silent hill halo of the sun

benignmilitancy  asked:

Theory: this is open to speculation, but I think according to the Order's beliefs the color blue might symbolize finality and irreversible death, which is why its Otherworlds lack that color. Compare to red, which connotes rebirth. ... Not to mention that dead flesh is often blue. So the meaning that becomes reversed when the Halo is drawn in blue goes from, "God will be reborn" to "I hope She dies and stays dead."

oh yeah i could totally buy that! the red symbolism is pretty explicit as rebirth, fire, the sun, and gore (body manifest maybe?). i think youre on the ball with blue being the opposite. like finality of death, water, maybe the spirit? or like… something more inherently emotional? hmmm

i think sh2′s big water theme reinforces it, esp with water=death in that. finality, etc, something about drowning. 

i also don’t think it’s coincidence that shattered memories, being ice based, is steeped in the color blue. when that one is like… all about death. that silent hill is one stuck in death (so frozen water?)

anyway that was just me rambling but i think you have a gr8 point