The lights along the Seine were illuminating the river that stood still in the night. It wasn’t silent, Paris never slept and the sounds of the cars roaming around the city were constantly present. Neither of them had spoken a single word, after what had happened. Until now.

“Do you sometimes think that there is more to this life? That there actually is fate that unites people and coincidences are not just that – coincidences?”

Marinette was looking straight ahead, not turning her head towards Adrien, whose expression hadn’t changed since they sat down on the bench.

“What does this dwelling on what-ifs do except hurt the way we are used to live?”

“There is no right or wrong way to live. It’s for yourself to find your own longing.”

“And some people are just lucky.” He smiled.

“And some people are just lucky. But if it’s within your reach, it would be shame not to take a leap.”

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Serial Killer AU (End 1)

All my thanks to @queenlypirate for suggesting two endings. Either works, so pick your fave. I know which is mine. Also in this one, Marinette took the ‘Chat needed help’ a little bit too literally.

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Tikki opened the door to Marinette’s apartment wearily. Putting the key she found in the potted plant next to the door in her pocket, Tikki entered the house. Everything seemed unchanged, save for the thin layer of dust that appeared to settle over everything. Tikki got a grip on her gun and began to move slowly, taking in her surroundings. Nothing seemed out of place, no sign of fighting or resistance. Still, something was out of place. Marinette called about two weeks ago saying she needs a medical leave. Something about exhaustion and other things that might affect her performance at work. Tikki, of course, approved the medical leave. She didn’t want Marinette putting her health in peril or the sake of working. But when she tried to call last week to ask her about her whereabout the line went dead. She assumed Marinette might just have her phone closed. But after continuous calls for a couple of days, Tikki figured something had to be wrong. So she came to visit. It seems like her instincts were right.

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Italian silent film star and diva Pina Menichelli, 1910s.

Giuseppa Iolanda Menichelli (1890-1984), known as Pina Menichelli, was an Italian actress and silent film star. After a career in theatre and a series of small film roles, Menichelli was launched as a film star when Giovanni Pastrone gave her the lead role in The Fire (1916). Over the next nine years, Menichelli made a series of films, often trading on her image as a diva and on her passionate, decadent eroticism. Menichelli became a global star, and one of the most appreciated actresses in Italian cinema, before her retirement in 1924, aged 34.