silent clown

I just noticed that Delirious flirts with Vanoss so differently from when he’s flirting with the others.  

He’s far more cautious when it comes to Vanoss where as with the others, for example Daithi, he’s a lot more open with a straight forward kind of jokey flirting like ‘come suck my dick’ straightforwardness. With Vanoss he’s always denied anything slightly gay like when they where in the closet together and he pointed it out before going ‘No no no no’ and getting out. There are many other times too, to many to write in this essay I seem to be making! This makes it seem like a school crush, the way that he denies it and yet with others he’s fine with the flirting. Damn, I’m rambling. This actually makes me think that Del actually has a small crush on Vanoss in real life, even if Vanoss is straight (Idk if confirmed or not). 

I also think it’s rather strange that he’s the only one who gets singled out for being gay a lot. I mean, have you noticed how many times they’ve called him out. Like Carlos always asking him to Cockatoos and saying they’re partners/boyfriends when it comes to going there, then you have the fact Lui calls him a ‘gay clown’, Vanoss saying at the end of the song they sung together at the car wash: ’And he’s bi-curious’, Vanoss in another videos asking if certain people are his boyfriends -never girlfriends, may I say. Of course, you have to take into account it could be all jokes considering Del seems to be easy to ‘pick on’ as the BBS tend to do it to him all the time. But I still find it weird they do.


My poor shipper heart

I’ll let you go back to your shipping lives. 

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Buster Keaton, for instance, protested to the end of his days that he had no notion of what his admirers were talking about when they spoke, as Andrew Sarris did, of his “cerebral” qualities, or when they detected a pervasive surrealism in his films that - considering the period in which the films were made - virtually placed him in the avant-garde.  "I was just trying to get laughs" was his constant and stubborn answer to questions.  Keaton was, in fact, a brilliant analyst of film, as his dazzling film-within-a-film in Sherlock Jr. indicates: the sequence illustrates basic theories of continuity and cutting more vividly and with greater precision than theorists themselves have ever been able to do.  But the analysis is not in Keaton’s head.  It is in the film.  He went past cerebration and worked only with the thing itself, creating what amounts to theory out of his body, his camera, his fingers, a pair of scissors.  Art is often something done before it is something thought: Keaton’s impulses were not only stronger but more accurate than any verbal formulation he might have chosen to offer for them.  

- Walter Kerr on film artist Buster Keaton, The Silent Clowns, Alfred A. Knopf: New York, 1975, p. 98


<p>Hello ^^ I’m Lily, or fox-of-november according to my Tumblr. Sorry if I missed the event, but I can at least try lolol. (Sorry for the drawing and my face. Didn’t feel like making much more than a sketch) <p>I found out about mystic messenger by seeing it a lot on Instagram, and I decided to try it out. I love the game dearly, and it’s been a lot of fun to talk to people about the game both online and offline with people. </p> <p>I’m a 16 year old girl living in the suburbs, so I’m really unique obviously (sarcasm). Anyways, I love to draw a lot, although I don’t post it on Tumblr, I do it on Instagram. I really love music, although I’m not that great at it. I’m what I like to call the “silent class clown”, since I’m always the one making jokes and being entertaining, but only the few people I’m sitting by ever hear me. I accidentally get people in trouble that way, whoops. I’m very competitive, but I love to play casual games. I’ve been in a lot of fandoms, but I think this might be the fandom I’ve been a part of the most, or at least the second. That’s a little bit about me, and also thank you all for being part of this amazing fandom!! I love you guys.


A Space Clown captured by Outer Mimes may be exposed to a vial of the mysterious ‘Striped Liquid’ and begin a silent transformation. The result is an Outer Mime that is much more animated in its movements than the norm, but is otherwise mute.

On the other hand, an Outer Mime can begin the startling metamorphosis into a Space Clown after having a clown patch attached to them, or being bitten by a particularly venomous clown. This creates an eerily silent Space Clown.

Each of these methods of forced conversion are also effective on humans.

“Don’t anyone move… Looks like you walked straight into a mime-field”

Okay I know technically Brawl Hall is the hall that fights back against the Joker and the Joker’d students but I couldn’t resist drawing this. I can never resist drawing Kailani as a villain, plus Kailani would be stubborn enough to try and charge in head first ultimately getting Joker’d herself. I was going to give her a more Jester look but her normal outfit just screamed mime. And lets be real, Mimes are just black and white silent clowns. Ignore my tragic attempt at drawing an invisible bat.