True Voices (Poets 4 Christ)

Sikc Ministry

We are a group of likeminded individuals determined on changing the world through a fusion of song and innovative presentation of the Gospel. SIKC came together through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the wisdom of Christ and the guidance of the Lord to use music as a universal medium to transmit the almighty transforming power of GOD. Our group was formed in 2010 and since then has ministered to countless lives through music and bible centered messages of salvation and truth.

honestly tonight was such a fuckn mess lol my head is still spinning like how u gon advocate feminism and equality among races and genders when u out there appropriating from other cultures, reducing an entire speech abt empowerment to artists and children to some crappy ass punchline, and proclaiming yr vote to a nastie ass white goonie w/ troll hair. i gtg i’m 2 stressed

anonymous asked:

hey hey so i'm an alter and my main has a friend who is also the main of a system and one of her alters is a fuckjign furry and i love them no romo and we're sinbuddies! we yell and sin a lot and listen to bad music anf sin some more and look at cute gore things and they are!!! v bright colored and excite all the time and it is Good!!!! thsi is not relevant int he least but i just wanted to tell somenoe!!! hi!!!!!!! also you are v rad!!! stay cool punks [does a sikc kickflip and rolls away] B)

hi omg ur so cute!! hello!!! whats ur name! 

the great thing about private vent blogs is i can rant all i want and hate myself all i want and do whatever the hell to myself i want and i dont have to worry about people trying to help me