Every Silent Hill game in 'Local Man' terms
  • Silent Hill Origins:Local man loses truck, rescues burning child, remembers father's death
  • Silent Hill:Local man crashes jeep, loses child, helps ghost kill god
  • Silent Hill 2:Local man kills wife, meets stripper, adopts a child
  • Silent Hill 3:Local girl has bad dream, loses father, kills god
  • Silent Hill 4:Local man locked in apartment, finds corpse in walled up room, saves neighbour from ghosts
  • Silent Hill Homecoming:Local man with memory loss kills local judge, comes to terms with accidental drowning of brother
  • Silent Hill Downpour:Local man arrested, escapes from crashed prison bus, frees caged birds
  • Silent Hill Shattered Memories:Local man realizes that he is actually a ghost, local woman comes to terms with father's death
  • Silent Hill Book of Memories:Local blogger hasn't finished game, can't make decent joke, gives up and moves on
  • Silent Hill P.T:Local man trapped in never ending hallway while Swedish radio plays, wonders whose baby is in the sink

For some reason, this particular room scared me the most out of the entirety of Silent Hill 3. There’s no enemies, no music, just a bloody bed with Heather taking note of her father’s bed. Why did this scare me?

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When Heather returns to her apartment and finds Harry Mason, her adoptive father, dead, she and P.I. Douglas pay their respects to him by placing his dead body in his room. Near the end of the game, in Nowhere, Heather encounters a room that looks exactly like Harry’s except…

His body’s missing.

Blood and the lilies are everywhere.

What seem to be footprints and drag marks lead to a door…

That can’t be opened.

Where did Harry go? Was the thing that left the otherworldly room even him to begin with? 

Better yet, why?

It still haunts me to this day.