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more theatre gothic

you’ve vacuumed the scene shop at least three times. there’s somehow more sawdust than before

the director puts you in charge of locking up and turning on the ghost light. you turn on the ghost light and lock up. as you leave the building, you don’t remember whether or not you turned the ghost light on

the arbors in the fly rail clang. there is no one in the show rail

the mannequin has been in the green room for too long. she’s always striking a pose. her hand is on backwards. where is her leg

the hair techs say they’re almost done but they keep brushing and braiding. you didn’t know you had that much hair

the director changes the blocking. the stage manager marks it down. the next day the director forgets the blocking changed. the stage manager looks down at their notes—there was never a blocking change

the lights are focused. everything is still kind of hazy

“sound s, go.” everyone forgets it’s a silent cue. why did we program a silent cue

the mic table isn’t where it should be

the props master is missing. the actors can’t find their props. all the props are missing too

an actor forgets their line. a single audience member claps softly

the asm waits for their cue but all they hear is static. the show closed two days ago

an actor misses their entrance. you can’t find them in the theatre. you check the cast list. they were never in the show

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take me higher

nobody else can take me higher / nobody else

Summary: Post-season one. Victor’s past and the things he lacked, and his present with the things he’s gained.

Word Count: 13,869

A/N: This fic has been banging on the doors to be written since January, and now I’ve finally gotten it done. It’s basically an in-depth study on Victory’s motivations, his past, and what he wants with Yuuri moving forward. I’m not used to writing things longer than 5k, so hopefully y’all enjoy!

You can also find this posted on AO3.

The first time Victor remembers meeting Irina Fyodorova, she is a stranger to him: the woman in photobooks in his father’s study, worn and forgotten where he’d kept them in the bottom drawer of his large oaken desk. Victor finds them on his own when he is four or five, sneaking into his father’s study without permission. The memory is vague—long ago as it is, but something of it remains with him anyway. He recalls the heavy smell of cedar and dust that rises from the drawer, heavy and stuck on the frame that fights against its opening. It grates wood on wood, and the pictures appear to have been thrown inside, piled and crumpled and grey, her face colorless and caught in stills that try so hard to trap her there. So when he meets her only a few months later, he knows her face because he has seen it in those photos; but in front of him she is surreal, and unfamiliar, and he cannot comprehend quite how he is supposed to know her as his mother.

It never really changes the more they meet over the years. He grows older, and she becomes less intimidating, alien, unreal. She calls him ‘Vitya’; he calls her ‘Mama.’ He knows intellectually what she is to him, but Victor can never quite feel as though he really knows her. They live separate lives: changing and growing in their time apart. It’s a distance he feels that he can never really breach, a strangeness in a mother he only sees once every few months in a year. She will always, no matter how well he knows her, be a stranger he cannot fully understand.  

In an odd way how he feels about his mother is not so different now from how he feels towards the city of St. Petersburg.

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This is my March Silent Program…. and I think it looks AWESOME! 

On February 13, 2014 Facebook began allowing users to customize their gender, no longer confining people to a binary system. This opens a conversation about gender preference, PGPs, and what does it mean to have a spectrum of genders. 

My silent program was inspired by THIS article from the Washington Post, which broke down the various gender options. Terms are defined by the Gender Equity Resource Center at UC Berkeley. 

I’m really hoping residents will respond well to this month’s silent program.

you’ve got sucker’s luck, have you given up?

so it’s @agentyorkdakota ‘s birthday and YOU KNOW how much i love indigo and drawing yorks in dramatic lighting so HERE IS SOME POST PFL YORK AND DELTA. delta is probably listing all the health problems smoking causes. don’t smoke, kids. 

(happy birthday, indy)

Imagine if:

Taylor gave up the whole ‘space travel’ thing but instead became a teacher, preferably a high school one because that’s where there’s astronomy classes and like the juicy drama stuff. And after he starts teaching, he gets a after school club for space nerds and he and a bunch of student get together and just talks about space and such the whole time.

There’s not a doubt that I’d be the first to sign up.

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Imperial Problem Child-verse. At first, Vader's the only organic who can tell Artoo still considers them friends. The tirades sound like something you'd yell at a friend-turned-enemy. Vader knows that no matter how angry Artoo is and how loudly the droid rants, Artoo's never deliberately aimed at any of the still-aching wounds in Vader's mind or soul. The ones that do hit, Vader and Artoo end up discussing while working on a joint project or two.

First project: maintenance on the booster rockets that somehow Luke hadn’t discovered yet. Artoo was, in all honesty, a little annoyed that they hadn’t been properly taken care of in over twenty years. The fact that Big Pilot was equally annoyed was grounds for hope, he decided.

Second project: a program to silently infiltrate and rewrite the software on multiple Imperial ships in the fleet, spread like a virus, that automatically collects data pertaining to the name “Skywalker”. Artoo won’t stop calling it “Project Baby-Monitor”.

Artoo’s third project was one that Vader didn’t find out about until it was much too late to stop it.
The droid found an interrogation droid down in the brig, short-circuited it, reprogrammed it, then convinced a protocol droid – there may have been extortion and threats of bodily harm involved, no one’s sure – to replace all its needles and drugs with medical supplies, then paint it in friendly colors. A floating doctor droid, in essence.
It was a nice idea, but Artoo either forgot or chose to ignore the fact that it’s still a floating ball of needles, even if those needles have things like vaccines now, and floating balls of needles are not comforting.

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Imagine r as a software engineer and everybody referring to him as the program-R of the group

I’m betting my entire life savings that Enjolras doesn’t get the joke until 2 years after they’re dating at they’re walking down the street towards a bookstore and he just stops and silently just

“Wait… P-..Programer.. R.. PROGRAM-R Oh my god I finally get the joke”

And Grantaire is staring at him like “oh my god it’s literally been years holy fuck you’re slow”

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Hi Sarah! I've been reading (and loving) a lot of your fic lately. Could I request a rucas one shot/drabble thing? I just want something based on the song 'T-Shirt' by Thomas Rhett -- and preferably something that is as fluffy and fun as the song :) Thanks in advance, if you find the time!!

Hi!! So sorry this took so long!! Also thank you for the request and the compliment!! ;) 

Okay, so I decided just to pick out a set of lyrics from the song, instead of writing about the song as a whole, I hope that’s okay. Here are the lyrics I chose:

Next thing I know you were wearing my
T-Shirt right there
Your hair messed up like a Guns-N-Roses video
Ooh ooh so hot
Still got it up in my head, you were moving around in the TV light
I ain’t ever seen anything like, your dress, my floor, the way you wore, my my T-Shirt

Song: T-Shirt by Thomas Rhett 

Note: This takes place when they are right out of college or maybe mid-twenties or something. Lucas is living in Texas and Riley is visiting for his parents’ anniversary party. Also, I’ve linked the song in the part of the fic where they’re dancing so if you want to listen along, there you go! 

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Lucas called to Riley from the bedroom of his tiny Austin apartment. She was across the hall in his bathroom, scrubbing the stain, which was the result of an extremely unfortunate mishap that occurred that night at dinner, out of her beautiful white dress. 

“Yes, Lucas,” Riley assured him, her voice coming out slightly muffled through the closed door. “I’m used to tripping and falling into things - kinda comes with the territory of being as clumsy as I am.”

“Yeah, but you’ve never fallen into a 6 tiered cake before,” Lucas pointed out, picking up the signed baseball on his nightstand and tossing it in the air. “That one was new even for you. Not to mention everyone else at my parents’ anniversary party.”

“About that,” Riley paused for a moment as she rummaged for something in one of his bathroom cabinets. “On a scale of one to ‘ban me from ever stepping foot in their house ever again’ are they mad about that?”

“I’d say a solid six,” Lucas told her, leaning back against his bed frame as he waited for Riley to finish up in the bathroom.

“I’ll take it,” Riley turned the knob on the door and stepped into the bedroom, still holding her soiled dress in one hand and a wet towel in the other. “Okay, I think I’ve gotten all the frosting out of my hair. But I’m about to call the dress a goner. Tell me - why did your parents have to have purple icing on their cake?”

“Because purple is…”

Lucas stopped talking. He stopped thinking. He stopped breathing. The baseball dropped to the floor and bounced it’s way to the other side of the room, but Lucas didn’t notice. The only thing he could focus on was the girl standing in front of him with nothing on but his favorite Knicks t-shirt.

“What?” Riley grabbed at her face, searching for anything that might make him stare at her like that. “Do I still have cake on my face? I thought I got it all, but…”

“Riley Matthews, get over here right now,” Lucas muttered quickly, unsure of whether or not he was forming any coherent sentences. Riley slowly took a few steps to stand in front of him, leaving Lucas completely mesmerized. “You’re wearing my t-shirt.”

“Sorry, do you mind? I thought I had a spare set of clothes somewhere in my car, but-” Riley pulled at the hem of the shirt, making it come down just above her knees and Lucas took a step closer to fill the gap between them.

“Not only do I not mind, but I highly suggest that you wear my t-shirts everyday, all the time, for the rest of forever,” Lucas’ voice was insistent, and Riley couldn’t help but blush at the way he was looking at her.

“You know, I’m not so sure that’s socially acceptable around here,” Riley joked, and Lucas put one hand on her waist to gently pull her closer.

“I suggest you kiss me, right now,” Lucas whispered, leaning forward to meet his lips with hers. Just as Lucas’ nose grazed the tip of Riley’s, and their lips hovered over one another, the music that was playing softly in the background picked up and Riley pulled away quickly.

“Ooh, this is my favorite song!” Riley hurried over to turn up the music, dropping her dress to the floor and moving her hips this way and that as she found the beat. “Dance with me, Lucas!”

“You’ve seen me dance, before,” Lucas smirked, watching as she threw her arms in the air and waved them back and forth. “I think I’ll just stand back here and watch you.”

Lucas took in the way she threw her hair around, sticky and knotted from the icing, to the beat of the music. It was such a mess, but it suited her, Lucas thought. Riley moved in front of the TV, and she picked up her movement as the silent program flickered across the screen in the darkness.

“Come on, Lucas!” Riley shouted over the music, as she did a shoulder shimmy move that made Lucas burst into laughter.

Slowly, he took a few steps to join her in front of the TV, bobbing his head to the music. Riley reached for his hands and they jumped up and down to the beat, laughing like they had just heard the funniest joke in the world. 

“You know Lucas,” Riley said in between breaths. “You really do have zero rhythm.”

“I told you,” Lucas laughed, keeping one hand on her arm and the other on her waist as the song came to an end.

Riley draped either arm over Lucas’ shoulders, resting her head gently on his chest as they swayed to the soft hum of the air conditioner. 

“God, you’re beautiful,” Lucas breathed, and Riley lifted her head to meet his gaze.

“I’m a mess,” Riley giggled, gesturing to her hair and his ratty old t-shirt she was wearing.

“A beautiful mess,” Lucas whispered, resting his forehead against hers and breathing in deep. “Who can really rock an oversized t-shirt.” Riley and Lucas both smiled at this, as he finally met his lips with hers.

As the music picked back up again, they backed away from each other and danced - the girl who trips and falls into cakes and the boy with absolutely no rhythm - until the sun started to shine in through the curtains. They took the early signs of morning as the cue to stop and fall face first onto the bed, completely exhausted. As Lucas drifted off to sleep, Riley snuggled up in Lucas’ t-shirt, silently thanking herself for being so clumsy.

Kisses Make Everything Better

Life at the office had become very tense. It seemed as though in a matter of moments, James had suddenly decided that he didn’t care for Jordan anymore. It was funny to the rest of the guys- they’d bring up Jordan around James just to hear him rant about how much he hated the younger man. ‘Hordan’ was quickly thrown into the trash, and replaced with much more angry names. 'That fuck,’ or 'that son of a bitch’ were the most common, and laughs were always received when James would go on one of his rants. It was the only thing they could do to try and avoid the lurking feeling that just maybe James and Jordan wouldn’t patch up whatever was clearly dividing them.

Jordan didn’t find it the least bit entertaining. He hated every look that James gave him, he hated the new names that he’d been 'given’ and he missed James. It was an odd feeling, but Jordan had known for awhile about his own feelings towards the older man. Now he was without any real interaction with James, and he hated every moment. He quickly got tired of James’ little game, and he decided it was time to call James out.

They had just finished recording, and everyone was silent as they closed programs and began to head out. Dan was almost out the door when he caught Jordan’s reflection heading towards James’s chair. He stopped and pretended he was looking at something on the floor, urging Seamus back with his eyes. They’d been betting when James and Jordan would finally get into it.

“James, I need to speak with you.” Jordan said sternly, grabbing the back of James’ chair and spinning it to face him.

“Well, I need you to go fuck yourself.” James said, trying to swing his chair back away from Jordan.

“Don’t you dare swear at me again.” Jordan was very ticked. Aleks could practically feel the angry vibes leaving the boss man, and he shrunk back into his seat a bit as James stood up to face Jordan.

“I’ll do whatever the hell I want to do, you fuck.”

Dan had blinked and missed it. Jordan’s hand swung around faster then anyone could realize, and it was a shock to hear the slap of skin and see James’ head twist to the side. Seamus’ mouth was hanging open, and Aleks had ducked down. James let out a roar of outrage and swung his fist around, connecting it with Jordan’s jaw and laughing as he heard a loud crack. Aleks jumped out of the way just as Jordan tackled James back into the desks.

“Jordan!” Dan yelled, grabbing younger man away from James and holding him back as Seamus and Aleks’ picked up James’s slumped body.

“He passed out.” Seamus said urgently, and Aleks made a very sick noise.

“He’s bleeding pretty bad. Dan, call for help.”

Jordan felt his stomach twist, and he allowed Dan to carry him from the room. He’d really hurt James. He didn’t mean to hurt James, he really didn’t. He’d let anger get the best of him, and now he’d never patch things up with James.

“Mr. Wilson will be just fine. A minor bump, that’s all. Heads tend to bleed a lot, but it was smart to get him real help. I assume you’re the one who took him out, Mr. Broken Jaw?” The doctor was very nice but very talkative, and Jordan didn’t like him one bit.

“It’s just fractured.” He mumbled, placing his bag of ice back on the bruising skin. The doctor raised his brows and turned to Dan, explaining a few things to keep James’ head safe. He then left with a little wave, and silence surrounded the room. James had yet to wake up, and was laying on the bed with gentle breaths leaving him.

“Maybe we should start calling Jordan Broken Jaw.” Aleks said with a snicker, looking at Jordan and receiving a death glare.

“Do it and you’re fired.” Jordan said, pulling the ice from his jaw and rubbing it gently.

“Touchy.” Aleks mumbled, crossing his arms and glancing away. The silence again sat with them in the room.

“Listen. I need to talk to James alone. When he wakes up, I’ll take him back home.” Jordan said, glancing at James and then back at the group. Dan had a look on but he then nodded and stood up, looking at Aleks,

“If he isn’t home by nine we’ll call homicide, right?” Seamus asked, and the three filed out, placing all their trust in Jordan not to kill James.

Jordan sat in silence for a few moments, rubbing his aching chin and letting his thoughts swirl about in his head. How would he talk to James when he woke up? James probably wants him dead. He had no chance. He probably lost one of his best friends, the guy he obviously had a crush on, and.. just James. How could he have been so stupid?

“Are you going to sit there and stare at your shoes or are you going to talk to me?” James asked, and Jordan looked up with wide eyes. They looked at each other for a few moments, and then Jordan again looked away.

“The doctor said you’d be okay.” Jordan choked, feeling stupid tears build up in his eyes.

“I know. I’ve been awake for awhile now. I’m sorry I busted up your jaw and all.” James replied, sitting up and gently touching his bandaged head. “You owe me for this though, you bastard.”

“I know, I’m so sorry James… I’ll do whatever you want, I’m so sorry.” Jordan looked up at James, his eyes still watering a bit. James was silent for a few moments, but he then stood up and walked over to Jordan, gently grabbing his hand.

“My mother used to tell me that kisses help heal everything faster.” James whispered, leaning down and gently placing a kiss on Jordan’s bruised jaw. Jordan’s cheeks lit up, and he gave James a very surprised look.

“I thought you hated me.” Jordan said, but his own hand gently allowed James’s into it.

“I’ve never hated you, Jordan. I’ve always loved you, you dumb fuck. I just, I couldn’t stand how dumb and blind you were to it! So I tried to get your attention another way, I never expected it would end up like this. I love you, Jordan.” James bit his lip after the last few words escaped his mouth, and he let out a bit of a squeak after he let his feelings just leave him.

Jordan gently brought his other hand up and behind James’s head, pulling the shorter man up and for a kiss. Their lips met and stayed together for a few moments, and then they pulled back and smiled at each other.

“I feel like this could have happened sooner… but I’m not complaining either. I love you too, James.” Jordan said gently, pulling James close and into a hug. James returned it, allowing himself to fall into Jordan’s warm embrace.

“James stayed at Jordan’s house last night, or at least that’s what the text his phone sent me said. If Jordan comes in without him, someone hurry and hide his knife collection.” Aleks whispered to Dan and Seamus as he hurried into the office.

“His car has been out in the lot for awhile, but I only see him in there.” Dan looked through the blinds of his office, watching Jordan’s car.

“Hell man, he killed James. This is it.” Seamus said, rolling his eyes and spinning around in Dan’s chair.

“Wait.. James just got of the passenger side. I swear there wasn’t anyone there before!” Dan hissed, and Aleks joined him at the window.

“Did Jordan just… Zipper his pants?”

#12 High School!5SOS- He Attends Your Graduation Before He Leaves For Tour (With Graduation Song Preference) (End)

[Requested: No]

(Y/Y)- Your Year


You looked into your mirror adjusting the cap on your head, today’s the day you graduate and are no longer called a high schooler. You run your fingers through your now curled hair, you readjusted your cap one more time, you gave out a nervous sigh. How could you be happy? Your boyfriend was leaving tonight. You tried texting him but there was no reply and you just assumed he was busy. He had to pack, he had to get his ticket ready, of course he was busy. You heard your mom call you down so you could head to the school, you panicked and rushed to get your things before running down. At the school you sat in the bleachers in your assigned area, everyone was nervous or excited, and some were already crying. You put your phone on silent once the program started and listened to the several speeches of both the principal and our valedictorians. It was then time to accept the diplomas, one by one students walked down with their names being called. Families clapping, teachers tearing up, and friends on the bleachers cheering loud. “With graduating I present to you your diploma (Y/N) (Y/L/N), congratulations.” You smiled and felt the tears starting to form, you nodded to your teachers and started to walk back to your seat. On the way you could hear, out of all the voices in the crowd, a familiar voice. There you saw Michael calling out your name and holding up a big bouquet of roses. “Michael?? What about your flight!?” “I have time!” He yelled back. You didn’t know what to think, you hurried back to your seat and waited for the program to be over. The students dispersed and your graduation song started to play. Everyone threw their caps up, others ran to find friends and jumped for joy, others started going home with their parents. You moved your way through the crowd until you found Michael, his bright colored hair wasn’t hard to miss. “You came!” You said running to him and jumping into his arms. “ "Of course I did….” He said kissing your cheek. “How long can you stay?” He looked at you with sad eyes, “sadly not long, I was able to convince the manager to buy me time until the ceremony was over, I told him I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye.” You smiled and kissed him once more, “I’m gonna miss you….” He smiles back and rubs your cheek, “you are gonna do great things in college.” “And you with your music, do something unpredictable.” He smiles bigger and kisses your cheek before pulling you into a tighter hug, “I love you, always.” He says before letting out a sigh. The both of you continued your hug until the song was over.


You didn’t contact Calum since the day he told you that he was leaving. You had to redo your make up several times because you kept crying. You admitted to yourself that you were being selfish and unfair, when you dried your face you applied the make up once more. You smiled into the mirror but then frowned again. You looked at your phone, messages from nervous and excited friends, but none from Calum. You hated fighting, no, you hated overreacting over little things. You took a deep breath and texted him first before you continued to get ready, but even after you finished there was no reply. “Of course…. Why would he reply after the way I acted…” You sad before gathering your things and heading into the car with your family. During the ceremony you continued to look through the crowd, but you couldn’t find him. The teachers started to call up names, you received your diploma and took your time walking past the crowd before going back to your seat. When the ceremony was over everyone threw their hats up and started to look for their friends or their parents. You met up with your mom and dad and they smiled at you and hugged you, “what’s wrong sweetie?” Your mom says. “Nothing mom, l-let’s just go celebrate.” “Alright, let’s go to your favorite restaurant and you can order anything you want.” Your dad says kissing the top of your head. You all exited the football field and started walking across campus to where the car was parked, you started to hear your graduation song echo throughout the whole school. You started to slow your walk when you saw a familiar figure waiting in the front of the school. “Calum?” You called out. He looks to the side holding up flowers and a disappointed face. “(Y/N)… I-I’m sorry I missed it, we were almost at the airport and I had to beg my manager to let me go, and by the the time I got here-” He says before you ran to him in a hug. “I’m so sorry…” “Sorry for what?” He says chuckling and wiping up your tears. “For being supportive and-” “(Y/N), none of this is your fault… It was all just bad timing… I wish I could have been with you walking down with our class. I mean, hey, they even chose the song we voted for, we could be jamming at the field right now.” He says and you smiled at him before burring your face into his chest. “How long do you have left?” “Hey now, don’t make it sound like I’m dying, and I have 10 minutes before I have to definitely go and catch my plane.” “I don’t want to say goodbye like this.” You said looking at him. He kissed your lips for a long moment before looking at you to speak, “I’ll be back, I promise you will see me again, and just like you, I’ll make something out of myself by the time I come back.” He says before letting you go, handing over the flowers, and slowly walking back to the waiting car. “I love you Calum.” You said holding the flowers close to you. “I love you too (Y/N).” He says before closing the door and driving off back to the airport.


“Where’s Ashton?” You said asking Ms. Irwin before going to your seat with your graduating class. “I don’t know dear, he won’t answer his phone.” “He told me that he made sure that his manager knew that he was going to watch my graduation before leaving.” “Oh sweetie, I’m sure he will be here, he never disappoints.” She says smiling at you, “now get to your seat, the ceremony is almost starting.” She says before sending you off. During the ceremony you kept fidgeting around the direction Ashton’s family was sitting. You saw Lauren, Harry, and Ms, Irwin sitting in the front row. There was a reserved empty seat for Ashton but he still wasn’t there yet. You saw your family beside them and still no sign of him. During the speeches you continued to sneak glances at your phone, still reading the unanswered text you sent him. One by one, students names were being called while your graduation song played. You stood up when it was your rows turn to receive your diplomas. You started walking back to your seat after being congratulated, but heard your name being yelled from the side. There you saw, Ashton yelling and standing from his seat holding up a sign that said “You Made It! Class of (Y/Y).” You looked at the gap you made  from just standing, you looked at your peers and your teachers who were wondering what was going on. You looked back at Ashton who had a worried face because he didn’t want you to get in trouble. You started to move out of line and run towards him. He smiled putting the sign down and going over the line running to you half way. You could hear the crowd awe, and your graduating class cheer. “You’re late.” You said smiling at him. “Sorry, I had to make the sign and also get you flowers, I had a lot to multitask as well as packing.” “How long do you have left?” “A good 30 minutes, enough time to have a small after grad dinner with our families.” You smiled and hugged him tighter, hearing the final names being called, and your principal dismissing the graduates. Everyone started to celebrate, throwing confetti and blaring horns. Everything moved in slow motion between you two, “Promise to take on the world, get your music everywhere.” “I promise, and you promise me that you will do great things too in college okay? Be happy, and wait for me?” “Of course.” You said with happy tears in your eyes. “Hey, don’t cry, you’re supposed to be happy on graduation day.” He says tucking a stray hair behind your ear. You smiled at him and kissed his lips one last time, “tears can be happy too.” You said before you two walked to your families to spend the time you had left together.


You fidgeted in the car looking over your paper with your speech on it. You were one of the chosen valedictorians and you were going to present the final speech to your class. You felt a hand on top of yours and looked to the side at your boyfriend Luke. He wasn’t any help either because you knew that after you take that diploma in your hands, he will be leaving. You two continued to hold hands until you got to the school and separated ways for seating. Before you really left he gave you a quick peck on the cheek before leaving to sit with both his and your family. The ceremony started and your principal and teachers started saying a few words. Everyone brought up memories from freshman year all the way to this final year and it got pretty emotional. Before everyone got their diplomas the valedictorians stood up and started walking to the stage. You all stood in a line and you nervously held the now crumpled speech in your hands. Once it was your turn you nervously walked up to the mic and looked at the crowd. “For four years we traveled together as a class to get where we are now. We all started out as confused freshmen to graduating seniors ready to make a difference in this community and maybe into the greater world. We all have struggled in common things but made the strongest decisions we could possibly make to get on track….” You said before looking at Luke’s direction, “even for the students who are not walking with us today, I know that we are all destined to do something great in the future as long as we have a dream to follow…. So, Class of (Y/Y)…. And my boyfriend Luke, as we sit here today as graduates, or successful people, I would like to say, we made it!” You said ending your speech and having your whole class stand up cheering. You walked back to your seat and waited as each student walked down to get their diploma. Your graduation song started to play as students marched down thanking their teachers. Everyone was singing and it was the most memorable moment you have witnessed. Once the ceremony ended you found yourself being greeted by your family, Luke’s family, and Luke himself. “That was an amazing speech (Y/N).” He says before handing you a bouquet of flowers and kissing your forehead. “I…. I really wish you could have spent this moment with our class….” “I am spending it, unconditionally….” He says taking your hand in his. “Do you have to go soon?” “Yeah… The car is waiting out in front.” You bit your lip, “can I walk you?” “Of course.” He says smiling and you two started to walk. “I’ll try to call you.” “You better.” “I’ll take a lot of pictures too.” “Come home for the holidays?” “Of course.” You two continued to make promises until you saw the car parked right at front. “I guess this is it.” He says before looking at you. “I love you Luke Hemmings….” You said letting your tears fall. “I love you (Y/N) (Y/L/N)…” He says smiling and kissing your lips for as long as he could. You took off your cap and placed it on his head. “You made it Mr. Hemmings.” You say smiling at him. He smiles back, kisses you one last time before getting into the car.

A/N: THE END :D. Well then everyone this is the final part and I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for supporting this series as well as requesting more for it from time to time. This was my first series and I’m surprise you guys actually read it.

I will start a new series soon (something Halloween related) and of course my masterlist will be up now!


Thank you again everyone!



I meant to put this up two weeks ago on the blog.

This is my October silent program! All about the History of Halloween! My silent program includes the origin of Halloween, the timeline of Halloween, current practices that honor the dead in different cultures, and the origin behind some of the Halloween traditions. 

I think this is the biggest Silent program I have ever done… yes, that is a 3-D tree I made! 


So there’s rumors of a new game releasing next year called Silent Hill Otherworld. There was even a cam video of the teaser that was shown *somewhere* and posted on a Russian social network. A lot of fans are getting excited but please don’t believe anything until a new game is announced formally by Konami. There’s a couple red flags that indicate that this is fake: 1) It has a specific release date. ..when publishers tease a new title they never give that specific a release date, maybe at most they would say month and year. 2) Places that are reporting this rumor say there’s no source for it, just that it was leaked from a Russian site. 3) In the teaser video the copy write text is 2011 4) Photoshop is magic (and video editing programs)

Silent Hill “Photoshop is Magic” was my joke reaction image to the screen that was floating around. If you can’t read it it says “Silent Hill Photoshop is Magic” (so is Whitney) and then under the copy it says “ is also pretty awesome”

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Can you write something where Cameron comes home one day and hears noises in his room and he goes in carrying a bat and sees that its just Kirsten watching a movie and crying

Sorry! I changed it a little because I feel like Kirsten isn’t a big cryer. But I hope you’ll like this anyways!

Cameron likes his apartment. It’s one of the few things that’s his, really his. His parents bought it for him when he graduated, and that’s a secret he can never seem to keep from anyone. But the part of that story that never seems to get out is that he bought them out when he turned 22, after a ridiculous one-time payment from clinical trial he helped design.

So yes, it’s his.

And right now, the thing that he loves most about it is that he knows there’s a pint of gourmet gelato in his freezer. It’s been an exhausting day, he spent the whole thing with his mother, fielding questions about his work and whether or not he was going to go to Sarah’s place in New York for Christmas. As much as he would love to see his sister, his work schedule isn’t exactly nine to five, and he’s not sure how Maggie would respond if he asked for a week off.

He slides his key into the lock and swings the door open, then stops dead. Something is wrong.

It’s not that Cameron is obsessive. He just likes things a certain way. So yes, he knows exactly where everything was when he left his apartment that morning, and yes, he can tell that a hoodie is missing from the coat rack and there’s a mug on the counter that wasn’t there before. And if none of that had tipped him off that someone had been, or still is, in his apartment, then the crash coming from his bedroom would probably have done the job. He pauses, frozen, and stares at the partially closed bedroom door. A light flickers through the sliver of the door frame where the door hasn’t been slid into place. Heart pounding, he glances around for a weapon. His eyes land on the basbeball bat Kirsten left at his place a week ago. They’d been doing some off-the-radar field work, and when he’d complained that they wouldn’t have back up her compromise had been to bring the bat. Now, he wraps his fingers around the base, wielding it like a club. He creeps toward the door, wincing as he hears a growl from inside. It briefly occurs to him to flee the scene and call Fisher from the hallway, but he’s an NSA asset damnit, and he’s tired of the other’s referring to him as “Nervous Nelly”.

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WH’s of Tumblr Meetups


In a social-networking site such as Tumblr, one will get in touch with his/her online friends. Then, there will come a time that they will meet outside the dashboard. From this, a new friendship begins. This article answers the WH’s questions about Tumblr meetups.

A meetup is a meeting, especially a regular meeting of people who share a particular interest and have connected with each other through a social-networking web site such as Tumblr. It is usually planned by a group of organizers; sometimes, a meetup happens unexpectedly. In a typical meetup, a different set of people learn to know each other, greet and take a picture with their online buddies. Sometimes, a program is prepared by the organizers consisting different activities and gimmicks. 

One thing about tumblr meetups is that they have different themes depending on the events or the season. The first ever tumblr meetup was held at Farmers’ Market in Los Angeles, California on April 2008. In the Philippines, a group of tumblristas called tumblrkadaorganized last February 2010 a Free Hugs meetup in Mall of Asia seaside, and this is considered as the first ever Filipino big tumblr meetup.

There are some memorable big meetups that happened in Filipino community. In celebration of White Day in Korea, tumblrkada organized a White Day meetup last March 2010. In the same year, @porkandbeans (deactivated) organized a MOA meetup on the day of her birthday last November, and @hspy a Christmas meetup in December. 

Bigger meetups happened in 2011. A group of people organized a Valentines Day meetup wherein the attendees celebrated a pre-Valentines Day party last February in a private resort at Las Piñas City. The month after that, tumblrkada brought back the White Day meetup for Filipino tumblristas who made a greater participation compared to WDM 2010 at Venice Piazza, Taguig. Another set of tumblristas planned to organize a meetup in the famous theme park, Enchanted Kingdom meetup or commonly known as the EK meetup. It was organized by @darwinpogi, @nagparaya, @tr1nitrotoluene (deactivated), 

Who can forget the historical Independence Day meetup? As the main organizer of the event, @tumblrdjaie (deactivated) successfully used his connections and charms to get the Alabang Town Center as the venue of the said event. Another meetup held this year was a movie-themed called The Epic Harry Potter meetup in Trinoma Mall and whose main organizer was @ohpatrick. The program of the said event mainly focused on the Harry Potter series (both book and movie); the activity was held after three days of the world premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. All of the meetups discussed above had 100+ attendees that made them the biggest meetups for this year.

In addition to the meetups mentioned, there are still a number of provincial meetups happening on the same year, such as in Laguna organized by elbikada, Batangas, Cebu, Pampanga, Davao, even outside the Philippines such as Dubai and many more. There are also unexpected and exclusive meetups done by different groups of tumblristas and they call them Mini-meetups

Tumblr meetups are held in common places which is accessible for everyone – usually, the shopping centers in Manila, such as Mall of Asia and Trinoma Mall. In provinces, there are tumblristas who organize mini-meetups in their places for others to experience the spirit of a meetup. One thing about metups is that you can travel in places you’ve never been before.

There is a need for an online community to have personal meetups in order for its people to know each other better. Being friends in a social-networking sites is not enough. Nowadays, you will never know if someone whom you are talking to in the World Wide Web is real or a poser who uses other poeple’s identity such as photos, videos, audio covers and alike. 

For almost two years introduced to Filipinos, Tumblr has built friendships even serious relationships among its loyal bloggers. Moreover, the site was intended to be a microblogging site before, but Filipinos have proven that Tumblr is like just other social-media sites such Facebook and Myspace. 

Most importantly, the reason why tumblristas should have a personal meetup as said by one of the members of tumblrkada as well as a4kada, @amateurdreamer, “Tumblr meetups are made for us to know that there are also other people just like us who also like to share stuff about themselves. We need to have this kind of gathering in order for us to meet new friends – friends in real life and not just on our computer screens and friends that we can rely on and be there whenever we are in need of help.” Thus, for each one of the tumblristas, the value of friendship is the most important thing after all. 

In a Tumblr meetup, one can meet different people with different personalities, likes and point-of-views. To sum up all of them, here is a list of all kinds of tumblristas in a meetup:

  • Organizers. They are the ones who organize/plan a meetup. Usually they are divided into different committees which have different tasks to do. On the day of the meetup itself, one can identify them as very busy persons who facilitate the program and entertain the attendees.
  • Newbies. These people are the first-timers of a meetup. They are being “baptized” and sometimes the ones who experience “culture shock” because of the differences among the people. They are easily distinguished in a meetup for being timid and quiet.
  • Veterans. They are the ones who are always present in the meetups. They have a lot of experiences in meetups and usually they pin point the flaws of the meetup’s program.
  • Observers. These people are only silent observing the different personalities of the attendees what is going on the program.
  • Bored. As the description itself, they are bored out of their skull. They do not participate in the activities and just chat with other bored people.
  • Active. The opposite of the Bored.
  • Killer Smile. These people love to smile to anyone anytime anywhere. They use smiling as defense mechanism for being shy.
  • Camwhores. They are the people who love to take pictures and be in pictures all the time with other tumblristas especially with their idols and followers.
  • Flirt. They just attend the meetup to see their crushes and talk to them.
  • Bipolar. These persons are very loud in the dashboard, but when it comes in meetup, they are the people who always remain silent through out the program. Bipolars can also be applicable to those people who are silent online but in meetups, they are unexpectedly, the wild ones.

The last question would be How? How must I behave in meetups so that I would not feel like I’m out-of-place? How can we have a succcessful meetup?

As organizers, they should always update each other about the plans and changes about their meetup. Once a tumblrista who is interested to attend asks one of the organizers, they should provide an immediate answer. Meeting with the organizers via skype or yahoo conference would not be enough. It is better to plan personal meetup weeks before the event. They should always check the materials to be used and most importantly the condition of the venue of the meetup.

As attendees of the meetup, they will always have tendency to think that they will get outcasted in the event. Here are some tips by @matabangutak (based on his post) on how one should do for him/her not to get OP:

  • Bring a friend or someone you know already.
  • If you do not have one, try to know someone who will attend and be closed to him/her weeks before the meetup.
  • Know his/her details such as address, so that if his/her place is near at your place, perhaps you can go the meetup place together.
  • You will not probably get outcasted since you have someone who will accompany and talk to you.
  • You should not be shy to know other attendees. Be initiative to introduce yourself
  • All people who attend meetups are approachable. You just need courage and not to think that talking to them will make you FC or “feeling close”. You should always bear in mind that the purpose of meetups is to get to know one another and make friends to other people.
  • It’s your choice to get bored in the program or not. If you allow yourself to get OP, then it’s your fault.
  • You should remember that in the first place, not everyone knows each other, and it is only the day they meet for the first time. Who knows, that next meetup you will attend, you and those people you met and jive with from the last meetup are already friends.
  • Enjoy. Participate in the activities and taking pictures. Just always smile and allow yourself to show your confidence.

After each meetup, usually there would be after-meetup party in a specific place, such as bar or residence of a tumblrista wherein there will be drinks and exchange of stories. This is the best time to know one another.