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Second Christmas (1996)

the series is as follows so far:

First Christmas


Mulder landed on her couch with a thud, groaning loudly as the cushions settled beneath him, taking his weight and cradling his tired bones. Flinging his hand over the back, he waved his fingers haphazardly in Scully’s direction, “it’s not Christmas yet, right?”

Scully, unlacing her boots and dropping them by the door, the sound loud in her quiet apartment, “I think it’s the 23rd but it might be the 24th but I am 90% sure it is not actually Christmas Day yet.”

“I hate layovers and plane changes and Chicago in general and wherever the hell we were in Arizona.”

“I completely agree and I’m just warning you that I’m getting in the shower in two minutes. You can nap, eat, do a jig if you want but if you leave, lock the door and if you have to pee, do it now.” Dragging her bag behind her down the hall, she called back to him, “minute and a half.”

He stood, shuffled to the bathroom, did his business, then took the time to hang up his coat before moving to the kitchen to start a pot of hot water for cocoa. He was mixing some concoction of sour cream and cheese and had a half-frozen hot dog hanging out of his mouth when she returned, toweling her hair and dressed comfortably in her flannel pajama pants and thermal shirt, “is that dinner?”

As he answered her, the hot dog dropped from his lips to the counter, “yeah. Want one?”

Watching him pick it up and take another bite, she smiled, “Yes, but I think I’ll heat mine up before I eat it.”

“Your loss.” Bumping hips with her as he scooted by with his dip and bag of tortilla chips, “back in a second for drinks. Do you want tea or hot chocolate?”

“Tea and you want the chocolate, I assume?” Seeing him nod, “I’ll bring them in when I’m done.” After they’d eaten their way through the bag of chips, the dip, two hot dogs apiece and two cups of tea and cocoa, Scully yawned, one leg tucked under the other, her body curled against the armrest, “I need to go to bed.”

Mulder looked at his watch and saw it was after 11, “it’s almost Christmas Eve. When are you going to do your tree?”

Her eyes half-shut and dropping fast, she flopped her head to the back of the couch, “tomorrow? Today? Right now? Yesterday? I have no idea. I just know that I can’t see straight at the moment.”

He’d been watching her longer and longer blinks for quite awhile now, “How about you go to bed and I’ll lock up when I leave and then I’ll call you really early tomorrow and make you get up and decorate your tree? I won’t let you sleep in or anything.”

Too tired to argue and tell him not to call her under any understandable or wild circumstance, she shut her eyes completely instead, snoring within heartbeats. With a whimsical lip curl, he removed her mug, then carefully lay her down on the couch, doing the whole clichéd ‘gently placing her head on a pillow and tucking her in with the throw afghan’ thing. He would have made fun of the actions had he been watching a movie with that plot but instead, he ran a finger over her forehead gently and fighting the urge to kiss the track of his finger, he carried the dishes to the sink.

Then he set up the tree for her, being ninja-like in his silence, relying on his glowing watch to tell which letter was on which branch and which branches went on which level. The lights followed and once that was done, he decided, maybe, he would just sit down for a minute, possibly close his itchy eyes for a second before heading home.

Yeah. He fell asleep.


Aware of movement, his muscles instinctively tightened, waiting, needing to be prepared to stand, fight, bludgeon whoever was invading Scully’s living room, then, he heard an all-too familiar sniffle. Slowly opening his eyes, he watched her lean over, select an ornament, stare at the tree for a moment, bend the hook, reach out for branch, hang the decoration, study its placement, nod, then do it again.

He really could have watched her for hours but instead, after a minute, he shifted in his chair, then in a low voice, “need some help?”

To her credit, she didn’t jump, knowing somewhere in her subconscious that he was awake and watching, “sure. Should I turn on the room light?”

Standing, he came over beside her, “nope. I like it just like this.”

A few ornaments later, “thank you for putting the tree together for me and doing the lights.”

“I was awake and figured why not.”

Quiet again, they worked steadily until the box was empty and the tree was laden. Stepping back to survey their handiwork, Scully moved her arm enough to tap his thigh with the back of her hand, “are you going to your mom’s for Christmas?”

Figuring a lie was appropriate for 3am, “yeah, I’m driving up there tomorrow afternoon and I’ll stay through the 26th.”

“Good but don’t forget, if something changes, you’re welcome to come with me.”

Taking her fingers in his tentatively, he squeezed them, letting go quickly, “thanks. Tell everyone Merry Christmas for me, would you?”

She missed the touch more than she expected to, “I will.”

“Merry Christmas, Scully.”

“Merry Christmas, Mulder.”

He looked down at her before turning her by the shoulders, “go to bed. I’m going to grab a snack, then head home. I’ll lock the door.”

With eyes burning for sleep again, she didn’t argue, instead giving him a one-armed hug before unplugging the tree, heading down the hall with a slurry ‘g’night’.

Calling his goodnight back, he dug in his coat pocket, found the package he’d unearthed from his glove compartment before they came upstairs and hung the Snowman Woodstock in the center of the tree.

Satisfied with himself, he darkened the living room, grabbed his granola bar and headed into the night, shivering yet smiling.

Another ornament mission accomplished.

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Hey can I request a scenario with Genji and reader after a tough mission. They're on the way back in the plane and they're leaning into each other just soaking each other in and being glad that they're alive. (And maybe some soft kisses?)

What a gentle request. I hope this is to your liking! ♡ I do love soft things. 

Heat-Exhaustion (Drabble)

The rumbling of the plane and the air-conditioning is the only noise between all of you who are all too exhausted to use your voices to express your mutual relief at being alive. Tracer could do little more than to set the plane on auto-pilot, resigning to the severity of her wounds, one of Zenyatta’s few functioning orbs hover over her, and relinquishing the pilot seat to Hana, whose arms were still fully functional.

Zenyatta himself is meticulously at work trying to repair his orbs, all of them sit lifelessly in his lap. Even Hanzo is too exhausted to keep up appearances, having unleashed his dragons numerous times on the field, now dozes lightly in a corner seat.

You are not much better, laying on your back across a row of seats, no strength to even grumble about your current situation. Genji sits by your head, a hand on your forehead to keep the wet cloth in place. The coolness of it makes you sigh in relief. Your stomach churns unpleasantly, however, and you sit up despite your muscles’ protests. The world spins for a moment, and you had to blink the floating colors out of your eyes.

You prop yourself heavily against Genji, who tries to support your efforts as much as he can. Genji, too, must be exhausted having run around in the blazing heat. He even has his face plate off, exposing his scarred visage to the blessedly cool air of the plane. His armor is no longer blistering, but has now become just bearably warm enough for you to lean against. You take deep breaths to steady yourself, gripping Genji’s arm. He takes away the towel, dabbling your cheeks and neck, pleasingly cool.

“I thought,” you rasp when you find your voice, swallowing thickly, “I thought we were goners.”

Genji squeezes your knee. It barely reacts like it normally does, just twitching instead of jumping. Even your nerves are shot, it seems. “I, too, was afraid,” he admits quietly. “We were fortunate that Hana-chan’s MEKA was still able to move.”

“Don’t let her hear you,” you mumble, amused. “Only Hanzo gets to call her that.”

The ninja chuckles weakly. “Do I get to call you ’-chan’, then?”

You smile, thumbing the chipped armor. “Only if I get to call you that, too.”

“You may call me anything you want.” You don’t need to see to know he’s smiling at you.

“Oh, shut up, you.” You lean your head up, seeking to silence the cheeky ninja with a gentle kiss which he obliges you with. He is warm, albeit a bit too warm from the heat wave you were all in a while ago, but you don’t particularly care, continuously pecking his smiling lips with chaste kisses.

His arms hold you close, thumbs rubbing circles into your shoulders. You do your best to return the action, but another wave of dizziness hits you, and you have to break apart, rest your head against his chest to catch your bearings. He leans his chin on your head, the quiet whirring of his mechanisms soothe you. A quiet blankets you both, reminding you of just how exhausted you were. Occasionally, Genji drops a kiss to your head, and you return it when you can, continuing your trip back to the Watchpoint entangled in each other.

Fox Demon AU

Tales of Two Ninjas

One-Shot 1 (Read on ff x)

Fox Demon AU

Summary: In a universe where demon hosts were hated and hunted by humans, where people lived in fear, one child found another. Where looks and names, stereotypes and threats didn’t matter. All that did was their growing love for one another, in times of stress and happiness.

Pairing: Naruto & Hinata

Rating: M

She was five when she met him.

They met in the late hours of the night, while the living slept like the dead. It wasn’t a lovely first meeting as one would hope in a love story. Their faces were not lit up by the moonlight, eyes staring in wonder at one another. The wind did not gently caress their skin, chilled by the cool night air. They did not have the chance to curiously observe the other before she whispered fierce words, peppered with fright, not for her safety, but his. He had scoffed at the thought. His safety? Please. Who could hurt him?

It was sad, if you think about it. The little boy thought, who could hurt him, not who would. Indeed, he did not think would because he already knows of the evil in hidden in humans. The world thought he was the evil. He didn’t know why people were so frightened of him, why they treated him so terribly. They treated him worse than the animals they domesticated to slaughter. They looked at him with fear and hatred in his eyes.

He couldn’t help being born as he was. He couldn’t help who he was born as.

A demon fox child.

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Saizo accidentally baby Asugi with him during a mission and craziness ensues XD

[well it got a little angsty but it’s okay because this is something I really really enjoyed writing and I hope you enjoy it too :”D]

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

He didn’t really think too much on his pack being heavier than normal. It was bamboo, of course, so naturally the wooden structure plus supplies would be weighty. Despite knowing this, he didn’t realize there was something in there that shouldn’t be.

At least, not until they finally stopped. “I think it’s best we take a break.” Kaze said after hours of non-stop travel, their mission having them go farther than normal. A recon mission was plenty dangerous, but if they stuck to what they knew, it’d be fine.

“Very well.” Saizo conceded, and the two of them set up camp. Saizo dropped his pack on the ground, starting for the forest in search of some firewood. That is, until an annoyed cry erupted from the carrier.

“…What was that?” Saizo and Kaze froze stock still, and stared at each other. Slowly, they turned to the pack, only to find it was moving. Saizo grabbed his kunai, prepared to kill whatever fell out of it. That is, until the baby crawled out.

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Genji and s/o have had an argument :( How do they make it up to each other? Make up sex too

Not really smut because by the time I finished this time was over a thousand words. (Plus I have three Genji smut requests in the works *winks*) This was sort of hard because I feel like Genji as a partner would be really willing to see his partner’s perspective and would know how to diffuse a situation in most cases, so it had to be something personal to him.

“You are being foolish.” The resolute calm in the cyborg’s voice only fueled his lover’s anger more - how dare he try to make them feel irrational, to belittle this decision that they had every right to make.

The man across the room stood stock still while watching his significant other grow angrier and angrier under his gaze, at his seeming impassiveness and reactive calm, all the while calling them a fool. “It’s my decision, Genji. And if I want to be a fool for doing it, then I damn well will be and there’s nothing you can do to change it.” The words were spat out, fury coloring them as they stopped in front of Genji.

His hands gently wrapped around their wrists, fingers tracing patters onto the tops of their hands “You will lose so much, and I cannot ask that of you.” His mask clicks off one hand leaving theirs as he pulls the mask off, placing it on the counter beside them, “I am not enough of anything to ask that of you.”

They pull themselves from him, vehement from the returned silence from the ninja. “You don’t get to decide that, Genji. There is nothing more I want in this world than you, and you’re a fool for not being able to see that.” Turning on their heel they made their way to the door of the now abysmal apartment, slamming the door behind them, leaving a stunned Genji and the continued echo in their wake.

Eventually silence overtakes the apartment, and Genji isn’t sure how long he stands there, rooted in the same place in silence. Unmoving for what feels like centuries, he feels loneliness slowly creep into his system as he replays their last conversation in his head, over and over, it was honest what he said – they would never have a life with him, bound by his duty to Overwatch and by his limitations of his now body and it seems unfair to them to live a life so empty when there are so many other opportunities out there for them.

Hearing the door open, his eyes rose from the floor to find them standing there, smiling gently at him, apologies written all over their face, “I’m so sorry Genji… I didn’t mean to – I shouldn’t have walked out like that. It doesn’t solve the problem, and really, it just makes it worse.” They take a deep breath and make their way over to him, holding their hands out for him to take, hands gently brushing against their he holds their hands and they lean up and press a gentle kiss to his lips, “I love you, Genji Shimada, and maybe right now that’s hard for you to believe, but I’m not foolish for saying it, for believing it, because you are a man worthy of love and respect and I’m not going to leave you because of what you are or what people think.”

His mouth opens to respond but before he can they press another kiss to his lips, hungrier this time and when they pull away he smiles and presses a gentle kiss to their forehead, “I love you too.” Gently pulling him back towards their shared bedroom their lips once again find his, affirming just how much they love him. Reaching their bed, they gently push him onto it, lips and fingers tracing the curves of his body, whispering words of love and affection against his neck and shoulders, his own fingers tracing patterns into their sides as their lips found each other again.

Their words are gentle as they whisper how much they want him to make love to them in his ear, and his face turns red at their words but he doesn’t hesitate as he flips them over, lips now tracing the lines of their throat as he slowly unbuttons their pants and pulls their shirt off – tonight was about the two of them and it would be slow and gentle and everything they needed after a night like this, and he would show them just how much he loved them.

Rainy Day
Yasuharu Takanashi
Rainy Day

Just listen to the song and imagine Kakashi and Sakura talking about life, love and war underneath Sakura’s cherry tree, the cherry tree she sought to hide and cry in silence. 

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Love Letters to my Imaginary Friends

Okay happy ending time I have a mighty need and so do a handful of people okay lemme do this ~A.Y.

Part 5: The Princess and the Ninja


“Star, let me in!”

Marco rattled the door knob of his bedroom door as he giggled at what Star was doing. She had come to Earth a few months ago, and so far it had been the best time of his life. Fighting monsters and getting into trouble was what he craved nowadays, and his best friend by his side was a sweet bonus. But right now, Star was being her usual self by trying to be silly and helpful as she attempted to organize his room.

“It’s okay, Marco! I’ve got a lot of practice with the wand now, I promise I wont destroy your room!” She said with a giggle. Marco laughed out loud and said, “That’s not a promise Star Butterfly can keep!”

“You just watch!” Marco turned his ear to the door as he heard her shout a spell, and felt the door move a little as he saw a small cloud of glitter escape from the crevice under his entrance.

“Okay, one more time? I mean, the glitter doesn’t your room look terrible, but I don’t think you want to sleep with massive amounts of glitter getting into…..everywhere.”

Marco facepalmed, shaking his head with an irrational smile on his face. He absolutely did NOT want to be covered in glitter in all the wrong places, but he couldn’t help but be pleased with his best friend.

“Okay, one more time! Glitter Vanish Polish Swipe!”

She really did try to make him happy and make his life a little better, and he had to admit, things were a whole lot sweeter when she was around. He didn’t understand why he had accepted the fact that she was an interdimensional magical princess(though a flaming rainbow, rabid mutant butterfly, and laser puppies could be very convincing), but he felt like it wasn’t all that impossible. And anyway, he loved everything about her. She was all he could ever ask for, and he had started to feel like since she was the whole package and more for a best friend, maybe there was a chance they could be more. But he didn’t want to ruin anything with her. She’d had a bad experience with her first boyfriend, and he didn’t want to seem pushy. He knocked on his door, realizing Star had cast another spell and was suddenly silent.

“Star? You okay?” He said worriedly.

“Y-Yeah! I just…….” She said, her voice trailing off. Marco tried opening his door again, and found it unlocked. He opened it halfway to find Star in his closet, staring in confusion at a box full of old-looking papers.

“Hey Star, don’t look through my-!” Marco said, stopping sharply. He looked at the papers, then at Star, then back at the papers. He furrowed his brows in confusion, remembering a small amount of information about those papers.

“They’re letters.” He finally said. Star then looked up, and faced him with wide eyes.

“Letters?” She said quietly, but then regained her voice. “Letters?!”

She shot up and raced out of the door, almost knocking down Marco as she whizzed past him.

“Star, don’t trip!” He said, but returned his gaze to the box of letters. He walked over and knelt down beside the box, picking a letter out.

“My brave ninja.” He read. He remembered they were from a friend in a far away place, a pen pal of a sort. He dug through the letters and picked random ones out, skimming through them, until he saw familiar descriptions of what Star’s friends looked like, and handwriting that he swore could’ve belonged to-


His eyes widened as his brain slowly connected the pieces and bits together, like syrup reaching the pancake.

Star Butterfly. A magical princess from another dimension. She had a friend that was a pony? Pony Head?

He rushed through the letters as he searched for the two most important letters that had just flashed into his mind. He found the very last letter sent to him, reading through it.

“Oh my gosh.” He whispered. He then looked at the other letter in his hand.

The very first one.

Star was the princess who sent him letters just a little more than a year and a half ago.

His princess.


He whipped his head around as Star held a pile of letters in her arms, some unfolding and torn at the corners, but all containing his handwriting. Star dropped them on the ground as she saw the two letters in his hands. Marco stood up.

“S-Star?” He said, his voice cracking. He felt his throat close up as he remembered all the times as a kid and a young tween he had spent writing to his royal pen pal, night and day, everyday. His only friend when no one else saw a friend in him. His best friend. Star smiled widely, breaking the sleep of silence.

“My brave ninja!” She tackled him into a hug, and they both began crying in relief. Star pulled away from him and kissed Marco as she was bursting with joy. Marco flashed with surprise, but kissed back with the same amount of happiness.

“Marco, have you clean-oh!" 

The two pulled apart as Mrs. Diaz was at the entrance of his bedroom, covering her mouth in surprise, but then smiled slyly and put her hands on her hips.

"I knew it! Babe!” She shouted, ignoring the protests of her son as she rushed away to tell her husband of what she had seen. Star laughed and put her hair behind her ear. Marco smiled at how lovely his friend looked, but felt a bit of dread at the events that just occurred.

Marco awkwardly shuffled and faced Star, asking the question bubbling inside him.

“Hey so, umm, with me telling you I love you and stuff in the letters and you, uh,” Marco’s face burned as he remembered the sensation of Star’s lips on his. “Are we gonna be friends still? Or……..”

Star’s eyes widened as she realized what Marco was trying to ask, and she stepped towards him slowly as she held a mischevious grin on her face.

“Well Safe kid, would you want that? Because I would LOVE that, but it’s up to you, or whatever.” She said, and stood right in front of him, tilting her chin up slightly as she leaned into him. Marco stared at her breathlessly and said, “Oh, GOD, yes." 

She giggled but was interrupted as Marco pulled her into him by the waist and kissed her again, eliciting a small moan of happiness from Star. The two broke apart and smiled, and as they returned to their task of cleaning the room, and went to school the next morning speaking as the best friends they were, Star surprised everyone, including Marco, as she kissed him before class began. Though Marco’s crush on Jackie lingered, it disappeared as Star’s taste surged in his mind, melting his brain away. The two were still best friends, but they know had each other in many more ways, and they didn’t want it to be any different.

As goes the story, of a princess and a ninja.

Stupid Ninjago Jokes Episode 7
  • The ninja are at the tea shop.
  • Kai: *aggressively waits for Lloyd to come back*
  • Jay: Calm down man...
  • Skylor: *runs over* GUYS
  • Kai: Skylor!
  • Kai: You did? Where?
  • Jay: Really?!
  • Skylor: YEAH he had BLACK hair and GREEN skin like Shrek
  • Jay: *le gasp* no...
  • Kai: WHAT?!
  • Morro: *shows up*
  • Jay: *gasps in absolute horror* Not only did you screw up your skin, BUT YOU DYED YOUR HAIR TOO
  • Morro: Uh...
  • Morro: UH...
  • Kai: Lloyd what's wrong with you?!
  • Morro: Gimme the staff!
  • Cole: What staff?
  • Morro: THE staff.
  • Ninja: *silence*
  • Zane: LOL NOPE *runs away to Sensei Wu*
  • .....