Can be found in

Brookhaven Hospital

Life Attributes

Easy and Beginner Action Levels

Normal Action Level

Hard and Extreme Action Levels


Swing Attack  10 points
Sometimes this will knock Heather to the ground! If you’re facing a Nurse head-on, she’ll usually alternate between swings and thrusts! 
Thrust Attack  15 points
This is when the Nurse lurches forward with her pipe extended outward and sometimes she’ll perform this attack immediately after running up to you!
Pistol Whip  5 points
If a Nurse raises her revolver and you get close to her, she’ll shoot you. But if you’re close to her before she raises her revolver, she’ll just smack you with it instead! It’s much less damaging.
Shooting  25 points
It’s awful that someone gave the Nurses firearms! Their aim isn’t always perfect but they have unlimited ammunition and never reload. They will perform this highly damaging, unblockable attack from mid to long range!

10☆ Strategy

The only regularly appearing monster that has a larger attack range than the Nurse is the Closer, but it attacks much more slowly. The Nurse is quick with a steel pipe and a semi-decent shot with her revolver, but there aren’t many places to hide.

That being said, in the normal hospital, you can absolutely take out any Nurse wielding a steel pipe using a cycle of stun gun attacks and stomps, a shotgun blast and a barrage stomps, katana overhead swings and forward thrusts while blocking. A safer option tends to be the stun gun because it is more effective in the tight spaces where you’ll be fighting them. If you know you’ve got a little more room, like in one of the patients’ rooms, then go for it! The katana is able to slice through more than one nurse but you’ll have to be precise with your blocking. Equip your bulletproof vest if there’s a group!

In the alternate hospital, almost all nurses except around two are armed with revolvers. They are easier to avoid in the normal hospital, where there’s less going on, but you’ll also have to watch out for the Slurpers at your feet! As soon as she raises her revolver, if you’re mid-range, blast her with the submachine gun! If you’re close range then take her out with the shotgun. If there’s nothing you can do, quickly open your inventory and equip the bulletproof vest! You could choose to engage a Slurper which would make the Nurse lower her weapon, but it does not always help.

Their pistol is only slightly less damaging than the Memory of Alessa’s submachine gun!