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Why G.C.F in Tokyo is the Jikook Holy Grail (Analysis)

Before reading this go ahead and re-watch G.C.F in Tokyo one more time, here’s the link so you don’t have any troubles: G.C.F in Tokyo (정국&지민)

Here is my first post on the matter that I recommend you read if you haven’t yet: Troye Sivan, GCF, Snoring during VLIVEs, and Jikook being inseparable…

I will need to add the usual disclaimer before I start so here it is:

WARNING ahead of time that I will be talking about Jikook/Kookmin possibly being in a romantic relationship so if for some reason that isn’t your cup of tea don’t read any further. Another thing: THIS IS ALL 100% SPECULATION NOTHING THAT I SAY AM I CLAIMING TO BE THE TRUTH. Nothing I say is meant to be offensive or am I in anyway trying to label these boys, this is a simply opening a discussion to different possibilities.

Now without further adieu… let’s begin. 

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So one notable thing over the past two days is this: the NRA has gone silent. Their social media posts stopped on the 29th of September- Facebook and Twitter. Their blog is the same way. There had been no press release. Wayne Lapierre hasn’t made any public statements.

If they can’t even condemn a tragedy like this, these obviously illegal acts of violence, then what good are they? What purpose do they serve? How do they pretend to be anything other than complicit in these sorts of murders?

When you got confused on how many AU’s youre reading…

And everytime Authornim will update you need to at least read the previous chapter to remember what story it is.

Then when the Au is completed you will just re-read it all over again…


Raised your hand if you are like me!!!!

P.S … all of those Jikook Social Media Au i read are on my “Likes”.

I like the idea that they think they are keeping it a secret, but Keith’s students know. 

Also this is me. This is my blog. So, this is going to be a sickfic, lol.. 

Classes drag, even for a teacher. It’s not that Keith doesn’t like teaching, but with Christmas only a few weeks away, he’s just as anxious to have a couple of weeks off as his students are. He knows that he doesn’t necessarily need to teach, not with Lance’s YouTube channel kicking off as quickly as it is, but he didn’t bust his ass at college for nothing. So, he’s going to teach; he’s going to contribute toward his family with Lance. 

He walks into his third period class only seconds before the bell. His students are already in their seats, glued to their phones as they have been since the semester started, but he ignores this for now in favor of setting his backpack down across his desk. 

He’s never been a fan of briefcases. They make him feel old, strict, and he’s got a reputation for being a favorite among students. He’s second behind Shiro because, as it would seem, no one can compete with Shiro. But, Keith’s always been competitive in nature, so he’s going to keep trying to win all of the students over. And, that’s why he allows them extra time on their phones before he actually starts class. 

He drops into his chair and kicks his feet up on his desk as he pulls his own phone out. YouTube notifications light up across his screen, and he sees that Lance has posted a video a couple of hours ago. That would be the first out of three, Keith thinks as he swipes out of the notifications in favor of shooting the brunet a text. 

[To: Lance] Someone’s started his day early.

He gives it two minutes before he locks his phone with a sigh. Not only did Lance not reply, but the brunet didn’t even read the text. Keith’s not too surprised considering Lance is probably recording a video to be edited and posted within the next two hours, but a text would have been nice. 

“Okay, class,” Keith says, his signature warning for the students to put their phones away and pay attention. “Your texts and tweets can wait until after class.” 

Most students oblige, but a few girls that occupy the back corner of the room continue typing on their phones as if his words went in one ear and out the other. Keith knows these three well; they are always keeping him on his toes. 

“Claire, Jessica, and Jody. Phones up.” He keeps his tone light, casual, yet it still holds enough color of authority that has all three girls looking up at him. 

“Just a moment, sir. We are tweeting Lance.” 

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all we do // (k.l imagine)

request: can i get a kian imagine where y/n and him are going through a hard time in their relationship and fight all the time one day y/n comes home late thinking kian’s sleeping so she slips into bed with him but he’s awake so he grabs and cries into her neck saying im so sorry for everything,love you so much,I don’t want u to leave me,y/n is playing with his hair and gives kisses on his head telling him that she loves him back and she isn’t going anywhere,the ending can be all fluff

some angst, fighting, swearing, etc.

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What the hell Gabby?

Honestly I was okay with Gabby not making a public social media comment to either McKayla or Aly as not everything has to happen on social media and she likely reached out via text or something like that.

However after being silent on social media when everyone else was supporting McKayla, Aly, etc., Gabby going out of her way to make some slut shaming victim blaming comment on social media is just downright horrible.

ok but can you imagine if ru actually went through with the all winners season and everyone was actually on board with it and one day all of the winners social media went silent? we as a fandom would most definitley lose. our. shit.

hereforfandom  asked:

Hi! Your drawing of Supergirl flying while holding Alex and Maggie is my phone wallpaper. I realized I hadn't seen a post from you in a while. I hope things are going well. PS I love your drawings, even the ones of shows I don't follow.

Thanks for checking up on me! Yes, I have been pretty silent on social media lately. All for good things though! I’m working on a massive freelance project that’s eatin’ up a lot of my time. Hopefully I can get back to posting soon.

Seeing how Izuku and Katsuki are being referred to as the “Wonder Duo”, its no doubt that that’ll be their name/title when they become Heroes (after they work out their differences and reconcile and Katsuki apologizes and everything). Most likely, they’ll end up working together alot and bc of that..

Katsuki’s Hero Name is going to end up being Kacchan.

All because of Izuku.

Like, Izuku’s hero name is Deku, which Katsuki has been calling him since they were kids, so its not going to be hard for him to remember to call him that. Deku is like his first name for him, so Katsuki doesn’t have to worry about remembering to call him by his hero name bc his hero name is a name he’s been calling him for the longest.

But for Izuku?


He’s been calling him that since they were kids, and it just naturally comes to him to call him that. So he has to constantly remind himself to call Katsuki by his hero name whenever they’re out in the field doing hero work (whatever Katsuki’s hero name be. For now, we’ll go with Explodo just cause). Its hard the first time couple of times, and Katsuki has to constantly hiss at him to “Stop calling me that Deku!! It’s Explodo, not fucking Kacchan.” And Izuku apologizes and swears he’ll remember, its just hard bc he’s SO USED to calling him Kacchan. After while he starts to remember to call him Explodo, not Kacchan, even though when they’re not out doing hero work he goes back to calling him Kacchan, and rarely slips up (sometimes he’ll call him Kacchan when he sees him in danger or worried he’s hurt, and Kacchan will throw him a glare or a sneer). He’ll catch himself, starting to say “Kacc- I mean Explodo!! Explodo heh, is that all of the villians?”

But he fucks up one day on a mission.. moreso at the end of a mission. They just finished kicking some villian asses who were tough opponents so they’re both sporting some injuries and bruises. As they’re finishing up, Katsuki sees a villian manage to make a escape, trying to going through an alleyway or something, and Katsuki goes after him. Izuku calls hin after him of course, because he’s injured, bleeding a little in some places and if Izuku looked close enough he could catch him favoring his left leg whenever he walks, so he’s yelling “Explodo!!”, and trying to hurriedly finish up so he can chase after him. Katsuki manages to take down the villian with minimal effort because, he’s fucking Explodo. The problem?

The media (of course). Somehow, with their sixth sense, they’ve found the scene where the Wonder Duo was kicking ass and are trying to hound Katsuki with answers which he doesn’t feel like answering and is seconds away from exploding them to smitherens. But Izuku doesn’t know that, and so here he comes running down the alleyway, yelling “KACCHAN! Kacchan? Are you okay, I saw you chasin–” at the top of his lungs, and stops, realizing his mistake. Katsuki’s eye is twitching like crazy, and the media is silent bc “who the hell is Kacchan? I thought he was Explodo” and boyyyy do they go to town with this new relevation. Katsuki is beyond pissed now and blasts away before he ends murdering someone, namely Izuku as Izuku chases after him, apologies tumbling out of him as he politely tries to excuse himself from the media.

The next day:

Angry boy with cute endearing name from Number 1 Hero: Kacchan!
Explodo called ‘Kacchan’ by Number 1 Hero, Deku!
New Hero Name for Explodo; Kacchan!!

are the headlines on the newspaper. Izuku can’t help but laugh a little as he reads it until he hears Katsuki screaming and yelling at his door, spouting threats of “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU SHITTY DEKU OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW OR ILL BLOW IT TO PIECES! I TOLD YOU TO CALL ME FUCKING EXPLODO! JUST WAIT TILL I GET IN THERE”.

And Izuku freezes before trying to escape out the window as he hears the door being blown off its frame, and Katsuki comes storming in.

And thats how Katsuki ends up getting called Kacchan by the media and his fans and also ends up chasing Izuku around his house for an hour furiously yelling threats as he does

I love how they nearly always stay social media silent until it’s shown that Louis isn’t in LA and then it’s oh shit look there’s a child I can show on social media.

Zdzisław Beksiński - Katyń 

The Katyń Masacre starting April 3, 1940, was prompted by NKVD chief Lavrentiy Beria’s proposal to execute all captive members of the Polish Officer Corps, dated 5 March 1940, approved by the Soviet Politburo, including its leader, Joseph Stalin. The number of victims is estimated at about 22,000. The victims were executed in the Katyn Forest in Russia, the Kalinin and Kharkiv prisons, and elsewhere. Of the total killed, about 8,000 were officers taken prisoner during the 1939 Soviet invasion of Poland, another 6,000 were police officers, and the rest were arrested Polish intelligentsia the Soviets deemed to be “intelligence agents, gendarmes, landowners, saboteurs, factory owners, lawyers, officials and priests.” By physically eliminating the Polish military, intellectual, economic, and patriotic elite, Stalin attempted to handicap the Polish nation and make it incapable of functioning independently from the Soviet Union, and incapable of resisting foreign dominance. 
The Soviet plans for the massacre were known to the British authorities, but were not acted against in favor of preserving good relations with the Russians. To this day, the Russian government has refused to name the Katyń Massacre a war crime or genocide. Indeed, the Russian state and media are silent on the issue of the Katyń Massacre to this day, 75 years later. 

four reasons why pyramid head can’t be alessa’s protector

Really gotta start posting these to my other tumblr, but screw it, I’m not logging out. >.>

Alright, so we’ve seen it in the first and second movies.  PYRAMUD HED™, who acts as Alessa’s instrument of vengeance. In the first movie, he skinned an innocent girl who so happened to get in his way.

In Revelation, Pyramid Head came to Heather’s rescue by battling Claudia in one of the most anticlimactic scenes I’ve seen in any Silent Hill media period.

Yeah … no.

Here are four reasons why Pyramid Head serving as Alessa’s protector doesn’t make sense:

1.) It wrongly attributes vengeance to Alessa’s original motives.

The complexity of Alessa’s character in the first game lies in that, even though she’s endured horror and pain beyond compare, she doesn’t seek vengeance on her own behalf. If she had, her mother and Dr. Kaufman probably would have died a lot sooner. 

Alessa’s primary goal was to kill God and end her suffering. Any damage the Seal of Metatron caused beyond that was purely collateral. At that point, the girl was desperate.

It’s when Claudia causes Harry’s death in the third game that we begin to see her take any sort of active interest in revenge, in the form of Heather. And even then, Heather briefly questions whether or not Harry would approve, thus implying vengeance for its own sake runs against the grain of her character.

People debate the precise nature of what Pyramid Head is supposed to symbolize, but one theme that remains clear among them is punishment. Specifically, James’ subconscious desire to be penalized for his own sin. So technically, it would be punishment turned inward. I’d even argue it was a form of James taking vengeance against himself in order to vindicate Mary.

The reason I don’t consider Alessa particularly vengeful or bent on punishment is because of the nature of her monsters. Every monster is designed to push Harry back; to repel him, keeping him from preventing Alessa killing God. If he dies along the way, that’s merely a tragic tangent to her ultimate goal—which, given the endgame if God somehow was born properly, would have actually been a mercy.

A protector like Pyramid Head who needlessly kills would imply that Alessa doesn’t have the strength of spirit to keep from indulging in dark, self-serving desires. And it should be noted that this is a fundamental error of character that gets perpetuated in the movies. Alessa may be dark-spirited from time to time, but she is not evil, and she does not desire others to suffer.

There’s also the question of logistics. The same girl who, according to Harry, killed God through her sheer “conscious resistance” just didn’t have the spare will nor time to actively punish her tormentors, even though she possessed the power to kill with just her mind. All that power went into weakening the fledgling God.

2.) Any protector she would have conjured would have looked more like the Incubator than Pyramid Head, whose appearance would have frightened her.

Even if Alessa wanted to punish those who caused her such suffering, I doubt it’d come dressed as a burly, ultra-masculine humanoid figure beleaguered by a triangular helmet. Because let’s face it: Pyramid Head has an appearance that is supposed to evoke dread and remind one of executioners.

Consider, however, that the Incubator appears as Alessa initially saw God: an ethereal, glowing being garbed in a white dress.

Despite its angelic visage, the Incubator is also deadly. It can strike down nonbelievers with lightning, testifying to God’s dual nature of being both wrathful and merciful according to the Order’s beliefs. There is almost a motherly quality to it, which is further emphasized when the dying Incubator gives Harry the newly reincarnated baby Heather.

Remember that all Alessa wanted was someone to care for her. Because her mother failed her in that regard, she clung to Lisa and may have even protected her from the Otherworld’s effects until her hold on it crumbled. She then split her soul and found a small portion of solace as Cheryl Mason, the adopted daughter of a kind woman and a dedicated man.

In Alessa’s eyes, a “protector” would project a softer, more feminine image. It might even be divine, with enough strength to defend her from God’s negative influence. That’s vastly different from Pyramid Head’s tendency to persecute Maria.

Moreover, the Romper monster established that Alessa was afraid of ill-intentioned adults and their power over her, a fear which was exacerbated by their sheer size. As implied by their method of attack (tackling Harry to the ground and lunging at his throat) she would fear being pinned down, left helpless as they tormented her even more.

Pyramid Head is roughly the same in stature as James, minus the enormous helmet; much bigger than a girl of fourteen, and doubly so than a young girl of seven. 

So, again, given her fear of “big scary adults,” why would she conjure a figure she’d naturally be apprehensive of?

3.) Pyramid Head already had a specific purpose.

Say it with me now: Pyramid Head’s purpose was to help James Sunderland realize the truth.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Seriously, Robbie the Rabbit has more in common with Alessa’s story than Pyramid Head.

Furthermore, I just don’t get this notion that the big lug is supposed to be a shorthand for the town’s desire to punish people, because not only does Silent Hill not torment people for “teh lulz,” Silent Hill thought that Pyramid Head was what James wanted at the time.

It was born from James’ desire to punish himself, and it died when James finally realized the purpose for its existence, then deeming it unnecessary. For all intents and purposes, there is no more reason for it to exist in any other Otherworld. …Unless James rises from the dead or something. o_o

And lastly …

4.) Pyramid Head killed himself in his last battle against James. Twice.

He ded.

taylor swift is super fucking smart y’all (which we already knew) and here are some ways she proves it via the extremely smart and businessy things she has done specifically for this era:

SPOTIFY: realizing that we have entered a new age of music, she began her preparations by putting her music back on spotify. after being against spotify for the last three years, she was able to work with them to negotiate a $3 million deal (in which they’d pay smaller artists more for each stream) in return for her music. but not only one or two albums. oh no. she put ALL of it on there – deluxe editions, live editions, random ass things people forgot existed (everything has changed remix ring a bell??). this, in turn, helped to establish her as a spotify artist before any music came out.

SOCIAL MEDIA CLEANSE: going along with the past year of her life, her return to social media was silent but deadly. she got everyone’s attention without saying a single word. all it took was pressing the delete button a few times on various social media websites to send the world into a frenzy. without uttering a single fucking word, taylor swift got everyone talking about her again. and she waited a good amount of time before explaining shit, too. she could’ve easily deleted the posts on friday and begun posting again on saturday. but no. she had to scare everyone into thinking she wasn’t coming back. had to bait them for even longer and keep them wondering what the fuck was going on.

SNAKE VIDEOS: when she posted that first fucking snake video… god damn there was mayhem. and, honestly, it was the most savage move she made. she took ownership of that damn snake. and the best part, people got pissed. when you’re in school, people always tell you that if you’re getting bullied, the best thing to do is make fun of yourself and it’ll make the bullies stop. and what taylor did was proof of this. i stg the day the first video was posted, there was a tweet that said “it’s been an hour and i’m already tired of taylor swift calling herself a snake” and guess what? that was the whole fucking point y’all. suddenly it wasn’t fun anymore to call her a snake because she was owning it.

LWYMMD + STREAMING: then, she dropped the track. she dropped it everywhere. using streaming to her advantage, Look What You Made Me Do was available on every streaming platform. after all, after a certain number of streams, it counts as a track purchase. she CRUSHED the spotify 24 hour record (which she never would’ve been able to do without first putting her music on spotify). another thing that streaming helps with in relation to sales is making this era look BOMB when it comes to breaking records. i know a lot of us worried about how something could top 1989 and the truth of the matter is (at least when it comes to record breaking) it doesn’t have to. because streams now count towards sales, she doesn’t have to sell as many albums as long as people stream the music.

LWYMMD LYRIC VIDEO (AND TAYLOR SWIFT TIX): the smartest smartest smartest thing she did was make watching her lyric video an action that could boost you on taylor swift tix. now, don’t get me wrong, i’m a little miffed we’ve gotta wait until VMAs to see the video. but, having the lyric video does so much. first of all, when she breaks records now, it’s comical. look at the top 4 most popular videos in the first 24 hours of release and you’ll see 3 music videos and ONE lyric video. a fucking lyric video had more views in 24 hours than some people (*cough cough swish swish and katy perry*) could get on their ACTUAL music video. also, having views of the video count towards boosts for tickets helps the video to get more views. a lot of us bought the single or found a service to stream it on. and, since we had those, we probably wouldn’t have watched the lyric video. yet, somehow, taylor swift got everyone to watch the video at least 5 times in the first 24 hours of release. amazing.

REPUTATION PURE SALES: taylor’s doing well in the short term, but she’s also setting herself up to do well in the long term too. as far as i can tell right now, taylor’s not planning on doing much album promo. she’s leaving it all up to those 2 72 page magazines available at target. you know what that does? helps her sell twice as many albums as she would originally. on top of people who preordered online, both magazines come with the album. so, for people who want to know everything and order both magazines, guess what they’re getting. two fucking CDs when they probably would’ve only bought one in the first place. 



This isn’t a prompt that was asked… just me needing to get some of the swirling thoughts and emotions out of my head. Hope this is alright with you guys.

You didn’t know what to do.

As you looked over at your little boy sleeping soundly in his bed, you close your eyes as the exhaustion piles over your body.

How did you get here?

When did your life take this turn?

How did this happen?

You calculated finances in your head and trembled at the mounting debt rising in the back of your mind. Sure, you could pay bills, but deferring debt was never the preferable option.

After all, you weren’t as smart as Spencer, so it’s not like your schooling had been paid for.

You watch your little one shift in bed as you hold your breath. How beautifully he slept, wrapped up in his warm blankets and holding his stuffed monkey close.

You hadn’t slept that soundly in years.

So… many… years…

You hear a knock at the door, but you choose to ignore it. Your body felt heavy, and for the first time in so many months, you felt as if you might cry and drown yourself in your own home.

When was the last time you left home?

The knock happened again, and you knew what was happening. They were seeing your silently updated social media and putting together why you took time off. They were having Garcia dig into your records, and she probably pulled up the paperwork.

The paperwork that took you over two months to submit correctly.

“Y/N?” you hear Spencer ask. “Y/N, it’s me.”

God, how you wished he would go away.

And yet…

Knock knock knock.

That knock wasn’t Spencer. That knock was harder… more forceful…


“Y/N? We know you’re in there,” Luke says through the door.

“You’re gonna wake her son,” Spencer bites.

“If she’s in there alone during something like this…” Luke trails off.

The team didn’t understand why you would hide something like this.

When did you and your husband decide to divorce? What was going on? Were your hurt? Was your son alright? What was the custody agreement? Could Rossi or Hotch help?

“If she doesn’t open this door…” Luke trailed off as he side-glanced Spencer.

But just as his eyes turned back to the door, you opened it.

And they both gasped at your sight.

Sunken in eyes from no sleep; hollowed out cheeks from the stress; hair that hadn’t been washed in days and clothes that wreaked of womanly smells that should never exist; an aching jaw that was swollen to the touch from grinding your teeth at night and a bald spot on the side of your head from pulling at your hair all through the night.

Your stress was beginning to manifest in ways you couldn’t control, and your deadpan stare frightened them both as Spencer slowly ducked his head into the apartment.

“Is um…” he trailed off.

“He’s asleep. And no, he’s not here,” you say lowly.

But all Luke did was stare at you.

“I’m not hurt,” you say as you lob your eyes over towards him.

“Not physically, anyway,” you murmur under your breath.

“How much do you know?” you sigh as your eyes lazily dart between the two men.

“Aren’t you gonna ask us to come in?” Luke asks.

“I’m not the one who asked you to come over,” you lull as your eyes glance over at Spencer.

But you were shocked to find his eyes swollen with tears.

“Let us in,” he says lightly.

And as you stand there, rooted to the ground in an apartment you hoped was cheap enough for your to afford, you sigh lightly as you close your eyes and teeter in exhaustion on your feet.

“I wish I could,” you whisper to yourself.

How did it get this way?, you thought to yourself.

How did I end up alone?