silence will fall

lee-jinki-is-my-patronus asked:

My best guess: Daryl said he SAW beth. Unless he was in the hospital, the only time he could have seen her was when she and Noah tried to escape. If that's the case, Daryl would have seen Noah escaping with her and gotten him to a safer place. That's where Daryl/Noah/Carol find a way to get Beth out. They found a way to get Carol inside the hospital working as an inside man when the group comes back for her. Noah was in the bushes.

Ooh, I never thought about that. That’s a pretty awesome theory.

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My daughter just watched Frozen three times in a row, but the kicker is she watched once in English, once in Spanish, once in French. We are not a tri- or even bilingual household. I'm not ready to have these songs stuck in my head in languages I don't even speak.