silas wright


For a super hot Canada Day in Britain, a hotshot Canadian batting for the Brits. Charles Seymour Wright (”Silas”) was a badass physicist and straight-talking pottymouth, who took “get ‘er done” to new levels, from Antarctica, through two world wars, and back to Antarctica, with some various research posts in between.

He wasn’t actually 14 on the expedition but I was drawing without reference and I’m rusty. Bottom image based on this caricature by the invaluable Denis Lillie:

Get it? Because Deb was Australian … and … Silas, Canadian … basically I’ve been listening to a lot of shanties and feeling colonial lately.

The story goes* that no one on the expedition could carry a tune, but that didn’t stop them singing with gusto at any opportunity.  No wonder the penguins were curious; it must have sounded amazing.

Terra Nova pumping time reference photo!

*Capt. Scott, writing about Christmas 1910 (around the time this photo was taken) –

For five hours the company has been sitting round the table singing lustily; we haven’t much talent, but everyone has contributed more or less, and the choruses are deafening.  It is rather a surprising circumstance that such an unmusical party should be so keen on singing.