not my iced drink.
I gulp and stutter and curse.
Screams in my head,
But barely a whimper.
I’m too much the wimp and not enough.
But quiet love from a distance is still love, right?



A collaboration with this great writer!

Just let me be.
Who I am.
It’s what you really need to understand.
And I hope so hard for the pain to go away.

And it’s torturing me.
But I can’t break free.
So I cry and cry but just won’t get it out.
The Silent Scream.

—  Silent Scream
~Anna Blue

Bad Dream 
Part 1

Using @shinyzango 2d Bendy au
(and using @the-vampire-inside-me basket in this)
Hope yall enjoy the angst (and angst to come)