silent film star


Clara Bow, the “It” girl. 1927

(Clara with William Austin, Clara with Antonio Moreno, Clara with Elinor Glyn, and Clara on her own).

~ photos from Modern Screen, Screenland and (top)J.Willis Sayre Collection


Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell in Lucky Star  (Frank Borzage, 1929)

A simple, heartfelt story of love and redemption among poor mountain folk during and after World War I, it’s sensitively directed and perfectly photographed (by Chester A. Lyons). If you’re leery of silent films, this is a good one to start with. The acting is naturalistic and no one is tied to railroad tracks or attacked by a mustachioed villain. Definitely worth seeing.

Information about the upcoming Steven Bomb!

Episode 1 - Lion 4: Alternate Ending
Steven and Connie re-write the ending to the Spirit Morph Saga, with help from Lion (Sorry, no backstory until Lion 6 :) ) (Guest stars Dave Willis as racist uncle Andy)

Episode 2 - White Diamond
Greg tells Steven about the time he asked Rose to marry him. He proposed with a Diamond Ring. Go figure. 

 Episode 3 - Rocknaldo: The Sequel (double length special!)
Ronaldo realises that he is factkin with one of the Gems in Beach City - but which one? Also in this episode, Lapis discovers 4chan.

Episode 4: Onion Troupe
Steven helps Onion and his friends pursue a career in silent film. (Guest stars Beyonce Knowles as White Diamond)

Episode 5: Shattered
Steven breaks his favourite mug, prompting Pearl to recount the time Rose shattered something even more significant…
…Greg;s van window.

Airdate: TBA