silence dancing

see, i’ve been thinking about elevators lately. i think i spend too much time looking at people’s hands and elevators and hands don’t really go together but still. but still. for the most part, i like not talking, let’s just sit here and stay still sort of. sort of the world will explode into bits soon enough but we won’t. i promise we won’t. who doesn’t like dancing anyway? blast off psylla through the speakers, let’s have an only socks are allowed party with long silences and slow dancing. there’s nothing wrong with music, it is rather beautiful especially when it is wrong. so get up, they’d say, get up, this planar of thought is nonexistent and you are beautiful when your eyes are closed. when your eyes are closed i don’t know how to be human. let’s pretend this last time is not the last time because the world makes more sense when it’s in slo-mo. i think, i spend too much time looking at people’s hands to be honest. to be honest, i have a habit of getting lost in places where i’m not supposed to. i’m not really good at asking normal questions. how can windows be more than just windows? did you ever think elevators were invented first before stairs? what’s the half-life of a regular size moon? do i make you feel nervous? look at this. look at all of this. what a mess this is, and you call this writing. no, i say, it’s more like spilling.

Picture Perfect - Nick Robinson


“Could you write a Nick Robinson one where y/n and Nicks Parents are good friends and y/n is super protective over her sketchbook and does not let anyone look in it (because she’s been drawing Nick - she thinks he’s taken). But then Nick finds y/n sleeping with the sketchbook left wide open. The rest is up to you”

I was not opposed to noise, I just simply preferred to work in silence.

My fingers danced quickly across the plain piece as I gripped the lead pencil tightly in my long fingers.

My eyes carefully watched each action as the small stick created beautiful lines and shades on the empty page, the image slowly coming to life with every stroke.

Smiling with pride I glanced at the half drawn image, another beautifully accurate illustration of Nick.

Some would say I was obsessive; if they were to take a look into my sketchbook and peer at the images I had recreated with nothing but a pencil and my own slender hands. I would simply justify that I knew how to capture a piece of art when I had seen it, and trust me ;he was a piece of art.

“Y/N are you almost ready? We need to leave!” My mothers shrill call broke me from my lucid state, my hands quickly dropping the pencil and slamming the book shut, imprisoning the pages and works of art. 

They were for my eyes only.
I loosely slipped on my jacket and shoved my sketch book into my bag, slinging it lazily over my shoulder and exiting the room.

We were heading to my mothers best friends house, Denise Robinson.

“Come in, come in! Ah y/n, so lovely to see you” Denise shut the door softly behind me, her smile blinding as she took my jacket and reached for my bag.

“Oh no, it’s okay, I’ll Keep hold of this!” My voice was rushed and my heart thumped harder in my chest. No way could anyone get a hold of my sketchbook. Especially not Nicks mother!

She nodded, a smile still on her face as she looked at me. She was always so happy, how?

“Go on up, Nick’s in his room” she turned and left with my mother, leaving me at the bottom of the stairs; contemplating my next move.
Gripping my bag tighter I began up the stairs, my movements sluggish and tired as I pushed on.

I thought of all the times I had been to Nicks house, in Nicks room. I thought back to my book full of drawings of Nick, what would his girlfriend think?

Girlfriend. The word rang in my head as I moved upwards, almost at the top. I had never shown any one my drawings and i would definitely never show Nick, he’d think I was obsessed and his girlfriend would most definitely hate me. I mean, how stupid would I look? Obsessing over a taken guy? perfect.

Reaching the top i knocked softly on his wooden door, the sound echoing slightly on the empty landing. After minutes of no answer I pushed the door open slightly, the room was also empty.
Upon entering I heard the soft patter of the shower and walked in further.

Slipping off my shoes I sat down on his large bed and decided to wait. Pulling out my sketchbook I turned the pages slowly and admired each drawing I had done, they hardly captured the beauty that Nick was but it was pretty darn close.

My eyes grew heavy after 7 minutes but I powered on, the sketchbook gripped tightly in my hands as I took in the images. The images blurred together as i slowly but surely let sleep lure me in.
The sound of turning pages woke me up. My eyes opened rapidly and my hands gripped around me in a desperate attempt to get hold of my book. No, no, no!

I jumped slightly when I noticed the tall figure sitting  in front of me on the bed. His dark hair was damp and he was clad in a pair of slim sweats and a random band shirt. It wasn’t until I spotted the large book resting open In his Palms that I felt sick, my body freezing as my heart pounded harder than ever before.

“Nick I-” my voice caught in my throat, this was never supposed to happen! He’ll think I’m crazy!
“Y/n these.. Wow!” His own eyes caught me own in their gaze and I was shocked at how amazed he looked. I moved closer to sit next to him, the both of us looking down at the covered pages, Nicks face splattered across most of them.

“I’m sorry I-” I couldn’t finish what I was saying, his head already snapping to look at me.
“Are you kidding me!? These are amazing!” Our faces were close, too close. I would have felt overwhelmed with pride if our faces weren’t Inches apart, his minty breathe fanning over my face ever so slightly.

“Nick..” My lips were captured in his own, the movement fast and breathtaking. I was shocked, my chest tightening as I moved my lips against his own. Was this really happening? Oh my

I pushed his shoulders away from me, face red as I looked him dead in the eyes.
“We can’t! You-Your girlfriend!” I was mortified, how could I have done that?
“Girlfriend? Y/N what are you talking about?”
“wait, what?” He didn’t have a girlfriend??
My cheeks heated up in embarrassment, I just ruined it!

“I thought- I just assumed you have one okay?” My voice was timid as I refused to look at him, his hearty chuckle making me feel even worse. He was laughing at me!
His long fingers gripped my chin loosely, pulling my face to look at his own, eyes lighting up and crinkling as his smile widened. He was truly a masterpiece.

Shaking his head slightly he leaned down once more, his lips growing closer as my heart harshly hammered at my rib cage, what was happening!?

Capturing my lips in his own once again my mind emptied and I began to feel light, like I was floating. Our lips moved sweetly against one another’s and he smiled cheekily into the kiss, was i even doing this right? I didn’t care, I was on top of the world.

Not even the greatest artist could capture the beauty in this picture perfect moment.

HI IM AM BACK!! I am finally posting again and I am finally free from school and all things in the way of writing for 10 weeks. My goal for the summer is to improve my writing and post a lot more so
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This was a request I got a while ago, I hope you enjoyed it:) it’s shorter than I wanted buttttt, i tried. let me know what you think! (Excuse the mistakes - unedited) 

Six Word Stories for the Signs

Aries: Priorities never really matter to me.

Taurus: When in doubt, dance like crazy.

Gemini: Silence is sometimes for the better.

Cancer: I will fight, so don’t play.

Leo: Don’t think I am always conceited.

Virgo: I will help you, I promise.

Libra: I’m too scared to show me.

Scorpio: When I’m calm and pissed, beware.

Sagittarius: I too can be a pessimist.

Capricorn: My mask is the most realistic.

Aquarius: Love can be a great thing.

Pisces: I will be stronger than before.

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EDIT x2: All tracks have been taken down… I can’t find a new one =( If I do I’ll update the post!

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“Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode

Violator (1990)

@idatigrr | continued from x 

     He looked down at him in silence, a ghostly smile dancing on his lips, eyes squinted at him. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to laugh at him or scream; he decided against either, knowing full well what a waste of time that would be. 

     Used to the way Yuri acted around him, this time was like no other. However he did feel an uncomfortable air between them; a tension. Viktor was 28 already, and Yuri was almost 16, he needed to learn how to let go of him at some point; he wasn’t his father to look after him like that. 

     Resentment, that was the name of the bad taste in his mouth, he knew Yuri resented him; Yuri was as selfish as he was, wanting to keep him all to himself just like Viktor wanted to do something for his himself for once. TIRED.

     But Viktor didn’t resent Yuri, he understood the need to be selfish because at his age it is the norm, being selfish. However, what he found increasingly amusing was Yuri’s thought process. Afraid of losing to him? NEVER. The only person Viktor was afraid of losing to, was himself. Viktor already won 5 gold medals in the senior division, Yuri has won none; the world already knows about Viktor, not about Yuri. Now was the perfect time for Yuri to actually make a name for himself without being underneath Viktor’s shadow. 

     ❝ Is that all?

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dinfoyle + "things you said after you'd finally gotten up the courage, but I was already gone"

Gilfoyle was incredibly drunk at Dinesh’s wedding reception. “Can I have this dance?” he asked Dinesh.

“Um, weird,” Dinesh said. “But, okay.”

They started dancing. Gilfoyle pulled Dinesh close. It was a little too close, but Dinesh let him.

“Congratulations,” Gilfoyle murmured.

“Thank you,” Dinesh said. “How drunk are you?”

“Hey, I’m a practical man, I take advantage of an open bar when I have the chance,” Gilfoyle murmured.

Dinesh sighed. They danced in silence until the song ended. Dinesh tried to walk away, but Gilfoyle grabbed his hand.

“What?” Dinesh asked.

“I love you,” Gilfoyle said.

“Oh my God,” Dinesh said. “I just got married to Richard, you fucking asshole.” Dinesh shook his head and walked away.


When’s that plane going to come

With my boy who’s on the run

For me and forever?

And when the time does pass us by

You know I’ll never be hard to find

Because I’m with you

Always with you

And we know that nothing in this world is ever truly permanent

But we know that this feeling is forever and we can’t just pretend

So when the lights on Earth burn out

That’s okay because we’re not coming down

And we’re dancing on the moon

And it’s just us two

No one but me and you

So we can do what we do

When there’s no sirens and signs that they’re going to tear us apart

We can dance in silence to the music of our beating hearts

Because the lights on Earth burned out

And that’s okay because we’re not coming down…

So we’ll sing “can’t help falling in love”

And have a life designed by us

So we can be the happiest two people in the world

And I’ll memorise your face, your lips,

your touch and your addicting kiss

And you’ll be my home

And I’ll be your everything

And we know that nothing in this world is ever truly permanent

But we know that this feeling is forever and we can’t just pretend

So when the lights on Earth burn out

That’s okay because we’re not coming down

And we’re dancing on the moon

And it’s just us two

No one but me and you

So we can do what we do

When there’s no sirens and signs that they’re going to tear us apart

We can dance in silence to the music of our beating hearts

Because the lights on Earth burned out

And that’s okay because we’re not coming down…

In our galaxy.



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1. I would love to dye my hair 50 different colors at the same time. But right now I’ll stick to red.

2. I was born in Poland. I have family in the UK, the USA and Germany.

3. My BFF and I didn’t like each other at first. Only after 7 years at the same school we bonded over BSB. ^^

4. Music (especially KPOP) is a HUGE part of my life. I listen to music NON STOP. On my way to work, when I am out and about, at home. I hate the silence. I dance every chance I get. ^^

5. I draw from time to time. More or less. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not. LOL

6. My workplace is 120 km away from my home. I wake up at 5 am every morning and go there by train.

7. Sailor Moon 4 LIFE.

8. I still have my teddy from when I was 4 years old. His name is Teddy.

9. I would love to have pets, a dog, a husky (maybe one day), but rn I am too busy and my apartment is too small. ;_;

10. I love cooking. Rn I am very much into the Asian cuisine and I make ONE HELL OF Ramen. :D

I tag everyone who wants to do this! Please do this! It’s really fun! I would love to know you better! :D

Sleeping Beauty: Princess Aurora [INFP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by littlebirdinthevaleofarryn and throughtheroses

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Aurora is a kind girl with strong emotions she keeps inside herself, not always wanting to share how she feels (such as her restlessness and wanting to meet someone). She is comfortable just sitting (or dancing) in silence with those she’s fond of, not needing to talk. When faced with the shocking truth of her heritage and being forbidden from seeing the one person she had romantically connected with, she feels quite wounded and doesn’t try to hide it, and just sort of gives up after that. Upon meeting her parents at last, she says no words, but simply embraces them warmly.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Aurora is imaginative, philosophical, and has a creative side. She creates a metaphor of her life when she observes a pattern with the birds and wonders if there’s a connection between them and her own life (“I Wonder”). Despite holding fast to her dreams, Aurora never actively pursues them; instead stays at home and creates a whole little fantasy world with her animal friends. Besides, she’s certain her dreams will come true without needing to actively pursue them- and she’s right!

Introverted Sensing (Si): Aurora believes in what she’s already learned about dreams (that if you've had one repeatedly, it will come true). She is cautious; she doesn’t just jump into a relationship with Phillip, but instead decides to meet him back at her cottage, seeing it as the safe option in this new potentially unsafe situation, as it offers the protection of her aunts. She’s not at all excited about the luxury of being a princess- she just wants the only life she ever knew back.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Aurora doesn’t use this one much; she can be passive and indecisive at times (“Never!” “Well, maybe someday!” “Oh, no, this evening!”). But she does speak up to the fairies about her own life, and had previously made plans to get to know Phillip better in the safety of home. She doesn’t like that her aunts won’t treat her like an adult despite her responsible nature.