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One of the most important things i learned while being a kpop fangirl is a secret skill called “the silent scream”. You basically stomp your feet, widden your eyes, open your mouth but you don’t let out a sound. It’s pretty useful actually.

Essere stati amati tanto profondamente ci protegge per sempre, anche quando la persona che ci ha amato non c'è più. È una cosa che ti resta dentro, nella pelle.
—  J.K. Rowling

My love for EXO grows so much everyday. I’m so happy that I decided to stan such an amazingly talented group of guys. Nobody is more appreciative and humble as these 9 guys are, the way they show EXO-L so much love makes me so warm inside, they truly love and appreciate the fans so much and they never fail to thank us every single time. These guys deserve the world and so much more. They make me so happy. I hope one day I can be blessed enough to see them in person and experience their presence and talent even more. I hope they can achieve even more this year. I LOVE YOU EXO 😢❤

A poem for the silent gods

If you’re a silent god
up there somewhere,
answering no question
nor prayer, tell me,
what is it you seek.
Tell me, why write down
our fates within the stars
in a way we misunderstand.
Tell me, why write our
history in our blood
that boils at sight of
whom we consider enemies.
Tell me, why do we know
of you and never get
answers that confirm
your existence.
Tell me how are we
to know if we’re doing
right or wrong.
Tell me of all the lessons
we should learn from
the ancestors we don’t
know. Tell me of the past
years and how they helped
you rewrite fate in the stars
as you rearrange constellations
and make stars dim. Tell me, why you’ve always been silent.


Lui diventerà famoso … leggendario! […] Su di lui scriveranno volumi, tutti i bambini del mondo conosceranno il suo nome!
—  Harry Potter e la pietra filosofale
Updated 10/13

A/N; Just so there is no confusion. A-Angst, M-Smut, F-Fluff, ?-Mystery/Surprise. And I know that I don’t have much, but I have more things coming!


Halloween Series

Office Matters



I.M: Intense Fight


Mark: Sexy Talk

Jaebum: Sideview Anger

Jaebum: Come Here


Nothing yet


Bobby: Tease(M)

Bobby: Silent Treatment

Bobby: Bruises

Bobby: After A Fight

Hanbin: Chasing After You


Suga/ Agust D: Neighbor!Suga


Sik-K: Daddy’s Little Kitten(M)

Sik-K: Chilling (ft AOMG crew)

GwangMin: Just Friends…Maybe(M) Pt.2(M)

GwangMin: Family Reunion(A/M)

GwangMin: Badboy!GwangMin

GwangMin: Missing You


Seo Chulgoo/ Xitsuh: Seeing You Walk Into A Party


Jay Park: Facetime Tease

Jay Park: Facetime Laughs ft. Dumbfoundead

Gray: You’re Mine

Gray: Loving Your Smile


Nothing yet


Nothing yet


MinHo: Swimming Pools


JaeWon: Curls(M)

JaeWon: Reunited(M)

JaeWon: The Way He Looks At You

Iron: Seeing You After A Few Days

Dumbfoundead: Facetime Laughs ft. Jay Park

Iron: Secretly Horny

Iron: Welcome Back

CJamm: Spotting You In The Crowd

I stand alone, the bare expanses viewing,
While on the wind the cranes are borne away.
Remembrance of my merry youth pursuing,
I find nothing I would relive today.
I don’t regret the years that I have wasted,
I don’t regret the lilac time of life.
A rowan fire is in the orchard blazing
But none shall from its brightness warmth derive.
—  Sergei Yesenin, The Golden Birch-Tree Grove Has Fallen Silent... (translation by K.M.W. Klara)