but she had left her heart hanging by its braided strings
on the doorknob behind the do not disturb sign.
but her pulse bludgeoned her veins as she focused her attention
on the chandelier that hung above them.
“all this?”
he wrapped every inch of her body in a single glance
and back again,
and he was brazen enough to then meet hers.
she whispered,
he said,
“close your eyes, then, I'ma make it mine.”
—  static and then credits

The Tower of Silence - Zoroastrian tradition says that the bodies of the deceased are contaminated and unclean because of demons. Because of this, Zoroastrians built pits - men were placed on the outside ring, women in the center ring, and children in the inner ring. The body’s would then be destroyed by the sun and birds. The rain would then wash the remains into the pit where they eventually flow out into the ocean. Pictured above are the remains of a tower of silence in Iran.

Disturbing the silence (M)

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Saturday movies nights were the one thing the dragged you through your long and excruciating week of work. It’s also the one day of the week where everything is organized and planned and you have to put little thought into it except coming home and sitting on the couch. It’s also an added bonus that your best friend and forever crush also joins you for this. 

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Anonymous said: Could you write the Sakamaki’s and Mukami’s reactions to walking into an empty classroom finding their crush wiping tears from their eyes? Their crush hasn’t noticed that they aren’t the only one in the room. 


Shuu: He was looking for a quiet place to nap, when he went into the room. When he opened his eyes to see if this would work, he saw you. Your tears were rolling down your cheeks, the sound of your sobs disturbing the silence. He didn’t know what to do at first, but he went inside anyway. Taking slow steps towards you, he eventually sat down on the chair on the desk in front of you and sight. When you finally noticed him, he placed his hand on your head, lightly patting you. “So troublesome…” Shuu said but not with annoyance.

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Rhiannon was getting tired of being alone in her room. She needed to get out of here before she decided to dress up as a flapper, get on a sugar high and run around the hotel like a mad oman. So she did the  most sane thing she could think of. She walked out with her blue coat, her green beenie and a small bag. She exited her hotel room and began walking around the hotel, trying to see if there was a way to get some fresh air without going outside. The silence was disturbing so she decided to grab her IPhone and earphones, connecting them and trying to find a song to play before she nearly crashed into another person. 

“What in the- I’m so sorry!” She instantly exclaimed, taking a step back and shotting her head up to look at the person she nearly bumped into.


He could only endure so much of these god awful balls. That many people, all chattering, drinking, making more noise than he could bear, Jefferson couldn’t stand it. The alcohol might have numbed him to it a little, but it only left him despising each and every one of the guests even more. He had only come to maintain appearances, to show his face, make damn sure his enemies knew the Alpha was still standing strong, even if it was alone… 

Finding himself in the gardens, a stolen bottle of wine slowly being drained, his ears pricked up at a sound disturbing the silence. With a swig from the bottle, he turned to face his company, eyes glowing bright in the darkness. “Show yourself.” he demanded in a low growl. 

I loved you all the time but the
moments I knew you shone
like diamonds and rubies
and everything valuable
were the quiet moments.
the stillness of the morning,
or in a gentle evening breeze,
those were the times I caught myself
falling slowly, softly, without ever
noticing it. I thought love
hit you like the sound of glass
shattering, like a head on collision
on an icy road in the middle of
January, like the pop of a balloon
disturbing the silence of a near
empty room after a birthday party.
I guess I was wrong. apparently
love sweeps over you gently like the
rising tide on the night of a full moon,
like the sun slowly sinking past
the horizon against a cotton
candy skyline, like grass growing
and morning dew sticking to your
shoes before it can dry. I always
thought love must be like summer
rain: clear skies one minute, a
downpour the next, lasting five
seconds or all day, but ending just
as quick as it began nevertheless.
it turns out loving you is like the
dawn of spring. slowly creeping in
and replacing the cold winter
loneliness from my aching bones,
making the world more beautiful,
from the colors to the weather, every
moment a shining beacon of hope
and new beginnings, washing away
the emptiness from the times before.

love is like the springtime, when the
flowers bloom towards the sun and
I bloom towards you.
—  you are sunbeams through stained glass and i’ll always find that beautiful || s.r.
Color Bar // Chanyeol Fanfiction

this is my first EXO fanfiction ever, I hope it isn’t crappy :( Search the tag on my profile for the summary

word count : 1.192 

The scalding news failed miserably in raising any excitement. All around the meeting room there were audible gulps and flinches, even from the leader himself, who was stunned to confusion. A distinctive smell of coffee was hovering in the air, and for a while the only sound that could be heard was that of a ballpoint pen, clicking unnervingly.

Awkward coughing erupted from one of the seats, disturbing the silence in which they seemed to drown as the time went by. 

“You have to understand that this is the best for-" 

"Us? Do you really think so? Because the more I look into it the more messed up it seems."A cool voice interrupted the nervous manager. The group nodded, exchanging cautious glances between them.   

"Kris!” hissed Jun-myeon, holding down the member,who nearly lunged himself onto their superior, with a strong tug on his jacket. Although they did not admit it, the fretful expressions on their faces reflected how they felt as if doing the same. 

Scattered on the table dramatically were snippets of articles to be published on every famous newspaper or magazine from all over the world. Shamelessly done without any of their consent or even the slightest fondness towards the subject. Featuring some cups of coffee and tea left untouched, this was were their gazes were focusing on, nearly burning holes on the wood.

“Breaking News! SM will be holding auditions for all the EXO fans out there! Grab the chance to debut as the representative of the EXO-L’s and live with this dreamy boys! Never has a chance like this appeared! For the requirements, visit our website!”

“Yifan is right.” Started Xiumin, the eldest among the group of artists. His tone was calmly venomous as he spat in plain disgust, “This is nauseating. They’re our fans, they don’t deserve this type of treatment.”

“Mind your tongue, Min-seok,” warned the Chairman sternly, raising his hand as if to bring silence once more. “I don’t see what’s wrong with this deal. Whoever auditions is because they want it, and let me tell you, this is a fair offer.”

“That’s because they don’t know the other side of what you’re doing! You’re going to make her a slave to the companies’ desires. Much more than any of us.”

“I said that you should mind your tongue. Seems like the most quiet ones are fiercest when a nerve is touched, isn’t that right?” The Chairman lets out a sonorous laugh before continuing, unaffected. Manager shifts on his seat, feeling the temperature in the room turn at least ten degrees colder. Or maybe that was just the air of November.“There is no need for such uproar. I’ll make sure that the chosen person receives a fully detailed contract with all the implications written carefully. Still, it’s great to see how you care.”

“Yeah, sure, unless the letters are in bright red I doubt the girl will even read all of those pages before signing.” Huffed Suho, he himself losing control as time ticked by. Luhan snickered beside him, followed by a loud throat clearing.

“I think it will be better if we end this meeting now. Thank you for your time.” The man grinned at the boys before bowing and politely opening the door, unimpaired by the accusing comments. Furiously dragging their feet was how they left, lacking any manners towards their bosses at all. This was not good at all, and that even always-confused Yixing understood. 


L O N D O N | O N E  W E E K  L A T E R

Baek Nari Eun stood attentively wiping the black dinning tables clean, swinging slightly to the sound of “Miracles In December” playing on the huge television hanging on the vintage-not-old-fashioned brick wall of the restaurant. Some clients chuckled at the view, but her brain was already too engaged on both hurrying to finish cleaning and the angelic voices blasting from the speakers. Humming along gleefully she took off her apron and strolled to the staff area, ready to call it a day and return to her apartment, where a pile of unwashed dishes most likely awaited her.

“Aren’t you staying for the broadcast?” called out a familiar voice from the inside of the kitchen. Nari finished pulling her gray sweater vest on top of a white shirt and black high-waisted skinny jeans. She grabbed a hold of her bag, scarf and trench coat before shouting a reply.

“I allowed my brother to crash last night and stay on my flat for the day, it’s probably a mess.” Cringing at the thought, she opened the door to the kitchen while releasing her hair from the tight ponytail required for work. Mark set two dishes down and scooted Nari away as quickly as she entered, complaining about how her hair would easily get into the food. 

“It’s starting now, c'mon, sit down. The flat won’t run away, I guarantee." 

In a swift motion he pushed her onto a seat and left for the kitchen once more, doing an ugly face as he closed the door smugly. The alert of a special news broadcast had been all over the world for about a week now, being related to  EXO, the band she had an uncanny obsession with. Up until that morning she had been utterly excited, but after careful thinking and countless theory readings later, she figured the only possible reason for them to make such a fuss would have to be disbandment, something she didn’t want to listen to. 

Breaking news says : She was wrong.

Nari stayed dumbfounded as the youngest member’s voice, Sehun’s, resonated through the now nearly empty room. The broadcast was quick, one minute tops, but enough to cause severe damage in the vocal cords of fan girls from all over the world. Without any more thought or waste of saliva, she wrapped the scarf around her neck and slid the coat through her arms with shaky fingers. 

That was the day when she most regretted not having a car-there was no way she would get to her apartment at the speed she desired on some five-inch heel ankle boots. Frustration rising, Nari spent her tip money on a taxi and hastened home, ignoring the stinky plates on the kitchen and the clothes scattered throughout her floor–for now,her only goal was to get to her laptop.

Typing aggressively on the search bar she read the requirements aloud, praying to god Jongin for some luck.

"Bilingual, has too speak at least Korean and English; between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four; talents in the areas of singing and dancing.”

Swallowing dry, Nari stared endlessly into the screen, mentally ticking each criteria.

After that much thinking and years of looking for some opportunity that could get her back to Korea, she knew that this was something she had to take, no matter how few the chances of winning were.

“International calls are expensive so hear me out. Tell me, that room you said you would always keep for me, is that offer still up?”

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Naminé finally had peace and quiet in the mansion, no DiZ, no Riku, no kids wanting to figure out what secrets the mansion held. And because of this, she took this time to draw in silence. Most would throw a party and call friends! But no, not Naminé. She’d rather draw on the blank pages within her sketchbook.

People always asked if she got tired of drawing Sora’s memories but she honestly enjoyed it as if it was adventures from a story book and she was just the artist of the picture book. It made her feel useful in a way.

But soon the silence was disturbed by the sound of a door opening and closing and she peeked her head up, her crayon falling from her hand to stare at her room door as if some monster was going to snap the door open and kidnap her. Which honestly, with her luck, would most likely happen but say silently while listening to the steps that inched their way closer to her room. “Please be DiZ or Riku..” She whispered under her breath.

When the door opened to reveal that it was neither of those but someone who looked vaguely.. Familiar, she tilted her head to the side with a curious look in her eyes. “… Sora..?”

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۵ "Hey, Naoto-kun." Rise spoke with a very quiet, worried voice. "... I brought you flowers."

“Thank you…” Naoto answers was quieter, although there’s no longer any machinery that disturb the silence. She turns her head, try to track Rise’s movement within the room with only one eye. “Sorry for the… inconvenience.” Inconvenience was just about right, and not just with regards to hospital visits. The fact any time she’s lying on the hospital bed was time she’s wasting not pursuing the culprit or helping out her friends was very clear to her.

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“You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, etc. and write down the first ten songs.
Rules: no skipping songs and be honest! Tag 10 people afterwards.”

I got tagged by the amazing xanemone & the wonderful kagome-miko <3

  1. Tears Don’t Fall  - Bullet For My Valentine
  2. The Silence - Mayday Parade
  3. Prayer - Disturbed
  4. Faint - Linkin Park
  5. How You Remind Me - Nickelback
  6. Bring Me To Life - Evanescence
  7. Make It Stop (Children of September) - Rise Against
  8. Getting Away With Murder - Papa Roach
  9. Say You’ll Haunt Me - Stone Sour
  10. Not Gonna Die - Skillet 

Music is seriously my life! I have no idea what I’d do without it. I’m mainly a rocker but I love all sorts of music really.

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He Who Seeks a Witch ll Maximoff & Odinson

The soft sheets laid against her still form. All was silent and inert as if the room was a painting. The only source of motion was from the faint blinks of her eyelids against the sunlight that was spilling over the bed. An hour earlier, the young woman had been roused by the woken frenzy of her brother’s mind. Though it was only until he left that she had opened her eyes, blinking away the sleep that he always believed her to be in. It was one of those mornings that she savored the peace and silence of the new life they have found themselves in.

They never do last.

Beep. Brown eyes acknowledged the faint sound that disturbed the silence like a gunshot. In that moment, the painting was shattered, and the brunette rose from the bed, brunette waves spilling over her shoulders as she reached for the phone that sat at the corner of the bed. Only in the past few months have they found the delight of technology. Perhaps it was only because of that that the twins were willing to separate into their individual morning routines.

Only, the screen flashed not with her brother’s routine texts but an unfamiliar number. Squinting against the sunlight, the brunette struggled to interpret the words.

Hello. It’s Thor Odinson. We’ve met, I fight alongside the Avengers and I’d like to borrow your abilities for an afternoon.

Thor. There was no doubt Wanda would recognize the name of the blonde who calls himself god. A mighty warrior who wields power stronger than anything she had ever seen. Of course, a few months earlier, there were many things that she had not seen. Only, what the man could possibly want eluded her. After all, she had not spoken a word to him. Ever.

So the first two words communicated between them was simple and succinct. Against the keyboard of the phone, the young woman typed in “Avengers Tower” before pressing send. He would get the message, or so she hoped. If not, Wanda doubted she will miss his presence. 

If my karma should come...

I’ll wait for her until day’s end. If my karma should come, I’ll cease the days until it doesn’t feel good anymore.

If my back aches in distress, and my mind whimpers in silence alongside a disturbing conscience then I’ll know my karma has come.

When my heart is caked in bruises,
scratched on the surface only seeping bits of blood
and yet it still hurts…
I’ll know my karma has come.

Cause I gave up a love that I couldn’t love back, the same way it happened to me.
This Ferris wheel of heartbreak churning in reverse, and forward again

I know my karma will come once the cycle ends
what you should reap you should expect to sow.

you don’t usually choose who to fall in love with
here I am sowing up remnants of your shattering

Staining myself with bits of you that never seem to come off in the washer.
Drying my eyes until the tears back up into my brain creating malfunction until I can’t move the speed of my guilty conscience
“Karma has arrived”

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Figures. The one day that she'd have a wild hair to go do some urban ghost hunting, and she'd come across something unexplainable and absolutely horrifying. Standing at the opposite end of a long hallway in an abandoned factory, the witch wrings at the handle of her broom, trying to even the shakiness in her breath before she calls out with a, "..Hello?"

With a sudden turn of it’s head, all it’s eyes locked onto the stranger who called out with a shaky hello. It stared at the witch and stared some more from down the hallway, motionless. It blinked, slowly, and wondered if this person was going to turn hostile. Curiosity grew rapidly and soon consumed it. Skinny fingers dragged along the wall causing rot to ooze from the cracks as it began walking towards the person who disturbed the silence. It tilted it’s head and blinked once more with dilating eyes. Ick drew closer and closer until any awareness of personal space was diminished.

phoenixislost​ The music part (I’m bolding my favorite songs)


1. Addicted - P.O.D

2. Aggressive Opposition - All That Remains

3. International Crisis - Nonpoint

4. Anatomy - Combichrist

5. Fly Away - Pop Evil

6. Black Days Begin - Ateryu

7. Asylum - Disturbed

8. Don’t Go Away - Buckcherry

9. Get Up! - KoRn

10. Whispering Silence - As I Lay Dying

11. Wildfire - P.O.D

12. (Silence) - Disturbed

13. Two Weeks - All That Remains

14. The Wicked Ones - 10 YEARS

15. Sick Sense - Pop Evil

16. Got the Life - KoRn

17. Turmoil - Combichrist

18. One Belief - All That Remains

19. The Reasons - P.O.D.

20. Dark That Follows - Evans Blue

21. Tonight - Seether

22.  Upside Down Kingdom - All That Remains

23. Wrong Before - Nonpoint

24. Prayer - Disturbed

25. Faithless - All That Remains

26. Cauterize - As I Lay Dying

27. Order The Sun - Hellyeah

28. Undead - Hollywood Undead

29. Bulletproof - Five Finger Death Punch

30. Wicked Ways- Five Finger Death Punch