Went to comic Con today for day 1!!! It was super cool, if you see yourself in these, feel free to say!!! Dan Snyder was also super cool! Really nice guy

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: The nurses from Silent Hill 2 are representative of James Sunderland's *consuming* guilt and horror of what he did to his wife and this is shown both in their hypersexualized appearance and their portrayal as nurses-which is intrinsically tied to Mary's illness. The nurses are a direct contrast to Maria-the sexy version of Mary that Silent Hill pulled from James' brain-and they exist solely as the physical embodiment of James' crime and their BLATANT misrepresentation in the fan community, in the creation of later Silent Hill games and in the movies CANNOT BE FORGIVEN. MANY PEOPLE COMPLETELY MISS THE POINT OF THE PERFECT SYMBOLISM THESE NURSES PROVIDE FOR THE PLOT OF SILENT HILL 2 AND THEY DO NOT BELONG IN ANY OTHER CHAPTER OF THIS FRANCHISE BECAUSE THEY ARE JAMES.SUNDERLAND'S.CRIME. DO YOU HEAR ME?!?