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SIL The Explorer Shinhwa Reaction GIF vol.5


It’s been a looooong time i didn’t continue this serie… as i have no new good video and no new idea…

But! WHICH BECAUSE THE MAKING IS JUST SO MUCH LAUGHTER!! hahahahahaha I cant stop looping the video and then decided to continue as part of series~

Yes i have made few of these before n i remake them into Reaction GIFs… i could say these are better though~ 


P.S. Dont ask me when will the vol.6 be out.*meh*

Strictly fangirling 2014 : Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

I am a big picture kind of girl. I need to put things down in a big picture/single chart like this. Call it occupational hazard or habit. Halfway through the making of this chart, it just makes me realised that it is rather pointless because the BASE of analysis is from questionable sources, fans and paparazzi having their agendas in publishing the content and dates of the photos.

I have long given up reading the content and headlines of tabloids. My habit of screening through lies and BS is like this, ANY pictures or headlines with watermark or headlines from any tabloids are skipped over and ignored as noise (I have written a long list and realised that I should not help publicise their names) instead I will tell you which are the lists I go to for trustworthy news; BBC, Russian Times, NYtimes, you will be surprised I do follow People sometimes, but still question their credibility. They are lesser of scums in entertainment industry (in my opinion).  A side note, their treatment of this Twigbert story? Only once is the showmance given a report, that is when google glasses video was first released with a ‘reportedly’/’supposedly’ gf of Robert Pattinson. The poor woman in the video was not even given a headline. And throughout the report, it sounded like a standard piece of public release for the new google glass advert video, which sounded eerily similar in all forms of media (current news/technology news/entertainment news). By the way for those interested, when two venture capitalists pull out of google glass venture, it is as good as dead. So another failure to launch in one of many technology products and gadgets in the world, but hey publicity is what it is, there are risks and no guarantees. It is a personal consumer choice and industry competitiveness, not to embrace something so invasive even it seems like a good idea. It is a win for all parties when everyone got publicity and we all know what it is now.

Highlighted red are official functions/events or filming locations. I considered Rob’s work with FKA Twigs work related (highlighted orange). Need me to justify why she is considered work then read my previous posts, or check out DIDY, HKN, SRWN who offer all forms of analysis and explanations in different forms and styles.

Casual Observations (just based on pictures/sightings) pictures:

Kristen Stewart :                                                                  

  • High usage of umbrellas especially during Still Alice (March 2014) and Clouds of Sils Maria filming (2013)
  • Always with a companion on locations in private/public functions before May
  • Always in baggy clothes, layered, and no longer spotted with signature knotted T-shirt before May (in all paparazzi photos). The knotted T-shirt returned in late summer.  In a handful of official assignments, the ingenious work of Tara (Kristen’s stylist) showcased the fuller, thicker waist of Kristen with a small bump ‘in your face’, depending on the angle
  • THE video with the bump moving in a THR shoot (also Kristen was in long sleeves and always in a jacket for photo shoots prior May)

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Apparent lack of sightings from mid-April till end-May (Cannes Film Festival). Last seen Rob’s photo is on 15th April (Rob at Sam Smith Concert/LA) till Cannes in May. Kristen (unless you trust the dates of Nola and American Ultra papped photos), non-existent in April until a quick MET appearance with Riley as chaperone on 6th May, and then came out glorious in Cannes. Both only turned up for official work functions.

Information from social media

  • Pic of Rob with an Australian fan in January/LA (taken by Kristen according to him) with the message of asking for privacy while he (Rob) awaits the birth of his first child.
  • A blur video of Rob and Kristen running (from paparazzi?) in NYC when Kristen was shooting Still Alice and Rob was supposedly in Toronto for the shooting of Life. And a pic with (yes an umbrella again) Rob and Kristen in NYC back/side view by the roadside/traffic light.
  • Casual mention of ‘his wife’ (Kristen) from a Dior rep by a fan’s encounter when innocently asked about Florabotanica’s availability and retail locations.
  • A supposedly snide remark of ‘his little wife’ from the bride of Bobby Long (Rob’s friend) in one of her twitter slip-up during a war of words with fans on her wedding night.

Well, these are just some known information in my radar, some have been removed (assumed purchased by Rob’s/Kristen’s team/minions) and not released, while those still remain true to their encounters and stood by their stories.

# Fact: Robert and Kristen are married and have a child. 

If you are accepting this as a fact, and then want to believe that Rob and Twig is NOT a showmance then you are deducing:

  • Rob is an adulterer, or he has divorced his wife (doubt he will even publicly admit he has a child)
  • Rob is so in love he doesn’t mind giving the gossips and tabloids stories of his personal life before the lens
  • Rob is fine with his supposedly girlfriend’s multiple hook-ups and open attraction to other people while in a ‘romantic’ relationship with him. 

When a fan like me starts accusing someone of being a cheater or adulterer, it makes me a fool and hypocrite in every sense because 1) I don’t know these people personally in this supposedly affair. 2) I do not have a right to draw conclusions on people’s personal lives, nor any business in it. There is simply NO foundation for my judgement or defence of their personal relationships because I don’t know them! That is a very serious claim to accuse someone of cheating. Adultery can only be concluded and determined with physical DNA evidence (like an illegitimate child – Arnold Schwarzenegger), and/or confessions. Confessions to God, and to your spouse/partner, no one else because there is no one else involved in that relationship. Any other stories and judgements are just nosy gossips, people who do not look at their own relationships honestly or truthfully.

I should not defend any one’s relationship or their status just like no one else has the right or knowledge to know of mine.

Given the information of Rob and Kristen from the general media and social media I can only see what is given to me, a picture tells a thousand words but makes up of lots of lies too. Being a supporter of Rob and Kristen I will only believe what are the messages behind words coming out from their own mouths (as in videos or interviews and press junkets and official media appearances).  The last we have of public Rob giving interviews is in August for the promotion of The Rover, Kristen has been in public appearances and interviews due to the timing and release of her movies, including the Oscar run Sony is running for her.

So I can only give you the professional milestones/accolades they have in 2014, from publicly available  information.

Many people ask ‘why the PDA?’ Rob and Kristen both said their relationship is not for sale, and they do not want to cheapen it by talking about it. In other words, when there is PDA, it is for SALE, meant to be talked about, so you know who FKA Twigs is. IF there were no PDA, no one would talk about it, tabloids will not hound them, no money shots to be made for sale, then FKA twigs does not get the exposure (mainstream news or not, it is what the internet news is for!) Rob is an actor by profession and choice, his very private moments with Kristen were sold and splashed across tabloids for years without his permission, with his and Kristen’s safety and privacy compromised. He ducked down quickly when spotted the paparazzi filming his private moments with Kristen in Cannes 2012 at the balcony, he was extremely pissed when heard of the pictures of his private moments at his own house with Kristen, friends and their dogs (that is why they MOVED people!). Today he is giving paparazzi the best angle, without even working for it by wearing matching clothes, standing right next to the windows, looking in love, and smiling and joking before the lenses.  

In case one is wondering if Rob is the only one pitching storylines for the paps, well I can confidently say 60% of those Kristen’s pictures from the paparazzi were of Kristen and Alicia. The timing of the dual ‘sightings’ cannot be ignored because Rob and Kristen will be missing in action, radio silence for a period of time, and when Rob/Twigs photos appear, Kristen will be out and about with friends too( usually Alicia). I have no idea if Rob and Kristen are working with or against these paparazzi. But one thing is for sure, they are using each other for their own benefits.

It takes a village to raise a child; it also takes a village to protect one. Not one of Rob or Kristen’s inner circle or family has hummed a word or dismissed the ‘phantom child’ as non-existent. Previously all the gossips and headlines that raised the issue of a pregnant Kristen during their movies’ promotion (during BD1 or 2 junket press or talk shows), they were just picked up and laughed at by RK themselves. These days, private lives are strictly-forbidden topics, besides pets/parents. When a host in an American morning show (2013) out rightly asked Rob if he is still with Kristen he glared and retorted ‘Which part of the contract stipulated that this question needs to be addressed (along that line)’, and Kristen cryptically said in another interview to ‘keep them guessing’. I always see Rob as the tighter-lipped one, and extremely protective. So multiply that many times when there is a little one involved. Good job Rob on this divide and conquer strategy! ‘Can’t beat them, join them’ for the paparazzi in selling the story YOU want.

In conclusion, 2014 has been an extremely productive year for Kristen Stewart. Rob met with some challenges and obstacles beyond his control, but he will survive this rise and fall of stardom with his close knitted friends and family. Here are a list of New Year wishes I have of Rob and Kristen:

1) Nothing gets cancelled for any movies that Rob/Kristen has signed on for. I pray for no schedule conflicts, smooth pre-production, production, post-production and business-smart distributors.

2) I hope to hear more of Rob’s and Kristen’s music projects, new songs, new album, new music. (However, I refuse to like LP1/FKA Twigs, just not my cup of tea, sorry Rob!)

3) To catch a glimpse of Kristen’s art, like her painting, more poetry, cook book, any writing or book.

4) I hope no loved ones get hurt in this strange obsessive world and fandom of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Not only Rob and Kristen’s family and friends, but also the fans’ own family/friends.

A tall wish but as a fan I hate to go to tabloid and paparazzi sources for  information, I wish they have a channel to address directly to fans. Then again, knowing how divided fans are and how rabid some can be, the resources to keep an honest open public dialogue are too high and dangerous. Not to mention how private these two are. Here‘s to hoping!    

*Disclaimer: I am not remotely related or connected to Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart, not even by a 6 degree of separation. Nor do I have insiders’ or exclusive information.