ECCC 2015 Costume Contest Winners - Duo Category!

Duo Category:

  • First Place: Lady Sif and Thor (Beverly Downen, Brett Downen)
  • Second Place: Pumpkin King Jack and Queen Sally (Dahlia Cortez)
  • Third place: Mr. & Mrs. Pyramid head (Jack Fortunato, Dainna Tyler)

*Note these are photos from pre-judging - more photos will be posted later on our Facebook page!

Heather Mason Trivia/Facts

  • The first sketches of Heather portrayed her as an “innocent” type of character. The development team realized that she seemed too “nice” and Heather was inspired by Sophie Marceau and Charlotte Gainsbourg to give her an attitude. At this point, Heather was a clash of masculinity and femininity. Shingo Yuri, the character designer, imagined Heather as wearing jeans. However, the female team members of Team Silent thought that Heather should show her legs to look more feminine and convinced Yuri. Heather was given sex appeal in a very discreet way.
  • Heather’s hair was very debated on. Initially, her hair was more natural and less elaborate, but the female team members thought that curly hair would be more suitable for a young girl. Heather was given shorter hair for the convenience of video games: it would have taken more processing power of the PlayStation 2 to create longer realistic hair. The game designers used the processing power towards increasing monster numbers instead. It is also noted that shorter hair has the benefit of being more practical in dangerous situations
  • One notable aspect of Heather is her relative realism in terms of both character design and personality compared to other video games around 2003. Freckles and blemishes can be seen on her face, arms, and legs. She has a female physique, though not one of overt sexuality. Heather also displays minimal archetypal “damsel in distress” style behavior and lacks a romantic interest. The joke UFO ending claims Heather divorced and is a “young mom who goes it alone”.
  • Heather’s original design was later given to Elle Holloway, a character in Silent Hill: Homecoming.
  • Heather makes an appearance in Dance Dance Revolution Extreme for the PlayStation 2 in the song “You’re Not Here”. She is seen walking through a white, empty space and sitting on a wheelchair. After a scene of her in the car with Douglas, she is seen singing inside the shopping mall and appearing in various places throughout the game.
  • In early promotions and the back of the game’s cover, she was given the name Heather Morris, the name of her voice actress.
  • Heather is the first female primary character in the Silent Hill series, as opposed to a side story or spin-off entry.
  • Heather has the most numerous death scenes of any Silent Hill protagonist, including being hit by a subway car, jumping off a moving train, being drowned by a sewer monster, being struck by a roller coaster, dying while giving birth to God, being killed by toxic gas on the carousel, being covered by the blood in the mirror room, being killed by a ceiling trap in the haunted mansion and being killed by the red mist in the haunted mansion. Silent Hill 3 is also the only Silent Hill game in which the protagonist can die by falling down a hole. Alex Shepherd also has plenty of death scenes, though not as many as Heather.
  • Occasionally, Heather will “break the fourth wall” of awareness and back-sass the player for making certain, incorrect decisions. For example, if the player tries to enter the insect hallway after using the insecticide with the fan off, Heather says, “I don’t particularly want to die!”
  • Heather has the ability to tie a strong knot, proven when she uses the rope to descend the elevator in Hilltop Central
  • "Heather" became Cheryl’s middle name in her Silent Hill: Shattered Memories incarnation. Cheryl Heather Mason was born in 1983 in the Shattered Memories timeline. In Cheryl’s mugshot, her clothing has a strong resemblance to Heather’s.
  • Like Alessa, Heather exhibits some supernatural abilities during the game, such as having a premonition about visiting Lakeside Amusement Park and detecting the Otherworld shifts. After defeating God, she also detects a presence, which is the wail of a newborn according to creator Masahiro Ito, that is invisible and inaudible to the player. However, Heather never manifests Alessa’s darker abilities, such as telekinesis and the ability to kill with her mind.
  • If the voice that phones Heather in the locker room in Brookhaven Hospital can be trusted, her complete being, Alessa, is 31 years old by the time ofSilent Hill 3. However, the voice later congratulates her for her 24th birthday, creating confusion for the player. If the ages of Heather (17) and Cheryl (7) are added together she is 24. Adding Alessa’s age (14) to Heather’s age (17) is where 31 comes from.
  • In the Book of Lost Memories, Heather is referred to as “The Fool”, which is the number 0 (also can be stated as the number 22) of the Major Arcanas in a Tarot Deck, most likely due to the main concept of the Tarot card which states that the man walks unconcernedly straight into an abyss and is confident of his cleverness, in a similar fashion to Heather’s attitude towards her fate.
  • Heather will make comments about flowers or plants throughout the game; this may be a reference to her name’s meaning: “flowering plant”. There are also photos of flowers in her room. When her father dies, Heather decides to place a bundle of lilies on his body. She also lives in the “Daisy” Villa Apartments.
  • One poster for Revelation shows Heather in a wheelchair being pulled by a nurse, which is identical to one of Heather’s artworks for Silent Hill 3.
  • As a medium, video games developed immensely throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. Graphical capabilities increased, storytelling developed and voice acting became more common. For 2003, Silent Hill 3 was praised for its realistic graphics and characterization at the time. Apart from Heather, other video games (pre-2004) commonly cited for featuring voice-acted female game protagonists with developed personalities include Jennifer Simpson/Helen Maxwell from Clock Tower (1996), April Ryan from The Longest Journey (1999), Koudelka Iasant from Koudelka (1999), Hana Tsu-Vachel from Fear Effect (1999), Alice Liddell from American McGee’s Alice (2000), Miku Hinasaki from Fatal Frame (2001), Jen from Primal(2003), Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 (2003), Mio Amakura from Fatal Frame II (2003), Shion Uzuki from Xenosaga (2003), as well as Jill/Claire/Rebecca from the Resident Evil series.

(From the Silent Hill 3 wiki)

sunderlandhash asked:

I seen the hate you've been getting! I'll be honest, you dont deserve it! You've got an amazing blog that I always look forward to seeing posts from. I hope you have a good day! ~ James

I had no knowledge of this until told from another follower. I am not surprised, but I’m not bitter either. People have a blog they can go to and tell me their opinions plus personal experience and are posted by me, and people will get upset. I’ve seen popular tumblr posts where users drag one another for the dumbest of things, and most harmless opinions. This isn’t any better, seeing that Silent Hill has been around for over ten years there will be all sorts of fans as well as all sorts of thoughts. Don’t rant about it because you don’t agree, and if you see that it’s truly wrong, then I bet the majority see that too. I can already imagine the things that the users are discussing with this blog, and I’ll tell you again I am not bitter, but astonished.  

The only thing I want to rant about and scream at people for is for things that DO matter like racism, not if someone finds the newer Silent Hill games to be shit or not. 

I made this blog because I had no one to talk about Silent Hill with, not the good or the bad, nothing. I’ve never had anyone to talk to about my passions and things that make me happy till now with this confession blog. Im still enjoying reading these confessions as I did two years ago when I first started up this blog. I like asking questions, and I like getting responses. And my apologies, I really didn’t mean for this to be so long! I hope those who do hate this blog, can read this and get some sort of understandment out of it. People have to put their aggressiveness towards important matters not a confession blog.


Awesome cosplayers from zen kai kon 2015!

  1. Shizuo Hewijima
  2. Izaya Orihara
  3. Pyramid Heard from Silent Hill
  4. Jaune and Pyrrha from RWBY
  5. Ren from RWBY
  6. Adam from RWBY 
  7. all of RWBY:Ruby Rose,Weiss Schnee,Blake Belladonna,and Yang Xiao Long
  8. Penny from RWBY 
  9. And my sons Greg and Wirt from Over The Garden Wall

Villain Appreciation, Video Games.

“What is a hero without a villain? Useless.
What is a villain without a hero? Successful.


numbers 204863 theories: japanesse anagram - “Look at the buthtub”
name version - 204863, 368402 - JARETH (7780’s - TREE’S, 7 - E, 0 - T, 8 -R)

"I didn’t move anymore during the waiting, then his finger slipped on my hand. It was a cold hand, body was trembling. I whispered his name, but the wind of the night took my voice away. Never moving a step, his hand in mine, I waited for it to pass. And through the mist of fading consciousness I believed, I heard a phone".