silas is an enabler and i love them for it

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klaroline + "i dont want someone less terrible than you... i want you!"

Super short, but I hope you enjoy this!

“I just killed twelve people.” Caroline said, her mind finally catching up with what she had done a few hours ago, the realisation dawning on her coldly.

She couldn’t look at Klaus in the eyes, she didn’t want to see his anger or his disappointment because she already knew she had fucked up, but most importantly, she didn’t want to see any sympathy in them. She didn’t feel as if she deserved it.

But then he touched her arm and she was feeling as if she couldn’t breathe, his soft “Hey” lured her gaze to his.

“You like you’re in need of comfort.” He said and she nodded eagerly, needing him to do or say something, because no matter how much she denied it, he always made her feel safe strong, so perhaps he could make it all ok… Then his compassionate features turned into a small smirk, his eyes full of anger, which confused her for a second. “Why don’t you find someone less terrible you could relate to?” he asked pointedly, letting go of her arm.

Caroline stared at him for a couple seconds, trying to process what had just happened.

Part of her really wanted to turn around and walk away, to leave him behind and convince herself that he was right – he was just a terrible person that she would never be able to relate to.

But she was tired and hurt and she wanted him to understand… The words were out of her mouth before she realised she had utter them.

“You are an asshole. You kill people and you like it. You made my friends’ lives miserable… You are a terrible person.” Caroline yelled, pushing him away as she turned around, tears already starting to fall from her eyes.

“Yes, Caroline, you said that last night.” He cut in acidly.

She turned to face him, wincing at how hurt he looked and she knew couldn’t stop talking, “I know, ok? I know I’m a total dick to you all the time. I know that I keep pushing you away and hurting you, just because I can’t deal with the fact that I have feelings for you. And I hate doing it. I hate doing it, because I care about you and I don’t want to hurt you and I keep telling myself that you deserve it since you are a terrible person… But I just killed twelve witches and they are not the first people that I’ve murdered. Also, I just made it possible so that a billion years old monster or whatever can come back to life and basically destroy the world. So I guess that qualifies me as a terrible person as well. And now you are doing to me what I do to you and I can’t handle it… I just- I don’t want someone less terrible than you, I want you.”

Klaus’s face was hard as he listened to Caroline and he kept on staring at her once she was finished, which didn’t help her to calm down as she waited for his reaction.

And then, in a fraction of a second, she felt his strong arms around her, pulling her closer. She melted into the hug, a sob escaping her lips as she buried her head on the crook of his neck, his hands caressing her hair. “It’s ok, love. Everything will be ok.”

“I’m sorry.” She whispered, “For being horrible and for fucking up everything with Silas…”

“You’re not horrible, Caroline. You’re not even a terrible person as you so called yourself. You simply have to adjust your morals… You’re no longer human, love. Even if you choose not to kill when you feed or for your amusement, there’ll still be times where you’ll have to take someone’s life for your survival or to protect the lives of those you love. You’re still so young, sweetheart, and you have so much to learn. You’ll understand what I’m saying eventually. As for Silas, I have no doubt that, eventually, they’d complete the ritual. And there were also two other sacrifices, one of them being my fault. It wasn’t only your actions that enabled this to happen.” He said soothingly.

Caroline held him tighter, feeling him smile against her hair. “Thank you… For staying with me, for digging the graves, for this…”

“Always.” He vowed.

And maybe it was a little strange, considering he refused to comfort her only moments ago, but somehow, she knew in her heart that she could believe in him.

Caroline would deal with the consequences of his promises and of her words later… In that moment, she relaxed in his arms, letting Klaus calm her down and ease her worries.

Perhaps he wasn’t so terrible after all. At least not for her.