My take on cyber-bullying

I know people have made videos and gifs and posts and stuff about tumblr hate/cyberbullying but apparently people are still not getting it. People have committed suicide over stuff they see on the internet. Being called names, talking about their physique, their disabilities, their anything .. that influences a person. I dont care what anyone says, anytime they receive hate, they feel a little bit bad about themselves. “wow im ugly” … “wow im really fat” … thoughts like that linger in peoples heads making them do crazy things that can lead to other crazy things. I dont care about your definition of beautiful, everyones definition is different. I may be pretty to some and ugly to others. i respect that. Not everyone will like you. I respect that. I understand some of you feel as if the people who have a lot of followers are rude and/or conceited but let them be. Theres an unfollow button on the top right corner. If your opinion is negative, who the fuck wants to hear it? I dont. Let the fat be fat. The ugly be ugly. The skinny be skinny. Because you know what? thsoe fat, skinny, ugly may be the best thing since slice bread to someone else. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When i first joined tumblr i didnt receive any hate at all. I used to be low key writing about anything and everything. Now? I write “i hate pickles” and thats a problem. Its MY blog. MY thoughts and i feel its my right to say and write whatever the fuck i want without some gray motherfucker coming to my ask box putting their two cents in. I like the nice anons. If im not mistaking, the anon box was meant for secret admirers, or people who want to ask a question about someone else but theyre too scared. But now theyre used by people who cant show their faces and they want to hate on other people. To those who use the anon option to be negative, drink bleach :)


Damn, I legit was just on tumblr before my yoga class and I come back to find people bashing her? This is why tumblr is becoming wack af because people want to just judge and talk shit. Nobody said that tumblr is full of perfect people that you will like or even should get along with, i don’t even know what Tia did to any of yall “anons” but she is a great person. I remember when i first met her, she was just a natural sweetheart. POINT BLANK, she’s too nice to even find a reason to dislike her. Idk , i can’t change peoples mind but I am thankful for meeting her. 

I mean, she’s my only friend that texts me good morning :) lols . 

Love you booskii :* <3 xoxo

I'm doing a video for my crew soon..

a special shout out will go to khay


I love all of you guys honestly from the bottom of my heart. My tumblr family means so much to me. You guys have brought so many great memories into my life and I just want to shout all of you out in a videooooo <3333

- coming sooooooooooooooon

My day

Im at a very peaceful stage in my life where i dont need nor want people who bring bad vibes and or have bad intentions. With that in mind, i had a great day today. Devante was an ass but thats not new. Battleship was too good. Omfg. I met Tia and Celest. We went to Hard Rock and the food was great. We embarrassed Tia and sang her happy birthday. Yolo. WE had Coldstone. Its my second time having it and it was great. Some guy at the restaurant gave Celest his number and his name is Devonte lmfao anyways some creepy guy called Tia gorgeous and we were gonna sacrifice her to him for our safety. Just kidding baby. We were ratchet. We went to the stairs, Toys R Us and all that jazz. Great day. Great day. I would deff do it again. I love happy people and people that like to have a good time despite their problems at home and shit. I can honestly say Tia and Celest are two funny, ratchet, crazy ass friends.