silent media

Another black girl disappeared. The media keeps silent about this. The only thing they can say is that all of these girls have run away from home. This is one of the most stupid things I’ve ever heard of! They can not escape all at once! It’s impossible! And this is not a coincidence! Some shit happens in our country and I do not like it!

I hope this girl will return home safe and sound…


Media Silent as Company Behind Dakota Pipeline Steals More Land in Texas for a Different Project

But of course the media is silent and the government has probably put a media black ban on the story which would incite a mass public protest if the truth came out. And again money over rules rights and they steal our property ruin natural resources after getting away with what they are doing in North Dakota. Fuck America and all the corporations in the world!

Tom Holland goes kinda silent on social media then comes back with a thirst trap workout video that he posts and deletes and ends reposting then we’re hit with not one but two Spider-Man Homecoming posters

I know we don’t normally get involved in fandom drama. 
But as a lesbian woman, out and proud, with several of years of experience behind me. After teaching about sexuality and being confronted with the treatment we get in society, I cannot stay quiet and watch us take the blame for being vocal on a very important issue. 
We live in a world we’re rights aren’t a given if you aren’t a white, heterosexual, cisgendered male. Which means people have died for you to be where you are today, people have fought so hard for me to be able to get married in my country to the woman of my dreams. But this fight isn’t over. 
When you have a president like Trump threating to turn back the rights that people fought for, you cannot let the media be silent. 
The fight didn’t end when the battle for marriage equality was won, it still on going. It is all around you, maybe you can;t see it, but it is there. Every day the fight for equality amongst all human beings is being fought. 
And I will fight for my rights, my rights in this world to be seen as equal, treated as equal and acknowledged as equal. I am not a breadcrumb, I am not a second hand civilian, I am not a pawn in a game to gain more viewers. I am real, I am valid. I am a human being and I want to be treated as such. 
So this upset, this uproar, this matters. If it can make a change for more equality, humanity won. Love won. And in the end isn’t that what every single person should want. I know I do. I want everybody in this world to feel safe, to be loved and able to be themselves and not afraid or ashamed.

you know what
my country is trying to stay alive but no one notices
today my country is telling the NO to its current government
…and the state media are silent.
we still don’t have any rights here, you see. we may say our huge NO but it’s gonna mean nothing. nothing at all. like always.

my city is fighting for itself, for its history, for science and education… no one notices. they are like “oh well here these stupid people are again” then just ignore the protests and keep doing what they were doing. 
idk i wanna cry sometimes, cry because of anger, hatred i feel towards the ones who rule, and because of realisation that i have no power to change anything. 
i want to have hope. hope that at least something will change. but it seems like it won’t. we are drowning. the motherfucking anti-utopian world becomes real. 

to all the people who managed to go out today and say everything they think about the current state of events: i am proud of you. 
we must do everything we can and even more.
keep going.

Outside visual frame
The shadows consume
riverstones in jagged edges
it seems impossible to breathe
when the soil baren, cobwebbed
fashions of misconstruing
phantom binaural beats
flitting across scales of
unheard melodies.

All these words, long forgotten
Ancient relics, never to be found
brick walled, beating mind
against what

…I could once, fly over.

Lain in wait, a restless forgotten
a meriment appirition scripted
only to be silent into contrast
media fashionable stories
a passerby wears a crown

…I choke, on life.

Once upon a time,
I was someone
in that frame
Once upon a time,
I was without thirst
my eyes bright, my vision seen.

But now, no…not now
I am corners and impeding
uphauling fractions
another cloak upon the back
of everything that is wrong
with me.

sitting alone, tuesday 2 am
Nothing of words, or flair
can revive myself from this coffin.

Not even awareness of my death.

Shuffled off for mass media
a better story
a brighter face
a indigenous smile
is where light has crept away
far away from the throne
I once reigned.

four reasons why pyramid head can’t be alessa’s protector

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Alright, so we’ve seen it in the first and second movies.  PYRAMUD HED™, who acts as Alessa’s instrument of vengeance. In the first movie, he skinned an innocent girl who so happened to get in his way.

In Revelation, Pyramid Head came to Heather’s rescue by battling Claudia in one of the most anticlimactic scenes I’ve seen in any Silent Hill media period.

Yeah … no.

Here are four reasons why Pyramid Head serving as Alessa’s protector doesn’t make sense:

1.) It wrongly attributes vengeance to Alessa’s original motives.

The complexity of Alessa’s character in the first game lies in that, even though she’s endured horror and pain beyond compare, she doesn’t seek vengeance on her own behalf. If she had, her mother and Dr. Kaufman probably would have died a lot sooner. 

Alessa’s primary goal was to kill God and end her suffering. Any damage the Seal of Metatron caused beyond that was purely collateral. At that point, the girl was desperate.

It’s when Claudia causes Harry’s death in the third game that we begin to see her take any sort of active interest in revenge, in the form of Heather. And even then, Heather briefly questions whether or not Harry would approve, thus implying vengeance for its own sake runs against the grain of her character.

People debate the precise nature of what Pyramid Head is supposed to symbolize, but one theme that remains clear among them is punishment. Specifically, James’ subconscious desire to be penalized for his own sin. So technically, it would be punishment turned inward. I’d even argue it was a form of James taking vengeance against himself in order to vindicate Mary.

The reason I don’t consider Alessa particularly vengeful or bent on punishment is because of the nature of her monsters. Every monster is designed to push Harry back; to repel him, keeping him from preventing Alessa killing God. If he dies along the way, that’s merely a tragic tangent to her ultimate goal—which, given the endgame if God somehow was born properly, would have actually been a mercy.

A protector like Pyramid Head who needlessly kills would imply that Alessa doesn’t have the strength of spirit to keep from indulging in dark, self-serving desires. And it should be noted that this is a fundamental error of character that gets perpetuated in the movies. Alessa may be dark-spirited from time to time, but she is not evil, and she does not desire others to suffer.

There’s also the question of logistics. The same girl who, according to Harry, killed God through her sheer “conscious resistance” just didn’t have the spare will nor time to actively punish her tormentors, even though she possessed the power to kill with just her mind. All that power went into weakening the fledgling God.

2.) Any protector she would have conjured would have looked more like the Incubator than Pyramid Head, whose appearance would have frightened her.

Even if Alessa wanted to punish those who caused her such suffering, I doubt it’d come dressed as a burly, ultra-masculine humanoid figure beleaguered by a triangular helmet. Because let’s face it: Pyramid Head has an appearance that is supposed to evoke dread and remind one of executioners.

Consider, however, that the Incubator appears as Alessa initially saw God: an ethereal, glowing being garbed in a white dress.

Despite its angelic visage, the Incubator is also deadly. It can strike down nonbelievers with lightning, testifying to God’s dual nature of being both wrathful and merciful according to the Order’s beliefs. There is almost a motherly quality to it, which is further emphasized when the dying Incubator gives Harry the newly reincarnated baby Heather.

Remember that all Alessa wanted was someone to care for her. Because her mother failed her in that regard, she clung to Lisa and may have even protected her from the Otherworld’s effects until her hold on it crumbled. She then split her soul and found a small portion of solace as Cheryl Mason, the adopted daughter of a kind woman and a dedicated man.

In Alessa’s eyes, a “protector” would project a softer, more feminine image. It might even be divine, with enough strength to defend her from God’s negative influence. That’s vastly different from Pyramid Head’s tendency to persecute Maria.

Moreover, the Romper monster established that Alessa was afraid of ill-intentioned adults and their power over her, a fear which was exacerbated by their sheer size. As implied by their method of attack (tackling Harry to the ground and lunging at his throat) she would fear being pinned down, left helpless as they tormented her even more.

Pyramid Head is roughly the same in stature as James, minus the enormous helmet; much bigger than a girl of fourteen, and doubly so than a young girl of seven. 

So, again, given her fear of “big scary adults,” why would she conjure a figure she’d naturally be apprehensive of?

3.) Pyramid Head already had a specific purpose.

Say it with me now: Pyramid Head’s purpose was to help James Sunderland realize the truth.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Seriously, Robbie the Rabbit has more in common with Alessa’s story than Pyramid Head.

Furthermore, I just don’t get this notion that the big lug is supposed to be a shorthand for the town’s desire to punish people, because not only does Silent Hill not torment people for “teh lulz,” Silent Hill thought that Pyramid Head was what James wanted at the time.

It was born from James’ desire to punish himself, and it died when James finally realized the purpose for its existence, then deeming it unnecessary. For all intents and purposes, there is no more reason for it to exist in any other Otherworld. …Unless James rises from the dead or something. o_o

And lastly …

4.) Pyramid Head killed himself in his last battle against James. Twice.

He ded.

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I find it interesting that Eleanor has been completely silent on social media? Not even a casual tweet or unrelated Instagram post. While Danielle hilariously wasn't allowed to post a picture of Louis' face until the very end, she was able to link herself to him in other ways. Wonder why they shut down Eleanor completely so far.

i don’t see much difference really. the uniting factor certainly is that they both dropped their jobs (using that term loosely) in the blink of an eye to stunt with louis. the minor variations being that eleanor is wearing the same clothing brands as him to establish that link, whereas danielle used IG to imply being in the same places. if you look at what we’ve seen in the past it’s quite obvious that there is some sort of 360 contract going on: eleanor was only able to launch her business endeavour after the initial elounor stunt was over and look at danielle now. her IG is full of fashion events, solo pap pics, promo for several brands.. i honestly don’t get how people can look at the big picture and not come to the conclusion that these girls are signing exclusive contracts for the duration of the stunt lol.

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I hate that now Nia is back Calum has kinda gone missing again and silent on social media 😞 just makes me uneasy. Especially when Nia doesn't post anything either

If it makes you feel any better Nia was with Rena all day today, so on top of their “breakup” rumor they definitely weren’t together today.

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I'm the anon you just answered talking about vocal vs staying silent on social media. Yes exactly, I'm with you! I talk about the issues with people in person rather than on the Internet because it gets out of control. And I believe that is how Taylor is. It is how most of us are, we discuss these issues in person away from the Internet.

I agree completely. It actually reminds me of this tweet from Jack:

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I wish we could all go silent on social media for a day. Wonder what they'd make of it.

It literally does not have to be all of us. For big projects and charities its a handful of trusted blogs that take the initiative and work very hard. If they don’t anything, this band will lose a lot of support and momentum.

Restoring Ma’at (full post)

External image
2016, through all of the abysmal things that have happened during that time, has me thinking a lot about Ma'at lately. We’ve lost so many cultural, artistic and historical icons in this year, any of us would be hard-pressed to name them all without referring to a list. This year has been a crippling blow on a lot of levels, but it is not the end by any stretch of the imagination. That is not to say that it’s been any less trying.

I won’t beat about the bush. We are all about to head into unknown territory in 2017. For some, that prospect is terrifying. Given some of the more recent events that have occurred in the world and the attitudes of those who were supposedly elected to help us face them, we probably should all be on alert. We are facing several global crises of epic proportions and our elected leaders are staying mostly silent about them. The media is of no help either. Between the fake news and the apathy of mainstream media attempting to dumb us all down into complacency and obliviousness, it’s pretty damned obvious we’re on our own.

First on the list is that we are facing climate change at a much faster rate than what was initially estimated by climate scientists. While the rest of the world wrings its hands in fear of what calamities might befall us if we continue at this pace, the president-elect, and his appointed ministers deny it’s a problem. They thumb their noses at it, and continue on their breakneck pace of looting and pillaging all that is left of both our country’s natural and monetary resources for their own gain.

Let’s put this on the table and state it at the outset: None of those people; not the POTUS-elect and those he has appointed to his cabinet gives a bloody damn about any of us. Please allow that to sink in for a moment. A thin-skinned corporate oligarch who fancies himself a ‘king’ has been appointed to lead our nation down the long pathway to Hell. This failed businessman was not elected by the majority. That much has been proved absolutely. What’s more is that he was put there with the blessing and complicity of the current Congress, a largely gerrymandered,thoroughly bamboozled electorate, and the assistance of a foreign government that is historically hostile towards us. Deny it if you want. I only ask that you continue to watch what is going on in the world and then ask yourself what’s really going on. The most important thing is to be honest with yourself when assessing every situation.

I will make the unfortunate prediction that the safety net as we know it will most probably be dissolved. If the GOP has its way, you can kiss your Medicaid, your Social Security, educational funding, and any other government subsidies goodbye. It doesn’t matter how long you paid in as a taxpayer - the GOP will make a diligent effort in legislating them all away under the guise of “privatization”. Privatization = Maximizing Profits for politicians, their friends, and contributors. Again, none of these people give a damn about you. If you get laid off because of outsourcing, or get sick or fall into bankruptcy or die because you have no medical insurance, or if you cannot afford your medications, or to feed yourself and your children or lose your home and anything else in the process, that’s not their problem. If you cannot afford to go to school to update your skills after being laid off from your job, they. simply. don’t. care. In fact, if you do, it means more profit for them, because as far as they are concerned, you are of little use to them unless you are adding to their bottom line.

I confess, this is a cynical and very bleak vision, and one that our forefathers never imagined would or could befall us. Let me ask a question: How are your survival skills? Do you know how to forage for food? Do you know how to make medicine, build a fire, or make do? Can you even begin to function without your wired devices? Will you go stir crazy without having access to the Internet? Have you thought about the benefits of following your crazy grandma’s example of stashing a supply of cash in the mattress? Your debit card may not work at one point or another and then where will you be when it comes time to purchase food, gas or something else that you are in dire need of? You’ll be forced to really live on your wits then and the question becomes whether you can or not.

So what does this all have to do with Restoring Ma'at?

Absolutely everything.

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In Ancient Egypt, Ma'at wasn’t just a goddess or an abstract concept. It was the absolute base of every pillar that their entire culture was founded upon. Ma'at is much more than a concept of Truth (with a capital ’T’). It is about justice and fairness and right action, even in those times when it’s difficult. It is what Dr. Maulana Karenga described as serudj-ta - or repairing the world. In the coming days, perhaps for several years, we are going to have to collectively concentrate on the ideas of Ma'at and Serudj-ta in order to restore what has been or will be destroyed. We will all be tasked with raising up those things and people who are in ruins, setting to right the wrongs of racism and bigotry, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and all of the other ills that may raise their heads wherever we are. It is up to each of us to be the advocates for one another; to replenish that which has been diminished and to make things as beautiful or more beautiful than they were before. This is what each of us has been charged with right now. If we care about anything or anyone else outside of ourselves and our own sphere, then we need to face the reality that we each carry this responsibility. We must stamp injustice, hatred, and cruelty out wherever we see it and we need to not be complicit in our silence or our apathy.

None of what I describe is easy to hear and can seem an overwhelming thing to do. It’s probably all pretty frightening to consider. Even as I write this, Congress is attempting to pass legislation that will not allow cameras on the floor to let us see exactly how our rights are being slowly whittled away. Perhaps they imagine that the public won’t feel what we cannot see. Or perhaps they know that what they are doing is wrong and that the public backlash would be something that none of their careers could


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Our collective carelessness with our land, water, air and all other natural resources has wrought terrible things. We know, based on scientific evidence and even by simply paying attention to the natural world around us that we cannot keep on as we have in the past. While allowing the Dakota Access Pipeline would bring temporary prosperity for a select few for a short amount of time, what happens after the work is complete? Those “jobs” are gone and the and all the corporate interests need to do is sit back, turn on the spigot and gather up the profits. What we are left with is the incredible risk to not just the land and water of a few members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, but to millions upon millions of people who are dependent upon the water of the Missouri River downstream. Look at where it goes and then ask yourself, what happens if the pipeline bursts? Have we forgotten the tragedy of the Deep Water Horizon already? Don’t we remember the incredible tragedy of the Exxon Valdez? In both instances the consequences of spilled fossil fuels to the environment and to those whose livelihood depended upon those waterways was enormous. We have within our grasp, right now, the ability to get away from fossil fuels and push toward renewables. Other countries have pushed and shifted their economies around renewables, so it’s been proved that it can be done. The only reason why the US has been so reticent in the effort toward renewables is the incredible amount of influence of a few oil billionaires and the fossil fuel lobby. Deep in their guts, they know that their days are numbered. Our will to survive and to thrive as a planet must match and far outstrip their sense of corporate survival and maximizing profits.

External image
So then, how do we create serudj-ta or work to further Ma'at? Each of us has an idea in our mind of what makes society work and what doesn’t. The vast majority of people in the world do have a strong sense of right and wrong. This goes beyond borders, national interests or origins, race, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other way we choose to parse out segments of human society. We each want a place in the world, the opportunity to be able to feed, clothe and house our families in safety and security and we all want a chance to do something meaningful with our lives. Those are basic human motivations. When we let greed, envy, and vindictiveness and break our human family into segments of “Us” vs. “Them” that is when the problems arise.

We have seen this demonstrated over and over again with disastrous results. When we hold those ideas in our mind on a constant basis when dealing with anyone and in every situation, we are reminded of those higher ideals. We cannot individually fix the world. But does it really cost us anything at all to be courteous? How much do we lose and how much do we gain by exercising compassion in even the smallest of ways? Most of what I am talking about doesn’t have to cost money. It doesn’t mean a major inconvenience for any of us. It just takes remembering that any of us could be in a similar situation at any given moment depending upon circumstance. Sure you might get a warm fuzzy feeling after having done something nice - but that shouldn’t be the goal. The goal is knowing that something was right to do and to simply do it without an expectation of thanks or payment or anything else. The end goal, especially for we Kemetics, is doing our part in order to further Ma'at in the world - and absolutely nothing less.


“Ma'at: The Moral Ideal in Ancient Egypt” by Dr. Maulana Karenga, 2004,University of Sankore Press, Los Angeles

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Notes from Sarah J Maas' latest newsletter.

•ACOWAR is going to be long. Roughly between EoS and ACOMAF long.

•She’s been sick with Bronchitis and Sinusitis (that’s why she’s been silent on social media). But she’s getting better:))

•ACOWAR is her favourite title so far because of the meaning (wings), and the acronym, because….war is coming.

•We might get to see more courts of Prythian

•The cover reveal will be soon!!! And Sarah says that this one is her favourite because of certain elements they’ve added to it.

•Release date is May 2nd 2017.

•ACOWAR is already out for preorder!!

•The first scene was written to the following song from the Jane Eyre soundtrack. She refused to tell us who is in the scene. But she listened to this on repeat!!!

Fanfiction is what literature might look like if it were reinvented from scratch after a nuclear apocalypse by a band of brilliant pop-culture junkies trapped in a sealed bunker. They don’t do it for money. That’s not what it’s about. The writers write it and put it up online just for the satisfaction. They’re fans, but they’re not silent, couchbound consumers of media. The culture talks to them, and they talk back to the culture in its own language.
—  Lev Grossman

I’m always very broken hearted to hear many…. many of my brothers and sisters being killed each day in Syria, most recently in Aleppo . Including those from Rohingya being hugely persecuted in Myanmar .And those in Gaza, which war is still continuing till this day yet they still survives, as well as many other countries that are abusing the human rights of these innocent people. 

Its even more sad that the rest of the world don’t acknowledge what is happening here, and the media is silent about them. 

These people are waking up unsure if today is their last day. Children has never seen the normal life without war. Food and water, even electricity is cut off for them yet they are being strong. 

Please, lets pray for them, donate to them. Treat those who escape the war with respect, they believe that all of this will end one day. And InsyaAllah it will.

If zodiacs talk about what would they rather do all day.

Aries: Kill that annoying neighbour who doesn’t leave me the fuck alone. Like bitch, calm your tits!!! 

Taurus: Sleep! 

Gemini: I’ll look myself in the mirror. Call the police and the fireman, i’m too hot. Hot damn. 

Cancer: I’ll bake sweet cookies made out of rainbows. I just have a lot of feelings. 

Leo: I’d scroll through all my social media. Silently judging everyone. 

Virgo: I’ll clean my house. 

Libra: I’m actually here to listen to what Scorpio has to say! 

Scorpio: *laughs evily” You already know what i’m gonna do. But its okay. I’ll be easy on you ;) 

Sagittarius: I’m gonna spend my day with Scorpio. Sounds adventurous! 

Capricorn: Work work work work work work. 

Aquarius: Binge watch all my favorite shows in one go and see if i’d still be alive. JUST DEAL! 

Pisces: Tumblr. Tumblr. Tumblr. Tumblr!