silent allie

The Keeper of Names

Do you remember who I am?
That’s a shame.
We have met many times. And each time, I talk with you about the same thing.

There is a staff member that is a silent ally to the students of Elsewhere University.

There is a staff member who, once they learn of the staff member’s existence, is feared by the staff and professors before promptly being forgotten.

There is a staff member who is, above all else, coveted by the Gentry of Elsewhere University.

The official title is Administrator of University Affairs and Services. The official duties include maintaining the registrar of students and employment records of the staff, outreach to the local community, and coordinating campus events. The official job description has many flowery words about “record maintenance” and “interdepartmental coordination between Admissions and Human Resources.”

The official job description says nothing of the runes carved into flesh with an iron knife and bandaged with a poultice of salt and crushed blooms of Solomon’s Seal for the protection of the body.
The official job description says nothing of the blood pact sealed with the Librarians for protection of the mind.
Because they are the Keeper of Names. And the official job description says nothing of how it means sacrificing your own Name, for the protection of the soul. For the protection of all.

The position itself used to be two separate roles - Academic Affairs and University Services, before being combined after a particularly clever Noble learned the Name of the Director of University Services and used it to leverage the Name of the Director of Academic Affairs and Admissions. The Noble used this knowledge to steal the names of several students and staff members, sparking a Quest for their return. Following the conclusion of the Quest, the University Administration felt it prudent to take measures to ensure this wielding of Names against staff could never happen again.

How do I know all this about the Keeper?

A better question:
Do you remember who I am?
That’s a shame.


friendly reminder that shipping isn’t activism or being an ally!!!! not shipping a ship because they’re lgbt means you’re homophobic, shipping lgbt couples is just shipping. it’s not an extraordinary act of support or acceptance, especially when the shipping becomes fetishization. if you ‘love gay people’ please help us by speaking out against homophobia and transphobia instead of staying silent. being an ally is an action, not a label


CHARACTER : Rock Star!Seb

AUTHOR : loricameback / loriwrites

GENRE : Pining, smut, not really fluff, not really angst. Seb’s a hot singer, just go with that!!





The roar of the Mustang’s engine told me that Jack was here for our date. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I stood up straight as I smoothed down the black dress with my hands and said confidently, “This is a good idea, Ally. You’re not doing anything wrong.” I picked up my gold hoops, clasping them through my earlobes as I walked to the door. If guys can date two girls at a time, I can date two guys. Seb never wanted to be exclusive anyway.

Sebastian. Singer of The Scarlett Falcon, only the most popular band in town. And the man is sex on legs. His brown hair, so soft, lays right on his shoulders, and his eyes, his blue eyes…just full of mischief when he sings to you. But I think the best thing I like about him is his lips. Those red, full, always smirking lips. And must he ALWAYS lick them? Seriously is it really that hot on stage? Of course the man has an awesome physique : he fills his jeans perfectly in every way possible, and his biceps…damn…

“Ally, hello?” Jack was knocking the second…third time? Squeezing my eyes shut I called out, “Coming Jack!” Damnit Ally. You can’t sit around pining for Seb. God knows he isn’t for you.

One more look in the mirror by the door, and another reminder that dating two guys is acceptable, I opened the door and saw Jack. Jack Jacobs, six foot one, blond hair, brown eyes, and the sweetest guy I’d ever met. In his black pants and light blue shirt he looked as handsome as ever. Leaning forward to kiss my cheek, he said, “Hey Ally, I thought you jumped ship!” “Nah. I never pass up free food.” I giggled and rolled my eyes as he put his hand on the small of my back and led me to his car.


Jack pulled into the parking lot of Sam’s Bar and frowned as he turned off the engine. “I know you want to keep things casual right now Ally, but a *bar?*

With a small smile I said, “It’s a restaurant too.” Jack narrowed his eyes as he sighed in defeat. He helped me out of the car and put his arm around my waist. “You win. You always win little one.”

The smile froze on my face. Sebastian calls me little one. I swallowed hard, then became upset. So what? He probably calls all of his women ‘little one.’ Pffft, probably can’t remember our names.

“Do I go first? I’m a gentleman Ally. After you.” I blinked and focused my attention on Jack who was motioning his hand by the open door.

Smiling awkwardly, I looked down and back up at him. “Sorry Jack. Of course.” Again with his hand on the small of my back he followed me in. I silently cursed myself. ‘Damnit Ally!! Get a grip! You’re with Jack. Quit thinking about…well, just quit!’

I didn’t want to tell Jack, but the reason I like it here so much is because of the bartender Mackie. We went to college together and became good friends by being in the same study group for American History. Speaking of..

“Jack! Come over to the bar. I want you to meet someone before we get a table!!’ My face broke out into a huge smile as I grabbed Jack’s hand and literally pulled him. Mackie caught sight of me.

“ALLY GIRL!!” He ran to the end of the bar and headed towards me with open arms. Jack let go of me and backed up with a look of horror on his face.

Mackie scooped me up and spun me around. “MAAAACKIEEEE!!” My head fell back and I almost choked trying to catch my breath. He carefully put me down and I grabbed his arm to steady myself. “Easy on the Mack attacks damnit. We’re not in college anymore.”

Mackie wide charming smile broke out when he nudged me, “We ain’t dead yet either baby.” He looked over my head and he quickly turned apologetic. “Oh hey, sorry man, she’s still in one piece.”

I turned to see my annoyed date. Can’t say that I blame him. I reached out to grab his arm. “Jack! I’m sorry! This…obviously…is my friend Mackie. Harmless…to strangers anyway!”

Jack offered his hand. “Mackie.”

Mackie returned the handshake with a smile. “Don’t listen to her Jack. It’s nice to meet you. Let me get you two a drink.”

As he went back behind the bar, I quietly said, “I’m sorry Jack. I didn’t know he was gonna do that.”

“It’s ok Ally, really. Why don’t you go find somewhere to sit and I’ll bring our drinks.” He kissed me gently on the lips, nodded and walked to the bar.

“Did you even notice on the sign that there was gonna be a band tonight?” I asked after my second beer. The room was crowded, it was getting harder and harder to make conversation. We were sitting stage right and had a great view of whoever would be playing. I moved side to side in my chair unable to see the drumset as it looked like something was covering half of the bass drum. “Jack! Can you see the name of the band?”

He entwined his fingers with mine and smiled before he leaned to look. Squinting hard it took him a few seconds, then he said, “It looks like the top word is Scar and the bottom word starts with…” Jack looked again and said “F-A-L?”

My hand went limp in his and a chill went through me. No. It can’t be. Here? Tonight? I nodded, hoping my poker face was indeed a poker face. Leaning in to speak over the crowd, “Excuse me. I have to use the restroom.” Jack nodded as I got up.

My face was burning. Was he here? In the crowd? I couldn’t even look up. I didn’t want to. The restroom stalls were taken, but it really didn’t matter. I just needed to get away. Need to breathe.

What is wrong with me? I’m going nuts over a guy I’ve been out with only a few times. Why do I care so much? Down past the sinks was a paper towel dispenser. I groaned as I walked to take a few and turned on the spigot for cold water. Patting my face with the damp towels, I slouched backwards onto the sink. ‘You’re being a moron. Jack is gorgeous and sweet. And he likes you!’ I swung around, satisfied with my reasoning, and after checking my hair and makeup in the mirror, went back to the table.

Jack stood up when I came back. “Your mom taught you how to treat a girl, didn’t she Jack?” I gave him a broad smile as I sat down.

He blushed and rubbed his chin, adorably embarrassed. “Well, not really. It’s common sense I believe that women should be adored, treated with respect, ya know. But still, my mother would kick my butt if I ever acted like a caveman.” His smile made his brown eyes shine.

“Remind me to hug your mom if I ever meet her.” I smiled shyly as he picked up my hand and kissed my knuckles.

“YOU GUYS READY TO ROCK?!!” Sebastian’s voice boomed through the amplifiers drowning out the crowd. Everyone’s attention went to the stage and they started cheering. Holy…shit!! Sebastian looked amazing! Tight black jeans with holes in the knees, a tee shirt that said something with rock n roll on it. I couldn’t see the entire thing because of the black leather jacket. Was he this good looking before? It has the leather jacket. My lord, that jacket just oozes sex.

Nothing else had changed. Of course it’s only been 3 months since I’ve seen him. Ninety days. One hundred twenty nine thousand and six hundred minutes. Jesus Ally. I facepalmed on the table. Nope. I don’t give a flyin fuck about him do I? Yeah, you keep telling yourself that stupid, you MIGHT believe it someday!

“ALLY!!” Jack leaned over and shook my arm, and I looked up out of sorts but smiling awkwardly.

“YO!” Holy Christ Ally, did you just say ‘yo?’

Jack flared his nostrils as he moved his head back with a comical look on his face. Holding up his beer bottle, he mouthed, “Another?”

I nodded. Another six pack? Another case? Sure. Please. NOW!! I watched him go thinking ‘why did I think I could date two guys at one time?’ ‘Am I still even dating Sebastian?’ ‘Jack and I should just get outta here.’ But I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed. My eyes wandered to Sebastian. Grabbing that microphone stand and almost rubbing it against his crotch. I pinched the bridge of my nose and closed my eyes.!!!

And then I opened my eyes to look directly into those blue ones. He never faltered singing, but his usual devious, teasing eyes turned soft. Fuck…me! I was done. He drew me in.

“Here ya go.” The bottle was placed in front of me and I stared it like I had no idea what it was. Looking up at Jack as he sat down, I was glad he didn’t notice. He took my hand and squeezed it. “THIS BAND IS REALLY GOOD!” Tapping his other hand to the beat, he turned around to watch and I noticed Sebastian wasn’t looking anymore. Well, that was good…for at least a few seconds.

“THIS NEXT SONG IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES. AND IT’S NOT AN ORIGINAL OF OURS.” There were chuckles from the audience, and I bit my lip to try to hold back a smile. IT’S A COVER SONG FROM PRINCE CALLED “I WANT YOU.” AND I’D LIKE TO DEDICATE THIS SONG TO A GIRL…A SPECIAL GIRL CLOSE TO MY HEART.“ I furrowed my brows. Is he seriously looking at me? No smirk…just a sincere, heartfelt look? OK Ally, wishful thinking.

As soon as the song started I felt like I was in the fuckin movie of all things. Of course Prince was way more passionate about Apollonia then Seb with me, but I was getting goosebumps nonetheless. Seb sang to the audience, his face was so full of anger. “DO YOU WANT HIM?!!”


My eyes were wet, I was shivering from the blaze in his eyes when he glared at me…

“CAUSE I WANT YOU!!!” Yep, he pointed right at me, sneering. “I WANT YOU!!!” I couldn’t take it. I got up and tried my best to get to the door as fast as I could between the tables and people, and pretty unsteady at that after three beers.

“ALLY! WAIT!! ALLYYYY!!!” I had made it outside and it was as if it was the first time I could actually breathe since I saw Sebastian’s face. I wanted to throw up but I wouldn’t give Sebastian the satisfaction of seeing that. He grabbed my arm.

“LET ME…” It was Jack. I was ashamed to admit that I was disappointed. But of course Sebastian wouldn’t come out here. Pffft, that song was probably a joke. Yeah, make me choose you and then turn around and laugh in my face, just so he could see me dump a guy for his sorry ass.

“AAAAHHHHHH!!!” I let out a scream, leaned against the wall and cried in my hands.

“Ally, what is it? Please, what can I do?” Jack pulled my hands down and swiped the tears from my face.

I shook my head and smiled softly. “Nothing Jack. I’m sorry. Can you just get Mackie for me please.” I cupped Jack’s face. “This has nothing to do with you.” Liar. “I just…

“Ally.” Jack took me in his arms. “It’s ok. Do you want me to stay? Or I could call you tomorrow?”

I pulled out of his arms and looked at him quizzically. “You want to leave?”

Jack was very kind and softhearted when he looked at me. “Ally, I saw what happened in there. I’m almost positive that everyone in that bar knows that song was regarding you.” He kissed my cheek. “I’ll get Mackie and you and Mr. Rock Star figure out what you two are doing with your lives, hmm?”

I stood shocked. OK, recap: Sebastian ruins my life with that song, Jack and I aren’t dating anymore, and I suppose I have to face Sebastian now. “Why couldn’t I just let him take me to a restaurant?”

Mackie came strutting out the door. “I don’t know, why couldn’t you?” He shook his head at me and smirked as he put his hand up on the wall leaning beside me. “Girl, you sure know how to make a scene.”

I slid over and hugged him. “Damnit Mack. I hate you.”

“No, you love me because I’m the only guy who puts up with your shit. Now what the hell is going on Al?”

I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bench nearby and took a deep breath. “Did you know Seb and I went out a few times?”

Mackie’s eyes widened. “Uh…noooo.”

“Apparently you weren’t watching him sing the last song. Well anyway…”

The door flung open and Sebastian ran out like a wild animal looking both ways, then saw me. I sighed in frustration, burying my head in my hands. “You want me to stay Al?”

I peered at Mackie. “No. I got this.”

He stood up, sizing Sebastian up as he walked past him and grunted. I shook my head and smiled. Men! Sebastian had taken his jacket off and I inwardly whimpered. Jesus, he’s been working out. Those arms look awesome. “What.” He slowly approached me, no smirk, no attitude, just…concern?

“I don’t really know what to say ri…”

“Are you KIDDING me?! Do you want a microphone and an audience? That would work huh?” I wasn’t holding back. He’s gonna take his anger out on me in there, well…it was my turn.

“Ally, why are you so angry at ME? I’m the one that’s been trying to get over you for months!”

I stood up and approached him. “EXCUSE ME?!! I GAVE YOU MY NUMBER.” Sebastian looked at me like he was about to be attacked by a bear. “We weren’t exclusive, sure, but what are you talking about? I gave you my number and you never called. Anyway, don’t you have enough groupies to go out with?”

His face relaxed and that damn smirk appeared. “Well, you have Mr. Tall, Blonde and Preppy. So why are YOU angry at ME?”

Because I’m crazy about you. Because you didn’t call. Because I wanna fuck you against this wall and I’m trying to hate you. “You know what Seb. It doesn’t really matter. We went out what…twice?” I shrugged. “No biggie. You apparently didn’t think much of me because you never called, so…see ya around.” I pushed past him, but he spun me around and his lips crashed on mine, a low moan coming from deep within his throat. I tried to fight it, but who was I kidding. His tongue slid through my lips, controlling me, leaving me weak.

“Now listen Ally! You and I went to dinner at Charlie’s Bistro, remember?” Our noses were almost touching, his eyes desperate.

I think about it every day jerk. “Vaguely.”

“After dinner, we went to my brother’s house and walked down to the lake where I played guitar and sang to you.” He nodded slowly. My eyes were welling up. It was beautiful. Frickin romantic and beautiful.

My chin trembled. I couldn’t look him in the eyes when I whispered yes.

“I asked for your number in between songs, but my phone was at the house and I wanted to get it then so I wouldn’t forget it later, but you wanted to stay. You said…”

“Keep playin rock star. I’ll remember.” I was in a daze. My shoulders slumped. He was right. He DIDN’T have my number. I slowly looked up and met his gaze. His beautiful blue eyes. Those smiling lips. I cupped his jaw running my thumb over his bottom lip. “Three months wasted.” I pulled him in close by the nape of his neck and kissed him slowly. People walked out of the bar some catcalling, but we didn’t care. We had three months to make up for.

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White Rabbit - Twenty

Spencer spent another night on the pull out couch in Alice’s apartment, the pair having gone upstairs immediately after her and Ellen had seemingly made amends. Alice had walked straight into her kitchenette, pulling out a bottle of vodka and taking a hit directly from the bottle, before pouring some into a glass and adding coke. She offered the drink to Spencer and he shook his head.

“Could I just have the coke by itself?” he definitely shouldn’t be drinking whilst he was meant to be watching over her. She poured him a tall glass of coke, adding ice cubes before passing it to him. She took another long pull of her drink and set it down on the counter.

“Would you believe that I’d never been drunk before until I was 24 years old.”

“Really?” Reid was surprised, but then almost as soon as the words left his mouth he realised why she probably hadn’t been drunk.

“Yup. Alcohol was deemed unnecessary. We had wine at matching ceremonies and things but it was rationed out. When I came back, I didn’t dare take anything that would impair my senses or reactions at first. It was only last year when Ellen and Robert threw a dinner party for his work colleagues that I experienced the feeling of being inebriated. One of his associates kept refilling my glass and I passed out in the down stairs bathroom after vomiting in the sink. Ellen yelled at me for an hour the next day, like I was a kid.”

“I’ve never really drank much either. I was too young to get into bars when I was in college so I’ve never really had that whole experience.”

She downed the rest of her drink and then yawned, rubbing her eyes. “I’m going to shower and then turn in. Make yourself at home.”

She went into the bathroom and Spencer set about pulling out the couch again, straightening the covers and slipping his shoes, jacket and tie off. He was tired as well but he’d wait for her to get into her bed before he settled in. He placed his gun on the floor at the side of the pull out, wondering if he’d wake up to find it by her bed again.

When she came out, she was dressed in pajamas this time and she came and hovered by the couch.

“Spencer…..I just wanted to say thank you. For believing me.”

She turned away and walked between the bookcases to her sleeping area, flicking off the lamps that were on in there after she’d climbed in between the sheets. Reid got himself ready for bed and switched off the remaining lights before settling down. The pair were asleep almost instantly.

At around 3am Spencer woke up with a start, to see a shape standing by his mattress. He froze, trying to figure out if he could reach down for his gun undetected, but then he realised it wasn’t an intruder. It was Alice.

“Ally?” Spencer whispered softly, carefully pulling back his covers and setting his feet onto the floor; pulling himself into a seating position.

Alice didn’t move or respond. Spencer stood up and lowered his face to hers trying to see her eyes in the dark. They were wide and glassy and her breathing was heavy.

“Ally… ”


She was sleepwalking, she had to be. Spencer touched her shoulders gently, turning her around and lightly pushing her in the direction of her bed.

“Let’s get you back to bed, Alice.”

He walked behind her, his hand on her lower back until he reached her bed. And that’s when he smelt it.

Ammonia. He touched the bed sheets lightly, grimacing when he felt the damp patch roughly where her bottom would have lain. Wiping his hand on his own shirt, Spencer pondered his predicament.

As he straightened back up he noticed that she was only wearing a long t-shirt again. The pajama bottoms she’d been wearing to bed had been discarded onto the floor and as he bent over to feel them, he noticed they were damp too. Alright, so at least he didn’t have to worry about trying to wake her up to get her to change, she’d taken them off herself. He grabbed her pillows and led her back to the couch.

“Bedtime again Ally, time to get in.”

She climbed into the bed without question and curled up into a ball, her eyes closing as soon as her head hit the pillow. Carefully, Spencer placed her pillows at her back, creating a makeshift barrier between them before he climbed back in next to her. This had the potential to be extremely awkward the next morning but he’d worry about that then.

It didn’t take a genius to work things out. The majority of adult bed wetting happened when the person was either so hammered that they couldn’t control their bodily functions, or if that person was highly stressed out and anxious. Add that to the sleepwalking and it was obvious that the last few days were taking their toll on the girl. Sometimes her exterior would seem so calm and collected and other times she seemed to crack immediately, her yelling at her sister and running off being an example.

He needed her to be strong though.

They all did.

When Alice woke up the next day she was confused. She wasn’t in bed and she wasn’t wearing bottoms. Instead she was lying on the couch, a mountain of pillows between her and Dr Reid. It was still early but she felt like she’d slept for a year so she crawled out of the bed gingerly and padded across to her bed. She smelt it straight away, urine drying in the air.


She felt embarrassed and ashamed, her face colouring as she realised what had happened. When she’d first returned, she wet the bed often. She knew it was a sign of anxiety and stress and she eventually managed to get it under control but it had been a horrific few months of flipping her mattress on an almost daily basis and trying to hide her soiled sheets from her sister and Robert. Eventually they found out, the stench became too strong and Ellen investigated, finding the stained mattress. It was then that Alice was told she’d been sleepwalking as well, turning up in Robert and Ellen’s bed room in the middle of the night. She had no recollection of that at all. They bought her a new mattress and she went to a few therapy sessions, refusing to talk about what was causing the stress but accepting the help in learning the breathing techniques to try to manage it. She’d been dry for over three years now, the way she thought an adult should be. And now she’d wet herself with an FBI agent in the room. He knew, he had to. Otherwise she’d have been put back into her own bed.

She stripped the bed quietly, pulling on the now dry bottoms to complete the task. She’d shower and toss them in the wash once she was done. She filled a bowl with warm water and bleach, sponging the mattress down lightly and leaving the bed unmade, she’d have to remake it later, once the mattress was dry. She piled the sheets by her door and sloped off into the shower, coming out twenty minutes later and adding her pajamas to the pile. She dressed herself again, ready for the day and when she left her sleeping area fully clothed Alice could see that Spencer was awake.

He eyed her carefully, his gaze flicking to the bare bed and back.

“Are you okay?” he asked her.

“I’m okay. Erm. Listen, I’m kinda embar… ”

“Don’t be please,” Spencer cut her off. “It’s perfectly natural in times of high stress. Sometimes our bodies are overwhelmed and we can’t control them the way we could normally. You did give me quite a fright when I woke up and you were standing next to the couch though.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t remember anything, I don’t even remember dreaming.”

“That’s common too in sleep walking.”

“I know. I read about it when Ellen told me I was doing it. I don’t think I do it often, but then again I don’t remember.”

Spencer and Ally were silent for a moment, before Spencer climbed off the pull out and went to get himself ready for the day.

“Alice, we’ve listened to the recording from last night. No matter what happens, you will NOT be prosecuted for the murder of Katie, I want to make that much clear. But we still have a number of questions for you today. Starting with what happened after Katie died. Can you tell us?”

Alice, Reid and Rossi were back in the interview room. Ellen and Robert Manchester had accompanied them in again and were the other side of the mirror, listening with Agent Hotchner.

Alice nodded. “They made me… They made me cut her tattoo away. That’s how I knew they did that. Apparently they hadn’t always done that but Lewis said it was important, so that she couldn’t be traced back to the compound.”

Alice closed her eyes momentarily and when she opened them again Reid saw that they were full of tears. There was something else there too though, another emotion and when she spoke again, Reid recognised it as burning anger.

“They made me kneel next to the body of a girl I’d lived with for four years, and take a knife to her neck and slice off her skin. The person I thought loved me MADE do me that. And I did it. I know what type of person that makes them but what does it make me? I complied.”

Rossi beat Spencer to it, “It makes you someone that was doing whatever they could to survive.”

Alice just shook her head.

“What happened next, what did they do with them body?”

“I don’t know. Eric was told to take me back to the house after that. I could barely walk, I was shaking that much. Marnie had to wash me, put me in the tub and wash the blood off my hands, I couldn’t do it. I asked her though….. She said she didn’t know what they’d do with Katie because her family were here. All the others though, were taken and left. Lewis had this thing, he said that they couldn’t be buried near us because they were no longer our family, but he left them so that they could be reunited with their own. It never made any sense to me considering how hard he worked to keep the compound a secret, surely dumping bodies in the surrounding area was bound to draw attention to the National Park?”

Dr Reid and Agent Rossi shared a look. So that was why the bodies weren’t hidden. In some odd way, Lewis thought that he was the right thing by allowing the corpses to be found so that their families could claim them and bury them. And Alice was right, it had attracted attention to the National Park, just not enough attention for the FBI to launch a full on investigation previously.

“What happened after that Alice?”

“I ran. That’s the night I left.”

In a Name: Ch 20

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You shivered for the countless time. At first you had considered trying to count each one, to see if it might help you ignore the cold somehow, but you’d quickly lost track.
Henrik’s constant angry muttering beside you did nothing to improve your mood.

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I really think that silent, nameless ally in the Belly of the Weblum was Prince Lotor. Because I was rewatching the series and it suddenly smacked me across the face so then I started looking through pictures of the prince. But seriously, look at that hand, look at the red and blue markings on the suit that I think I remember seeing on Prince Lotor’s suit. Like I dunno guys

Allison- Choose Me

Request-  an allison imagine please inspired by merder from grey’s anatomy where meredith says, “pick me, choose me, love me” to derek? you can decide who says that if it’s y/n or allison. THANK YOU

A/N- You’re welcome! Enjoy!

Allison headed down the hallway to meet you, carrying her books in her arms. She could see you down the hall, gathering your things from you locker for the end of the day, and she felt her breath catch in her throat. It was the little things about you that seemed to steal the air from her lungs, like the way you tucked your hair behind your ear or softly smiled to yourself.
She loved being your best friend, but if she was being honest, she had always wanted more. Things between you were complicated, at least from her side of things, and she wasn’t sure if she would ever admit that she wanted you, especially because you weren’t hers to have.
She watched from down the hall as a guy came up from behind and wrapped his arms around you. You looked slightly annoyed as your boyfriend bent down and started to kiss you repeatedly, and Allison watched as you waved him off.
“Cut it out,” she could hear you telling him as you got closer.
“Aw, come on,” he complained. “You’re not still mad about what happened last week, are you?”
“No,” you told him, but just from the tone of your voice, Allison could tell it was a lie.
She walked up to you, smiling brightly. “Hey, Y/n!”
“Hey,” you told her.
Your face lit up at the sight of her, and all the tension seemed to fall right off your shoulders. Allison was one of those rare people who could brighten your day with just her smile. She was your best friend, and the strongest, most loyal one you had ever had. You rarely argued, and if you did, it was always over your boyfriend.
“Hi Wesley,” Allison said tightly.
“Allison,” he greeted her, frowning as he turned back to you. “You wanna come over tonight, babe?”
“Can’t,” you told him, “Allison and I are having our Netflix marathon.”
Wesley frowned. “You’re gonna ditch me?”
“It’s not like you haven’t ditched her,” Allison stated, raising her eyebrows at him.
Wesley narrowed his eyes at her, and you quickly spoke up. “Sorry. We already had plans. We’ll hang out tomorrow, okay?”
“Alright,” he relented, leaning down to kiss your forehead. “I’ll see you later.”
“See you later,” you muttered, watching as he walked back down the hall.
“‘You’re not still made about what happened last week?’” Allison quoted with a scoff. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
“Allison,” you groaned.
“Y/n, come on,” she complained.
“Save it,” you told her softly. “I know he probably cheated on me at that party. Okay? But it’s just…sometimes I need a break from all the death and the monsters. He’s that break. He’s normal.”
Allison sighed. “He’s a piece of shit.”
“He’s not that bad,” you insisted.
“Y/n,” Allison repeated.
You sighed. “I know, I know. He’s an asshole, I deserve better. You’ve told me a million times.”
“You know I’m only saying this because I care about you,” Allison reminded you.
“I know,” you told her, reaching out to touch her arm. “But could you spare me the lecture for a night? I kind of want to focus on someone else’s relationship drama for once, and I’m dying to know what happens to Meredith and Derek.”
Allison smiled. “Grey’s marathon it is.”
“Thank you,” you told her, shutting your locker and slinging your arm around her shoulders. “Have I told you how much I love you?”
“Mm, yes,” Allison remarked. “But it wouldn’t hurt to hear you say it again.”
You grinned at her. “Allison Argent, you are my very best friend, not to mention a kickass hunter, and even though you nag me enough to make my head hurt, I love you so much that it hurts. Or that could just be the nagging. Either way, I love you.”
She rolled her eyes. “I didn’t say you had to give a speech.”
“Yeah, but you liked it,” you told her, squeezing her shoulders.
“I did,” she agreed, reaching up with one hand to squeeze back.
You sighed happily and headed down the hall with Allison by your side. After all the supernatural drama with the Dread Doctors and the Beast, you needed this night more than anything. It had been terrifying watching Allison almost die the year before, and ever since then, you promised yourself you would always make time for her. No matter how much Wesley tried to convince you otherwise, these nights belonged to you and Allison.

You peeled off your clothes the minute you set foot in Allison’s room, and changed into the comfy pajamas you had brought. Allison smiled. “Someone’s excited.”
“And you’re not?” you asked with raised eyebrows. “You get to see me with my shirt off, and that’s a treat for anyone.”
Allison rolled her eyes, but you had no idea how much she agreed with you. She quickly changed into her pajamas and pulled her hair up into a messy bun. When you were both nice and comfortable, you headed into the kitchen to make some snacks.
“So where’s your dad?” you asked curiously. “Usually he’s in here telling us to keep our sobs quiet.”
Allison smiled. “He went to go have a beer with Derek. I think he got tired of trying to explain that it’s just a TV show.”
“He probably also got tired of us trying to explain to him that’s it not,” you said with a grin. “Since when are Derek and your dad buddies?”
Allison shrugged. “After everything that happened with the Nogitsune, I guess they just realized that they didn’t have to be enemies.”
“That’s good…and kind of weird,” you commented, rooting through her cabinets and pulling out a bag of popcorn. “They were trying to kill each other at one point.”
Allison smiled as she watched you move around her kitchen with ease. You were totally comfortable in her apartment, almost as if it were your home too. She grabbed a bag of chocolate chips from the cupboard and found a bowl, and when the popcorn beeped, she mixed the two together.
“I think I like it better this way,” Allison said.
“Yeah, me too,” you agreed. “Now I’ve got you all to myself.”
Allison’s smile widened. She liked the sound of that.
The two of you raided the cupboards for another minute, and when you finally had enough junk food to give even an olympian high cholesterol, you settled down on her couch.
You eagerly snatched the remote from the coffee table and curled up next to her. Then you reached behind you to grab a warm blanket that the Argent’s kept draped over the couch, and as you scrolled through Netflix, you spread it over the both of you.
“Do you think he’ll sign the papers?” Allison asked you as you hit play.
“I don’t know,” you said thoughtfully. “He obviously wasn’t that into her in the first place if he was sleeping with Meredith. I think he should sign.”
“Me too,” Allison agreed, moving a little closer to you.
“But I guess saying that makes me kind of a hypocrite,” you realized softly. “I mean, Wesley doesn’t love me and I’m still with him.”
Allison frowned. “Y/n…”
You sighed. “No, it’s okay. I just…at first I wanted someone who was normal, you know? Someone who could just make me forget about all the werewolves and the attacks…but now I’m starting to realize that there’s no point if he doesn’t even make me happy. I want someone who I can call in the middle of the night and know they’ll pick up because they get that it’s important. I want someone to watch movies with and cuddle and not have to worry about whether or not I’m really the one they want.”
“Y/n, you’ll have all of that one day,” Allison promised. “You’re amazing, and one day, someone is going to realize that and scoop you up before anyone else has a chance to get their hands on you. And you’ll know that they’re the one for you.”
You smiled softly and looked over at her. “That’s sweet, Allison.”
“It’s true,” she said, wrapping an arm around your shoulders to give you a quick hug. “Now, come on. You wanted a lecture free night. Let’s just focus on McDreamy.”
You nodded and turned back to the screen, but you couldn’t ignore how warm Allison felt next to you under the blanket. About halfway through the episode, it occurred to you that all those things you had said earlier described your best friend perfectly. Maybe you had been looking for someone in the wrong places. You wanted someone to make you happy, to be there for you when you needed them, but no one made you happier than Allison.
You swallowed thickly, trying to wrap your mind around the fact that you might be falling in love with your best friend. You glanced over at her and watched her brown eyes focusing on the screen, and you quickly looked away out of fear that she would notice.
There was no doubt Allison was beautiful, and she was amazing too, but what would she even say if you told her how you felt. Would she be upset? Would she think you were trying to ruin the friendship?
You froze suddenly. What the hell had you been thinking? You had a boyfriend. You were still with Wesley, no matter how unloyal he was, and you couldn’t believe you were actually entertaining the thought of being with your best friend.
You scooted a little farther away from Allison, and she shot you a questioning look, but you kept your eyes glued to the screen. You hoped she wasn’t weirded out, but luckily you managed to get through most of the episode without her even picking up on the fact that something was wrong. Okay, maybe she had, but you were ignoring it.
“Okay, here it is,” Meredith was saying on screen. “Your choice, it’s simple. Her or me. And I’m sure she’s really great, but, Derek, I love you…in a really, really big, pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio over my head outside your window, unfortunate way that makes me hate you…love you. So pick me. Choose me. Love me.”
You felt your breath catch in your throat as Meredith continued to talk, but it was those words that resonated with you. You couldn’t help but feel like you had to make a choice too, just like Derek. You had to decide who you would be with.
When the episode ended, you were silent.
“Oh my god,” Allison breathed. “That was intense.”
“Yeah,” you said softly.
“Y/n?” she asked suddenly. “What’s wrong?”
“I…I just, I’m really upset,” you lied. “He should sign those papers. He should divorce Addison, because he really loves Meredith. She’s the one he really wants, but he’s just too afraid to admit it to himself. And…and he needs to be honest. He should just do it.”
Your eyes began to water as you rambled, and Allison leaned in to pull you into a hug. “Hey, it’s okay. They’ll be together eventually…unless this is something else?”
She pulled away to glance down at you, and all you could do was stare at her brown eyes. “Y/n?”
Her lips were pressed together with worry, all pink and soft, and the way she said your name…it made you want to lean forward and kiss her. You knew you would regret it later, and you knew it would ruin everything, but despite your better judgement, you did.
You closed the short distance between you in a fraction of a second, gently grabbing her face and pressing your lips against hers. She felt your tears falling onto your cheeks and she wrapped her arms around your neck to pull you closer, finally getting what she had wanted for the longest time. You seemed to want it to, but before she could pull away and ramble out years worth of feelings, you panicked.
You jerked away, disconnecting your lips and accidentally knocking the blanket to the floor. “Oh my god. I-I’m sorry. I didn’t wanna do that-I didn’t…”
“Wait, Y/n-” she cried.
But you were already scrambling up from the couch and rushing back to her bedroom. Allison jumped up to follow you, and when she pushed open her bedroom door, she found you frantically stuffing your clothes into your backpack.
“Y/n, hold on,” she begged, grabbing your shaking hands and holding them in her own.
“No,” she told her quickly. “Look, Allison, I shouldn’t have done that. I ruined this. I-I ruined everything we have and…and I’m with Wesley!”
Allison stood there, stunned. “He’s that important to you?”
But she wasn’t asking the question she really wanted to. She wasn’t asking if he was more important than her.
“I…I don’t know,” you admitted. “I just…I need some time to figure this out. I’m sorry.”
The zipping of your bag cut through the silence, and Allison watched in shock as you swung it onto your shoulders and carefully brushed past her. She considered running after you, but when she heard that door slam, she knew it was no use.
She sank down onto her bed and put her face in her hands. Maybe she never should have kissed you back, but she had been lying to you for a long time about how she really felt. If she was being honest, it felt good to finally get that out in the open, even if it had driven you away.
After an hour of feeling sorry for herself, Allison decided that it didn’t matter that you were gone. She was going to do whatever it took to get you back, even if it meant telling you how she really felt.

You shut your locker nervously that Monday morning, praying that the universe would be kind and keep everyone away from you. You weren’t in the mood to talk, and Allison and your other friends could certainly tell from your lack of response to their texts. You even ignored Wesley after you hung up on him late Friday night, although most people would say that was normal.
When you heard someone clearing their throat behind you, you realized that the universe just wasn’t on your side that morning. You turned around to find your best friend standing there, her brown eyes warm and determined.
“Allison,” you began painfully. “I-”
“Please,” she cut you off. “Please just hear me out. I’m going to be honest with you, and I know I should have been a long time ago, but just listen. I promise if you don’t like what I have to say, then you can shun me all you want.”
You swallowed and your eyes to water, but you nodded anyway. “Okay.”
“Alright,” she began. “Y/n, we’ve been friends since I got here. You’ve been right next to me through the wolves, and the monsters, and you’re the best friend I’ve ever had. You know me better than anyone, and when I woke up in the hospital after getting stabbed, all I could think was thank god you’re here, because I couldn’t pretend to be strong anymore. I was terrified that day, but you didn’t mind. You understood that it’s okay to be afraid, and you let me know that.”
“Allison-” you whispered.
“Please,” she begged. “Just let me finish. You understood that it was okay for me to be afraid, so that’s what I’m doing now. I know you’re afraid, Y/n. I know that whatever you’re feeling, it scares you. But that’s okay, because I love you. I think I’ve been in love with you since I met you, and I know that what I’m asking is a lot, but I think you feel the same way. So I’m asking you, Y/n, please…pick me, choose me, love me. Not Wesley, not anyone else. Me.”
You had been staring at her wide-eyed, but when she used Meredith Grey’s words, you let out a soft, disbelieving laugh. She glanced at you nervously, but you simply stepped forward and placed your hand on her cheek. “Yes.”
“What?” she whispered. “Just like that?”
“Just like that,” you confirmed, leaning in to press your lips against hers. Allison reached out instantly, clinging to you and pulling you against her. You both reveled in that moment for a few seconds, melting into each other until she finally pulled away.
“Wait,” she murmured. “What about Wesley?”
“I broke up with him Friday,” you admitted. “I called him. He was pissed, but I told him I was in love with someone else. “
“You did?” Allison breathed, her face lighting up.
You nodded. “Yeah. And I’m sorry I freaked out on you like that. I just didn’t know what to do, but Allison, you’re right. I feel the exact same way.”
She smiled and pulled you into a hug, and you wrapped your arms around her. You closed your eyes as you buried your face in her hair, grateful that you didn’t have to give up your best friend. You had chosen Allison, because in the end, you always would.

“I would love to explain what’s going on with Normani. 

Over the last 4 years of being in the public eye, Normani Kordei has faced blatant and subtle racism from people who claim to be “fans” of the group. This has escalated over the last year as fans of one member, Camila Cabello, continue to harass Normani and attribute stereotypes to her simply based on her skin colour. Normani has been nothing but professional and courteous about her fellow band mate (something that various interviews and articles will confirm), however these “fans” of Camila insist of portraying Normani as the “angry black girl” which is a stereotype that’s very damaging and demoralizing for a young woman whose only goal is to spread love and positivity and inspire others. 

This past week, an interview was posted (link) in which Normani was asked to describe her band mates in a few words. She referred to Camila as “cute and quirky”, two words which Camila has been described as by almost everyone who knows her, including herself. However, fans of Camila (not the group as a whole) cyber bullied Normani over this answer as they weren’t “complimentary enough”. It is important to note that these same “fans” claim to defend Camila and have been doing so since Camila chose to embark on a solo career late last year. This cyber bullying and numerous articles written by media outlets led to Normani’s statement 2 days ago, captioned “Thoughts”.

However, the situation escalated to the point where graphic and horrific racially charged images were created directly aimed at Normani. These images were nothing short of traumatizing to anyone who’s seen them, let alone the person who it was aimed at (TRIGGER WARNING: 1 2 3 ) As these bullies continue to hide behind a Camila fan account, it was only fair to expect her to address the situation. Her acknowledgement that those were indeed her fans (“you don’t have to hate on someone else to support me”) fell flat when she chose not to address the situation outright and not mention Normani’s name, her fellow group member of FOUR years. Her tweets were indeed so vague that other celebrities were under the assumption those were general tweets as seen by Gina Rodriguez’ response (link). 

Normani has dealt with the racism she faces by being a member of Fifth Harmony on her own with no public support from her fellow band mates who appear to be outspoken on many social justice issues, including feminism but not something that affects their friend personally. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Normani has chosen to take a break from Twitter where she continues to be subjected to hate and racism as seen in her statement captioned “to my fans”. Almost 24 hours after her tweet, Normani has received support from Zendaya, Becky G and Keith Powers amongst others. She has also gone viral on tumblr in a post (link) where countless of people have shown their support. The main Fifth Harmony account has continued to stay silent, but Ally Brooke Hernandez and Lauren Jauregui have both posted a tweet showing their support in the past 2 hours. 

It is disheartening and upsetting that Fifth Harmony as a whole have made statements and addressed situations far less in severity than this one and promptly too. For example, they have backed and stood by their temporary security guard whilst on tour in Brazil (link) yet continue to ignore racism faced by their own group member. Seeing how easily they’ve dismissed racism faced by a black woman is upsetting especially to their black fans. Tweeting a hashtag (#WeLoveNormani) initially started by fans, is not a good enough response to cyber bullying so severe, Normani has had to step away from Twitter for the first time in her professional career to focus on her own well being. Fifth Harmony’s camp have also not addressed how they will deal with the constant harassment of one of their members. 

Camila’s fans have continued to equate comments Camila receives about her choice to make music outside of the group to racially charged hatred Normani receives for simply being in the group and existing. They have also contributed to countless micro aggressions towards Normani in which they continue to diminish and discredit her talents. These same fans are safe in the knowledge that their favourite member, Camila, continues to follow them on Twitter, engage with them in direct messages and show them love and support. 

For a group which actively claims they stand for feminism, I’m disappointed to say that they unfortunately don’t practice what they preach, at least not in a public manner. While we may not know what happens behind the scenes, their silence speaks volumes, especially the lack of responsibility from the root of this issue namely Camila Cabello and her fans.   

Sincerely, A Concerned and Disappointed Fan” 

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Oh my, I just read the mafia!AU and... could you do a continuation? Is so great and protective Tsukki is great. Thanks for your stories!

Ah, of course~ Thank you for reading!

“Oi! Tsukishima, we need to talk,” Tadashi flinches at Kageyama’s sharp voice, and Kei’s hand is instantly on his, rubbing soothing circles on the back of it. 

“Ok,” Kei says, and Kageyama’s eyes fall expectantly on Tadashi. 

“…Isn’t he going to leave?” 

“No,” Kei says, glaring Kageyama down, and if that glare were to be directed at him, Tadashi is sure his heart would stop permanently. “He’ll stay right here, by my side. Have a problem with that, King?” 

Kageyama grumbles, crossing his arms as a smile forms on his lips. “No. No, of course not. I completely understand needy slaves.” 

Kei growls, as if he’s about to say that Tadashi is not a slave when a nicer-looking blonde enters, smiling coldly. 

“Kageyama-kun, don’t anger Tsukishima. That isn’t what we’re here for.” 

“Yes, Sugawara-san…” 

“What are you here for?“ 

“We can’t just come visit out favorite ally?” 

Silent. Ally.” Kei says with hardened eyes, and Tadashi really doesn’t want to be involved in Kei’s business matters, but he really has no choice; Kei’s stuck true to his promise of not letting Tadashi out of his sight, that’s for sure. “I help you when you need me, and you help me you help me when I need you. So unless you have a job for me, I advise you to leave.”

Sugawara laughs coldly, his smile warming. “Well, we just wanted to know if we could have Hinata back?” 

“Why the hell would I have Hinata?” Kei snaps. There’s an unspoken “I have my own lover” hanging in the air. Sugawara raises an eyebrow. 

“You’re saying you didn’t take him?” 

“Again: why would I take him?” 

“W- Well, uh…You and Kageyama never– never got along…And he’s– he’s missing, so…You don’t have him?” Sugawara’s tone is nervous now, and Tadashi feels his own anxiety spike for the strangers. Kei shakes his head. 

“No.” He says, and his voice softens. As much as Kageyama and his gang piss him off, he knows that Hinata is like Kageyama’s Tadashi. “I’m sorry.” 

Kageyama and Sugawara’s heads bow. 

“I’m sorry for bothering you,” Sugawara whispers, and they take a step towards the door. Tadashi looks at Kei, suddenly panicked, and it hits them both at the same time. 

“Wait, Sugawara–” 

“You have him, don’t you?” Kageyama growls, starting, and Suga has to hold him back. “You have him–”

“I don’t. But I may know who does.” 


Hinata Shoyou, struggling the whole way, is shoved into someone’s office. 

“Oi. Boss, he’s here.” 

Oikawa smirks to himself. “Bring him in; I want him now.” 

‘But you’re not hurt?’ he said softly. 'You’re safe?’ She nodded again and buried her face in his chest…
She laughed and squeezed him. He was here, and he wasn’t something she’d made up, some wild dream she’d had and - 'Why are you crying?’ he asked, trying to push her back far enough to read her face again. But she held on to him, so fiercely she could feel the weapons beneath his clothes. It would all be fine, even if it went to hell, so long as he was here with her. 'im crying,’ she sniffed, 'because you smell so rutting bad my eyes are watering.
 Rowan let out a roar of laughter that made the vermin in the ally go silent.

Queen of Shadows (Sarah J Maas)

I almost put their entire conversation on here, i love it so much. I love it because even if you don’t ship them, you have to like this reunion. How much they mean to each other. Now that i’ve finished the book…all i can think about is how he had nightmares when she left, how he was miserable with outher. How she cried just at the sight of him. Even if they are not your OTP, how can you want him to die? This is why i hope he stays…because seeing Aelin loose this would kill me

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Cass, what fics killed you and made you want to sit and cry in the shower? Mine is Red Brick Heart (my heart physically aches when I think about it), LIARB, TIF and Burn To Ash. All good fics, so, so well written and happy endings, yeah but fuuucckk!!

HI, um…the below made me feel exactly like that and also ive added some that made me feel like ‘i-cant-put-this-down-cos-i-need-to-find-out-what-happens-cos-my-poor-heart-doesnt-deal-with-angst-so-im-gonna-read-till-4am-or-till-something-happy-happens-omg-this-so-good-please-save-me’… enjoy

These Inconvenient Fireworks

like a timebomb ticking

Empty Skies

And Down The Long And Silent Street 

Allies in Heaven, Comrades in Hell

The King Of Spades

Jump Before We Fall

The Dead of July

Love Is A Rebellious Bird

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Hi! I'm a straight Christian, but I was wondering what I could do to be supportive of LGBT Christians?

Hello! It’s great that you want to show your support for some of the most vulnerable Christians in our society. Much of what you can do depends largely on whether your church is an affirming church or not. If it is, it’ll likely be easy to support the LGBT+ Christians there, as most of the congregation will be doing so. If not, you’ll certainly have your work cut out for you – there will likely be fewer LGBT+ Christians at your church (and those that are there may not be out) but your support would be all the more vital. Regardless of what kind of church you attend, here are some things you can do to make LGBT+ Christians feel safe around you and supported by you:

  • Get educated. Know about different LGBT+ identities so that you can be sensitive to the specific needs of each. Knowing enough about trans and non-binary identities, for instance, is important in order to avoid making mistakes when referring to them. I also recommend reading up on arguments used by some Christians against LGBT+ people and some counterarguments to them, as that will help you respond to any homophobia/queerphobia you encounter. 
  • Be respectful. Respect trans and non-binary people’s pronouns, and don’t scoff at them if you think they don’t “fit” the gender they tell you they are. For instance, if they say they’re a girl, they’re a girl, even if they have a beard. And remember to be tactful about any questions you have for them – for instance, asking someone’s gender is not considered respectful, but you can ask they what pronouns they’d like you to use for them! Straight up asking someone if they’re gay/queer is also out of the question. Don’t force them to out themselves to you. That’s something I cannot stress enough: make sure not to “out” anyone without their consent – even if they are out to you, they may not be out to the community at large. 
  • Speak up for (but not over) LGBT+ people. If you notice homophobic, transphobic, biphobic, or otherwise queerphobic language or actions circulating through your church, speak out about it. It may not be safe for an LGBT+ Christian in your church to say anything about it, so this is one of your most important tasks as an ally. Keeping silent about queerphobia is the same thing as corroborating in it. Showing that you won’t stand for hurtful or disrespectful language will show LGBT+ Christians that they can trust you and seek out your support when needed. 
  • Get active. You can look up events in your area to get in on pro-LGBT rights activism.
  • Listen. This one goes hand in hand with being respectful. If an LGBT+ Christian speaks up about oppression they’ve faced within the church, or about any other aspect of their identity, don’t dismiss what they have to say or say something like “Oh yeah, I’ve been there too”–because you haven’t. Simply be there for them and listen to what they have to say. And if they request your help with something, be there to wholeheartedly support them.

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Hello~ I am a sj blog that is trying to be jewish inclusive, but I'm having trouble understanding a lot of the vocabulary used by the Jewish blogs I follow. Do you have a link/post with words I should know/look up to become better acquainted with the trials/culture? I'm an atheist who was only taught "Hitler was bad America good" by my school. I don't even know what I don't know! I'm ignorant and don't want to be. Thanks for considering. :)

Well, first of all, If you want more information on becoming a jewish friendly social justice blog, it would be better to speak to jewish blogs already involved in social justice, like @tikkunolamorgtfo, @jewish-privilege, @antisemitism-eu, and many others. I’m not involved in it for the most part - This is mostly a Torah Judaism blog. If you have questions about judaism and Torah, however, I would love to answer - that’s my line of work!

As far as words - I don’t really have a list, because the words could be coming from any jewish language, depending on whose blog it’s coming from. Could be hebrew, Ladino, yiddish, aramaic, judeo-arabic, judeo-farsi, or more than half a dozen others. The best way to get it is to ask the blogger who used it.

To comment on your “what they taught me in school”, I’ll just mention:
“America =Good, Hitler = Bad” isn’t entirely accurate. A better way of putting it is as follows “America is bad. America is horrible. But they’ve done some things that can be seen as good. On the other hand, Hitler is objectively, inhumanly evil and any portrayal of him as anything but a horrible monster is literally white supremacist propaganda.”

As for being jewish friendly, I can give you a few tips.

1. Wikipedia is NOT a source on judaism. Do not just search the Web if you don’t know something. Ask. We will gladly educate you, or at the very least direct you to a place where you can find information yourself about it. Judaism is all about looking for answers and learning and asking questions - the theology of judaism cannot be divorced from the logical debate that has accompanied it for 3000 years. We prefer you ask us rather than making assumptions or conclusions yourself.
2. Goy (goyim is the plural form) is the hebrew word for a non-jew. It means “nation”, and is not derogatory.
3. Do not reblog posts of intra-jewish issues. Non-Jewish tumblr LOVES to paint jews as 1 big monolith, and so issues of politics and racism within the jews (which, sadly do exist) get painted over the entire jewish people, those who are the problem, and also those who are affected by the problem. We aren’t perfect, and things happen between us. There’s politics between jews, and nasty things can happen. But the moment non-jews hear of these things, they jump on them and try to fit them into their social justice narrative - to the detriment of the entire jewish community, hurting even the people who they think they’re helping. This can apply to feminism, it can apply to racism, it can apply to half a dozen others categories. Non-Jewish feminists who jump on articles about certain isolated orthodox communities end up demonizing judaism and hurting jewish women in the process. Non-Jewish sj bloggers who reblog things about racism between sects of jews hurt all jews, not just those. Jewish identity posts and jewish identity debate is not for non-jews to have an opinion on. We determine what jewish identity is. You don’t, and you don’t get to police what jewish identity means. It’s funny how so many non-Jewish social justice blogs will call out identity policing on LGBT+ or race issues, but as soon as it comes to jewish identity, they’re the strongest (and most hypocritical) identity police ever - the first to have an opinion of what we should be as jews.
4. Check yourself for antisemitism. If any jewish blog calls you out on antisemitism, DON’T try to defend what you said. Apologize immediately and ask them how you can avoid it in the future. Publicize antisemitism posts. Not just if they show up on your dash, but from time to time take a look at the antisemitism tags (or take a look at some of the blogs that deal with antisemitism) and spread stuff. Antisemitism and antisemitic hare crimes are a very real threat to us today which affects - and even endangers - jews around the world. Antisemitic attacks can range from vandalism, to arson, to beatings, and even murder - all around the world, even in the United States, where so many think of jews as a privileged group (however, it should be noted that a majority of religious hate crimes in the United States are against jews). As a non-jew, one of the biggest favors you can do for us is be an ally against antisemitism. if you aren’t, then you aren’t jewish friendly at all, and - on the contrary - will drive us away from your blog. Because in social justice against antisemitism, silence is consent. if you’re silent, you effectively ally yourself with nazis and white supremacists, because every person who isn’t actively fighting them is automatically helping them - the presence of white supremacists and antisemites on the Web FAR outnumbers the number of jews on the Web, so they do things such as make up fake religious text quotes in order to incite antisemitism… And there are few enough of us and many enough of them that their posts get spread through thousands of notes before it even gets to us so we can debunk it and prove it false. On that note, if you see posts sporting “talmud quotes” or the like that demonize judaism or the jews, forward them to blogs like @jewish-privilege @antisemitism-eu immediately, so that they can help you debunk them and prevent the spread of harmful lies on the internet. If any of my followers have anything to add to these tips, please reblog them and add them. Or for that matter, just reblog so your non-Jewish followers can see.