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This is how Seditious Affair went, yes?
  • Dominic Frey: We must protect Silas Mason at all costs.
  • Richard Vane: Are you fucking serious.
  • Harry Vane: HOW CAN I HELP.
  • Julius Norreys: This is making Richard burst a blood vessel. I am all for it.
  • Gabriel Ashleigh: Huh. What are we doing. I got distracted by something pretty.
  • Francis Webster: What. What's happening. I just won a pile of money and was rolling around in it.
  • Cyprian: I was on it six months ago. YOU'RE FUCKING WELCOME.

I was playing the Hoshido route because a friend of mine ask me for. And since I loved her so much I played that route for an entire day… making this and that, promoving the sweet bros Deere/Dwyer and Shigure and falling in love with Silas/Kaze’s support omg is so funny and cute that I couldn’t help.

Best buddies ever <3 and God bless the hack S support between them

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I'm just chiming in to say that I love your tags too. I'm not online much these days, but when ever I see a post of yours I always go straight to the tags ❤ Never fails to make me smile!

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So months before fates was announced/released I had my heart set on Jakob ((initially)) I was like ye he seems interesting and a cutie. Then, I sat down looked at Marx for a good minute and said “…mmm okay yeah I change my mind.” BUT as I’m playing the game and looking at both characters and support convos I’m having a uh…hard time choosing.

((ps yes this is my kamui, Erina, buuut since it’s a shits and giggles thing I didn’t put her name up there because I was fooling around with it today , plus it was also a test on doing the text generator thingy))

Okay I’ll post something more detailed later but the pinnacle of my RTX- literally running into Ryan, managing to find him again later to apologize (he didn’t even remember, but told me not to worry about it and he probably bowled some people over himself today and apologized to me) and then got to talk to him with my friends I made until they started to close the floor. We asked for a goodbye hug and yes-


also when he pulled away he sorta reached for my hair and was just like “By the way, I love you hair!” And all I could do not to start crying was chirp out a “Thank you so much!” before running out after my friend while we said to each other “it was nice to meet you!”