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                                   ( WHERE ARE YOU NOW ).

DISGUST WAS WRITTEN ACROSS her features as dark hues took in the reflection of herself. Where did the light in her eyes go? When did her smiles become forced and broken? How did she end up this heartbroken soul? All the questions that flashed through her train of thoughts of course had answers, but the answers was just something Oaklynn couldn’t come to terms to, she just couldn’t. Silence was her only defense, not a word was uttered unless it was to excuse herself. Her feet carried her to the living room, sitting herself in her own recliner, pulling her feet to her chest, arms wrapped around her legs to keep them close as she tried to put together what had just unfolded moments ago. Bambi has had enough of her wallowing in her own pity and had given the soldier an exit, a get out of jail free card, but would she take it. As she rose from the seat, she made way to the guest room, gathering her belongings before she walked into the room that was once their’s. “I hope you find your happy ending soon. Good bye, Bambi.” With that, she left the structure, hopping onto her matted motorcycle and leaving the space she thought she would always call ‘home’. 

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