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REQUESTED: “ Anyway, I wanted to ask if you could write another smut Imagine or one shot where y/n or the reader is best friends with Simon but they eve always had sexual tension between them and one night after they go clubbing, they go home and let it out? If this makes sense lol” (i cut some of the message off but to the person who requested you were so lovely thank you i made this extra long for you !!)

“Simon, can you get my zip?”

“Yeah, just come here.”

I held the dress to my front as I made my way over to where Simon was sat, looking at his phone. As it was Christmas, and I had no family to be staying with, I was seeking refuge in the Sidemen house for the next two weeks. I wasn’t the only one. Lewis and Freya were staying too. This was nice, however Lewis’ presence meant the spare room was occupied, leaving me to stay in one of the other boys’ room. I chose Simon being that he had been my best friend for the longest, and we had lived together for the first year of university anyway.  I stood in front of his chair. The squeak of his seat alerted me he was now facing me, and soon enough I felt his fingers brush against the exposed skin of my back. An unexpected gasp left my lips.

“Did I hurt you?”

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion before shaking my head. “Err no?” I questioned. “Your hands are just…cold.”

His chuckle vibrated through the room as he pressed his entire hand on the skin unexpectedly, as if to mock me. I gasped again. 

He moved his focus to my zip as asked, and began attempting to pull it up, clearly struggling. 

“Why do you buy your clothes so tight?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.”

He chuckled again, making me smile. This was the first time in a year and a half that Simon and I had seen eachother as we were both so busy all the time. He had certainly changed a fair bit in this time - not necessarily for the worst.

My thoughts were interrupted as a hand grabbed at my waist. With his other hand, Simon dragged the cold zip up my back, his fingers gently tickling my spine causing my eyelids to flutter shut. Suddenly the door opened.

“Hey are you guys- ummm?”

He contracted his hand as he stood up upon Freya’s arrival, putting his phone in his pocket.

“Did I interrupt something?”

He chuckled once again, walking past Freya to exit the room. “Wouldn’t you like to know.” He turned to smile at me as he repeated my words from earlier, leaving me smiling against my will at the floor.

Eventually we made it to the club, and it didn’t take long before everyone was drunk. I wasn’t a heavy drinker but I enjoyed the confidence delivered by alcohol, so I made an effort around all the new people hear tonight. We all sat around a table on leather sofas at the back of the loud room, sharing a fish bowl before Callum piped up.

“So I’ve got an idea. Truth or dare?”

Everyone cheered, and I took a sip of my drink. Callum lay his empty beer bottle in the centre of the table and span it. I watched as it became a blur of green before landing. 

“Simon! Truth or dare?”

“Dare.” He took a swig of his beer. As callum looked around the group for suggestions. Freezy piped up.

“Odds on suicide shot then boys?”

Simon groaned, his expression sour as he accepted his fate, picking up the small glass of burning liqueur in front of him. I watched intently as he gulped it down, smashing the glass back on the table before biting a chunk out of the lemon slice attached to the glass. 


“Er no,” JJ interrupted. “You missed the last step.”

“Last step?”

“Yep. You have to lick a line of salt off the neck of the person to your left.”

He looked up at me with a smirk as it hit me that I was to his left. I felt Simon’s eyes on me, silently asking for my consent.


I moved my hair as he sprinkled salt from a salt shaker all over my neck, falling into my collarbone. He attached his lips to my skin, sucking gently, his tongue moving in circles. I squirmed slightly, resisting the urge to moan as he unknowingly sucked at my sweet spot. In an attempt to keep me still as he collected the salt his hand grabbed my thigh. I bit my own tongue to resist reacting. Eventually he pulled away, and the game continued. 

An hour later there had been sick, pain, mixed drinks and secrets, but the game was not nearly over. The green bottle slowed. Then, it came to a halt. I downed the rest of my drink. 

“Y/N! Truth or Dare?”

I put down my empty glass, feeling a lot more confident and buzzed than I was an hour ago.


“Say no more, Miss Y/L/N,” Freezy looked at me, one eyebrow raised. “I dare you to kiss Simon.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to me. I turned to Simon. Would this make things weird? Did he want to do this? I’d be lying to say it hadn’t been on my mind since the minute I arrived at the Sidemen house. Fuck it.

I put one hand on the left side of his face, leaning in and letting our lips touch. Instantly I forgot about everyone around us, moving my body closer to Simon’s and increasing the pace of the kiss. His tongue swiped my bottom lip and I opened my mouth slightly, granting entrance. 

“Oi there was tongue! I 100% saw tongue there!” Ethan exclaimed, drowning out the sound of JJ screaming. Simon pulled away, and I couldn’t help but smile as I looked down. 

“Right, I need a drink. Y/N come with me?” Freya looked at me intensely. I nodded, standing up and walking past the boys to get out of the booth.

“I’m coming!” Sarah stood up.

We made our way to the bar, each ordering the same drink. Freya and Sarah sat on the bar stools either side to me.

“Right, so Y/n. Sit.” Sarah smirked. I sat down. “What’s going on between you and Simon?”

Freya immediately interrupted. “Yeah, because that blatantly wasn’t the first time you two have kissed.”

“I’ve never seen two people so close to fucking without actually touching eachother’s bodies in anyway!”

The girls both laughed as my face heated slightly.

“We actually haven’t ever kissed before! That was the first time.”

“Okay, but it’s not the first time you’ve thought about it, right?”

“” Both girls interrupted into a chorus of shouts and ‘ooooh!’s as I smiled.

“So what is it? Do you like him?”

“I don’t know, I don’t think so. Not yet anyway. I’m not ruling anything out. It’s just, this is the first time I’ve seen Simon in over a year and he has got so attractive..” Both Sarah and Freya nodded in agreement. “I just feel differently. Like, I want him.”

“You want his dick.”

“Freya! No!” I was met with stares from both friends. “Okay, fine. Maybe.”


“No, no, no! I couldn’t do it! We’re best friends, that’s so weird. It would never work.”

“But why would it not work?” Sarah asked, her voice loud and excited. “You can still be best friends, just best friends that give eachother orgasms! That’s so cool!”

“Exactly,” Freya agreed. “Friendship and orgasms? The two best things ever. How could combining them go wrong?”

“I don’t know..what if it ends up being awkward? What if I catch feelings?”

“If it ends up being awkward you stop doing it. You become best friends that use to give eachother orgasms.” Freya looked up at me. “And if you end up catching feelings, we’ll help you figure out what to do next.” 

I looked down at my hands, silently weighing out pros and cons. I really don’t know why I’m thinking into it so deeply, I don’t even know how he feels. He may not even want to do anything with me. Suddenly I heard Sarah turn her chair around.

“Simon, lovely Simon, what a delight to see you! What brings you here?”

He gave her a questioning look as Freya giggled.

“Umm..well Ethan just threw up so we’re leaving. There’s two ubers waiting outside.”

“Two? Why two?”

“Not all of us will be able to fit in the first one.”

“So how many are we looking to put in the second one?”

“Only like two.”

I looked up, instantly meeting eyes with both of the smiling girls. 

“Well, shotgun the first uber.” Freya ran off towards where everyone was piling out of the door, followed by a shouting Sarah. Simon looked at me.

“Looks like it’s just me and you then.”

We said our goodbyes to everyone before getting into the car, both of us sitting in the back. Despite all the space around the car we sat closely, our legs touching. Freya’s words flew round my brain. I battled internally, wondering whether I should try and make a move. 

At last we arrived at the Sidemen house. Simon pulled out his keys, opening the door. The house was dark and quiet.

“Everyone must be asleep.” He said. I nodded. 

“Looks like it. Are you tired?”

He shook his head. “No, are you?”

I shook my head back. He put his keys down, taking off his shoes. 

“Wanna carry on drinking?”

“Of course.”

We made our way to the kitchen. I sat down on one of the stools, throwing my heels down as Simon reached into the top cabinet, grabbing several bottles. He placed them in front of me along with two glasses.

“Pour yourself whatever you want, I’m just gonna go to the toilet.”


I poured out an even mix of vodka and coke, instantly downing the whole thing before pouring another one. I wasn’t yet drunk, just slightly giggly and warm. Simon entered. He sat down on the stool next to me and poured himself half a glass of gin, downing the entire thing. I watched as his face scrunched up at the bitter taste. He reached for the vodka next.

“So Y/N.” He said my name, making me feel even warmer inside as I watched the liquid hit the bottom of the glass. “What’s going on?”

“What do you mean?”

He turned to face me. “Last time I checked, you didn’t drink this much.”

“I’ve always wanted to,” I spoke honestly. “Just always been too scared. If I was gonna get really drunk I would want it to be with someone I really trusted.”

“So you really trust me?”

“Well, yeah. I mean I’ve known you most of my life.”

He smiled at me. “I trust you too.”

There was a silence. We held eye contact. Before I knew it, I was leaning in. Our lips touched. It was light at first, almost hesitant, gentle. Then it became rougher. He placed both hands on my waist, picking me up and placing me on the kitchen table. I ran my hands through his hair as he entered his tongue into my mouth, making me moan. His hands slid under my dress as his mouth moved to my neck, sucking and licking the area, gently nibbling every now and then. My head fell back. 

He moved his hands to my zip, beginning to remove my clothing. I stopped him.

“Upstairs. Now.”

He lifted me, carrying me on his waist up the stairs to his bedroom. I closed the door behind me as he threw me down onto his bed, instantly lifting himself onto me. I began undoing the buttons of his white shirt and he unzipped my dress, leaving me in nothing but underwear. His lips moved to my collarbones, and then my chest. I moaned once again as he submerged his hand into my underwear, rubbing my clit in circles with his index finger.

“S-Simon” I groaned, digging my nails into his back, leaving scratches all down his back. I moved my hand to the zipper of his jeans. “Take them off. Now.”

I felt him smile against my neck, complying with my request as he removed his jeans, leaving him in his underwear. I pulled those down too, wrapping my hand around his dick. I moved my palm up and down his length, alternating from fast to slow. He groaned against me. I flipped him over, moving down his body until my mouth came into contact with the place in which he was most sensitive. I swirled my tongue around his tip, looking up at him.

“Y/N please - no teasing.” He groaned again, flipping me over and pulling my underwear down and tossing it to the floor. I wrapped my hands around his back as he entered himself inside me, thrusting slowly. The sounds of our moans echoed around the room. 

He quickened the pace, placing a hand on my waist and the other over my breast causing my stomach to twist. He sucked again on my neck.

“S-Simon I’m close.” I uttered out as he went faster. His moans increased, as eventually I felt my body unwind, losing grip of his as I fell back. He thrusted one last time before collapsing beside me.


“Yeah,” I breathed. “Wow.”

He reached into his draw, pulling out a pair of sweatpants and putting them on. He passed me one of his shirts. I thanked him, sliding it over my head before lying back down. He pulled the duvet over us and put an arm around me.

“Night Y/N.”

“Night Simon.”

Remembering You - Part 2

Part 1

Pairings: Lucifer x You

Word Count: 1,981

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: I’m sorry, usually I try to spread out my postings a little longer, but I just really like this story. Hope y’all don’t mind!

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The next morning you were cranky and irritable. You realized once Lucifer had fallen asleep that there was no one in the bunker to guard him except for you. Cas still hadn’t returned and the brothers were not going to be here for a while. You had tried calling Cas on his phone and praying to him, but he wasn’t answering either method. Maybe the Winchesters had gotten into trouble and needed the angel, but you had a feeling that he was just being a dick. He was always so hot and cold with you, you just didn’t get him. So you had stayed up all night, sitting uncomfortably in a chair outside Lucifer’s room.

The archangel was apparently a morning person, because he opened the door at 6:30 sharp. He looked a little shocked to see you sitting there at first, but then he grinned. You didn’t return his smile, merely standing and stretching. Your eyes burned from lack of sleep.

“Hungry?” You asked him.

He nodded, the wide-eyed innocent look from yesterday back on his face. He followed you to the kitchen, where you rummaged through the fridge looking for eggs or milk, but the shelves were woefully bare.

“Dammit,” You muttered.

You had been meaning to go grocery shopping, but Netflix had been stopping you. Now you were stuck in the bunker with no food and you couldn’t order delivery, because that would give away the location of the bunker. You crossed your arms and looked thoughtfully at Lucifer. You knew you shouldn’t be entertaining this thought, but you were so hungry and you didn’t have much of a choice. You tried silently calling for Cas again, but like the other times, there was no response.

You studied the archangel silently, debating the pros and cons of what you were about to do. The little diner in town was calling your name and just the thought of their homemade food was enough to make you salivate profusely. Still…you knew you shouldn’t be bringing Lucifer out into the world. There was still the chance that he was faking his amnesia for some reason that you couldn’t see. Maybe this was what he wanted. Maybe he couldn’t get out of the bunker otherwise. But that didn’t make any sense. He could zap out of the bunker as easily as Cas could zap in. He could leave any time he wanted to. Your stomach gave a particularly painful growl and you winced. Lucifer noticed it immediately.

“Are you okay?” He asked, clearly concerned.

“Yeah, just hungry.” You responded. “Do you want to go for a drive?”

Twenty minutes later, you were parking outside the diner in town. You came here quite frequently when you were home and had a good rapport with the staff. Dylan was already setting down your usual coffee order as you slid into the booth.

“Hi Y/N,” He said brightly as he straightened. “Long time, no see.”

“Hey Dyl. Yeah, I’ve been out of town on business. Good to be home though.” You responded, smiling up at the young man. You gestured to the archangel across from you. “This is Luci…uh, Luke. Luke, this is our waiter, Dylan.”

You looked down at the menu, completely missing the dark look Dylan threw towards Lucifer, and Lucifer’s shocked and confused expression in response.

“Can you give us a few minutes?” You looked back up at the waiter and he smiled down at you.

“Of course.”

His eyes lingered on yours for a moment before he turned around and made his way to another table. Your focus was back on the menu almost immediately.

“What do you want?” You asked absently. You knew you wanted bacon. Lots and lots of bacon.

“I don’t think he likes me very much.”

“What?” You looked up to see Lucifer looking at the waiter. “Who, Dylan? Don’t be ridiculous, why wouldn’t he like you? You’ve been here two minutes.”

“I don’t know,” Lucifer said with a shrug. “He just glared at me. Does he know?”

“Know what? That you’re the Devil?”

The archangel winced, but nodded. “Yes.”

You made a mental note that he didn’t like the name Devil. “No. No one here knows about you. I’m sure you’re just mistaken. Dylan’s a good guy.”

Lucifer nodded thoughtfully, then looked at the menu. You went back to looking at yours and decided on a three cheese omelet with broccoli and bacon, with a side of bacon, hash browns, and toast. They had a picture of their fresh homemade donuts made daily on the back page, and your mouth watered.

“Hey, you want to split a donut?” You asked, glancing up at him. You were surprised to find him already staring at you. His eyes went wide and he looked away.

“Uh, yeah, that sounds great.” He said casually.

“Oooookay.” You said. You couldn’t keep from smiling a little at his odd behavior. “I think I’m ready to order. How about you?”

He sighed. “Yeah, I think I’m ready.”

You looked around and caught Dylan’s eye. He came over in a hurry, his pen poised above his notepad. He looked at you expectantly.

“Big three cheese omelette with extra cheese, broccoli, and bacon, with sides of bacon, hash browns and toast.”

“Sounds delicious.” He said with a grin.

“I hope so,” You rubbed your hands together in excitement.

Dylan turned towards Lucifer and you didn’t miss the look that he gave the archangel this time. The grin dropped from his face and was replaced by an almost sneering expression.

“And you?” He asked, his voice polite and not conveying what was written on his face.

Lucifer hesitated for a moment, his brows drawing together, before plunging ahead with his order. “Three large chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries on top, a side of scrambled eggs, and a side of sausage.”

Dylan said nothing, merely scribbled the order down, took the menus, and started to turn away. You were so put off by his sudden change in demeanor that you almost forgot the rest of your order.

“Oh, and one donut please!” You said, an apologetic expression on your face. Dylan turned slightly, winked at you, and wrote it down. Then he was gone.

“That was weird.” You muttered, more to yourself than anyone else.

“I thought so.” Lucifer said. “Guess I’m not mistaken, huh?”

You looked at him, wondering if he was really going to give you crap for this, when you saw the grin on his face.

“Guess not.” You admitted, giving him a small grin in return. “It’s still really weird. He’s never acted like that before.”

“It’s less weird when you think about what we look like.” Lucifer answered, albeit hesitantly.

“What?” You asked. “What would we look like? Oh…wait. We must look like a couple, huh?”

Lucifer didn’t answer, just shrugged nonchalantly. “I don’t know if that’s the issue or not.”

“Wait wait wait, so you think Dylan likes me? And he’s giving you attitude because he thinks we’re together?” You laughed.

Lucifer scowled slightly. “Is that really such a stretch?”

“Maybe not. To the outside world, I guess that’s what it would look like. But knowing who you are and who I am is what makes it funny. We would never be together like that.”

You were still grinning, but Lucifer’s scowl only deepened. He leaned back against the booth and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Hey, come on,” You said, trying to hide your smile. “Don’t take it personally. It’s just that, you’re Lucifer and I’m a Hunter. Really, we should be trying to kill one another. We shouldn’t be eating breakfast together. We shouldn’t be in any situation where we might be mistaken for a couple. Yet here we are. That’s what makes it funny.”

He shifted uncomfortably. “I don’t know that it’s funny. It seems more tragic to me.”

Your curiosity was peaked. “How so?”

“Well, obviously I don’t remember much of what happened between us beforehand, but I can’t imagine any situation where I would want to kill you. You’re just such…an amazing person and I think it’s really tragic that I have tried to take your life in the past. I can’t imagine what kind of evil monster I was to want destroy such beauty and I’m not really sure I want to find out.”

You were stunned. Did Lucifer really just call you beautiful? And amazing? It just wasn’t computing in your brain. You stared at him for a few moments, which made him even more uncomfortable.

“Uhhhhh, well, thank you.” You said slowly. “That’s really…nice…of you to say, I guess.”

He just shrugged and looked away. “It’s just how I feel.”

You cleared your throat. “Okay. Um, anyways, have you remembered anything else from before?”

He shook his head, sighing. He put his hands on the table and balled them into fists. “There’s nothing. It’s all just blank. Like there’s a wall in my head.”

“Well don’t worry,” You said, reaching across the table and putting your hand on one of his fists. “We’ll figure it out soon enough.”

He frowned. “The more I hear about my prior life, the more I don’t want to figure it out.”

You felt a pang of pity for him. “You wouldn’t be saying that if you had all your memories.”

He looked at you, his blue eyes intense. His hand gripped yours, feeling soft and warm.

“But I remember you. And I remember how I felt about you. How I feel about you. I don’t want to go back to my old life knowing that you’ll hate me again. That you won’t be able to tolerate me. I don’t want you to feel that way about me.”

“I….uh…” You were shocked at his words and how he seemed to almost be pleading with you.

Luckily you were saved from responding by the arrival of Dylan with your food. He slammed Lucifer’s pancakes down in front of him, making the archangel let go of your hand and breaking the strange connection between the two of you. You retracted your hand hurriedly, trying not to notice the hurt expression on Lucifer’s face. You didn’t what to feel right now. The most hated enemy of the Winchesters was sitting across the table from you, telling you how much he thought of you. And you liked it. There was no mistaking the fact that you enjoyed what Lucifer had said to you. That looking at him gave you an odd fluttering feeling in your stomach. You weren’t sure when that had started. The guy hadn’t even been awake 24 hours yet, for crying out loud!

Dylan placed all the food down and left the table in a hurry, no doubt having heard some of your conversation. Lucifer grabbed the donut, ripped it in half, and held a piece out to you, all the while determinedly not looking at you. You took the half he offered you, your fingers brushing his, and watched as he closed his eyes and clenched his jaw. The moment passed quickly and then he was digging into his food with gusto. It was like nothing had ever happened.

By the end of the meal, all the awkward moments had been forgotten. You were at the counter paying the bill, laughing with Lucifer about a joke you had shared, when you glanced through the window in the door and saw an angry pair of green eyes glaring at you from the parking lot. You gulped, suddenly nervous.

“You know him?” Lucifer asked.

The archangel was had stepped up behind you, so close that his chest was brushing your back. He was staring over your shoulder at the owner of the green eyes. Upon seeing Lucifer, the man in the parking lot grew visibly angrier. You felt Lucifer tense and you sighed.

“Yeah, I know him. That’s Dean.”

And boy was he mad.

Debunking my brother in an IchiRuki vs IchiHime argument

Me: So why do you ship IchiHime?

My brother: Well they both got orange hair, go to the same school, plus OriHime liked him for a very long time.

Me: Is that all you got? Orange hair? Lmao. *Tries not to laugh at that sad excuse to ship IchiHime* Anyways let’s look at IchiRuki. Development, strong bond, they at least look each other in the eye, has more moments, has the most sense, isn’t rushed like IchiHime.

My brother: *pointing to YouTube videos talking about the bleach ending and IchiHime being canon*

Me: Wanna hear something funny? You IchiHime fans have to ignore the whole damn manga while we IchiRuki fans have to ignore one chapter. Stop trying to defend your undeveloped canon ship.

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17."looks like well be trapped in here for a while" adrienette-ladynoir

Thanks! Because I’m an indecisive piece of trash, have a bit of both! Enjoy!

“Looks like we’ll be in here for a while,” Adrien said with a grimace, rubbing his shoulder as pain shot through it. He’d thrown himself against the door of the equipment room in an attempt to force it open, but whatever the akuma had used to hold it in place had held firm.

He heard Marinette’s footsteps quickly move towards him; as soon as she’d heard the slam of his body on the door, Marinette had stopped her search for another exit and sped back towards Adrien. She looked at him, eyes wide with concern, and bit her lip as she looked at the door keeping them in the gym equipment room.

“There’s no other exit,” she said, confirming Adrien’s suspicions. He gave Marinette a half smile, rolling his shoulders to stretch out the ache which was dulling by the second.

“Well, I guess we’re stuck in here then,” he replied, silently weighing the pros and cons of transforming on front of Marinette. Adrien winced as he heard some of the shrieks of his classmates through the wood of the door. The akuma had been shooting some sort of glue at everyone, encasing them in the opaque liquid before freezing them them in place for reasons Adrien hadn’t yet figured out. Adrien had run into the small room to transform, but had found Marinette inside, one hand shoved in her bag. She’d looked up at Adrien like a deer caught in headlights, but there had been no time to ask questions before the glue-like substance had hit the door, seeping through the gaps to trap the pair inside.

“Where’s Ladybug?” Adrien murmured, pressing his ear against the door. “Usually she’s here by now.”

He didn’t notice Marinette tense, or dip her hand into her bag at his words.

A particularly shrill scream - he’d recognize Chloé’s voice anywhere - forced Adrien to move his ear away from the door, concern framing his face. Marinette’s hand moved back out of her bag as Adrien turned to face her.

He seemed to evaluate Marinette, his mind whirring as he contemplated his options: to transform and compromise his secret identity, or wait and pray that Ladybug sowed up soon? Marinette tilted her head as Adrien tapped his chin with one finger, beginning to pace around the small space of the room whilst debating his choices.

Another scream made his decision for him; there was no time to waste waiting for Ladybug - his friends were in danger.

Adrien looked at Marinette, his body tense as he met her eyes. 

“Marinette, I’m about to do something and I need you to promise you’ll keep it a secret. Okay?”

His words came out as a plea, but before Marinette could answer he pulled Plagg out of his bag and called out to the kwami.

“Plagg - claws out!”

Marinette could only gawk as Adrien Agreste, her long-time crush, transformed into her masked partner in fighting crime. Chat Noir looked at her, a shy smile which she now recognized as belonging to Adrien on his face, one hand raking through his blonde hair.

“I know this must come as a bit of a surprise, but-”

“You have got to be kidding me!” Marinette said, a look of pure shock on her face. Chat Noir moved closer to Marinette and put his hands on her shoulders, looking her dead in the eye as his smile became one of reassurance. Marinette could only blink, her lip curled in disbelief as she looked at Chat Noir with wide eyes.

“I promise I’ll explain everything later,” Chat Noir said, squeezing Marinette’s shoulders gently, “but right now our classmates need me. Once I bust us out of here, I need you to run in the opposite direction to me. If you see Ladybug, point her in the right direction, but otherwise just get out of here, okay?”

Marinette blinked, still frozen by surprise. Chat let out a small sigh before releasing her, turning to face the door which was confining them. His face hardened, raising one hand as his body tensed for his attack.



Marinette grabbed Chat Noir’s wrist, spinning him round to face her before he could finish his attack. He looked between her and the door, gaping at her.

“Marinette, what the he-?”

She placed a finger on his lips, taking a step back and holding her hands out in front of her. Chat Noir barely had time to acknowledge the flash of red which zipped into her palms before Marinette, her gaze never moving from his face, said the one thing he never expected to hear from her lips.

“Tikki, spots on!”

In the blink of an eye, Ladybug was standing in front of him, her red outfit bright in the dim lighting of the equipment room. Chat Noir’s jaw dropped open, and Ladybug grinned awkwardly, shrugging.

“I thought if you were being honest, I probably should be too,” she said, gesturing to her outfit. “Ta da!”

When Chat Noir didn’t respond, the only indication that he was still alive the occasional blink, Ladybug clicked her fingers in front of his mask to snap him out of it. With a rapid shake of his head, Chat Noir pointed a finger at his partner, green eyes wide.

“You - Marinette - you-”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect this either.” Ladybug’s voice was higher than usual, her words shaky as she faked the confidence she was so used to feeling with her partner. “We have a lot to talk about, but first we have an akuma to fight. Feel like getting us out of here?” Ladybug said, and Chat Noir couldn’t help but notice the blush creeping up her cheeks as she spoke.

He nodded, still trying to process the fact that Marinette was Ladybug how had he not noticed this? 

Chat Noir raised his palm, turning away from his partner and once again facing the door that was keeping them from the akuma.


He pressed the glowing green energy against the door, dissolving it in an instant. Luckily - well, luckily for Ladybug and Chat Noir, at least - their classmates were encased in opaque shells, unable to see the superheroes emerge from the room their classmates had inhabited.

Ladybug and Chat Noir sprinted out of the room, keeping a small distance from each other as they let themselves process the revelation of their partner’s identities. Chat Noir could see the pink tinge on Ladybug’s cheeks as she ran beside him through the school, tracking the akuma by following the quickly-muffled screams of Parisians being engulfed by its attack.

He couldn’t help but grin as a thought came to him, and when Ladybug glanced at him, she raised an eyebrow as they ran down the steps of the school.

“What are you so happy about?” she asked nonchalantly, pausing as she looked to see which way the akuma had headed.

Chat Noir smirked, leaning on the railing of the staircase as Ladybug placed her hands on her hip, one eyebrow raised as she attempted to maintain her aloof dynamic with her partner.

Chat Noir winked.

“I told you we might know each other in real life.”

What Happened During the Cut in Episode 17

Chat Noir gave a quiet sigh of relief as Chloë- Antibug- ran off in the direction of something that had caught her attention. He had tried to keep her attacks at bay without aiming to hurt her, but his reluctance to hurt his friend caused him to be quickly overpowered by the aggressive doppelgänger. He tested the ropes binding him and growled. No use, it appeared Antibug knew how to tie a proper knot all right.

As he silently weighed the pros and cons of using his Cataclysm early, Chat felt a slight tug at the staff he was tied to as he was carefully reeled back towards the safety of the roof.


Hope flared in his chest at the thought of his partner’s return to the battle. He attempted to turn his head to aim his signature shit-eating grin her way, but fell short due to the angle he was held at. “About time! I almost-”

“Don’t turn around yet, please. I didn’t have time to transform again, so I need to be quick. Hold on.”

Her voice was unmistakably familiar, yet had an uncharacteristic slight shake to her words. Had she actually risked her identity to save him? A surge of excitement swept through him at the thought of finally seeing the face behind his crush. This was quickly countered with the guilt betraying her wishes would cause, and his heart ached at how their relationship would crumble if he dared such a thing. No, he would have to wait until Paris was safe enough to allow such a feat.

Unaware of Chat’s conflicting emotions, the girl behind him had successfully brought him back onto solid ground and had already started to work on removing the ropes binding him.

“Wow, you really got your ass handed to you, hmm?”

Ah, there was his Ladybug. “I must admit mon cherié, I am not myself without your presence to guide me. My heart ached with your absence.”

The ropes on his legs fell in a tangle around him, and she helped lift him to his knees as he faced away from her still. “How you must suffer during the 23 hours a day we spend apart.”

Had his hands been free, they would surely have been clutched to his chest in mock agony. “Every hour is a stake to my heart!”

A chuckle from behind him. “Oh how your soul is tortured, mon ami.”

The rest of the bindings fell away, and his staff hit the ground with a light clatter. Taking this as her cue to go, she turned to run back into the shadows to don her persona. There was a chance Antibug had heard the metallic thud, and she didn’t want to be around without her mask if the villain was to come back.

A gloved hand suddenly closed around her wrist, and a rush of alarm spread through her system. Chat had turned at the last second, eyes closed, and had managed to grab her.

“Chat.” she said softly. “Chat, I have to go.”

He gave a heavy sigh before releasing her. “If that is what you wish, My Lady. I shall only dream of it. ”

She flicked his nose good-naturedly before running off into the building to transform.

Chat opened his eyes and smiled fondly in the direction her steps had disappeared before retrieving his weapon from where it had fallen.

That girl was going to be the death of him.


These are Mabill week prompts that I didn’t get to write because of work and life and all that. They are all going to be based off the ending of Forsaking the Stars which means they contain spoilers for that story

Mabel knew how to handle Bill when he was jealous of boys (or girls on the rare occasion) that flirted with her, and getting jealous when she flirted back. That was easy to handle. She could take care of that in a heart beat and a flutter of her eyelashes.

But when Bill was jealous of her… That was another problem entirely.

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anonymous asked:

Hello ! Can you do the pros and cons of dating Wonwoo ?


  • so goodlooking how
  • might be a little shy and awks at first hehe
  • his voice honestly will melt you 
  • lots of movie dates or marathoning movies at home and cuddling
  • watching scary movies together and you clinging onto him for life
  • and wonwoo just holding in his laughter and patting your back 
  • has a lil garden dedicated to you 
  • would be the type to secretly smile at you as you’re concentrating or doing your hobby
  • gives you compliments 
  • study dates where he stares at you 
  • when you guys open up
  • deep convos will go into the night 
  • i can imagine him being romantic with like roses and candles 
  • and wonwoo paying mingyu to cook a fancy three course meal heh


  • may come off as unapproachable at first but he’s  honestly a real sweetie 
  • probs doesn’t like aegyo 
  • i think he doesn’t get jealous easily but when he does he’ll give you the silent treatment