silent hill halo of the sun

“the new silent hill movie”

let’s clear some things up, because i keep seeing this mentioned. you mean silent hill genesis, right?


the one with no production images (the image is just a basic png of the halo of the sun), no announced cast, and a plot synopsis written by the director/writer? a director/writer who’s only cred seems to be a shoddy 2-episode tv(?) show he starred in? distributed by the company that seems to produce only low-budget, unknown films? did i mention genesis has a budget under 1mill USD (compare to, say, silent hill revelation’s 20mil budget) and that the official site is listed as “ Site in development will go live once project is funded”? 


if this film is real, i doubt it has the copyright from konami, and though it claims it’s gonna be a tv movie i kind of doubt it. it is not “a third silent hill movie” or anything. at best it’s probably a fan movie. relax