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Sanvers, stench 😂

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Maggie snuggled further into Alex’s side. Bathed in the green blue light of the TV, they were both comfortable on the couch. They had settled in for a night of watching movies and cuddling under blankets. Alex squeezed Maggie briefly with the arm she had wrapped around her shoulders, and Maggie dropped her head to rest on Alex’s chest.

Both women were at peace, content in each other’s company. Maggie felt herself beginning to doze a little, lulled by the gentle rise and fall of Alex’s chest with each breath she took, and the sound of her heartbeat in Maggie’s ear. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to just be still and calm.

But her peace was disrupted a few moments later, and she opened her eyes as she sniffed the air that was now filled with a horrid stench. Alex felt Maggie pick her head up off her chest, and at first she was confused, but then it hit her too. A truly foul odor.

“Good lord, that’s rank!” Alex cried.

“Did you feed him something?” Maggie asked, coughing and waving her hand in front of her face.

“Just dog food!” Alex said, and both women turned to their left. Curled in the crook of Maggie’s legs was their newly adopted rescue pup. A scruffy black mutt, just under thirty pounds, with big brown eyes that were now staring innocently up at his moms. His butt wiggled as he wagged his tail at the attention he was receiving.

“Oh my god, Oogie your farts are toxic.” Maggie groaned as she scratched behind his floppy ears. He licked her hand once then rested his head on her thigh and went back to sleep, completely unashamed.

silent hill joke endings ranked

1. sh2 dog ending. 
a masterpiece. 

2. sh3 ufo ending.
who can’t love the fact that heather’s parents (harry mason, james sunderland, and an alien) destroy silent hill for her 

3. sh1 and sh2 ufo endings. 
tied because they are both of a high caliber. some classic aliens. 

4. silent hill downpour joke ending
the best use of pyramid head outside of sh2

5. silent hill shattered memories ufo ending
short and sweet, but full of the classic joke elements: aliens, mira the shiba, and james sunderland

6. silent hill origins ufo ending
travis can drive stick 

7. silent hill book of memories joke ending
long and full of Heterosexuals, but nice artstyle and literally All the references. the only place shameless references to older games are welcome

8. silent hill homecoming ufo ending
bad. you can get it on your first try. art style doesn’t change. not that funny. 

9. silent hill 4 joke ending
there isn’t one