McWhorter Household - Dana

“No,” I whisper in disbelief. “No,” I repeat, this time louder. “We are definitely not re-scheduling.”

“Why not? We have a 3-day window to work with. Any of those days will do, will it not?”

“You’ve used this same lame excuse two times in a roll now, and I’ve just about had it with you,” I fire back. 

“It’s not an excuse,” he argues. “I really do have-”

“Do I really have to fight my husband every time I wanted intimacy?”

He falls silence, but only for a minute. His face lights up as he adds, “If that’s how you feel about it, you can always take a lover. Doesn’t make any difference to me.”

“See, that’s why we are nothing alike, Curtis,” I frown. “Why go someplace else when I have a perfectly good male specimen right here to satisfy me? Besides, you know I’m not one to engage in meaningless, superficial love-making.”

“Said male specimen doesn’t…”

“We both know that the only reason you won’t make love to me is because you’re still hung up on her.”

He casts a look of disbelief my way, and I raise my right eyebrow at him, silently daring him to challenge the validity of my words. It should come as no surprise to him - I like to fight dirty. He knows I prefer to hit below the belt, where it hurts the most.

A pained look briefly crosses his face. He lowers his gaze, his eyes unable to meet mine as he responds sadly, “I moved past that a long time ago.”

“So you say.”

The next few posts contain and/or imply sim nudity. You’ve been warned!