My dudes. I completely caved and drew even more Robbie Rotten, except this time way more cartoony. My poor exhausted son, I just wanna embrace him and tell him it’s gonna be ok.

Also I have even more headcanons about him. You guys already know I headcanon him as being on the autism spectrum and having sensory issues but i also headcanon him as having depression and severe insomnia. That being said it’s totally canon that he has pretty severe sleep issues. “I’ve been awake for 3 days!” (Season 1 ep 7 Hero for a Day) I believe a good amount of his sleeplessness can be attributed to him consuming about half his weight in sugar everyday. He’s always in a perpetual loop of eating too much sugary sweet cake, getting really hyper and having a sugar rush and then shortly after a sugar crash. He uses the sugar crashes to supplement his sleep as best he can as it causes him to feel so crappy he just passes tf out (frequent daytime naps) if he’s lucky. But other times it just makes him even more awake and his depression makes it even worse. So he tries to shift his focus to anything but sleep so he tinkers and builds, invents and sews throughout the night to keep himself occupied. Other times he tries to watch mindless television until he’s mind is a soup of sleep deprived hallucinations and worry. His stimming becomes more frequent and severe the more tired he gets, so he has to use his hands, give him a tool and he goes to work. Give him a problem it’s his only focus. During a lot of these sleepless bouts the townspeople won’t see Robbie for days.

(I’m the worst. It’s 3:30 am and this is what I’m doing with my time.)

Well, my heart has never been so toyed with in just that last one hour of TVD. Stefan, you proved once again that you are truly THE BEST character in television history. And Steroline, you never fail to get me so worked up (in ALL good ways of course). Loved the angst, loved the little “reunion” at the end. Like Caroline said in 8x5, she’ll be the one to remind Stefan who he truly is and bring him back. I know it. AHHHH THE FEELS

Looking through old Klaroline notes and I....

Just found an AU, something about Stefan at his Bachlor party

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asking Klaus to pick his ex Caroline who is sort of his bff now but he hasn’t seen in person in over a year only texted

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from the airport the day before Stefan’s Wedding to Rebekah….

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and then them being at the airport with something fluffy happening like:

Klaus muttering out, “Good to see you,” in greeting not sure how to talk to her considering he feels the pain in his temple from where she threw her blow dryer at him the last time they spoke.

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Caroline snorting in response because he rubs his temple and she remembers the same memory, “Don’t lie, you hate that you’re here,” she tells him because he always hated family gatherings.

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“I don’t care enough about you anymore to lie,” he replies without thinking as she searches for her luggage.

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”Ouch,” Caroline says, Really?”

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So Klaus chuckles out, “I bet you wished you would have just said something gracious at the beginning instead?” with a drop of his head in her direction.

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“A little bit” she gets out hitting his chest lightly…

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Klaus watches as she drops her found luggage before him, “Start again,” he offers and she agrees…

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“Yes, please” Caroline utters in reply before they switch spots starting over …

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“Good to see you, Love,” he admits softly his eyes catching her own the way they used to making her heart stop.

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“I missed you,” she sighs with a grin as they embrace both ignoring a pair of lingering eyes.

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“Same,” Klaus promises as his lips caress her cheek before he pulls back suddenly spotting Stefan there.

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“Look at you two in the same room and nothings imploded yet!” Stefan nearly shouts embracing Caroline.

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“Its your wedding, we’re a united front,” she says as if it’s obvious.

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“Agreed, whatever has happened between us shouldn’t matter at your wedding,” Klaus agrees with Caroline in so many words.

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“Okay, then, let’s go get me married,” Stefan says jovilly patting Klaus on the back….

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then Stefan walks between Klaus and Caroline out of the airport carrying Caroline’s bags while Klaus gets the luggage.

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Because he never sacrificed himself for Elena , never ever but he sacrificed himself for Damon n he loves him the most n now he is doing it for Caroline n her babies so ofc he loves her more then he ever loved Elena .

Except he has sacrificed himself for Elena, it’s just the effect wasn’t permanent or lasting but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t actually do it:

also how is Stefan sacrificing himself for the twins any different than him sacrificing himself for Jeremy?

He didn’t know how long he would stay in the tomb, it could’ve been forever for all he knew and when Damon tells him he’ll get him out, he responds by telling Damon to forget about him and make sure that Elena is safe.

Or how about in 3x05 after Klaus slaps Elena when Stefan tells him he’ll do anything he wants him to do but to just let Elena go? To the point that Klaus had to compel his obedience.

And again, 2x21 he tried to put himself in Jenna’s place.

Stefan sacrificed himself for Elena on a daily basis, he was just never put in the position where it had to be him or her for, like, an eternity but if it were down to that choice, he would’ve killed himself for her, sold himself for her in a heartbeat because of all of the things he did for her in between. Like I said, fam, you TRIED it.

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I could understand why Stefan would turn off his humanity, but I really hope he doesn't. We have seen vampires without humanity so much at this point, and it's not really interesting. I would much rather see Stefan struggle with his morality and conscience while working for Cade. Though I will admit, if he did turn his humanity off, and Caroline was the one to save him, it would parallel nicely with season six.

Yeah I totally agree, I could see why he would shut it off if he has to but I’d rather he didn’t. I’d much rather watch Stefan deal with the morality of the situation especially because I want Stefan to believe that he can achieve redemption through penance not from taking the easy way out. I would however love the parallel to S6 but maybe we’ll still get something similar to that.