silent creeper

Monsters Nearby

Night’s falling, bringing all the dangers of their world with it. After a big argument leaves them lost in the wilderness, bitter and broken up, Geoff and Gavin have some choices to make.

(prompt: 3 times they fucked up and the 1 time they didn’t, with a mild sense of enemies to lovers.)

a/n: for @love-geofffree, thank you so much for all your support! <3


i. lost

Even after everything, the break-up comes as a slam-dunk shock. Like a cave-in, like “Don’t you get sick of being scared of everything” and “You’re going to get us both killed” and “Maybe you should just go by yourself, then” are falling in around them like stones, making the mineshaft claustrophobic. Geoff’s used to the underground, its dark womb warmth and buried treasures. He’s used to Gavin trailing after him like a second shadow, green eyes glowing in the mine’s dark.

He’s not used to this.

“Are you breaking up with me?”

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anonymous asked:

What kind of drunks do you think each person would be? For example, maybe Nagisa would be really assertive and scary, lol.

Oh god.

Drunk Nagisa is a terrifying thought. 

This is going to be pretty long then, but…

  • Karma: possibly the straight-faced drunk who doesn’t turn red at all and you don’t even realize he’s drunk until he walks into a door.
  • Nagisa: the cute type of drunk who slurs his words a lot and feels very light-headed and dizzy so he sways in place. Either that or the silent creeper drunk who gets too close without anyone noticing and the minute you turn around HE’S RIGHT THERE.

  • Kayano: actually she might be the violent type drunk. I can imagine her throwing beer mugs at everybody (particularly those with big boobs).  Either that, or she’ll become the honest-with-her-feelings drunk who talks all the shit she’s been hiding behind her cute face.

  • Nakamura: the perverted drunk (well, more perverted than usual). She’ll come after all the guys and grope their private parts (particularly Nagisa). The girls too, maybe.

  • Kanzaki: the one who doesn’t get drunk at all. She’ll just sit there, amused by everyone’s antics. She’ll be there to nurse their hangovers in the morning. 

  • Isogai: similar to Nagisa, the cute type of drunk. He might also become kind of clingy (particularly to Maehara). He may also be the crybaby type of drunk who will cry about all the ‘bad deeds’ he’s done in his life (like throwing a plastic bottle in the trash bin instead of recycling it).

  • Kataoka: the complaining drunk. She’ll rant about everybody and everything and how much her life sucks until she falls asleep.

  • Maehara: definitely the clingy-talkative type of drunk. He’ll latch onto whoever is nearby and gab into their ears for hours. If it’s a girl he may try to cop a feel.

  • Okano: The violent type drunk who randomly beats up Maehara for not realizing her feelings. He won’t even know why.

  • Terasaka: the loud rambunctious drunk. He’ll start yelling at the top of his lungs about how he’ll kick everybody’s asses and then randomly conk out.
  • Okajima: the stripper drunk. He’ll start ripping off all of his clothes and twirl them around in the air. He may also be the horny drunk who gets an erection and then randomly chases after girls.

  • Sugino: the lovestruck drunk. After he drinks too much he’ll sit next to Kanzaki and gush out mushy lovey-dovey stuff and she won’t take him seriously because of the alcohol. 

  • Okuda: maybe the type who falls asleep immediately. She’s a total lightweight so she’ll be out first. Karma will probably quietly take her away and tuck her in bed before going back to get shitfaced.

  • Chiba: the silent drunk. He’ll just sit in the corner quietly and completely ignore everyone else. Nobody can tell if he’s awake or not because of his bangs.

  • Hayami: the kind of clingy silent drunk. She’ll plop down really close to Chiba so that they’re touching but then she won’t do anything else until she falls asleep on his shoulder.

  • Itona: he might be the cute type drunk, but he may also be the crybaby drunk who cries to anybody who will listen about his unfortunate life.

  • Gakushuu: the obedient type drunk. He’ll go quiet and just mumble “Yeah, okay” to anyone who talks to him. Karma and his father Gakuho would so take advantage of this.

  • Gakuho and Karasuma: the stone-faced drunks who basically fall asleep with their eyes open and sit like statues for the rest of the night. They’ll tip over with just a push.

  • Bitch-sensei: Possibly the best drinker in the house. Once she does get drunk she’ll probably get horny and drag Karasuma (or mistake somebody for Karasuma) away for some adult fun.

That’s all the characters I can imagine getting drunk. All the other ones I’m not to sure about. I feel like I don’t have enough on their character to tell. 

For the record, Koro-sensei would turn into a tentacle porn monster and would have to be stopped before he does R-18 things to 15-year-old girls.


Tier readjusted her jacket, making sure the garment’s high collar was sufficiently covering the remnants of her mask. The human realm was as lively as ever, bursting with strange sounds and colors, the likes of which Tier was not used to witnessing. Spending longer than a few moments in the realm of the living was alarming for someone like Tier, who thrived within familiarity. If it weren’t for the Shinigami that ran rampant throughout this realm, Tier would have never bothered to visit.

Troublemaker ~ Minho Imagine

Requested by kathas-corner: Hi you :) I think it’s really great that u have Minho feels - I have them all the time :D And I got a request for u (btw I really like ur writings :)) Maybe u could write one where the you and Minho always tease each other for a while and then you accidently walk into him changing - all tease again and it ends in a nice making-out session?! :) Hope u could do something with this idea, Love u xx

You had been in the Glade for a long time now, and being the only girl had it’s perks. For one, you definitely weren’t uncomfortable with the boys wanting you, but that didn’t mean you jumped into everyone’s hammock. In fact you were the complete opposite. You shut down everyone who tried to make a move on you.. everyone except Minho that is. You still never let him get anywhere, you hadn’t slept with him, you hadn’t even kissed him, but he was fun to tease, mainly because of the fact that he teased you back. While the other Glader’s also tried to tease you, none of them had the effect on you that Minho had. 

You were humming softly to yourself as you walked from the box to the Homestead, a crate of supplies in your hand. 
“Hey, Y/N. Need help?” Minho asked as he jogged up behind you. 
“Sure,” you answered, making use of the boys offer as you handed him the crate, dusting your hands off once he grabbed it. 
“Aren’t you supposed to be running today?” you asked. 
“Yeah, but the heat’s gotten to Ben, so Alby and Newt said to help out around the Glade today,” he shrugged. 
“The heat’s gotten to Ben?” you asked rhetorically, raising a brow. “Just Ben or has it gotten to you too?” you teased. Minho chuckled and rolled his eyes. “The heat definitely doesn’t get to me. I’m too tough for that,” he smirked cockily. 
His words causes a bubble of laughter to leave your lips and you shook your head. “Then why aren’t you running by yourself?” you asked. Minho paused for a second and you laughed again as you watched him try to come up with something. 
“Because.. I don’t feel like it?” he answered with a slight grimace. “Right, so you’re just lazy? Well I feel so much safer now that our escape is in your hands,” you joked. Minho raised a brow and nudged you slightly, putting the crate down as you reached the Homestead. “I’m not lazy, I’m.. independent.” he said with a boyish grin. “And besides, you should feel safe. I’m going to get us out one day,” he said, all hint of a joke gone. You smiled and shrugged. “I know you are. But for now, how about you just help me with these crates ‘ey?" 
He laughed and nodded. "What would you do without me?” he teased. 
“Move the crates by myself,” you retorted with a slight smirk as you brushed past him, walking back towards the box. Minho grinned and laughed, shaking his head slightly before jogging after you.  ———— The next day, you walked into the shower room with a bunch of fresh towels that had been sent up in the box. The towels weren’t anything spectacular, they were pretty small and old, but they were better than drip drying. 
You whistled as you walked in, the door swinging shut behind you. You put the towels down on one of the shelves Gally had built and turned around, only to see Minho standing there in his boxers. 
“Oh my god!” you squealed, jumping back and putting a hand over your heart that had skipped a beat with the fright. Minho laughed and raised a brow, making no effort to cover himself up. 
“Does my body scare you?” he teased. 
“No,” you retorted with a scoff. “But you standing there silently like a creeper does." 
"I was in here first? And I was just about to shower, you’re the one who barged in,” he replied, the smirk still lingering on his lips. 
“Yeah well. pfft. Normal people make some attempt to cover themselves when they get walked in on." 
Minho raised a brow. "Normal people might do that…” he said slowly, taking a few steps towards you. “But do you really want me to do that?” he teased, his voice lowering to a murmur. You gulped as you looked up at him. He had moved to stand right in front of you, and he towered over you. Your eyes searched his expression for a few seconds before they slowly lowered to roam his body. Your heartbeat picked up as you took in each and every detail. His arms were well-defined and bugled from where he had them crossed against his chest. His abs looked like they had been made from marble, and his legs, well it was clear as to why he was a runner. 
You swallowed as you looked back up at him, trying to make it look like his closeness wasn’t effecting you that much, but you knew he knew it was. He continued to smirk as he moved his hand, gently tipping your chin up. 
“You didn’t answer my question..” he murmured. You laughed faintly and shook your head, leaning up on your toes and pressing you lips against his. Minho was shocked, but kissed you back almost instantly, and it wasn’t just a soft kiss, the two of you kissed with the ferocity of the passion and sexual tension that had built up between the two of you since you first met. Your arms wrapped around his neck as he gripped your hips tightly, pressing your body against his firmly as your tongues fought for dominance. You hummed into the kiss, before pulling back quickly. Minho smirked down at you as he released his grip on you slightly, thinking you were going to start removing your clothing, but you surprised him altogether with another cheeky smirk. “You didn’t think you could get me that easily, did you?” you murmured teasingly, kissing his jaw before you stepped back and walked out of the shower room. Minho stared after you with disbelief before he laughed and ran a hand through his hair. He bit his lip but continued to grin as he finally got in the shower, his mind lingering on you and how he could get you next time….