Uroplatus henkeli - Frilled Leaf-tailed Gecko by bsmith4815 on Flickr.

The Uroplatus (also commonly known as the “leaf-tailed gecko”) is a unique species that comes from Madagascar. There are currently 12 species of Uroplatus: Uroplatus Alluaudi, Uroplatus Ebenaui, Uroplatus Fimbriatus, Uroplatus Henkeli, Uroplatus Lineatus, Uroplatus Guentheri, Uroplatus Malahelo, Uroplatus Malama, Uroplatus Phantasticus, Uroplatus Pietchmanni, Uroplatus Sikorae, and Uroplatus Sameiti. They vary in length, ranging anywhere from 3" to 12", with the Uroplatus Henkeli being the second largest in the Uroplatus species reaching around 10 or 11".

The Uroplatus species has been deeply affected by the deforestation in Madagascar, putting them on the Cited Appendix II list. This means they are not technically “endangered” but they are only allowing a certain number of each Uroplatus to be exported/imported each year. The majority of the Uroplatus that you will see in the pet trades will either be LTC (Long Term Captive) or FWC (Fresh Wild Caught) primarily because this species can be difficult to breed and it is very challenging to acclimate the fresh wild caught.

The remainder of this care sheet will be specific to the Uroplatus Henkeli, which I have personally been working with for 6 years.

The Henkeli Leaf-tail is found in Nosy Be, Ankaranafantsika, and Bemaraha. They are highly aboreal geckos, living in the humid forests. The Henkeli Leaf-tail gecko is also known as the “fringed leaftail gecko” due to the fringed beard running along it’s jawline and down the sides of it’s body. The fringe breaks up their outline as they flatten themselves to bark during the day while they sleep. This makes them the master of disguise when it comes to predators trying to find them. They range in color from white, tan, beige, brown, some green and olive tones, and shades of grey and black. You may find them in solid colors, but more commonly in a mixture of some of these colors.

-Joshua Vianes


“ A series of photographs by Piotr Sikora, created in collaboration with Piotr Bondarczyk, depicting Polish folk costumes in the context of contemporary multi-ethnicity. The project deals with the recent changes taking place in Polish society, which became almost entirely homogeneous after the Second World War when communism took the country in control and which is today experiencing a groundbreaking openness towards other cultures. . “

Rana, USA, Kurpie costume  and Maya, Algeria, Nowy Sącz costume

Nutsuko, Japan,  Lublin costume and Thesus, Puerto Rico,  Kraków costume

Folake, Nigeria,  Opoczno costume and Umi, South korea, East  Kraków costume

Leandro, Italy, Nowy Sącz costume and Maya, India, in Kaszuby costume

Jevone, Jamaica,  Highland costume and Miu, Japan,  Łowicz costume

Carmen, Dominican Republic, Lublin costume

Chris, Saint Lucia, Opoczno costume

Christian, Thailand,  Rzeszów costume

Farhana, Bangladesh,  Rzeszów costume

Verneille, Trinidad, Silesia costume

Rich, USA,  Łowicz costume

Peju, Nigeria,  Kraków costume

Jonathan, Mexico, Kaszuby costume


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