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anonymous asked:

recommend some movies plsss

this is a good question because i watch like two movies a day haha

non horror:

pretty in pink, breakfast club, some kind of wonderful, uncle buck, sixteen candles, control, slc punk!, teen witch, modern girls, the fabulous stains, switchblade sisters, the craft, teen wolf, worried about the boy, drop dead fred, weekend at bernies, earth girls are easy, fast times at ridgemont high, desperately seeking susan, return of the killer tomatoes, pee wees big adventure, weird science, tuff turf, less than zero, beverly hills cop, troll 2, night of the comet, girls just wanna have fun, class of nuke em high, toxic avenger, the heathers, coming to america, planes trains and automobiles, ferris bueller, cry baby, license to drive, the lost boys, trainspotting, the producers, hunk, my demon lover, dangerous curve, welcome to the dollhouse, degrassi high: schools out!, revenge of the nerds, once bitten, mi vida loca, boyz n the hood, my own private idaho, dogfight, badlands, better off dead, do the right thing, natural born killers, suburbia, god bless america, repo man, house party


dolls, nightmare on elm street, halloween, hellraiser, deadly spawn, curse of the puppetmaster, demonic toys, ice cream man, slaughter high, critters, creepshow, tales from the darkside, the people under the stairs, the burning, dead end drive in, blood diner, bloody birthday, happy birthday to me, maniac cop, children of the corn, village of the damned, re animator, c.h.u.d., evil dead, dead alive, leprechaun, v/h/s, texas chainsaw, the stuff, carrie, sleepaway camp, sorority house massacre, slumber party massacre, return to horror high, splatter university, pieces, zombie high, new years evil, the willies, the initiation, nightmares, body bags, summer camp nightmare, terrorvision, night of the creeps, return of the living dead, killer klowns from outer space, the thing, the pit, evil ed, the stepfather, the babysitter, last house on the left, house by the cemetery, friday the 13th, silent night deadly night, my bloody valentine, prom night, the fog, parents, dr giggles, the video dead, tenebre, not of this earth, crawlspace, vamp, mountaintop motel massacre, intruder, the hunger, videodrome, the hills have eyes, the mutilator, trick or treat, cheerleader camp, street trash, serial mom, suspiria, dont be afraid of the dark, the dentist, phantasm, slime city, the incredible melting man

i know i forgot a bunch but this is probably a lot more than you wanted haha (i just really enjoy watching terrible b horror movies on youtube)