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Put ‘Claimed’ in my askbox and I’ll randomize for on one of the following.

                         12 One romantic dance (with Silas – because it’s anon I pick) 

     She sat alone at the table as everyone in the building began to pair up when the song became soft and romantic. Heaving a sigh, she rose to leave the area. She didn’t not wish to see everyone else share such a moment when she had no one herself. However, a gentle hand wrapped around her arm before she could walk away. Her burnished hues met a familiar face, “Silas..” He smiled at her and gestured to the dance floor. She nodded at him, bowing as she lifted the end of her gown outward, “I would love to.” His arms wrapped around her waist as her’s moved over his shoulders and her finger intertwined behind his neck. Their brows pressed together, they were lost in each other. They danced for what felt like hours and were unaware the dance floor was cleared of everyone, but them.