silence glaive surprise


[EPISODE] 172. Moon Power of Love! End of the Nightmare.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Kana: 愛のムーンパワー! 悪夢の終わる時
Romaji: Ai no Muun Pawaa! Akumu no Owaru Toki

Original Air Date: May 4, 1996

Director: Junichi Satou
Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi
Animation Director: Miho Shimogasa

Plot: The fate of Usagi’s friends and family hangs in the balance as she confronts Queen Nehelenia.


  • The Eternal Tiare was lengthened without the Holy Moon Cálice.
  • Young Nehelenia was voiced by Koan’s actor, Wakana Yamazaki.


  • Silence/Silent Wall was seen for the first time.


  • Queen Nehelenia and Diana both appeared for the last time.
  • The Crisis Moon Compact permanently transformed into the Eternal Moon Article.
  • Silence Glaive Surprise was only initiated here, but it was not completed.
  • This episode marked the final instance where Chibiusa dressed as Sailor Chibimoon. She wore plain clothes in Usagi’s dream in episode 198.


  • Queen Nehelenia’s world
  • Hikawa Shrine

I couldn’t find the source or the artists for these so if someone can please put the link to the rightful artists below. THE SENSHI ♥

Which Sailor Moon Drops Characters Should You Use?

With 45+ characters available in Sailor Moon Drops (so far!), one of the trickier things about the game is figuring out which characters to level up & use in the various levels. People tend to focus on their faves for lack of a better option, which sometimes doesn’t work too well (looking at you, Chibiusa, Chef Mako and Venus).

The main objective of this post will be to list the characters that I have found (through LOTS AND LOTS of gameplay) to be the most effective. It will be continuously updated to include new characters as they become available. Note that I play the Japanese version, which is roughly 6 months ahead of the English version, so beware of spoilers.

Your Mileage May Vary, of course…


  • ✝ = This character is unlocked on the main storyline map. You should prioritize maxing out these characters to Level 5 first, as you will have to use them in side levels.
  • ♦ = This character is unlocked in a limited-time event.
  • ♪ = When this character’s level is maxed out, the Heart Gem Gauge just charges more quickly rather than their Special Move being improved.
  • ¤ = The animation for their Special Move is the same at Level 2 & Level 5.
  • ♥ = This character’s Special Move also clears/destroys cages, barriers, plates, etc.
  • ⍟ = This character has an ability that, when maxed out at Level 5, makes certain other unlockable characters obsolete.

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I was just rereading the manga, and these scenes stuck out to me because, not only are they back-to-back, they’re both non-offensive attacks of Saturn’s. Silence Wall is a protective barrier and Silence Glaive Surprise seems to produce a thick, disorienting mist (unlike in the anime, where it’s an extremely powerful attack; however, to be fair, the attack is pretty ambiguous in the manga so it’s possible it’s an offensive attack).

I really like this because it shows that the reborn Saturn is not the terrifying planet-destroyer she was before. The original Saturn had only one purpose, and that was to unleash destruction on planets that had run their course. The only attacks she could use were ones that would cause massive destruction at the cost of her own life. The reborn Saturn is a versatile Senshi who works well in a team and can use a variety of offensive and defensive moves.