Hannibal is a lot more…disturbing of a show to watch out of order. In specific, watching some of the first episodes in the first season then jumping to an episode mid to late season three. Seeing the changes in the characters, the before and the after, is a lot weirder and off putting than when you get to watch them evolve to that point.

Seeing Will prior to the end of season 1, prior to him being what Hannibal made him become, it’s terrifying to see how twisted he became. From the man who could barely pull a trigger and was haunted after killing Hobbes (an action that was necessary in order to save Abigail’s and his own life), to biting off the cheek of a man no hesitation (even though he new it was pointless - it would not save his life or on any way help him escape)

Maybe I’m just being dumb but it’s amazing to see the development of these characters pre and post Hannibal. I know this could also have a lot more thought in it but it’s all I can manage rn.

i hope magnus n taako kno that they have the RADDEST adoptive dad ever, i hope they kno and are grateful 

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Vmin and "I can't believe you thought that would fit in there."

“THIS IS NOT FUNNY JIMIN, PUT DOWN THE CAMERA AND GO GRAB THE MOTHERFUCKING BUTTER,” Taehyung yells with great effort over Jimin’s screeching cackles.

“Ew, unsanitary, Tae,” Jimin’s nose crinkles as he snaps another photo, “You want to use the butter we eat on your ass?”

“Please Jimin,” Taehyung begs, and he’s sweating now, face screwed up in pain, panting and writhing in place, “It’s really stuck in there, and it’s getting unbearable. I can’t take much more.”

Jimin just dissolves into eye-crinkling laughter once more as Taehyung struggles to wiggle his ass out of the toddler swing, and soon Jimin’s doubled over, pointing at Tae’s trapped rear, “I can’t believe you thought THAT would fit in THERE.”

Emergency Commissions

Hey all!  I fucked up the electric bill real bad, and need to find some cash pronto before rent comes due on the 5th.  So I’m opening up writing commissions!  Every little bit helps stave off the cold, cold doom of late rent payments.

If you can’t commission me, signal boosts are always appreciated!

The Important Stuff:

  • Each fic will be hand-crafted to your specifications: fandom, kink, plot, etc. I will write pretty much any pairing you can come up with.  I will even write you Joker/Jason porn if you pay me for it.  I do Gen stuff too!
  • If you want me to write about your OCs, I’m more than happy to!  I’ll just need a detailed description for the character(s).
  • I’ll also make up characters for you!  If you just want an original mini romance novel-esque story all your own, we can work that out.
  • I’ll do almost any kink.  If you want something X-TREME, message me to see if I’ll do it for you.
  • I can only write fandoms I know, so feel free to message me to see if your preferred fandom is part of my repertoire.  Yes, I will write something other than Batman for you.  The best fandoms to ask me about are Batfam, Doctor Who, Star Wars, and other things you see me post about regularly


  • 400-word drabbles are $5 (example)
  • 600-700-word drabbles are $10 (example)
  • 1,500-1,700-word prose pieces are $25 (example)
  • Payment must be made in full before the story is written.
  • I can only take PayPal at this time.
'A Companionable Silence' Chapter 7 by Hotsauce418

Mate. It was reinforced with the heated skin, the omega was sweating in his sleep. One Eye felt a shuddering breathe against his neck as the omega stirred. He took the opportunity to brush his nose against the brown curls, smelling the sweet heat and raspberries that rolled off Charmont’s skin. The room was thick with it. The alpha felt his body begin to respond, but tried to resist. He needed to get the omega to drink and eat something. As soon as One Eye tried to untangle from him, Charmont whined in his sleep.

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 DAY to DAY basis - but for you, it’s over  in a blink of an eye.