silent art auction


April 29, 2017


The Lawsons’ first “Wearable Art Gala” held at the California African American Museum in Los Angeles, CA.

According to Ms. Tina, she is going as Mother Earth, while Beyoncé, Kelly, and Solange will be the Vanna Whites of the night.


Hey, I need your help! ❤

My mom needs a bit of encouragement and I just thought, who better to ask then my amazing followers that lift me up and keep me inspired every day?!

My mom ( I call her mom, but her name is Jennifer) and I were talking the other day and she informed me that she had very little motivation to paint anymore. When I asked her why, she told me it was because she was doing craft shows and she had an outlet to sell her paintings. Now she has decided to go back to school and get a degree while also holding down a job! So she has no time for craft shows and her paintings keep building up!

I know my mother and how she is about creativity, because I am the same way. If I don’t have an outlet or way to be creative, I start to loose interest in everything! Being able to create is emotionally important like food or water is for my health. My mom has always been the same way! So obviously, hearing that she was beginning to lose interest in painting (her creative outlet) worried me!

My mother has already raised three children by herself. But there is no stopping her! Now she is perusing her own life again and I think that is wonderful and inspirational! That’s why I want to inspire her to keep painting, because I know it drives her passion to live life, just like being creative does the same for me!

I have been thinking about what I could do to prove to her that she is very talented and doesn’t need to stop painting! I decided to pick a few of my favorite paintings by her and share them with everyone! But also, I want to show her that her paintings are worth something more than just the space they take up! That’s why I am selling each piece!

It is quite simple really, and although tumblr is in no way involved, the staff has given me permission to sell them! Yay!

I do not want to price each piece because I feel as though the buyer should have the option to evaluate what it is worth to them, personally!

Each piece was painted on white canvas and she used an assortment of paints in each peice! To find information about the indivudal paintings, click on their photo!

If you are interested,
feel free to send an email to with the painting you’re interested in and your offer! The last day to submit your offer is Wednesday, August 19th! Once all the offers have been received, the paintings will go to the highest bidders! So basically, it’s an online silent auction! There is no money exchange at all, simply place your bid via email. (Feel free to send lots of love her way too, she will see it!) If you are the highest bidder, payment options will be discused at that time via email. Good luck!

I really think my mothers paintings are beautiful and I think someone else might enjoy them as well, it’s just a matter of finding the right person! That person might be you!

-Elliott Alexzander


Two awesome pieces done by Steve Ahn, assistant director on Legend of Korra!!! Thank you Steve~

*for Silent Art Auction held August 22 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm @Animation Guild in Burbank, CA*

New York, NY:  Make sure to check out Flood The Art Market SIlent Auction and Party which opens tonight at Cristin Tierney Gallery.  The show will feature works by artists including Angela Boatwright, Cycle, Evoker, Adam Horovitz, Larry Krone, Mr. Kiji, Jor OneMike Giant, Morning Breath, and tons more!

Elegant and beautiful print by Mac George, designer at Disney Feature Animation!!! Thanks so much Mac~

*for Silent Art Auction held August 22 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm @Animation Guild in Burbank, CA*