silence sweetheart

Shots Fired

Word Count: 2440

Pairing: FBI Agent Dean x Pharmacist Reader

Warnings: Language, Violence, Some Angst, Some Fluff

A/N: Written for @dancingalone21 ‘s funny quote challenge. My quote was: “That attitude right there. That’s why I always got the extra cookie.” Also written for @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms Shit My Patient’s Say challenge. I used a ton of quotes from that one. They’re all bolded. 

A/N 2: Unbeta’d and unedited. Probably a shit ton of mistakes. My bad.

A/N 3: Most/All of the stories in here aside from being robbed (at gunpoint anyway) have happened to me in my career. More than once. Fun times. 

You left your 12 and a half hour shift at the pharmacy over 30 minutes late. Some asshole had decided to wait until 9:00 to come get their prescription filled that they needed right that second. Of course, they’d had the prescription in their hand for over three weeks. Not that you could turn them down. Your district manager would surely find out and chew your ass out for it the next day.

Grabbing your bags and sliding out of your car you realized Dean wasn’t home yet either. Your husband’s Impala was nowhere to be seen. Ever since he’d taken a job as an FBI agent, he’d been working crazy hours too. The two of you barely saw each other anymore and it sucked. Sighing, you trudged into the house and dropped your stuff, kicking off your shoes. You made your way into the kitchen, grabbing all the junk food you could find and a bottle of Captain Morgan before throwing yourself in a heap on the couch.

You were mindlessly watching TV when Dean came home, discarding his jacket and tie before he lifted your legs and sat down, resting your legs in his lap. “Rough day?”

“Whatever gave you that idea?”

“The completely eaten bag of chips, the leftover ketchup on the plate where you probably had a frozen cheeseburger, oh and the uh…half drunk bottle of Captain Morgan that was totally full yesterday.” Dean pointed to the bottle in your hand and you rolled your eyes, sarcastically scoffing into the air.

“Good job, detective.

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Request: Alright. Hi. So, could you do a Tenth Doctor x reader regeneration sadness thing (I’m evil.) -Anon

Wordcount: 615 or something like that lmao

Triggers: Sappiness lmao.

A/N: I know it’s short but that’s because his regeneration was pretty quick.

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It makes me want to cry
when you talk about your mother,
how she skirted around her shame,
how she loves you in pieces,
the parts that are not bent,
how she moved back to China to teach a language
she doesn’t speak, and you stayed here,
her American sweetheart.

How she prays you will find a man someday,
how I pray you will excuse my foolish heart,
how our different gods forgive us both
for this violence we inflict upon you,
the brutality of our love,
the cruelty of our silence.
—  Excerpt from “American Sweetheart” // d.a.s
Alexander  pt.1[BTS Jungkook ] (M)

jungkook x reader (y/N) 

bts members 

Genre : angst/smut/fluff

Mature contents: this is not a fairy tale leave if you don’t like it,

Summary: he gave me fire and i need to find him ;with him i saw stars ,i wasn’t scared i felt safe.. i liked his kisses and i wish we meet again … 

part 1 2 3 4 5


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you fidget and opened your eyes your hands were too heavy to reach out for your phone , it wasn’t there you moved closer to the night stand but checking it it seemed like it wasn’t your phone that kept bothering your sleeping 

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wips tag

thank you @jungnoir​ for tagging me, this is such a fun tag omg!! also I CAN’T WAIT for all the things you’re going to put out, it honestly gets me so hype. obvs this isn’t my whole list of ideas (which you can find in the updates link in my description) but these are the ones that are more pressing at the moment. also keep in mind i have wips for @sehunohlogy​ as well, which you’re welcome to ask about if interested, i’m more than happy to gush about any of my stories! also!! feel free to ask for more info about any alternate universe if the curiosity hits you

gold leaf | fluff, angst, (perhaps smut?)

 jaehyun / reader | rich kid!au

⇀ “Why hydrate yourself with water when there’s a Corona available,” you quipped teasingly, before shooting him a smile, “congratulations on your win, Jaehyun.”

He turned to you and tipped his cap back slightly to see you better, affording you an unobstructed view of his face as he flashed you a smile that had you instantly taking a mental note of how nice it was. Nice teeth, pink lips, dimples and genuine joy that reached his eyes. It was such a real expression. Good god, he was attractive.

“Instead of congratulating me, should you not be consoling someone else, Y/N? Not particularly loyal of you,” he remarked back, taking another sip of his drink as he turned to face you properly.

You shrugged, twirling the flute stem between your fingers as your eyes dropped to the pretty, bubbly liquid, “He’s not very loyal himself in the first place, so it’s not really a concern.”

He doesn’t answer you immediately, and when you glance back up you’re vaguely astonished to see surprise on his handsome features, as if he was actually shocked you were so blasé about your boyfriend and his regular practices. You quirk an eyebrow back in a tiny act of questioning defiance.

“I thought the two of you had been together for ages, and that you loved each other and were going to be together forever,” he admitted.

You shrugged your shoulders, “Supposedly.”

heartbreaker (incredibly creative working title) | angst, fluff

 mark / reader | best friend!au 

⇀ From the moment you met Mark, you knew he was going to break your heart.

He wasn’t your typical heartbreaker, not at first glance. He had none of the calculated cunning of some other boys, who took hearts in their fists with a barely concealed vindictive glint in their eye and squeezed until the vital organ popped.

Mark was nothing like that. He was kind and bright-eyed and intelligent and listened when you spoke, not because he was afraid to be caught out for not paying attention, but because he wanted to know what you had to say. He would take your heart gently in the cup of his hands a try to treasure it the best he could, but end up dropping it and accidents crushing it beneath his feet, inadvertently trampling all over you. It was a much slower, more painful process.

charlie bravo sierra: part 2 | angst, fluff

yuta / reader | gang!au

⇀ As much as you’d wanted to believe him, to have faith he’d return, to listen to him and try your best to sleep, you’d found yourself almost wholly incapable. You weren’t sure if you actually heard every bump and footstep and creak, or if you mind was seeking to fill the noticeable blanks. You knew you couldn’t go with them, that would be ridiculous and you would have been a impediment both their safety and your own. But, lying there in the dark, you could almost convince yourself it would be better than the waiting you were doing.

You didn’t notice when you actually fell asleep, but you certainly noticed when the mattress dipped, waking you from your tentative slumber. You opened your eyes blearily, barely able to make out the handsome, battered face of Nakamoto Yuta, before he was under the covers next to you, arms wrapped firmly around your waist his his face is pressed against your collarbone. You shivered as he inhaled deeply, the feeling of his lungs taking in air and his heart beating in his chest pressed against your side conveying to you that he had returned, just as he’d promised.

It seemed he wanted to go to sleep, but you couldn’t let the silence endure.



i’m going to tag @yeolology @kimsdonghan @taeyongisking @oddjuly and @meetevil. idk if any or all of you guys have done this tag already but!!! if you have disregard, if you don’t wanna do it disregard, or give it a diddly darn go

Let’s Run Away Together

Word Count: 1327

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: angst

Summary: Dean finds his way to you again and wants to give up the hunting life for good. Does he stay true to his word? Will you get your happy ending with the man you love?

Author’s Note: I was binge-watching the third season of How to Get Away with Murder on Netflix the other day and was inspired by episode 3x05 when a beautiful, but painful scene happened. This was a quickly written one shot and I just wanted to be able to post something that wasn’t SoU! Let me know what you guys think (aka tell me if I should stop writing cause I’m terrible lol). 

“Let’s run away together,” his raspy tired voice snapped you from dozing off.

“And go where?” you asked. Your voice was hushed and breathy. Your head laid heavily on Dean’s bare chest, syncing your breaths with each rise and fall of his diaphragm. The strength in your eyelids started to waver as you let him continue his thoughts. It had been months since you had last seen each other and you didn’t want to miss any moment with him. After all, he wasn’t supposed to be here. You weren’t supposed to be together anymore. It’s for the best, Dean would say.

“A small town. Somewhere we can start over. I’ll get a normal job and take care of you. You can stay home and we can start a family. We’d have cute kids, no?” Your eyes were shut, but you felt the pressure of tears welling in the corners at the thought of a better life with Dean. You shut them tighter.

“A place where I never led this life and I never left you,” his confidence caught in his throat. You couldn’t say anything. You wanted to bring up something else, anything else that didn’t have to do with hypotheticals. This short rendezvous was about you and Dean. Not the world, not Dean’s hunting life, and certainly not your make-believe-could-be life. It should be about you and Dean right now.

“Somewhere we never have to go without each other again,” he said.

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Blood Money BTS | part 2

Pairing: unknown

Summary: When everything goes wrong one fateful night you find yourself suddenly a member of the notorious gang Bangtan in less than 24 hours. You just wanted a quiet night with your beloved cat Apple Pie and a netflix marathon.

part one | part 2 | (part 3 next week 9:00pm Central Timezone!)

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Breathing in you tried to calm your nerves, they wouldn’t stop staring at you and it was starting to get uncomfortable.  

Taking out your phone you wanted to check the time, but before you could even turn it on a boy snatched it from your hands and smashed it so badly it was unusable.

“hEY!” you said angrily,  glaring at him “What was that for?” you snapped, before he looked you straight in the eyes, and promptly threw your phone out the window. Into the river. leaning you got one last glance at your phone getting carried away by the water. Eye twitching, you clenched your fists. Looking, no staring daggers at Jimin he smirked.

“What? You could’ve called the cops or something.” he shrugged, only making you angrier, much much angrier. Unbuckling your seat belt you shoved a sleeping Hoseok off your shoulder, at least you think that’s his name. Then, you stomped right on over to the asshole that threw your phone out the window, before straddling him in silence. “Is this all sweetheart?” he jeered, knowing he made you angry. He knew you wouldn’t do anything, you were too scared. “What? You too scared?” he kept taking jabs at you, you clenched your jaw so hard your teeth just might break. Grabbing the back of his neck you got real close to his face.

“I fucking hate you, I had years worth of work on that one cellphone, and you threw it in a fucking river.” you snarled, before pulling your arm back, and punching him right in the nose. The whole van was brought to an abrupt stop and the boy in the passenger seat turned back to see what the commotion was about. Then he saw you slap the poor boy so hard his head whipped to the side before you got up and sat back down in your rightful place. Everyone eyed you cautiously, before someone named Taehyung snickered. 

“Dude, I think she broke your nose.” he couldn’t keep the grin off his face, the pink haired boy leaned in and inspected it, before you all turned as Jungkook collapsed next to Hoseok, then everyone noticed the blood pouring out of him. You med skills kicking in you were next to him in a flash, already inspecting him. Gasping, you found a deep cut in his side and other injuries, going to help him you suddenly got yanked back by none other than the asshole you slapped.

“Don’t fucking touch him.” he snarled, staring at Jungkook, you gaped at him, the boy  was gonna die soon if not from the blood loss. 

“He’s gonna die!” you yelled, as he held you back.

“You’ll kill him!” he screamed, staring at Jungkook in shock. “You’ll kill Jungkook then leave like nothing happened, you’re just like every other woman out there!” Jaw locking you spotted a knife on the floor of the van. Reaching for it you threw Jimin off you and sat by Jungkook’s side, slipping the knife under his shirt, Jimin stared as you cut the this fabric. He grabbed your arms trying to stop you, “You’ll hurt him oh my god!” he wouldn’t stop screaming! 

“BOI back off before I punch you again!” you snarled, already ripping the shirt into bandages while looking for some sort of sterilizer. Sighing, you grabbed a vodka bottle and opened it, before you poured it over Jungkook’s wound warning him. “It’s gonna sting but you’ll be fine, okay?” you said, he nodded, hissing when the alcohol met the wound.

“YOU’RE HURT-” Jimin didn’t even finish the sentence because you smashed a beer bottle against his head, knocking him out and effectively shutting up the yelling. You carefully wiped the wound and bandaged it, before looking up at the other five guys staring at you.

“What, I’m an Intern at the hospital.” you said shrugging. Shaking his head he sped away to the hideout.

The minute you the van stopped you were already ordering the boys to find something while Taehyung-who you confirmed was his name-helped you get the poor boy inside. 

“I need rubbing alcohol, bandages a needle and thread along with gauze and the first aid kit.” you ordered, walking quickly through the house and shoving all the papers and a cup onto the ground shattering it. Setting Jungkook down you wet a rag and carefully removed the bandages, staring at the wound it was about an inch and a half deep, it’d definitely need stitches. You carefully cleaned his face cuts before finally attacking the gash. Taking the rubbing alcohol from pink boy you dumped it onto the wound, Jungkook had passed out from blood loss or pain. You threaded a needle before pausing as the door opened to reveal Hoseok and Namjoon carrying a still unconscious asshole into the living room. Closing your eyes you calmed down, before starting to stitch up the idiot. It had been about an hour and a half when the asshole-you learned Jimin was his name-finally woke up. Groaning he looked around, before pausing. 

“Dude what the hell happened?” he asked, before Jin snickered, about to tell the boy about how he got beat up by you when you walked in, sending a groggy sleepy Jungkook to rest.

“Hey, dumbass get in here I need to look at the damage.” you said before disappearing. 

He froze, before groaning.“Do I have to?” he whined to Jin, “Why is she even here anyways?”

“Be glad, if she wasn’t then our golden boy wouldn’t be breathing. He’d be dead.” he snapped, before lightly pushing Jimin into the makeshift first aid room. 

“Sit down, I need to look at your nose.” you said quietly before wiping the blood away. Jimin thought you’d be rough with him because of how he treated you, so he was surprised when you were so gentle to him. Once he was fixed up you shooed him away and cleaned up. Soon the kitchen was clean and operational again so you walked into the living room. Everyone looked at you, before Namjoon cleared his throat. 

“Y/N,” he paused, as you grabbed your bag, dress still somehow intact.

“I’m leaving, Jungkook should rest for a couple of weeks, don’t let him move around.” you said, “Jimin be careful with your nose, you can take the bandages off in a month.” you then proceeded to the door, ready to leave this mess. Hoseok yanked you backwards and threw you into a chair, before Namjoon continued.

“You can’t leave.” he said staring at you. 

“excuse-what?!.” you said, confused “I’m not gonna tell anyone i swear but I have a shift at the hospital tomorrow so…”

“No, you know too much, you’re staying. You’re joining the gang Y/N.” he replied, “If not you die.” he shrugged, “you choice darling.” they left alone sitting in the living room.

“Can I at least go back and grab my belongings?” you muttered before sighing.

You wandered around for a while till you found Namjoon who you assumed was the leader of this so called gang. “Hey, can I talk to you?”

“Sure, what?” he said turning around, 

“I’m not gonna tell anyone I promise-” you started

“You can’t leave sorry honey.” He cut you off before turning around to scribble more incomprehensible notes on a worn notebook.

“Can I at least go to my shift for the hospital, if I don’t I’ll get kicked out of college. This means a lot to me,” 

“No.” he responded curtly.

“One of you can even drive me there and pick me up but I need to go!” you pleaded, yet he still shook his head. Anger spiking you grabbed his chair and whipped him around to face you. “Listen you pompous jerk, If I don’t go not only will someone call my apartment and find me gone, but the next time one of your little gang buddies get’s injured I won’t be there to save him. You’re lucky I even knew how to patch Jungkook up so I advise you,” Staring him down you snarled, “Let. Me. Go, Now.” he narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t order me around like that, things won’t go your way sweetie.” he sneered. 

“You can’t keep me here. I’m going whether you like it or not, I’ll be back once my 48 hour shift is over.” you growled before slamming the door open to reveal six boys eavesdropping. “Excuse me I have a shift to catch.” you said before walking past them and past the clean kitchen.

“Don’t let her escape!” Namjoon roared, sending everyone into action. Jungkook being the first to grab you, luckily your mom made you take self defense classes. You grabbed a small knife on the counter and pointed it right at his wound.“If any of you try to stop me, I won’t hesitate to reopen his wound.” you said quietly, making everyone freeze in their steps. “Jimin, go start the car, we’re going back to my apartment to change my clothes then you’ll drop me off at the hospital.” you said, he didn’t move, “Now.” then you applied minimal pressure making Jungkook hiss in pain. Now that got Jimin moving. “I told you,” you stared at Namjoon, “I am going to the hospital I worked hard to get a spot to be an intern and nothing’s going to stop me. Not even a famous Gang leader.” He stared right back at you, everyone could see the tension and struggle for power. Then, you hit Jungkook strategically with the blunt end of the knife making him cry out in pain red blossoming at his wound before shoving him forward. Jin reaching out to catch him, by the time Jungkook was upright you were gone already in the car.

“What makes you think I’ll drive you anywhere?” Jimin spat glaring at you.

“If you don’t you’ll never know how to help your precious Jungkook.” you shrugged before telling him where to go. He groaned hitting his head against the steering wheel before driving off. After taking a well deserved shower and shedding the tattered dress and destroyed heels you changed into a plain shirt and leggings before slipping on sneakers and a hoodie. Grabbing your bag Jimin drove you to the hospital, “the day after tomorrow at 3am, come pick me up, that’s when my shift ends.” 

“Wait how do I help Jungkook?” he asked, grabbing your wrist.

“Undo the bandages, clean the area around the stitches with a warm cloth then rebandage him but not too tightly. Make sure not to actually touch the stitches, I didn’t have anesthesia so it’s going to be very painful if you irritate them. When I get back I’ll check to make sure you did everything right.” then just like that you were gone disappearing into the hospital. Sighing Jimin drove back and entered a quiet house. 

“Did she really go to the hospital?” Namjoon asked, everyone sat in the living room and he didn’t look very happy.

“Yes, she told me to pick her up two days from now at three in the morning.” Jimin paused, “She also told me how to help Jungkook.” then he led the youngest back the kitchen and did exactly what you told him not wanting to hurt the boy. 

“Why does she seem unbothered by us kidnapping her?” Namjoon wondered, 

“Um actually, about that…” Seokjin started, looking embarrassed. “She’s well, she’s my younger sister.” Everyone gaped at him, disbelief showing on their faces.

“WHAT?!?!” Taehyung screeched, before laughing. “Damn, no wonder she knew how to throw a punch.”

“Yea…” Seokjin just sighed, “She recognized me which is probably why she doesn’t care much, then again she’s usually pretty chill about a lot of things. I even broke her favorite mug once and she just shrugged it off, saying it was an accident.” he paused, pondering on a lot of things. “She’s probably not as bothered as you guys think.” he then shrugged before walking to his room. 

For the next two days they stayed put, not wanting to go out and get hurt when you weren’t there to patch them up so they just lazed around the house. And by laze around I mean they worked out in the underground area. It was secret, where all their temporary rooms were with everything they needed. A kitchen, training room, small library and one vacant room that would become yours. 

Namjoon set his targets on a big corporation that they would take to get ransom money. It could be huge, so it required lots of planning. If he overlooked even the tiniest detail they’d all have a one way ticket to hell, except maybe you. You’d probably just go to jail but still. No one, and I mean no one wanted that.

So what do you guys think? Send your thoughts here!

In Another Life. The Finale: Part I.

Summary: The effects of that fateful night ripple through them for years after. And no matter how far they try to run or hide from it, a part of them will never be able to completely let it go. 

Author’s Note: Alright. So yeah. This is it. I’m wrapping this story up. I don’t know how many parts are going to be in the finale of this fic. No more than 3-5 tops. I do want to note that I enjoyed writing this story immensely guys, just…the aspect of creating an entire new world for Val and Zendaya. A ‘what if’ kind of alternate universe. I know things have changed in the real world since I last updated this fic, and you will see that reflected in these final installments. But when all’s said and done, I can still appreciate the special connection between these two people-especially the one I created in this fic. So without further ado, here we go….

–Much love, 


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Fic crisis

K, so I have 5 fics currently over halfway done but I have no idea which one you guys would want done first, so I’m putting the name and a small sample of each one below. Just send me an ask with which one you want, or if you have any requests. Thanks is advance! (They’re also all Daveed or characters played by him becuase I have an actual problem and lack of requests.) 

Daveed Diggs x reader: When did that happen? High school AU 
((So I was thinking about changing the person for this fic which could easily be done. I can do cast or character.))

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Anthony whines, seeing as you were ‘that cute girl from his french class’.

Daveed opens up his arms and you practically fall into them.

He see’s Anthony’s completely devastated face and mouths a ‘sorry’. He really wasn’t that sorry. 

– Daveed Diggs x Reader: A little illegal

“That’s Mr. Diggs to you,” he growls, his lips now grazing over your ear as he speaks.

“O-of course, Mr. Diggs,” you comply, eyes wandering down his body.

– Daveed Diggs x reader: What’d I Miss? Pt. 2 
((Part two of the only fic I currently have published))

“I’ve never seen someone so perfect in my life,” He murmurs quietly on the back of your hand.

“Why do you always compliment me when I look and feel like total shit?” You ask, closing your eyes.

– Thomas Jefferson x reader:
((No title yet but actually one of my favorites so far))

“Can you lay with me?” you ask, breaking the short silence.

“Oh, Of course sweetheart,” he quickly answers, laying down beside you.

“You can hold me, it’s okay.”

– Daveed Diggs x Reader: Gaps
((So far fluff. Might end kinky, might not end kinky. I have yet to find out.))

“Like for real? This isn’t a joke right? Because Daveed, if I get up and find Rafa hiding somewhere with a camera I will rip every single strand of your hair out and make him eat it while the entire cast watches.”

“Of course for real,” he promises, looking slightly scared pondering your scenario in his head. 

That’s all of them! Like I said, feel free to request more. I need to write about someone other than Daveed but I need someone else to force me becuase addiction is hard to break.

‘Well sweetheart, your wish is my command’

[I keep saying I’ll do a one shot for another member but Namjoon is a bias wrecker so here you go. I will probably put up a Yoongi one shot tomorrow though. Gang AU is going well, I’m debating a fanfic for one of the members but I can’t think about commitment cause it’s Sunday. Someone shoot me please]

Genre: Gang AU

Member: Kim Namjoon

Description: When a blonde haired gangster threatened you into showing up for a nice evening meal at a fancy restaurant you didn’t know what to expect. But when he gave you an offer you couldn’t refuse, it was either that or staring down the barrel of a gun.

Warning: Same old same old. Swearing, violence, Namjoon being a suggestive little shit.

Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 4 I Part 5 I Part 6

Part 3:

The sounds of chatter surrounded the table, clinks of silver cutlery on china plates a sharp sound that pierced through the murmur of conversation that flooded the restaurant. 

You counted six waiters, standing near the walls, ready to jump at the chance to serve overly priced main courses to obnoxious patrons with too much cash to spare and too little life experience. They were dressed in black, suit and ties, all of them male.

There were five at the table next to you, a rowdy group of thirty something’s who seemed to be a bit more than tipsy. One women kept calling her husbands name and you swore he was ignoring her on purpose.

You counted four chandeliers, hanging above head, shiny ornate detailing having imprinted itself onto the giant structures. They were gold and bright and you found yourself not wanting to look away. It seemed gold was the restaurants theme, rich, just like the patrons that infested it. Were they really rich though?

Three windows were near the front of the restaurant, giving the grey outside world a glimpse into the grand golden room. You did not sit near them.

Two glasses of wine stood on the table, filled with a red liquid that you knew you would drink more of as the night progressed. Two was too little on your account. Not that alcohol would make your situation any better.

And there was one scolwing man seated across from you.

“Have you gone deaf?” he asked, eyebrows raised “I asked you a question”

No. He had demanded an answer more like.

“It’s fine” you said after a few minutes, gesturing to the meal in front of you “Honestly”

“Are you sure? We can always send it back if you’re unhappy-”

You’d had enough of his games and you butted in with a brief “It’s nice. Really”

For the past half hour he had been the perfect gentleman.

When you arrived at your table, he had stood smiling that deadly smile of his. He wore a suit, like always , this time a cobalt tie had replaced his usual grey one. When you moved to sit down he was too quick and he was already behind your chair, helping you push it in.

He made small talk with you as you browsed the menu. You could get whatever you wanted. That’s what he’d told you. All you wanted to do was leave. When the waiter arrived he said please and thank you and it was one of the strangest thing you’d ever seen.

He was just so normal.

But when you’re main courses were taken away and Namjoon had ordered dessert for you both, he had turned to you with a serious expression.

And so the games have ended, you thought.

“So” he stated, still as nonchalant as ever “Let’s get down to negotiation”

He pulled on the cuffs of his white shirt, pulling them down as he extracted a packet of cigarettes from his jacket pocket. His hands effortlessly brought the death stick to his mouth once he had lit it and took a long drag, before he breathed out the addictive nicotine, now smoke. He sighed, getting comfortable in his chair.

“You’ve probably assumed the worst by now” he stated, pointing at you with the cigarette he held between his fingers “Not that I’d really blame you”

“That night on the bus was a fluke really. Carelessness on my part for not seeing you, misfortune on yours. And now you have my name. Which most people know already, but the problem is you have my face too. And to be honest that’s not a big problem most of the time, cause anybody whose seen me I usually know. And the rest end up with bullet holes in their heads”

He tipped the debris from the cigarette into the ash tray on the table, still talking like he was telling you about his day.

“On any other day I’d have put a bullet square between your eyes but you’re in luck. I’m a gracious man and I’ve decided that you’re pretty face doesn’t need a closed casket funeral and I’ve decided to offer you a solution to our little predicament”

You stared at him then, waiting for his reply. The seconds ticked by and you felt sicker by the minute. And you were beginning to feel less and less sure as to why you were even there in the first place. 

“You can pretend to be my fiancé”

You had expected a possible demand that you’d move, possibly a death threat, though he’d sort of given you that already. You were expecting something, anything but that.

“What?” you had asked, your shocked tone making him chuckle.

“Oh sweetheart, don’t look so surprised. I just need you for a day or two, that’s all. Then I’ll forget about you and you can forget about me. Quite frankly my parents have been bugging me about marriage for quite some time now and you were just the perfect opportunity. Most women I’m acquainted with they already know so that idea was down the drain and I can’t exactly walk in the door with a hooker on my arm now can I?”

He continued, despite your confused look.

“It allows me an easy cop out and well, this is just the compensation we talked about”

It wasn’t compensation for you, like you had assumed. It was for him. 

“I think it’s a much nicer solution then me having to kill you. Besides, you’ve seen one of the most wanted faces in the country, you can’t have expected to have walked away without any consequences”

You had assumed this dinner was to make sure you’d keep quiet. Make sure you wouldn’t tell anyone about your meeting with the devil himself, but no. Your assumptions were shattered and you realized you were in far more danger than you had thought before. Because he already had the reassurance you wouldn’t say anything, you were scared out your wits being in his presence and he was guaranteed silence already.

“So sweetheart, what do you say?” he asked, raising his glass of wine to you in a mocking tone.

He knew he had you. You were his puppet now. He could do whatever he wanted with you. And you would have to smile and obey because if not, you’d end up just like the rest.

Face down in alleyway left for dead.

“I want my ring to be big” was all you muttered bitterly, your eyes staring at your own glass of wine.

“Well sweetheart, your wish is my command” he replied in a sarcastic tone, downing the rest of his drink.

And you almost laughed at the bitter irony of his statement.

Blanket - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Blanket

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 1,797

Warnings: None

Prompt: Hi! Could you do ReaderxDean where reader sleeps with a blanket. Dean takes the mick out of her, takes it & accidently loses it so reader is sad, struggles to fight on hunts because she can’t sleep, so Dean becomes her new blanket. Fluff!

“(Y/n)! Watch out!” Dean’s voice rang through the old warehouse. Your eyes widened as you turned around only to bepinned back on the wall with a pair of hands grabbing onto your throat.

You choked, unable to breath, just like you lately had been unable to keep your mind to focus on anything else too. You were more than tired 24/7 and n matter how much you thought it was going to pass you knew it was the exact opposite.

“De-Dean” you choked, your nails digging into the vampire’s hand on your neck but with no success. His grip wasn’t fading anytime soon although life seemed to be doing just that in your case.

Just as your eyes had started to close you felt all air suddenly return into your lungs as the grip was removed. You coughed, holding onto your neck on the ground. Your vision started to clear out again and you could see his head lying a few feet away from his body on the ground. You clenched your jaw and shook your head, looking away.

“Hey hey are you ok?” it was Sam’s gentle voice and his comforting hand on your shoulder that made you look up at him.

“Yeah- yeah I am” you rubbed your eyes, blinking several times as well.

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#74 Bad boy AU

So this is basically about him being a total badass but then, when he’s around you, he’s sweet and kind.

Louis: “It’s a good thing you’re studying to be a nurse, huh?” Louis chuckled, trying to lighten the mood as he sat on the counter in the small bathroom. You glared at him as you rinsed the rag that you had used to clean up the blood off his side. Tonight, Louis was stupid enough to pick a fight, not knowing that the person he had chosen was concealing a knife in his back pocket. Niall and Harry rushed him home as soon as possible, knowing that if they took him to the hospital they would find out he was high which would violate his probation and send him straight back to jail. “You’re just lucky that he only managed to graze your side with that knife. If he actually managed to stab you, you’d have no choice but to go to the hospital.” You rung out the rag before you sanitized the area. Louis flinched slightly due to the stinging that he felt added onto the original pain that he managed to hide. He didn’t want you to actually know just how much pain he was in because he wanted you to think of him as your protector and he didn’t want him being a wimp to affect that. “But,” He reached up, his hand resting on your jaw as his thumb caressed your cheek. “I have the perfect girlfriend who’s taking care of me.” Just as you finished bandaging him up, he hopped down from the counter, once again, ignoring the pain as he moved and pushed you against the door. “So, so perfect.” As much as you tried to be mad at Louis, you couldn’t. When his forehead was pressed against yours and his blue eyes meet yours, it was over. You stood on your toes and pushed your lips against his. He may be a giant idiot at times but at least you know that he’ll always be your idiot.  

Liam: “Y/n,” Liam said, pushing you behind him. “Go up to our room. I don’t want you to get hurt.” “Aww, c'mon Liam.” Scott laughed, enjoying how anger he could make Liam just by mentioning what he could do to you. “I just thought I’d drop by to pay you a visit.” “We don’t fucking want you here. You’re not welcome here, Scott. Louis, take y/n upstairs. I don’t want her to see this.” Liam’s eyes never left Scott, almost as if he was making sure that Scott didn’t move until you were somewhere safe. Louis took your hand, attempting to pull you towards the stairs but you resisted and grabbed onto the back of Liam’ shirt to keep him close. “If you don’t want me to see this, then don’t do it. You don’t have to do this, Liam. Just make him leave then come upstairs with me.” You knew that pleading with him wouldn’t help but you decided to try it anyways. The boys had told you just how scary Liam could become but you had never witnessed it since he managed to control himself around you, always claiming that you calmed him. “I need to do this, y/n. If I let him get away, this will never end; he’ll just keep coming back and I need to keep you safe. Just go with Louis.” You lost your will when you realized that nothing would persuade him when he truly believe that he had to protect you. You followed Louis up the stairs and declined his offer of staying with you. Crashes and bangs could be heard from downstairs and you were honestly surprised that the cops hadn’t been called due to noise complaints. What seemed like an eternity, although it was probably only 20 minutes, Liam enter the room, instantly flopping down beside you. Before you could even open your mouth to question him, he pressed his lips to yours to silence you. “It’s okay, sweetheart. Everything’s okay.”

Niall: “Don’t fucking touch her.” He growled, watching as Dylan held his grip tightly around your neck, barely allowing you enough room to breathe but, luckily, it was still possible. “Oh c'mon, Niall. When we finally heard that you got yourself a girl, we couldn’t believe it. Just let us rough her up a bit; you’ll get her back when we’re done.” You thought that you had known what you were getting into when you decided to become Niall’s girlfriend but practically becoming a hostage to Niall’s enemy wasn’t exactly what you had expected. “This isn’t fucking funny, Dylan. If you don’t let her go, I swear to fucking god I’ll-” “You’ll what?” He interrupted Niall, his grip slightly tightening on your neck, causing you to reach up to grasp his hand in hopes that you could loosen it a bit. “I know that you won’t actually do anything when I have y/n’s life in the grip of my hands. You wouldn’t want her life to end just because you decided to do something stupid, would you?” Niall’s face paled, knowing just how true that statement was but he needed to save you. Niall knew how heartless Dylan was and that he would have no trouble ending your life just to break Niall. “Niall.” You choked out, Dylan’s hand tightening when you spoke, causing you to shut your eyes in attempt to shut out the pain. “Anything. I’ll do anything. Just let her go. She doesn’t deserve to get dragged into this shit. She’s innocent.” Niall pleaded, seeing that there was no other way to save you. At this point, Niall didn’t care if he was making a fool out of himself but Harry and Liam were taking too long and if anything happened to you because he was screwing around, he’d never forgive himself. “Exactly. That’s why I like her, Niall. I want to be the one to destroy her innocence. You obviously see something in her so I’d like to find out what that is. Maybe,” He kept one hand on your neck as his other slipped down before it slid up the hem of your shirt. “I’ll just have to take off some of these clothes to see what you see.” By now, tears were rushing down your face and the lack of oxygen was making you dizzy, the last thing you could remember before you blacked out was someone pushing Dylan back. His grip was lost, clearly not expecting someone to attack him from behind, and you fell into, who you assumed to be, Niall’s arms. “I have you.” The familiar voice whispered into your ear and you felt some of his tears fall onto your cheek. “You’re alright, baby. I’m so sorry that had to happen. You deserve so much better…”

Zayn: “Don’t leave here." Zayn whispering, pulling you close to him so that you could hear him despite the noise of the club. "I’ll be right back; just don’t move.” Pressing a quick kiss to your forehead, he slipped out of the booth to follow Liam and Louis to the back room. As he was halfway through the crowd, he turned back to look at you and smiled when he saw that you had listened to him. Honestly, you would’ve been stupid to disobey him because Zayn might not always have the best motives but he always had what was best for you in his mind. You sipped on your drink but you froze when you heard the gunshots. Everyone seemed to panic and, despite the fact that almost everyone there was drunk, they all seemed to panic and push their way towards the door. You instantly stood up, your heart seemed to stop as you looked for Zayn, fearing the worst. You shrieked when a pair of hands rested on your hips and turned around to punch the man, just like Zayn had taught you, but froze when you saw your boyfriend behind you. “I got you, baby.” He muttered into your ear, moving in front of you to lead you through the crowd quickly and safely. As soon as you were out, he pulled you into a back alley so that you were out of sight. “Are you okay? Nothing happened right?” His words were fast which only showed just how worried he was. You ignored your shaking hands as you intertwined them with Zayn’s, instantly feeling a bit more calm since you knew that Zayn was alright. “I’m good. I just-I wanna go home. I can honestly say that I didn’t expect tonight to end up like this…” “Don’t worry. Nobody was hurt tonight. That idiot guard that came with us for our ‘protection’ stupidly fired the gun to scare the others but nobody got hurt, baby. My only concern at the time was that you’d get lost or hurt in that fucking crowd.”

Harry: “Baby.” His voice echoes through the small apartment as he stumbles through the door. He had said that he would be home after midnight which is why you were surprised to see him home so soon. It was only 10:30 but Harry looked absolutely exhausted as he moved into your arms. “Why are you home so soon, Harry?” You weren’t complaining, just curious as to why he’s early. “The deal went through easier than we had thought. Zayn and I were expecting a fight or some shit but none of that happened.” His eyes fluttering closed as he leaned down to bury his face into your neck. Harry’s arms snaked around your waist, making sure that you couldn’t escape his grasp. Suddenly, it was like something clicked for him, causing him to pull back and reach into his back pocket. “Close your eyes.” He said gruffly, to which you obeyed. You felt Harry circle you, lying a cold chain on your neck. “Open.” You turned around instantly, your eyes wide when you realized that he had gotten you a necklace. “Are you gonna go look at it or are you just gonna stare at me.” He spoke with a smirk on his face as he pulled you off to the bathroom, you still being unable to speak. Harry loved to spoil you but it never ceased to awe you whenever he brought you something new and expansive and this, this gold chain with an emerald charm, left you speechless. “You didn’t have to.” You mumbled, your eyes meeting his in the mirror and it was impossible for you to ignore the proud smirk on his face. “No, I didn’t have to. I wanted to. You’re my girl and I want the entire world to know just how much you mean to me.”

Taiwanese Drama List

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I love mah TDramas~


So I have decided to make a list of them based on various categories :) [Under the “keep reading”] The categories are in alphabetical order (as are the dramas listed under them). Enjoy~ 

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Pain Will Fade

Drabble Request 3: Jensen Ackles @daydreamingintheimpala (this one tested me…) Also, @iwantthedean, don’t get mad if there’s any inaccurate health stuff going on here :)

A/n: I consider this an AU, as Jensen is single in this fic. This is completely a work of fiction, and I wouldn’t want his reality to be any different, this is purely for entertainment. 

“No! No, you don’t understand, she’s… that’s my girlfriend out there! You can’t take me until I know she’s alright.” Jensen stammered as they loaded him into the ambulance.

The lights of the semi flashed through his mind as he spoke to the EMT. He tried to swerve to get out of the path of the truck as it barreled through the intersection, but it was moving too fast. The truck blew through the red light and smashed into his SUV while you were riding in the passenger’s seat, causing the car to crash into a telephone pole. You were laughing and joking together. It had been a beautiful night for the two of you as you headed to dinner.

Now, all he could hear was your piercing scream of his name.

“Sir! Sir… I need you to calm down. We need to get you to the hospital, you could have internal bleeding.”

“No!” He yelled, causing everyone in the vehicle to stop what they were doing. “I’m not going anywhere until I know she’s okay.”

The EMT took a deep breath as he held a gauze to Jensen’s forehead. “We think she has a concussion, sir… possibly some broken bones. She’s pinned by the door, so its going to take a little bit longer to get her out of the car. We can’t stay here any longer or we could be putting you in danger. I’m sorry, but we have to go.”

Jensen through his head back in frustration as they stuck an IV drip in his arm.

What seemed like an eternity of tests, x-rays, and an EKG for whatever reason, Jensen finally berated the attending physician into telling him where you were, finally agreeing in an attempt to get his blood pressure to decrease. With his leg in an air cast and a bandage around his hairline, he immediately began wheeling himself through the hallways of the brightly lit, sterile environment. Thankfully, you weren’t placed in the intensive care unit, but they had moved you to a room to monitor your vitals.

The sliding glass door seamlessly opened for him as he turned the wheelchair into your room. The sight before him caused an immeasurable amount of pain and anguish to flow through his body, tears quickly flowing down his cheeks. Your right arm was in a sling, monitor chords were stuck to almost every inch of your body, and you had a large gash that went from your eyebrow to your jawbone.

A muffled sob escaped Jensen’s lips, causing you to stir gently.

You winced slightly in pain before opening your eyes, “Jensen?”

He sniffled, unable to control his emotions as he wheeled to your bedside, “Hi, sweetheart.”

“Oh, Jensen… Hey…” you said, grasping his hand in yours before wiping his tears. “Look, honey. I’m okay, Jay. I am. Look, just some bumps and bruises, but I’m here.”

He paused as if he was trying to memorize your features. “I thought I lost you.” He whispered, cradling your face in his hands, careful to avoid your injuries.

“You should know that it’s going to take a lot more than that to get rid of me.” You smiled, hiding the jolt of pain that made its way to your extremities. It didn’t matter. You were in his arms once again.

He let out a breathy laugh and gently placed a kiss to your lips. “I’ve never been so scared in my life. I love you so much.”

“I’m alright, baby. Are you okay? They told me you had a broken leg.”

“I could jump to the moon if you needed me to.”

You simply sat with each other for a moment, his forehead resting against your as you shared a deep breath.

Eventually, he broke the silence, “Sweetheart… I need you to know how much you mean to me, how much you’ve always meant to me. I… I was planning to do this after dinner, but I can’t wait another second…”

A gasp the only sound you could make as Jensen removed a small, black velvet box from his jean pocket that held a beautiful diamond ring.

“Y/n… will you marry me?”

A teary nod gave him his answer as you crashed your lips to his, whatever pain either of you were feeling completely forgotten. The pain would fade, but this love would never leave.

A/n: My first drabble requests are coming out today :) I hope you all enjoy them! they’ll all be tagged under “spn drabble requests”

Tags below the cut.

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Winter Nights

A suggestion sent to me from magicalstranger13, the awesome possum that she is, via story/epilogue for the-lady-princess-of-gallifrey. These two are gonna kill me. -_- but I love it so I writes it.


Marianne huddled under the covers, teeth chattering as she eased closer to Bog’s lanky but warm chest. His arms wound tighter around her but warmth seemed juuuust out of reach.

“Better?” he asked.

“No. How many frickin quilts do we have on this bed?” Marianne asked, shivering lightly against Bog’s warmth.

“Five, love. There’s five on every adults bed on the ranch, six on the children’s. And those are all the quilts on El Bosque Oscura.”

“R-remind me to get Dawn and Griselda started on more in the morning. This is killing me!”

Bog chuckled and started slowly sliding her flannel night shift up running his leg between hers.

“Bog, cut it out its too damned cold to do anything!” she yelped.

“Old Indian trick,” he explained, “We’ll share body heat this way and stay warmer.” His lips trailed down her neck. She didn’t know if it was the suggestion or what but she was suddenly getting warmer.

Bog’s calloused hands continued to travel over her hips, up her waist, until her shift was bunched beneath her arms. Marianne turned in his embrace and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Well that is certainly one way to get warm,” she agreed, tossing her leg around his waist.

“Yeah, they say it works even if ye don’t make love,” he chuckled into her kisses.

“Aww, now what fun is there in that?” Marianne replied.

“My sentiments exactly, Tough Girl,” he purred, burying his face against her neck and liberally marking the column of porcelain for all to see.

Marianne groaned as he pulled her hips against his giving her a good feel of just what she was doing to him.

His rough palm slid over her breast and the nipple, already hard in the cold winter air, was more than sensitive to his touch. Her gasp told him he was doing something right and he groaned into her neck and the fabric blocking his access to more of her creamy skin.

Bog pulled away just long enough to wrestle her free of the flannel. He let out a soft groan at the sight of her skin as it glowed in the moonlight.

“By God, you are stunning Marianne,” he breathed.

“And you are wearing too many clothes for this plan of yours to work,” she smirked, running her hands under his long handle shirt.

Bog shuddered at her fingers raking slowly over his chest. “Marianne…” his breath hitched as she arched her sharp little fingernails into the muscles on his abdomen and eased down to the hemline of his long Johns, tracing the waistband of the pants.

“So now the question is, how horney am I? And what should I take off first?”

Bog groaned at his wife’s teasing and grabbed at her tiny wrists. Marianne was quick and easily evaded his grasp with a chuckle. She hooked her hands in the hem of his shirt and slowly started working it up over his head.

Once his bare chest, riddled with scars of past conflicts, was bared, Marianne took her time to kiss each and every scar. Her feather light lips brushing over the sensitive flesh had Bog shivering in delight.

“Oh love,” he moaned. His lips tracing patterns over his wife’s neck. “What ya do to me.”

She ground her hips against his, tossing a leg around his waist and pulling him close to her clothed heat.

Bog gasped when he realized her little hand had snuck into his long johns and she grasped his already hard length. Marianne smirked into his lips and slowly began to stroke him. Bog thrust into her hand at the feel of her fingers around him and her bare breasts pressed against his own chest, heat radiating from both of them. He moaned helplessly into her neck and felt her chuckle at his situation.

“Alright,” he said rolling her over, and laying atop her, “Enough of that cruelty, Tough Girl, my turn.” Bog eased her long johns down (cause Marianne King did not wear bloomers thank you) and kissed down along her thigh to her ankle as he tossed them aside.

He then resumed his journey up her inner legs earning whimpers and her fists tight in his hair as he neared her center. “B-Bog,” she whimpered, her toes curling beside him. “Please.”

“Please what, Tough Girl?” he asked, resting his chin on her belly, hands on her twitching hips.

“I need…” she breathed.

“Ye-es?” he hummed.

“Damnit, Bog, do something! I am about to die from spontaneous combustion!” Bog smirked at his wife and moved a hand, placing it just over her center. His fingers teased her opening and his thumb applied just enough pressure to have her thrashing for more.

“God, you are evil,” she hissed.

“Then be specific,” Bog whispered in a husky low voice that had Marianne shivering beneath him.

“How about you do something useful with that mouth,” she growled, rutting up against him.

“As the Lady of the house says,” he crooned dipping his head to breath a blast of cooled air on her hot wet core. Marianne gasped, her head slamming back against the pillow. Bog proceeded to slowly run his tongue over her seam, not yet dipping into her but drawing a lusty moan from her.

“Damn you,” she managed through gritted teeth, “Torturing your poor wife like this.”

“Poor?” Bog snorted, “You make hellcats look tame, love.”

“If you don’t get busy, I will show you hellcat.”

Bog complied, delivering a soft kiss to her womanhood and burying his tongue deep in her. Marianne’s back arched in ecstasy and her sharp nails dug into his scalp as he proceeded to lave her senseless.

“Ahhh!” she cried, wrapping her thighs around his shoulders so she wouldn’t smother him.

Bog licked and nipped at her sensitive folds until she came. Her hand slapped over her mouth to muffle the glorious cry of his name in an attempt to keep from waking the rest of the house.

Bog eased up her body, delivering light little kisses along the way before pressing his lips fiercely against hers. Marianne moaned at the taste of her on his lips.

Bog settled himself between her thighs and smiled. Marianne smiled, lazily back before catching Bog off guard and rolling them. Bog gaped up at Marianne then smiled as she slowly reached between them, guiding his tip to her opening.

Slowly, Marianne eased herself onto him. Bog groaned at her tightness clenching him, her inner muscles still spasming from her previous orgasm.

“You are amazing, Marianne,” he croaked, thrusting his hips upwards as she ground down on him, rocking her hips in circles.

“You’re not so bad yourself, there, Bog,” she groaned huskily, letting a particularly loud groan when he hit just the right spot within her.

Marianne raised her hips before slamming them down again, in search of that perfect sensation. Bog’s large calloused hands lighted on her hips in an aid to her ascent and descent onto him.

Their exchange of words was lost in favor of gripping hands and groaned names. Bog marveled at his wife, astride him, ridding him to submission like a wild bronc. It was moments like these, seeing her come apart atop him, hair mussed, body flushed, that he realized just how blessed he was to have this hellcat of his.

“B-Bog,” Marianne gasped, “here it… again. Ohnnn coming.”

Bog acted quickly, jerking her mouth down to his, neither of them slowing in their determined, erratic thrusts. Marianne came hard around him, spurring him to his own orgasm. They swallowed each others cries of desire in their moment of completion.

Marianne pulled away, panting and with a sex drunk look on her face. “Damn,” she breathed.

“Yeah,” Bog agreed. Marianne shifted off of him and he curled her into his arms again. “So the no clothes thing?”

“Bog, we may never wear clothes to bed again,” Marianne sighed.

Bog chuckled and pulled her closer, “I can live with that.”


The next morning at breakfast, everyone was unusually quite. Sunny and Dawn ate in silence, blushing whenever they looked at Bog or Marianne. Griselda was giving them a cheeky grin and Shilo, Cyrus, and Liane were all looking confused at the adults.

Shilo was the one who broke the silence. “Mommy?”

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Are you still mad ad Daddy?”

Marianne looked puzzled, “What makes you think I am mad at Daddy?”

“I heard you two fighting last night.”

Bog nearly choked on his eggs and Marianne turned pale while her sister and brother in law opted for beat red. And Griselda? Griselda guffawed.

“What?” Shilo asked. Innocent and confused.


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: “No one knows you’re here” for @roxy-davenport ‘s Halloween Challenge- sorry it’s taken so long! Thank you for understanding!

Summary: A dangerous curse, an undeniable attraction. When Y/N finds herself captured by a terrifying yet beautiful man, she must decide how dark she’s willing to go for the sake of love.

Word Count: 4273

Betas: Thank you @loveitsallineed and @aprofoundbondwithdean for fact checking for me! I appreciate it a ton!

Warnings: kidnapping, demon, dungeon + mention of weapons, angsty romance, demon!Dean, MOC

A/N Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone’s having a great day, and if you just need a second away from the family, I hope you can get swept up in my story <3 Thank you for reading and, as always, FEEDBACK IS NEEDED, LOVED, AND VERY VERY APPRECIATED!!!!!!

Your name: submit What is this?

“He was everything your mother warned you about when she told you not to walk alone in the dark.” Nenia Campbell, Armed and Dangerous

You awoke, and began shifting your arms to rub the sleep from your eyes. You yanked harder when your arm wasn’t able to rise, your groggy state not understanding. You blinked, slowly realizing the abnormality. You sat in the middle of a grungy room, the walls built of thick stone bricks, on a wooden chair. Your hands were bound behind you, the wood of the chair digging into the bottom of your thighs harshly. The chains constricting you to the chair didn’t stop at your hands, they wrapped around your shoulders and ankles, leaving you completely confined. Your breathing suddenly became labored as you began to jerk around harshly. Where the hell am I?

You tried to trace the steps, figure out how you could’ve gotten there, but it was just…gone. You barely remembered your own name. Y/N. It was the only thing that felt right. You replayed the name over and over in your mind, the only sense of comfort you could grasp at.

A dungeon, it had to be. It was pretty much the most stereotypical kind, chains hanging from the ceiling, the floor ice cold, tools to inflict pain hung ominously on the walls. You swallowed. What could you have done to land you there? And who the hell would have captured you?

You heard him before you saw him, his strong, self-assured steps carrying him into the door behind you. The room was dark, save for the torch flickering on the wall. You could hear the distant sound of voices, but they were covered by his steps and the rattling of your chains. You could feel the water hanging in the air. Yet amidst all this, the most shocking part was his appearance.

A suited man came into your sight, his tall stance immediately intimidating. He paced around you, circle after circle. You counted the rotations, your heartbeat thundering in your ears. 1, 2, 3. Stop. He stood mere feet in front of you, and you cursed to yourself about your panicking. You could hardly function, let alone think clearly enough to save yourself. Your vision went black for a moment, the fear and anxiety slowly sickening you. Finally, you were able to take him in.

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Money can’t buy happiness (Part two)

This was requested by Yasmin who has been really patient with me, i hope you enjoy it darling. Please like if you read, and send me feedback. It helps me to progress with my writing and gives me an ego boost haha ;) Part one can be read here

Babies weren’t something Y/N had ever thought about or wanted. Being Mr Styles’ wife was all about being sexy and sophisticated. The thought of having to wipe a crying baby’s bum instead attending endless photo shoots and red carpet events disgusted Y/N. It wasn’t a life she envied or craved.

So finding out she was carrying Harry Styles’ child wasn’t exactly easy. She cried for days and days and her makeup became her savior. The concealer was able to cover the dark circles forming under her red puffy eyes. Her favorite mascara kept her lashes fluttering. But no matter how much makeup she applied, no matter how much she kept smiling, the pang of guilt and sadness still managed to form in her heart. She couldn’t cope with the thought of having a baby. Y/N was no mother figure. She could be as cold as ice when she wanted to be.

Yet here she is staring in the mirror at the washed out figure that stood before her. Drained and lifeless, she wasn’t fooling anyone. Especially not the man who loved her with all his heart.

“Y/N love, what are you doing?” her husband skeptically asked. Harry had sensed that something was going on for a few weeks now, but he knew that Y/N wasn’t the type of woman to pester. However, today was different. She’d lost her fight, the energy to hide. Usually a sarcastic comment would have been rebounded in Harry’s direction but instead there was silence.  

“Sweetheart, please just tell me whatever it is that’s bothering you. I’ll help you through this”

And that was when she cracked. The tears came flooding down her flawless skin and she lunged towards Harry, clinging onto him as if her life depended on it. “I can’t do it Harry, I- C-Cant” she whimpered becoming almost inaudible. “Do what princess? What can’t you do?” the tall man asked, rubbing up and down on his wife’s back. “I won’t be a good mummy, I’m not made to be a mummy.” “What?” Harry asked, pulling away and staring down at the petite lady below him. “You’re pregnant?” he beamed. “Yes Harry, I’m fucking pregnant, me! The local bitch! I stupidly let myself get pregnant” she spat, walking back over to the mirror. “But, that’s incredible news right?” Harry gushed walking to stand behind his wife. His arms snaked around her waist and his fingers began to trace small circles on her swollen tummy.  

“How can I care for a baby Harry?” she whispered looking at her small bump in the mirror. “Baby, don’t put yourself down. You will be an amazing mother! We can finally be a proper family kitten. You, me and our new baby!” he hummed planting a kiss onto her tear stained cheek. “I guess so” she whispered, lip quivering as the tears finally began to come to a holt. “I’m so scared Harry. I didn’t anticipate this ever happening.” She had now turned to her husband and interlocked his large fingers with hers. “I’m too bitchy and shallow to care for a baby. Everyone knows it” her hushed tone felt like daggers were piercing through Harry’s heart. He hates it when she puts herself down. She’s his perfect woman, everything he’s ever dreamed of, yet here she is, putting herself down once again.

“Listen darling, less of these negative comments!” Her shaky palms were now brought to Harry’s lips as he pressed kisses to them. “You’re going to be amazing and I’ll be here every step of the way. Just because you have to give birth to it doesn’t mean you will be alone. This is OUR baby and I will try my best to help you get through this okay?” “Okay” she smiled, leaning in and kissing her husband flat on the lips.  


Harry didn’t quite understand why Y/N ever doubted herself. Daisy Mae Styles had been born on the 12th of may 2014 at a healthy weight of just over 7lbs. She was just as beautiful as her mummy. Y/N refused to have gas and air during the birth being her usual self and was in labor for an outstanding 9 hours.

Harry has been on top of the world since, unable to contain his excitement whenever he comes home from work to see his two favorite girls.  

Today was a usual day for Harry. He had gone to work as usual, wrote some emails, sealed some business deals and had managed to finish a little earlier than usual. Driving down the motorway he couldn’t wait to see his wife and daughter. Daisy had been becoming a lot more active lately meaning that he was beginning to miss out on things more frequently. This was something that caused a pang of pain to Harry’s large heart, so sneaking out from the office early sometimes was easily justifiable. He was his own boss after all.  

Stepping into the large house he was greeted by a handful of shopping bags and a large hurl of commotion coming from upstairs. Walking up the large staircase he headed towards the bedroom knowing that Daisy would be getting ready for her night time bath. “Aw look at you big girl. Mummy thinks you look like a princess darling” he heard his wife gush making his heart swell. Stepping into the bedroom he smiled at the sight. Y/N was stood in the mirror holding Daisy Mae who was dressed in a red puffy dress and cream tights along with glitter dolly shoes to match the whole outfit. The pair posed for a mirror selfie Y/N was taking and then proceeded onto looking through them.  

It wasn’t long before Daisy noticed her father in the mirror and began to whine and squeal. “Darling? What on earth is the matter?” Y/N asked as Harry stepped towards the pair becoming visible to her in the mirror. “Oh I see baby girl! You wanna go to daddy. What’s he like sneaking up on us like that hey!” she giggled passing the small baby over to her father. “Well look at you big girl, has mummy taken you shopping again?” Harry laughed as Daisy’s small fingers started to tug and pull at his hair.  

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist, Mummy wants to make sure her princess has all the dresses in the world!” Y/N giggled tugging on Daisy’s cheeks. “Mwumma!” Daisy giggled causing shock to etch on Y/N’s face and a smile to beam onto Harry’s. “Did she just say momma?” “She definitely did” Harry smiled. “Looks like she’s got beauty as well as brains, just like her momma.” A blush etched onto the mothers cheeks as she looked at her husband and daughter endearingly. She felt tears began to prick at her eyes so she took this opportunity to go and run Daisy’s bath. “Mummy will be right back” Y/N sniffled picking up her pace to the bathroom.

When she returned to the bedroom she found Harry entertaining his daughter by blowing raspberries on her tummy. It was a sight which made her heart melt. “Bath time now you two!” she laughed giving a disapproving grin to Harry. This was how every night enacted. Harry would be the main helper during bath time meaning that his endearing wife could have a little rest. However Y/N was stubborn, and would still insist on being present during bath time.  

Sitting on the side, she watched as Harry washed Daisy’s hair, making sure the shampoo stayed far away from her eyes. His usual smart look had now become disheveled. His sleeves were rolled up showing his tattoos and his buttons were undone showing the swallows which were engraved onto his chest. Bubbles were soon placed onto Daisys head of dark curls causing a chuckle to escape her small lips and dimples identical to her fathers to form onto her cheeks. Harry then progressed onto giving her a bubble bath beard and even gave himself a matching moustache. The pair were like a comedy duo.  


“Your not upset that she said moma first are you darling?” Y/N asked Harry that night. His faced soon turned to hers as they lay face to face. “Baby, why would I be upset over that? You’re her mother and you’re the one who is bringing her up, you deserve to be the first word that comes out of her mouth” he whispers, his breath hitting his wife’s face as she smiles lovingly back at him. “You’re just as good as me darling. She loves you too pieces. Besides, you’re the one who provides for us, I couldn’t spoil her rotten without you!” she gushed. “And this is the woman who said she couldn’t raise a baby” he smirks, kissing her cheek. “Yeah well, maybe one day I might do it all again. And maybe that one day might be soon.” Harry looked at her in disbelief. “Are you saying your pregnant again?” the older man smiled. “Indeed I am Mr Styles” she giggled snuggling into her husbands chest. “You’re amazing” Harry whispered, snuggling his wife close to him and kissing her head lovingly.

After all the disbelief and negativity Y/N once had about being a mother, she’s now in the best place possible in her life. She’s got an amazing husband, a beautiful daughter, and another child on the way. Her life is finally complete. She’s got one big happy family.

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Hey, if you're up for a prompt... Klaus calls Caroline to take care of his daughter during the season finale of the Originals, not Rebekah.

Caroline pulls her car onto some New Orleans back road, stopping once her headlights illuminate the only man who could convince her to do exactly what Klaus requested mere hours ago.  Her eyes flicker to her rearview mirror and she immediately regrets it when she sees the brand new pink car seat strapped in the back seat.

She has to force herself to get out of the car, hands shaking; every step she takes closer to him is another inch her stomach sinks down. What was she thinking? What was he thinking? This is a baby.

Neither one of them signed up for this.

She stops once she is close enough that even her human self could have smelled the tears he’d shed, dried up on his skin and coated in thick layers of blood. “Hello Caroline.”

Her eyes soften when the child lets out a soft yawn. “She’s an angel,” Caroline smiles softly, making effort to lighten the mood. “Are you sure she’s yours?”

Klaus chuckles, ripping his eyes from her own to stare down at his daughter. “She has a hint of the devil in her eyes,” he smiles proudly, looking back up at Caroline. “That’s all me.”

A silence overtakes them, and Caroline can’t help but think of all she’s going to have to do and sacrifice. She will have to leave Mystic Falls, find some other small town where they could not be found. Or perhaps a large city where they can blend in. Where she and Klaus’ child would blend in. She and Hayley’s baby.

The thought is too bittersweet.

“You need Bonnie to cast a cloaking spell,” he tells her

“I will.”

“No one can ever find her.” Your friends can never know.

Caroline nods. “I’ll compel Bonnie to forget once it’s done.”

A smile breaks out on his face, one of true pride. It should sicken her.

It doesn’t.

“I’ll keep her safe, Klaus. I won’t let anything happen to her.” No vampire would kill her, no boy would break her heart. Caroline would make sure of it.

“I never doubted that, sweetheart.”

The silence envelops them once again, his eyes bear into hers, making an effort to memorize her in her entirety so when he returned to his home, the house wouldn’t feel so lonely. A thousand years, and he could not fully capture or bottle up anything quite like her light.

“Klaus, we need to go.” You need to say goodbye.

He nods, taking a few more seconds to store the curve of her lips and the loyalty in her eyes in his mind.

“This city would have seen you dead,” he whispers, moving his attention back down at his child as his thumb grazes her cheek softly, wiping up the smudge of blood that rest there. “But, I will have it your home. And every soul who wishes you harm will be struck down, just as sure as my blood runs in your veins. You will return to me.” He looks up at Caroline and, through the darkness that surrounds them, can barely make out the tears that are glistening in her eyes. But he can see her, even through the dark. He can always see his light. “Both of you.”

He hands his own flesh and blood to the only woman he could ever trust his daughter’s life in. The only woman he trusts his own life in. Caroline’s hands are no longer free to wipe up the tears from her face; they stream down her cheeks freely. Klaus lets her cry, lets his heart breaks for the longest time as the two most important women in his life stand in front of him, the one who showed him his own humanity not having the strength to walk away.

When Caroline whimpers, he takes her chin in his hand softly and directs her attention to him. “You can do this, Caroline. Despite everything, there is no one I would trust more with my daughter’s life.”

“What if I fail you?”

He can’t help but laugh lightly at her loyalty. “Don’t be ridiculous, love. There is no doubt in my mind that you will protect my hope with your own life.”

“Is that her name?” Caroline breathes out, looking down at his baby. “Hope?”

Klaus pauses for a moment before nodding. “Hope,” he agrees. “Her name is Hope.” He holds her jaw for a moment longer, placing a kiss on her cheek. The hybrid’s lips linger over her skin for a moment before Caroline moves her head to match his lips against her own. He memorizes this, too.

They pull away only when Hope lets out a soft whimper. Caroline cooes her effortlessly, rocking her back and forth and whispering the same promises he’d made her all those years ago. She doesn’t mention Rome, Paris or Tokyo.

When the child’s worries are at bay, when the whimpering stops and Hope is once again fast asleep, she smiles. Big and wide and proud. She could do this. “I’m going to walk away,” she says, voice shaking. “And I’m never coming back.” She steadies her voice, pulling out her strength. “I promise.”

He pulls her close to him, hand cradling her cheek and lips whispering against her ear. “I will always be waiting for you, Caroline.”

Caroline looks down at the child once more before allowing her eyes to meet his one last time. “Always and forever.”