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@jeffarmeddynamics shooting one of the quietest setups I have ever heard. A @winchesterrepeatingarms 1873 Lever Action SBR suppressed with a 3 Lug @griffin_armament Resistance silencer. Video coming soon! #leveraction #igguns #guns #rifle #griffinarmament #silencer #nfa #sbr

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Nagant M1895 revolver with Bramit device

Designed by Emile Nagant c.1895 and manufactured c.1930′s in the USSR.
7,62x38mmR seven-shot cylinder, double action, gas seal achieved by the cylinder moving in contact with the barrel’s rear end, with the cartridge’s neck bridging the final gap, soviet Bramit-type suppressor, side loading gate and extended spring-loaded ejector rod.
That’s what high-tech looked like in the early 20th century, damn good.