I got some bills to pay while I wait for some feedback on jobs I applied to. You know, like the power bill. Hahaha. I just need a few busts done and I can pay it. So a super good deal STARTING NOW UNTIL THE LAST DAY OF JULY. Busts are super easier for me to do and fast. Let me know what’s up and if anyone is interested!

EMAIL me at pretty please for your questions and such!





EDIT: You can have at most 2 in one slot.

  1. Iratus (2 headshots) WIP/PAID COMPLETED
  2. Nina of the Mist  (2 busts) PAID
  3. The Darkest Dealer (2  headshots)
  4. Sihdael 
  5. (blank) 

ONLY 5 customers AT A TIME


I’m (14) weeks pregnant, hurray! And we need to get a new scooter since our last one was stolen (we got a new scooter, it’s a work in process.). We are saving up for new baby and the move in June to Washington, any little bit helps. I may do more headshots after this if I can. If you are interested in something else, don’t be afraid to ask. I’m willing to listen.

I HAVE PAYPAL - message me if you want in on a slot and we can work something out. Once I show you the sketch, you pay in full and I finish it and post it to you as well as email it to you.

UPDATE: 5/30/16

ok so I’m moving to Washington as soon as my fiance finishes his project. I’m projecting end of June.

My purse was stolen at work (I work in a casino, go figure) a few days ago. Nothing I can’t replace but it’s gonna take time and money. UGH. My kindle, my ID- and so forth. update: LOST AND FOUND HAD IT TODAY, JUST TOOK 2 DAYS, UGH. So fucking relieved I thought I thought I would DIE.

Also AC stopped working so we have to get that fixed before the summer. Vegas summers suck so bad you don’t even know. update: found out it was a fried circuit board. Gonna take 150 to replace. Luckily we have a friend who will install it for free.


I was inspired by Tish’s Bob hair animation and watching 3 season’s of Sailor Moon. >.>

Siin is taking off a piece of jewelry from her right ear, a jeweled ear cuff, that keeps the physical illusion of her looking and feeling like a human. With her taking it off she transforms back to her original form, a demon. Though in this shot she is without her forehead jewel for it was ripped from her via side story.