silent hill halo of the sun

Robbie the Rabbit - Insane Plush ~
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That just means whatever crossed over to the Silent Hill area rejected the three goddesses. Maybe this new god was banished by them. Maybe they had a falling out like the deity version of Heathers. This argument is demonstrated by the fact that the Triforce in the center of the gate is replaced by a crown thought to represent the dominion of The Order’s goddess. Forget signs of openness and shit. This goddess is a queen. Like Beyonce but even scarier when she’s angry.

For those still unconvinced, there is one more connection between the two. See those symbols on the gate of time? Put the Halo Of The Sun over it and holy poopshit.

The runes around the gate are aligned with the runes around the halo, the inner circle is aligned, the empty circles are now filled with the symbols of the three goddesses, and we have a crown sitting right on top of the Triforce. If the similarities stopped there, it would just be an interesting coincidence. Maybe the game designers contracted out their symbol creation to the same guy or something. But it doesn’t stop there.

Hidden Clues In Silent Hill That Forever Change … Zelda


Pyramid Head - Part II 

2nd part to the full shoot. 

The smoke effects are practical on the 2nd time I have used a fog machine in a shoot. 

Cosplay : Billy C.

Photography : Matthew David Photography 

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