silent program

No one stated their intention to create a social welfare program for white people, specifically white men, but they didn’t need to. By handing control to employers at a time when virtually every good paying job was reserved for white men the program silently accomplished that goal.
White socialism played a vital political role, as blue collar factory workers and executives all pooled their resources for mutual support and protection, binding them together culturally and politically. Higher income workers certainly benefited more, but almost all the benefits of this system from health care to pensions originally accrued to white families through their male breadwinners. Blue collar or white collar, their fates were largely united by their racial identity and employment status.
—  Chris Ladd in Forbes Magazine. Unspeakable Realities Block Universal Health Coverage In America

This is my silent (passive) program for the month! It’s “Be Your Own Valentine” and it’s a self-love, positive body image bulletin. 

I included a mirror (which I think it’s just awesome visual to make you stop and read) that has a heart which reads “Caution! Reflection in this mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of beauty.” And then each heart surrounding it has a fact about body dysmorphia or eating disorders. I also have inspirational quotes from celebrities about loving yourself as you and then of course I have on and off campus resources to seek help. 


I meant to put this up two weeks ago on the blog.

This is my October silent program! All about the History of Halloween! My silent program includes the origin of Halloween, the timeline of Halloween, current practices that honor the dead in different cultures, and the origin behind some of the Halloween traditions. 

I think this is the biggest Silent program I have ever done… yes, that is a 3-D tree I made!