silence traitor

Mafia Headcanons

Let me introduce you to some of the most notorious crime families. Here you’ll find the names of each family, their heads and seconds in command, what each family is notorious for, notable members, and any notable “extended family” (meaning they are involved with the family but not considered part of it).

Karasuno: “The Murder of Crows”
Head: Don Daichi
Second: Suga the Sneak
Main Business: Tax-free cigarette importing and trade
Notable Members:

  • Hinata and Kageyama - The Freaks (known for their quick kills)
  • Asahi - The Ace Assassin (absolutely ruthless when it comes to mob business, weak willed otherwise)
  • Tanaka and Noya - Pest Control (they deal with “silencing” traitors)
  • Tsukki and Yamaguchi - Expert Hackers (retrieve information from police databases)

Extended Family:

  • Akiteru - ex mafia who gives his brother advice when necessary
  • Ukai - importer of the tax-free cigarettes
  • Saeko - helps her brother with pest control

Nekoma: “The Cats Claw”
Head: Kuroo, aka The Killer Kumichō
Second: Kai (but very few people actually know that)
Main Business: Protection racketeering (basically guards for hire)
Notable Members:

  • Kenma - Tactical Advisor (he’s the one behind his computer with the headset gathering intelligence and briefing The Officers)
  • Yaku, Yamamoto, Fukunaga, Lev - The Officers (they’re the ones who do the protecting and “enforce the peace” when necessary)

Seijoh: “The King’s Men”
Head: Oikawa aka The King
Second: Iwaizumi aka The King’s Right Hand
Main Business: Underground gambling den
Notable Members:

  • Hanamaki and Matsukawa - The Henchmen (keep the peace in the den and protect Oikawa when Iwaizumi is doing the King’s bidding)
  • Kyoutani - The Guard Dog (the best hit man they’ve got, but very uncooperative)

Fukurodani: “Birds of Prey”
Head: Big Boss Bokuto
Second: Akaashi aka The Arbitrator
Main Business: Loan sharking
Notable Members:

  • Sarukui, Konoha, Komi, Onaga - The Owls or The Debt Collectors (do their work by dead of night; they’ll collect what you owe, and they’ll do anything to get it)

Extended Family:

  • Shirofuku - a cop who passes information to Bokuto

Datekou: “The Powder Parish,” usually just called “The Parish”
Head: Father Futakuchi
Second: Aone, aka Goliath (the Father’s bodyguard)
Main Business: Cocaine importing
Notable Members:

  • Kamasaki, Moniwa, Sasaya - The Parishioners (they’re in charge of distribution, sales, and debt collection)
  • Koganegawa - Bodyguard in training (working under Aone, Futakuchi’s biggest fan)
FE Fates: Ashen Judgement


“You don’t understand! You have the wrong person!” shouted Zep as he struggled in his bindings. 

“Silence traitor! How dare you deny your crimes against Queen Morgan!” barked the Vallite Commander. “You and your despicable Court of Ashes are nothing but ingrates! Have you forgotten who saved this kingdom?”

“Gods, I haven’t! That’s what I’m telling you! The real danger is still out there! I prevented the attack. If it wasn’t for me, Queen Morgan and everyone at the ball would have died! Please, you have to believe me. I need to speak to the Queen. She may be in danger still as well as the Nohrian and Hoshidan royalty!”

“I’ve heard enough of your treacherous lies! You will come nowhere near her Highness and you will be executed.” At that, the Vallite guards drew their bows, ready to fire at the Commander’s order.

Okay but what if the Silencer got to Applewatch in time, before the Black Hand slaughtered Lucien, but not before they turned on him. What if the Silencer confessed to being the traitor, confessed to working alone, ignoring Lucien’s contracts and instead killing off members of the Black Hand at their own will. What if the remaining members do to the Silencer what they would have done to Lucien, and Lucien has to join in. Join in flaying and mutilating someone who has just saved his life, because he knows for damn sure the Silencer isn’t the traitor, but if he speaks up he won’t be believed and their sacrifice would be for nothing.