silence! i queue you


Quick business trip to Shanghai - with a bonus stopover in Vancouver BC (one of my favourite cities in the world). I’ve added few things to the queue… more from me later.

Radio silence while I am in China.

See you!

Update Part 2

On a different note, since my content output has slowed down recently, I’m hoping to keep this blog active by implementing a steady queue. This blog has come a long way, even if it’s gone a bit stagnant. I still get followers, and I’m well over 150! That’s insane!

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And while I’ve been quite absent of late, I’m still proud of my work and I’m never giving up on these shenanigans! So, to keep things fresh for the newbies and to jog the memories of those who’ve stuck with me for so long, I’m bringing everything back! My tag for the queue will be #i could q so much more, and I hope you enjoy the fun!


Gif source:  Kol

Imagine helping Kol prank his brothers.

——— Request for autumnslioness-dearie ———

“Want to assist me with something?” has you looking up from your laptop, where you had been absentmindedly scrolling through various websites, to see Kol. He had that look on his face. The one that you only saw when he was on the verge of doing something at best mischievous, or at worst deadly.

“That depends. What do you need help with?” you ask, cautiously eyeing him.

He just chuckles in response, “Don’t be so suspicious, darling! I assure you it’s nothing too sinister.” Your silence queues him to continue, “My brothers have been quite the pair of hard-arses lately, don’t you agree? I just want to bring a bit of laughter back into their lives.” Rolling his eyes at your prolonged silence, he adds, “Well, my life, that is.”

“And how do you plan on doing that, Kol?” you can’t help the upward quirk of your lips at his enthusiasm.

“Why, with a lighthearted prank, of course,” he plants himself in front of you, wiggling an enticing brow. “What do you say? Up for some fun?”


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Send in your story, encourage others through your words.