imagine toy freddy is talking with a kid and there’s a watch guy there to keep an eye on the kids and the animatronics

and like toy freddy’s laughing at something funny the kid says

and then he just stops laughing

and then slowly turns his head towards the guard with a wide-eye death stare

and then he says

"you’re fuckin’ dead kiddo"

and there’s an awkward silence

is it disturbing that i’m losing my shit over this

If i’m james dean, then you’re audrey Hepburn - Sleeping With Sirens

Nattramn (Silencer), He has a disease that causes deformation in hand, and that resembles a “pig”. The vocalist of Nocturnal Depression also has the same disease, both DSBM band.
In the recordings of the songs from “Silencer”, he mutilated them to scream out extremely real. People who participated in the recording, are astounded with such ideas, he wrote a book called Grishjärta which means Pig’s Heart.

source:The Best of Old-School Black Metal