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Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send it to five of your favourite followers. :)

thank you! let me think of five random things about my day (those kind of count as nice things about myself)

  • i’ve spent most of today playing a sonic the hedgehog game 
  • i’ve also spent most of today listening to busted aww yeah
  • i’m very excited to nearly reach another follower goal
  • i took some selfies earlier (i have a new sort-of goal to post more of them) and am deciding if any are worth uploading
  • and finally, i’m gonna go and have a cup of tea uwu 

silcoxski said: *whispers* I still hate you.. And, Joel made the photo. Also, what was Aled stood on..? You look short….

Joel is the best thing about the photo, best I’ve ever had with any band members! I was sat on a table to take the photo :p

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1. Do you let yourself be easily influenced by the media? In what way? (i.e political views, fashion, religious belief, social justice, opinions on specific people, etc’)

In some ways, I think it’s impossible not to be influenced. Especially when the news subject is say…a mother who supposedly murdered her child. You automatically agree with whatever the media tells you because obviously she did it. Other court cases are usually like this…I’ve learned to be…wary of the news stations when it comes to other things. International news being the biggest of those….

2. What is the first blog you check out when you log onto tumblr?

I’m lazy. Whatever is at the top of my dash at the moment I log in. ^^’

3. Why do we exist?

By that do you mean we as in me and you or the whole human race? Um…I honestly have no idea on how or why the human race is here. It’s not something I’ve ever questioned…As for why me and you exist in this time and place in the world. Well, there’s a reason. There’s got to be. Maybe we’re meant to do something. Maybe it’s just a small thing like sharing as much information/love/kindness as possible. Maybe it’s something big. As one of my professors repeatedly tells us, “You were born at this time for a reason. There’s a reason why God put you here instead of the 1800’s.” ….I just wonder myself what it is exactly that I’m suppose to do?

4. Are you the type that does their schoolwork/work no matter what mood or situation they’re in, or the kind that doesn’t do anything when they feel sad or angry, fuck the consequences?

It depends…Have I procrasted until the last day (Most likely the case, let’s be honest) then yes, I have to and just hope that it turns out decently. If I don’t have a close deadline…Then I’ll put things off until I feel more like it. ^-^

5. Is there a webcomic or a fanfic you’re following at the moment?

Axis Powers Hetaila (webcomic)
No fanfics right now.

6. Do you remember your dreams? If so, what dream of yours is the most memorable?

It’s very rare that I remember my dreams anymore unless it was especially upsetting (like the times I dream that I have to get abandon of my dogs).
My most memorable dream ever? Uh….Maybe the reaccording dream I had a kid where I got stucked down the drain of the bathroom sink? I woke up to that one every night until I was seven years old….Odd, really.

7. Would you act out your favorite fantasy with your current partner/future partner?

Maybe! It just depends on who my future partner is!

8. Were you ever harassed, publicly insulted or bullied?

Yes. All 3 years of middle school. Publicly insulted? Yeah, a few times at work. It doesn’t bother me as much as it did when I was 12, thankfully.

9. Are you in love? Were you ever in love?

Love as in ‘let me have your children’ love? Not anymore… I suppose that I have been in love, however. I mean…I held onto a crush for 4 years….=P

10. What is that thing you always wanted to do but wouldn’t dare do it even if you have enough money, time, are in a relationship with that person, have superpowers, etc’?

The first thing that comes to mind is, and please don’t judge me for this, but probably kill someone. I mean, yeah. Sophomore year of highschool, when I had to study different forms of torture, I did say that I wanted to see how some of these kill people (Rat torture being the #1) and I have often wished people dead….But I would never kill anyone. I don’t think I have it in me to just murder someone…

~My questions for you~
1) Have you ever read a book, and it completely changed your life/thoughts on life?
2) Favorite baby name and why? Would you name your child that?
3) Most embaressing childhood memory?
4) Have you traveled outside of your country before? If so, where did you go first?
5) Is there a movie that you could watch every day and never tire of it?
6) Are you an early bird or a night owl?
7) Which is worse? Public speaking or Writing term papers?
8) Worst job you’ve ever had?
9) Ever seen a ghost?
10) Are aliens real?

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Ellie’s questions:

Favourite tv show?

Once Upon A Time

Favourite sport?

Basketball, I suppose.

Full name?

Megan Evelyn Elworthy

Best friends name?

Rémy Ienco :)

Favourite animal?

Penguin (typical girly animal, I know) xD

Which country would you most like to visit?


If you could be anything what would you be (mythological, animate or inanimate)?

Um, a tour bus? God, idk.

Favourite drink?

Strawberry Smoothie (usually), but at the moment it’s Dr Pepper Zero :)

What is the thing you’re best at?

I like to think that it’s writing fiction/fanfiction :)

Top three websites?

Tumblr, Wattpad & YouTube 

Three things you hate?

Spiders, Heights and losing people I love.

And I tag… Nobody because I’ve done this already, thank you though Ellie! :)

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Enjolras: What are the two things you’re most passionate about?

Music and writing, I would say!

Music is my everything. It gets me through my everyday life and reminds me that there is always something to live for.

Writing/reading just makes everything better. It takes you into a world that may or may not be too different from your own. :)

I’m really passionate about both of these things, and I hope to make a career out of them the best that I can. :)

Thank you for the question! :)

Have a cute picture of Aaron. :P