silence the violence

This is what fascism looks like

These are pictures of recent riot at UC Berkleley, in which the left was “protesting” Milo Yiannopoulos’ speech. Leftists/sjws/democrats whatever you want to call them fear free speech so badly that they’d rather set fires, damage property, and even beat Trump/Milo supporters unconscious than allow Mr. Yiannopoulos to share his views with others. Silencing political dissidents using violence is actual fascism (and terrorism). This is disgusting.  

We had a interim pastor, and her whole sermon was on Charlottesville. She went on about how painful this all is. How God is in the silence, not in the brutal violence. That we should pray for the victims. Then, all of a sudden, something sparked in her and she called out the congregation saying:

“We are almost all white here, and I know that we are guilty of being silent. Silent when we enslaved. Silent when we destroyed black neighborhoods. Silent when there is police brutality. Silent when our relatives and friends spout bigotry. We cannot be so self righteous. The truth is, we aren’t doing enough. God may love us, but we are not God’s people yet.”

I think I experienced the Holy Spirit through that woman. I need to do more.

I’ve noticed men don’t seem to think that women have eyes and ears and functional memory? they think they can call women derogatory names, make rape jokes, make kitchen jokes, call us slurs, force women into interaction and conversations and physical contact, discard us as sub-human, talk about us as if we were resources and slaves and only exist for their amusement, and then they turn around and still expect respect, attention, decency and catering from every woman they lay their eyes on? like they still somehow have all the rights to it? 

it’s almost like they expect us to look the other way and/or immediately forget we saw them and heard them being psychopaths and rapists, and that we shut our mouths if we don’t want them to get even worse. When we only do as much as say out loud what we heard and saw them do and say, they take it as an overstep, as an offense! Just pointing out what they did is an attack to them!

It’s gone way too far with how much they think they can control us via fear and silencing, don’t ever stop yourself from saying out loud what men did, and always hold them responsible, and let them know that entire world has seen them, and knows what they’re like. If they think they are the ones to allow us to speak, prove them wrong.

anonymous asked:

As a white person, how can we help so dismantle white supremacy without taking the microphone from POC? Sorry if I sound ignorant for asking this I just want to help in any way I can because fuck white amerikkka

No you don’t sound ignorant at all, I’m very thankful that you want to learn and help.

Some steps you can take in helping fight racism…
1. Listen to people of color. There are some traumas and issues you may never understand but it is important to listen, recognize, and believe them.
2. Amplify the voices of people of color. Share their posts, blasts their quotes, and help make their voices louder.
3. Stand up to your friends and family. There are a lot of white families that don’t have the best opinions about people of color and our white “allies” will stay silent. Don’t. Confront your uncle at the thanksgiving table. Make your visit to grandmas house uncomfortable. Teach that racist friend the truth or drop them. Silence is violence.
4. Take accountability. Know that even as an ally you do benefit from a system to bring down people of color. Recognize this and help others take accountability as well.
5. PROTEST. We need you out there in the streets with us. Sharing that one post on Facebook when one of us dies is not enough. Get involved in your local activist groups, non profits, etc. ask people of color in your community how you can help them.

If anyone would like to add anything please do.

Keep Your Silence Ch. 9

Warnings: Graphic violence

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“You will not like what you see.”

His eyes were unblinking, staring hard into mine as he gauged my reaction.

“Are you going to hurt those men?” I whispered.


A tremble coursed its way through my body, stifled somewhat as Ivar ran his fingertips down the side of my face.

“Does that bother you?” He asked, all the while moving his hand to slide around the back of my neck. I sucked in a breath, eyes closing when he brought us close enough together so our foreheads could touch. I was certain he knew what he was doing, but it was calming all the same and I appreciated the gesture.

“It should,” I admitted truthfully. Warm breath fanned my face; I just wanted to melt into him. I knew the rules, and yet I couldn’t keep from at least reaching out, running my hands up Ivar’s chest and over his broad shoulders. “But it doesn’t…”

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Halsey lyrics // aesthetic things

You love him, but he isn’t worth the trouble.
You love him, but he’ll never care.
You love him, but it doesn’t matter because in the end, you’re the one getting hurt.

The spark he started in you is still burning, but you have to let him go.

—  Silent screams of my heart// 10pm