silence without words

The self-proclaimed “head bitch in charge” at work, who is this middle aged white lady, has a very bad habit of yelling and belittling people at work while thinking she’s the boss (despite being an hour employee like the rest of us). Most people act afraid of her for some reason. However, she knows, from experience, that I do not play. She tried to start yelling and arguing with one of my coworker friends over a small, honest mistake. I walked up beside my friend and glared at the bitch, and she shut up and walked away. Silenced her without a single word. She know I ain’t like all those other hoes that just let her walk all over them. I am not that bitch.

What if, on the show, there was an episode where it was Alec’s birthday and like in the books, Magnus is the one to mention it. Imagine if Alec and Maryse get into an argument and Alec storms off upset and closes himself in his room. Imagine he slides down the wall onto the floor,hugging his knees. Out of nowhere, Magnus joins him. He doesn’t look at him or comfort him but instead simply says “happy birthday Alexander”. Alec doesn’t show any emotion; “thanks for remembering”. Then imagine that Alec just gently rests his head on Magnus’ shoulder and they sit in silence, comforting each other without words.

But just IMAGINE

Somewhere we know that without silence words lose their meaning, that without listening speaking no longer heals, that without distance closeness cannot cure.
—  Henri J.M. Nouwen